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Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters – Public Transport and


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									Registration for motorised wheelchairs                For more information
To register a motorised wheelchair, your client (or   For more information about travelling on public
their representative) must:                           transport, read the department’s booklet Wheelchairs
• visit a Department of Transport and Main Roads      and Mobility Scooters: A guide for safe travel in
   Customer Service Centre                            Queensland, available at
                                                      www.tmr.qld.gov.au or phone 13 23 80.
• complete the required forms, being a
   Registration Application Form(F3518), a                  Interpreter service: 13 14 50
   Vehicle Details Form(F3529) and a Motorised
   Wheelchair Statement(F4414) and                    Direct telephone typewriter (TTY): 3369 3377
• provide a certificate, statement or letter from     National Relay Service (TTY) and modem: 13 36 77
   either a medical practitioner or a registered
                                                      Speech to speech relay service: 1300 555 727*.
   occupational therapist, or a registered
   physiotherapist.                                   Need help making phone calls? Contact the
The Motorised Wheelchair Statement must declare       National Relay Service (NRS) on 1800 555 677**
that the motorised wheelchair will be used solely     (free service).
by the registered operator.                           *Cost of a local call. Higher call charges apply for calls
                                                       from mobile phones and payphones.
The certificate, statement or letter must confirm     **Free call from anywhere in Australia, call charges apply
that due to a physical or medical condition your         for calls from mobile phones and payphones.
client’s mobility is severely impaired and they
require the use of a motorised wheelchair for
assisted travel.
Limitation on use of motorised wheelchairs
that are not registered
Mobility devices that exceed the legal definitions
for a motorised wheelchair – such as devices that
can travel too fast – cannot be registered.
If a mobility device cannot be registered, it can
only be used on areas that are not described
as roads or road-related areas, such as inside
the home.
This leaflet will help you determine which                Manoeuvrability                                           Additional requirements to enhance safety
products are suitable for your clients to take            • Cross a horizontal gap up to 40 mm wide.                and accessibility
on public transport such as buses, trains,                                                                          In addition to the specifications of the Transport
                                                          • Mount a vertical rise (bump)
ferries and taxis. It also provides details                                                                         Standards set out in this brochure, a wheelchair
                                                            up to 12 mm high.
about registration requirements.                                                                                    or mobility scooter must be checked regularly and
                                                          • Cross grating gaps up to                                must not pose a risk to passengers.
Public transport suitability                                13 mm wide and 150 mm long.
                                                                                                                    For example, it will need to have effective braking
To enhance safety and accessibility for your clients      • Climb a 1:14 grade ramp unassisted.                     systems to maintain stability onboard public
and to be certain that a wheelchair or mobility           • Climb up to a 1:8 grade ramp unassisted where
scooter will be able to be safely carried on accessible     the ramp is less than 1520 mm long.
public transport services in Queensland, you should                                                                 Registration
be aware of the specifications set out below. These       • Climb a 1:4 grade ramp with assistance.                 Clients who want to buy a wheelchair or mobility
are the characteristics of a mobility device that all                                                               scooter should be aware that in Queensland,
accessible public transport must be designed to           Turning                                                   a motorised wheelchair or mobility scooter that is
carry under the Disability Standards for Accessible       To be certain that a client will be able to access        used outside of the home, for example on
Public Transport 2002 (Transport Standards).              infrastructure and buildings associated with public       footpaths and to cross roads, must be registered
                                                          transport, the wheelchair or mobility scooter may         with the Department of Transport and Main Roads.
                                                          need to be able to turn 180 degrees within an area        For the purpose of this section an electric
Size: fits in an allocated space of 1300 mm by            of 2070 mm by 1540 mm.
800 mm.                                                                                                             wheelchair or mobility scooter is defined as
                                                          Anchorage points                                          a motorised wheelchair. To be registered,
Total width: less than 750 mm.                                                                                      the motorised wheelchair must meet certain
                                                          It is safe for a taxi to carry a wheelchair or mobility
Total height: less than 1400 mm when you are                                                                        requirements, specifically:
                                                          scooter only if it has at least four tie down points so
seated (only applies when travelling onboard              that it can be securely anchored while the taxi is        • has a tare weight of no more than 150 kilograms
wheelchair accessible taxis). This will be increased      moving.                                                   • cannot travel more than 10 kilometres per hour
to 1500 mm from 31 December 2012.                                                                                      on level ground
                                                          What device is most suitable?
Weight                                                                                                              • is designed and built for a seated person with
                                                          You should be familiar with the requirements for the         mobility difficulties
Boarding devices, such as ramps and hoists, can           different modes of public transport to assist clients
support a total weight of 300 kilograms. This total                                                                 • is not propelled by a combustion engine.
                                                          to purchase a wheelchair or mobility scooter that is
includes the wheelchair or mobility scooter, its          appropriate for the modes they plan to use. For more      Registration does not mean that the device can be
occupant and any carried goods. Be mindful that if        information, visit the Department of Transport and        used on the road in the same way as a car.
someone gives assistance with boarding by pushing         Main Roads website at www.tmr.qld.gov.au.                 Registration is provided free of charge and
a manual wheelchair up a boarding ramp, their                                                                       includes compulsory third party insurance which
weight is also included.                                                                                            may protect the user against compensation claims
                                                                                                                    for personal injury following a crash. For example
                                                                                                                    a crash between a motorised wheelchair and a
                                                                                                                    pedestrian on the footpath where the motorised
                                                                                                                    wheelchair user was at fault.

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