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					WP3 status
                          Objectives and status task 1&2

• Set-up of groups and mailing lists (participants, experts,
• Set-up of Technology Watch
  • needs clear focus, feeding into D3.3
• Starting proactive liaison with domains
• Main issues:
  • Work centred mainly around EDM
  • Gathering requirements unsuccessful: domain experts are not the
    best source for that
                            Objectives and status task 4

• Set-up and first cycle of validation for Rhine specs
• Rhine specifications D3.1 done
• EDM development, achieving consensus
• Main issues:
  • Requirement process being improved
  • High-level model across domains compatible with Semantic Web
    not easy
                                               What works

• Good coordination in WP3 management
  • Specs and validation: Carlo & Mats
  • Consensus and cooperation: Stefan & Makx
• Good involvement of participants and experts in developing
  and proofing EDM with help from EuropeanaConnect
• Good attendance at meetings and lively discussions
• Emerging consensus (with reservations)
                                                 What didn’t

• “Design by Committee”
• No clear interface for requirements to specifications – Bram
  takes this in hand
• WP3 objectives mixing “hard issues” (specs) with “soft
  issues” (meetings, consensus) not optimal – redefine
  WP3/WP4 relationship
                                                What to improve

• Acknowledge business/project tension
  • External experts or project participants?
• Need real workplan and resource planning
  • WP3 resources at the Office
  • Plan work against available resources
  • Release schedules and roadmaps
• Communications: keep people informed across work
 packages and projects (!)
                                       Technical challenge

• Operational: ESE, XML schemas, strings
  • That’s what we have
• “Research”: flexible, open, linked data
  • That’s what we need – do we?
• But:
  • Domain expertise is in classic solutions
  • Semantic Web/Linked Data hard to swallow
  • Business objectives may be different
                                 The big questions (for me)

• What is the business strategy?
• What exactly is Europeana?
  •   A portal?
  •   An (or the) aggregator?
  •   A high-quality data collection?
  •   A linking and enhancement service?
• What do we want to do with the content?
• That determines what technical tools we need to consider
  and what “research” we need to do!
• The business roadmap should drive the development and
  research roadmaps

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