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Pivotal CRM Data Sheet-Sales Force Automation


The Pivotal CRM for Home Building and Real Estate sales suite provides easy-to-use tools that automate repetitive and low-value parts of the sales process to maximize the amount of time sales representatives actually spend selling.

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									                                                   Pivotal® CRM for Home Building and Real Estate:
                                                   Sales Force Automation
                                                   Improve sales productivity and accelerate the sales cycle to generate
                                                   more business and reduce the cost of sales

Pivotal CRM for Home Building and Real             Pivotal CRM for Home Building and Real Estate is a complete home
Estate offers a sales force automation suite
that enables home sales professionals to sell
                                                   builder–focused customer relationship management (CRM) solution,
more homes by improving productivity and           featuring a sales force automation suite that gives home builder
streamlining sales processes.                      sales professionals tools to collect and leverage critical homebuyer
• Reach prospects more consistently                information, manage opportunities, produce accurate quotes and
  through multiple communication channels          contracts, centrally manage divisions across the enterprise, and
• Analyze homebuyer behavior, buying               consistently adhere to proven sales processes and best practices.
  history, and demographics
                                                   The award-winning Pivotal CRM for Home Building and Real Estate is built on the highly flexible
• Increase sales productivity through              Pivotal CRM platform, which can be easily tailored to meet individual home builders’ business
  automated contract, loan, and home-              requirements today and quickly adapted to evolving future needs.
  configuration tools
                                                   In the home building business, the sales cycle can be lengthy and labor-intensive. Any task that
• Reduce sales cycles and increase
                                                   distracts from valuable selling time cuts into revenue generation. The Pivotal CRM for Home
  conversion rates by providing more
                                                   Building and Real Estate sales suite provides easy-to-use tools that automate repetitive and low-
  qualified prospects to sales agents
                                                   value parts of the sales process to maximize the amount of time sales representatives actually
To learn how Pivotal CRM for Home Building         spend selling. By taking advantage of time-saving tools, home sales professionals can identify
and Real Estate can address your firm’s            promising customers, configure personalized options, assemble quotes, and issue contracts more
unique needs, call +1 877-PIVOTAL                  quickly. Leveraging more in-depth prospect information increases productivity, reduces time spent
(+1 877-748-6825).                                 with the wrong prospects, and increases sales conversion rates.

                                                   Provide Sales Representatives with the Information They Need to Close Deals
                                                   Today, homebuyers shop around; research resources available on the web have made them more
                                                   knowledgeable—and discriminating—than ever before. In response, home sales professionals
                                                   must be able to enter, search, and reference rich prospect information quickly when they receive
                                                   or interact with a qualified lead. Pivotal CRM for Home Building and Real Estate’s sales force
                                                   automation features make valuable prospect information instantly accessible, including interests,
                                                   preferences, and all previous contact with the organization, such as marketing touches and
                                                   visits to other neighborhoods or divisions. Management, meanwhile, has full insight into revenue
                                                   pipelines for precise forecasting.

                                                   Standardize on the Successful Sales Processes of Top Earners
                                                   A small percentage of home sales professionals in a given home building organization usually
                                                   sell a disproportionately high share of available homes because they combine inherent skill with
                                                   methodical, structured sales processes. In addition to its range of time-saving sales tools, Pivotal
                                                   CRM for Home Building and Real Estate supports structured sales methodologies, allowing home
                                                   builders to consistently implement the sales processes that have proven most effective. Modeling
                                                   the success of the most productive home sales professionals maximizes revenue and improves
                                                   the efficiency of the entire homebuyer lifecycle.

                                                   Fully personalized “SmartPortal” starting page with top information and resources   Increase productivity with a comprehensive
                                                                                                                                       list of scheduled activities

              Get instant access to sales status

                                                                                                                                                 Pivotal CRM | Datasheet
 Feature                                    Description
 Contact Management                         Manage the full spectrum of company contacts: define multiple contact types, such as customer, broker, and loan
                                            officer, and multiple customer types, such as lead, prospect, and buyer.

 Automated Action Plans                     Define sales process workflows at the division, neighborhood, user, or customer priority level.

 Neighborhood/Division Activity             Apply a workflow template to quotes and contracts to drive various approval or procedural processes.

 Activity Management                        Create and store notes on customer-contact occurrences; save associated files and e-mails in their original form.
                                            Monitor tasks through the personalized SmartPortal interface.

 Mail-Merge Capabilities                    Merge database information into letter, fax, or e-mail follow-up items; identify and manage top-priority leads.

 Realtor Referral Tracking                  Enable sales representatives to associate contacts, such as realtors, to quoted configurations.

 SmartPortal Dashboard                      Leverage a one-stop dashboard customized by role that can be fully personalized to reflect individual user needs
                                            and preferences (e.g., hot leads, top contacts).

 Enterprise Integration Connectors          Integrate easily with back-office systems using integration connectors to third-party systems for import and export of
                                            data such as options pricing and category codes and configuration and change-order details.

 Microsoft® Office Integration              Store Outlook® e-mails, PowerPoint® presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and Word documents within associated
                                            Pivotal records in a single step thanks to integration with the Microsoft Office suite. Automatically synchronize
                                            activities, contacts, and calendars between Pivotal and Microsoft Outlook.

 Geographic Administration                  Designate division- and neighborhood-level contacts for sales, construction, service, and warranty.

 Product Administration                     Maintain plan, homesite, and option data according to effective date; categorize products based on their type, such
                                            as homesite, plan, structural option, or design center option.

 Homesite and Home Inventory                Configure quotes without impacting inventory; track and display all inventory information, including community,
                                            homesite, plan, elevation, options, and pricing.

 Home Configuration and Quoting             Associate multiple opportunities with each prospect; support cross-selling between neighborhoods.

 “What If” Financial Calculator             Educate homebuyers about the benefits of home ownership versus renting using variables such as insurance,
                                            property tax, real-estate tax, rental cost, mortgage payment, mortgage factors, and personal income-tax savings.

 Contract/Change-Order Management           Define a legal contract template that is securely managed at a division level; merge sales data into a single contract.

 Contract-Approval Workflow                 Implement structured workflows to obtain approval for proposed contracts prior to presentation to the customer; view
                                            up-to-date contract status at any time.

 Enterprise-Wide Sales and Pipeline         Share lead contact data across neighborhoods and divisions; control, track, and measure sales interactions using
 Tracking                                   a prospect repository.

Take the Pivotal Step with Pivotal® CRM for Home Building and Real Estate: Sales Force Automation
Contact us today to learn more about how Pivotal CRM for Home Building and Real Estate can address your firm’s unique sales force automation
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