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Pivotal CRM6.0 meets the challenge. It’s a complete front-office solution built on the next-generation Pivotal CRM platform that not only adapts to the way you do business—it also ensures higher productivity and lower costs

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									    Solution Sheet

                                                   Pivotal® CRM 6.0

           For IT: rapid, low-cost
           deployment and low
           support costs

           For Your Users: an
           easy-to-use system
           that’s built to fit exactly
           the way they work

                                                   N o m at t e r h o w m a r k e t S m ay b e c h a N g i N g ,
                                                   S tay f o c u S e d o N y o u r c u S t o m e r S w i t h e v e N
                                                   more coNtrol aNd flexibility—aNd eveN
                                                   lo w e r c o S t o f o w N e r S h i p.

                                                   pivotal crm 6.0 puts the power and ease of crm in the hands of its users while
                                                   demanding less from it—reducing costs and increasing profit.

                                                   you have adopted a successful customer-driven crm strategy, but keeping customers
                                                   happy is not enough, especially in volatile times. you must be ready to adapt to your
                                                   customers’ changing needs, but also be confident that you can accomplish priorities
                                                   while maintaining controlled costs. customer-centricity must come with cost-efficiency.

                                                   pivotal crm 6.0 meets the challenge. it’s a complete front-office solution built on the
pivotal crm 6.0 is the next-generation crm         next-generation pivotal crm platform that not only adapts to the way you do business
platform that increases adoption, lowers it        —it also ensures higher productivity and lower costs. your organization can deliver
costs, and easily adapts to change.
                                                   outstanding customer experiences and respond immediately to market requirements
•	 Increase user adoption with a familiar,         with the flexibility to adapt processes to meet unique needs. your it team enjoys a rapid,
   microsoft-like user interface and by enabling   low-cost deployment and low support costs, while your users enjoy an easy-to-use
   users to personalize the system to work the     system that’s built to fit exactly the way they prefer to work.
   way they do
•	 Ensure consistency by driving users through
   your best practices with custom workflows
                                                   Increase User Adoption
•	 Improve productivity through seamless           Ensure Users Follow Best Practices
   integration with microsoft outlook, microsoft   automate processes at less cost. you developed your current business processes for
   Sharepoint, and microsoft office that keeps
                                                   a reason. pivotal crm 6.0 lets your users execute their day-to-day tasks using intelligent
   users on task
                                                   guided workflow that you design to follow your best practices, ensuring your customer
•	 Lower IT costs by reducing the costs of         information is always consistent and complete. work is streamlined, processes are
   adapting, deploying, and maintaining the        simplified, and training time is reduced. best of all, customer interactions meet your
   solution with unparalleled customization and
                                                   standards of quality.
   integration abilities and fast deployment
•	 Adapt to market changes immediately and         Create a Single, Personal View
   decisively at a lower cost
                                                   bring information where it’s required—front and center. information from microsoft®
to learn more about pivotal crm 6.0 and            outlook® and microsoft® Sharepoint® is seamlessly built into the pivotal crm 6.0
how it can address your firm’s unique needs,
                                                   interface, eliminating duplicate data on multiple platforms as well as lowering the chance
call +1 877-pivotal (+1 877-748-6825).
                                                   of error—resulting in a convenient, straightforward, seamless user experience. Now
                                                   decision-making tools are all together, so users don’t have to hunt for data, and they
                                                   can work the way they want to.
Boost Productivity                                                      Fast, Efficient Installs Speed Time to Market
reduce the time it takes for users to accomplish their tasks.           because pivotal 6.0 supports microsoft’s clickonce deployment
with pivotal crm 6.0’s customizable, intuitive user interface that is   model, the new pivotal client, which combines the best of the
integrated with outlook, Sharepoint, and the rest of the microsoft      former windows and rich clients, can be centrally downloaded,
office Suite, users will move from one task to another with ease,       installed, and updated seamlessly on every machine. in this way,
and they’ll have an immediate view of everything they need.             maintenance releases can be centrally deployed, reducing the
with fewer clicks, on fewer screens, users will accomplish all their    burden on it.
day-to-day tasks—calendaring, contact management, e-mail, and
much more—-faster, easier, and without ever leaving pivotal crm.        Cost-Effectively Extend CRM
                                                                        build rich integrations across your organization with a centralized,
                                                                        easily discoverable set of web services. pivotal crm 6.0 provides
Reduce IT Costs                                                         the ability for customizers to embed third-party application
                                                                        functionality directly within a pivotal crm form, cost-effectively
Lower CRM Development Costs                                             extending your solution. and because pivotal 6.0’s portal is based
built on the new microsoft® .Net technology stack, pivotal 6.0          on microsoft Sharepoint, you can use Sharepoint web parts to
makes modifications to the data model and other customizations          extend your crm even further.
easier at all levels—whether it’s changes to the data model,
business processes, or the user interface. pivotal crm 6.0 makes
it even easier to build and update applications that support            Survive and Thrive
business goals so that your organization can respond quickly
to changing market conditions and customer demands. your                in Changing Markets
organization will spend less time coding and can concentrate its
efforts on developing better business solutions.                        the flexibility of the pivotal crm 6.0 platform gives you an even
                                                                        greater advantage that other crm solutions can’t promise:
True Microsoft Office Integration                                       the ability to evolve and adapt as the business environment
                                                                        changes—at a lower cost. through various economic climates,
we have designed pivotal crm 6.0 to work closely with existing
                                                                        amid unpredictable market forces, and in response to the
systems, giving employees access to familiar tools. users can
                                                                        changing demands of customers—your competitive advantage
continue working with their favorite productivity tools (such as
                                                                        starts with your ability to respond quickly, easily, decisively,
microsoft outlook) and still have all their customer information
                                                                        and affordably.
seamlessly accumulated in the pivotal crm system. also pre-
integrated with microsoft Sharepoint, pivotal crm 6.0 gives             pivotal crm 6.0 is the flexible crm solution. its flexibility enables
organizations the ability for low-cost integration via Sharepoint web   change—from fast deployments through it to empowered,
parts from microsoft and other vendors.                                 productive users through to your prospects and customers.

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New Features

Key Features
User Interface
Navigation                 familiar, microsoft-style interface with global, subject, topic, and task-level navigation is easy to use,
                           minimizing training.
                           context-sensitive taskpads present a set of relevant tasks depending on the current form, data, or portal displayed,
                           allowing users to work more efficiently and productively.
portal                     Sharepoint is pre-integrated as the enabling technology behind pivotal crm portals, presenting data to users in an
                           instantly familiar way.
                           personalization of their portal pages gives users control over the information they use daily.
                           Support for existing microsoft web parts (such as calendars, announcements, and links) and pivotal crm web parts
                           (such as rSS feeds, search results lists, and third-party web parts) enables portals to be tailored to users’ needs.
microsoft outlook          microsoft outlook appears embedded in pivotal crm, allowing users to create and send outlook e-mail and perform
                           outlook calendaring and task/contact management—all while working in the pivotal crm application.
                           users can look up, create, and edit pivotal crm contacts while working in microsoft outlook, streamlining
                           communication with customers and prospects.
data integration           pivotal crm portals (based on microsoft Sharepoint technology) allow users to leverage pivotal crm, microsoft, or
                           third-party web parts to display data from third-party sources within pivotal crm and display pivotal crm data in any
                           Sharepoint implementation.
ui creation                pivotal crm 6.0 features a fully customizable, task-oriented user interface.
                           organizations can build portals specific to each user group or business unit’s needs, ensuring all relevant information
                           and tasks are never more than one click away.
command metadata           define actions for taskpads, collect detailed information from users, and create task-driven navigation that guides users
                           through a crm routine step by step, ensuring successful completion of each task.
Snapshot views             customizable forms allow organizations to feature all important information front and center in a single snapshot view,
                           without drilling into sub-forms.
form customization         the included microsoft visual Studio forms designer supports true wySiwyg design, drag and drop of form elements,
                           and dynamic layout.
third-party applications   custom .Net and web code, which calls third-party functionality, can be placed in a control on a form, giving users
                           access to key third-party application functionality while working within pivotal crm.
clickonce                  pivotal crm 6.0 supports the microsoft clickonce initiative, which makes deploying a windows forms–based
                           application as easy as deploying a web application.

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What Are You Waiting For?
to help customers benefit from the new capabilities in pivotal crm 6.0,
we provide a comprehensive set of documentation, tools, and utilities
to help simplify the upgrade process. upgrade kits are available on the
pivotal customer portal at login.pivotal.com.

for heavily customized implementations, pivotal crm upgrade
Services brings together the tools, methodologies, and expertise
necessary for a predictable, low-risk upgrade that protects your
customization investment. to learn more about pivotal crm
upgrade Services, contact us at +1 877-748-6825 or e-mail

Learn More About Pivotal CRM 6.0
to learn more about how pivotal crm 6.0 can address your unique
needs, call us today at +1 877-pivotal (+1 877-748-6825)
or visit us at www.pivotalcrm.com.

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