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Efile Genl Instructions - Mutual Funds Settlement Website


									                Mutual Funds Investment Litigation - Franklin Sub-Track (2943)
                                                                Instructions For Electronic Filers
                                                                          Data File Requirements

  1. Refer to the tab titled "Electronic_Claim_Layout" for instructions on how to populate the data columns.
  2. Enter data on the tab titled: "Electronic_Claim_Data".
  3. Please follow instructions below and in the Proof of Claim.

                                                                      Documentation Requirements

  1. Completed, signed Electronic Filer Certification Form (see tab titled "Certification_Form")
  2. Single Completed Master ("Umbrella") Claim Form (only one Claim Form per file is required)
  3. Data file using the format specified in this document.

                                                                               Important Notes

                   Electronic Claim Filing is intended for Institutions, Brokers and Nominees only. This is not used for Individual claimants.
              PDF files are ONLY accepted for Proof of Claim forms and accompanying Documents, NOT for holding data. Only a completed Excel worksheet
          using this format will be accepted for holding data files.

               Please fill out the Proof of Claim entirely and attach a list of Beneficial Owners on whose behalf your are filing (you may scan those documents and
          include on the disc as PDF files). We request that you either ship the electronic data (encrypted CD) with the Proof of Claim to the address provided (no
          e-mails) or upload it to our secured FTP site.

                Regarding Invalid Files - in the past Rust Consulting has worked with entities to help prepare and perfect invalid files so that they could be
          processed electronically. Oftentimes, this meant making corrections to files which were initially unacceptable when submitted. Because of the inherent
          risks this poses, we are required to REJECT any file that does not meet ALL filing requirements set forth in this document and in the Notice. Please be
          sure to check your file prior to submitting it.

                                                                         File Delivery Instructions

1. Uploading Data
Contact us to request secured access to our SFTP site.

     Phone:           877-465-4895

2. Delivery via Courier
Send an encrypted disk containing the data file and completed Master Claim and Certification Forms to the following address:

     Name 1:          Mutual Funds Investment Litigation - Franklin Sub-Track (2943)
     Name 2:          Attn Electronic Claims
    Address:          201 S Lyndale Ave
  City State Zip:     Faribault, MN 55021
     Phone:           507-333-4300

      Email:                                        Please email the password to the encrypted file.
 Mutual Funds Investment Litigation - Franklin Sub-Track (2943)
                                               Electronic Claim Filers please submit the following:
      1. Completed, signed copy of this form         2. Single Completed Master ("Umbrella") Claim Form               3. Data file using the format specified in this document

                                                                    Filer and Payment Information
Filing Entity Name:

Filing Entity Type:                            Broker/Bank/Nominee              Filing Service         Attorney             Other
                                                                                                                      (Please specify):

                                                Contact Name:
Filing Entity Contact:
                                               Street Address:
Person able to resolve questions
                                                                                                       (not a PO Box – must be a street address)
regarding this filing

                                               State/Province:                                                    Postal/Zip Code:


                                               Phone Number:

                                                Email Address:

Payment Address: Indicate                        Use addresses provided in the attached data file                                         Same address as above
where payments should be sent                    Wire Transfer - ONE payment to the above named Filing Entity (please attach transfer instructions)

                                                                       Are you filing for any foreign-owned accounts?                         Yes        No
                                                                        If so, are any from the European Union (EU)?                          Yes        No
Beneficial Owner:
                                                                                       Are these proprietary accounts?                        Yes        No

Who you are filing for?                           Various Beneficial Owners             OR

                                                                                                                                                    (Single Beneficial Owner Name)

                                                                          Data File Information

                                                                                                     Total Number of
Total Number of
Claims/Accounts:                                                                                     (number of rows in file)

Data File Name:
List the name(s) of the data file being

Replacement Data:
Does this data replace a previous filing? If                                                         Reference number of previous filing:
                                                              Yes             No
yes, please indicate the reference number                                                            (if applicable)
of the previous filing.

                                                                         Additional Documents
Additional Paper Claims:
                                                                                                     W8 Documents: Are you including any W8 tax
Are you submitting any additional ‘Paper’                     Yes             No                                                                                  Yes        No
claims along with this ‘Electronic’ filing?

I, the undersigned am authorized to transact all duties necessary in the filing and processing of class action claims on behalf of the above
named Filing Entity and/or its clients. I also certify that the data submitted is, to the best of my knowledge, complete and accurate and
includes all transactions of each unique client account during the class period obtained from our or our client’s internal data systems using
search criteria specific to the litigation referenced above.

Signature:                                                                                                                                    Date:
           Mutual Funds Investment Litigation - Franklin Sub-Track (2943)
                                                         Electronic Claim File Layout
Column Column Heading                     Notes                                                                                             Max Field Length

                                          BENEFICIAL OWNER:
   A      BO_LAST                         Individual, Joint, or IRA Accounts Only                                                                   25
                                          For IRA Accounts - AND you want the check made out to the IRA, Format as "JONES IRA"

   B      BO_FIRST                        First name of Beneficial Owner                                                                            25
   C      CO_LAST                         Last Name of Co-Owner (if applicable)                                                                     25
   D      CO_FIRST                        First name of Co-Owner (if applicable)                                                                    25
                                          ENTITY NAME:
                                          Beneficial Owner is a Company, Trust, Estate, etc.
    E     ENT_NAME                                                                                                                                  50
                                          NAME" IS POPULATED
                                          Representative Name, if applicable (e.g. executor, custodian, trustee, administrator, nominee,
    F     REP_NAME                                                                                                                                  50
   G      ADDR1                           First Line of Address                                                                                     50
   H      ADDR2                           Second Line of Address                                                                                    50
   I      CITY                            City (DO NOT USE FOR FOREIGN ADDRESSES)                                                                   30
   J      STATE                           State (DO NOT USE FOR FOREIGN ADDRESSES)                                                                   2
   K      ZIP5                            Zip5 (DO NOT USE FOR FOREIGN ADDRESSES)                                                                    5
   L      ZIP4                            Zip4 (DO NOT USE FOR FOREIGN ADDRESSES)                                                                    4
                                          Foreign address ONLY, use this for country name. LEAVE BLANK IF THIS IS AN
   M      COUNTRY                                                                                                                                   25
                                          ADDRESS IN THE U.S.A., Puerto Rico, or Virgin Islands
   N      ACCT_NO                         Brokerage Account Number                                                                                  20
   O      FRANKLIN ACCT NO                Franklin Templeton Account Number                                                                         15
   P      TAX_ID                          Acct holders Tax Id or SSN                                                                                 9
   Q      TAX_ID INDICATOR                If the Tax ID is a SSN, populate with a "S". If an EIN, populate with an "E"                               1
   R      FOREIGN_FL                      If the Beneficial Owner is a foreign entity, Populate this field with "Y", otherwise="N"                   1
   S      SEC_TYPE                        Type of Security - "M" = Mutual Fund                                                                       4

    T     CUSIP                           CUSIP (Security Code) - See "Valid CUSIP List" tab.                                                        9

   U      TICKER                          Ticker Symbol                                                                                              5
   V      FUND_CD                         Fund Code                                                                                                  7
   W      QUARTER IND                     March 31 = Q1, June 30 = Q2, September 30 = Q3, December 31 = Q4                                           2
   X      YEAR_END_DATE                                                                                                                              4
                                          2004 (through March 31, 2004 - Q1 only)
   Y      QTY                             Number of shares held at quarter end of day                                                      20 incl decimal

Additional Instructions:
Columns A thru D are for Individual, Joint, or IRA accounts only
Column E is for Entities (Corporations, Estates, Trusts, etc.) only
EITHER Column A-D OR Column E should be populated - NEVER all 5 Columns
Please repeat information in columns A through R for ALL holding records
Holdings are to be provided on a quarterly basis beginning March 31, 1999 through March 31, 2004
For foreign addresses, use Address lines 1 and 2 to provide complete address, including province, city, town, zip, but NOT country name
For foreign addresses only, the country name should be in "Country" column. If US address, leave Country blank.
  Mutual Funds Investment Litigation - Franklin Sub-Track (2943)

  Name                                              Ticker   CUSIP

1 Franklin Small Cap Growth Fund                    FRSGX     354713109
    Franklin Small-Mid Cap Growth Fund (09/01/01)   FBSMX     354713471
                                                    FRSIX     354713802
                                                    FSMRX     354713547
                                                    FSGAX     354713869

2 Templeton Foreign Fund                            TEMFX     880196209
                                                    TFRBX     880196704
                                                    TEFTX     880196407
                                                    TEFRX     880196803
                                                    TFFAX     880196506

3 Templeton Developing Markets                      TEDMX    88018W104
                                                    TDMBX    88018W401
                                                    TDMTX    88018W203
                                                    TDMRX    88018W500
                                                    TDADX    88018W302

4 Templeton World Fund                              TEMWX     880196100
                                                    TWDBX     880196605
                                                    TEWTX     880196308
                                                    TWDAX     880196886

5 Franklin California Tax-Free Income Fund          FKTFX     352518104
                                                    FCABX     352518302
                                                    FRCTX     352518203
                                                    FCAVX     352518401

6 Templeton Global Smaller Companies Fund           TEMGX    88022L102
                                                    TEMGX    88022L102
                                                    --       88022L409
                                                    TESGX    88022L201
                                                    TGSAX    88022L300

7 Templeton Growth Fund                             TEPLX     880199104
                                                    TEPLX     880199104
                                                    TMGBX     880199401
                                                    TEGTX     880199203
                                                    TEGRX     880199500
                                                    TGADX     880199302

8 Franklin Federal Tax-Free Income Fund             FKTIX     353519101
                                                    FFTBX     353519309
                                                    FRFTX     353519200
                                                    FAFTX     353519408

9 Templeton Global Opportunites Trust               TEGOX    88020E100
                                                    --       88020E308
                                                    TEGPX    88020E209
                                                    --       88020E407
   Mutual Funds Investment Litigation - Franklin Sub-Track (2943)

   Name                                          Ticker   CUSIP

10 Franklin California Growth Fund               FKCGX    35251D103
      Franklin Flex Cap Growth Fund (09/01/02)   FKCBX    35251D301
                                                 FCIIX    35251D202
                                                 FRCGX    354713562
                                                 FKCAX    354713463

11 Templeton Pacific Growth Fund                 FKPGX    35361F204
     Templeton Foreign Fund merged (05/08/03)    FPGCX    35361F402
                                                 --       35361F600

12 Templeton Greater European Fund
     Templeton International Fund (8/01/99)      TEGEX    88019R500
     Templeton International ExEm (8/01/01)      TGEFX    88019R880
     Merged Templeton Foreign Fund (04/25/07)    --       88019R872

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