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HCCA Player Pathway


									Hertfordshire County Cricket Association
     (Incorporating Hertfordshire County Cricket Club)

                             David W S Beynon


                          Covering the 2010/2011
                              Cricketing Year

                               James Hewitt
                           Performance Manager



1.       Introduction – Structure of the Player Pathway       2

2.       Hertfordshire Player Pathway                         3

3.       Emerging Players Group                               4

4.       County Trials/Winter Excellence/Under 16s          4 -5

5.       Area trials & Winter Excellence                      6

6.       Area playing programme                              7-9

7.       Woman & Girls cricket                             10-11

8.       Communication between Each Representative Level     11

9.       Exit Routes Within and Beyond Hertfordshire       12-13

10.      Timeline                                            14

1.     Introduction - Structure of the Player Pathway

The structure of the player pathway, which has operated well in the past, is a sound
vehicle for cricket players of all ages to play at the correct level for their ability and
also to move within the structure, offering all players the opportunity to play at the
highest level that they can.

This is a detailed examination of how the mechanics of the player pathway can be
improved, over a 12 month cycle, in order to ensure a more coherent and smoother
process. In particular, this document will look at:

     1) The timeframes in which each representative level should operate – from
        trials to summer games.
     2) The relationships between the different representative levels.
     3) The necessary communication between the coaches and administrators at
        each representative level
     4) The relationship with 1st Class Counties and the exit routes for players of
        high performance.

The 12 month cycle runs from 1st September – 31st August.

                             Key to Abbreviations
                        CPM = Cricket Performance Manager
                          CAGC – County Age Group Coach
                               AHC – Area Head Coach
                         EPP – Emerging Player Programme
                         CDG – Cricket Development Group
                                 CB – County Board

2.        Hertfordshire Player Pathway

Hertfordshire Minor                                            First Class Counties
     County XI

 Young Cricketers
 Development XI

     London and East            County (U10 to U17)
         (U15)                    excluding U16

                           AREA PROGRAMME (U10 to U16)

     EAST              NORTH                           SOUTH               WEST

                        CRICKET DEVELOPMENT GROUPS (CDGs)

     East (North)         North Herts        Welwyn/Hatfield         St. Albans

     East (South)         Stevenage/          Three Rivers/           Dacorum
                          Knebworth             Watford

                                 SCHOOL AND CLUBS

3.     Emerging Players Group (Taken from ECB Documentation)

October -September
The “Emerging Players Programme” (EPP) is an ECB initiative designed to provide
the very best and most talented players, between the ages of 13-16, with personal
development programmes. It is not proposed to take any of the emerging players
out of their squads or away from their cricketing peer group, but to give them the
opportunity to devote increased quality time to assist their development as
potentially elite cricketers.

The programmes will be overseen and developed by the CPM, with the assistance,
where required, of the ECB Regional Performance Manager (David Young) It will be
up to the CPM on behalf of Hertfordshire CB to establish how many players are
identified for the EPP.

For 2010/11 we have identified 4 EPP players to join the programme. Our EPP
players train with Middlesex during the winter to help further their development.

Over the next 12 months the ECB will be conducting further work into “What
constitutes talent?” and “Talent Identification Criteria” which will in future assist
player selection.

4.     County Trials and Winter Excellence Programme

This year again will see the return of the 3-week trial for the County Winter
Excellence programme. County players who excelled for their respective age groups
in 2010 will not be asked to re-trial; they will go straight forward to the Excellence
sessions which will commence in January. They will be nominated by their CAGC
who throughout the summer’s playing programme will have viewed all their
performances. The remainder of the 2010 County Age Group squad will be asked to
re-trial along with the outstanding achievers from Area cricket who will be
nominated by their AHC.

From the trials a County Excellence squad of 20 for each age group will be picked
and start their training in January.

County Excellence Squad Sessions – January - March
From January through to March the County Excellence squads will be taken through
a serious of skill based drills to improve technique, and scenario based activities to
put the boys under pressure. Also tactical sessions will be added to help the boys
develop their field placements and to identify possible captains or leaders.
At each of these sessions there will be specialist coaches in all disciplines to help and
assist the boys in their continued development as cricketers.

We are very fortunate to have a group of coaches who have played 1st class cricket
or represented Hertfordshire at 1st team level.

Batting                     James Hewitt (Middlesex & Kent)
                            Dave Smith (Warwickshire)
                            Simon Greenall (Hertfordshire)

Bowling                     James Hewitt (Middlesex & Kent)

Spinners                    Chris Peploe (Middlesex)
                            Dave Smith (Warwickshire)

Wicket Keeping              Tom Jenkins (Hertfordshire & Radlett)
                            Simon Greenall (Hertfordshire)

Over the winter programme players may be added or withdrawn from the
programme if the coaches feel any player is not demonstrating the level of
improvement expected or achieving the standard expected of a County
representative player.

Phase 2:      County Age Group Squad Selection
On completion of the indoor Winter Excellence Programme, there will be 2 outdoor
games per age group before the final selection. (These will take place in the Easter
holiday). Again for 2011 the summer squad will consist of 14 squad members per
age group.

Any player who is not selected for the County Age Group squad of 14 will
automatically be placed in their respective Area summer squads. Their development
and performances (along with every other player in the Area programme) will be
monitored by the CPM and the respective AHC. Should the County Age Group squad
require a replacement player for whatever reason, the CAGC will communicate with
the four AHCs for feedback on any player who should be considered by the CAGC
based on performances, and the appropriate selection will be made.

County Under 16s

After some considerable discussion, both internally and externally with other
Counties, we have decided not to run a County U16 age group in future. The ECB
withdrew support for this age group some time ago and many Counties have already
removed it from their youth programme. Hertfordshire have now decided to follow
this                                                                       trend.

Please note that U16 players can still be considered for the main County U17 squad.

5.     Area Trials and Winter Excellence Programme

Between October, November and December each AHC will run a 3 week trial to
select their winter squads. To mirror the County selection process, the boys who
were nominated for County trials by their AHC will not be required to trial for the
Area programme. They will go straight through to the Area Excellence programme
that will commence in January. The AHCs will receive nominations for the trials
from all clubs and schools within their respective Areas.

The winter squads will consist of 16-20 boys for each age group from Under 10s to
Under 16s.

 January – March
Each AHC will deliver an Area Winter Programme which will be written by the CPM
and given to the AHC; the programme will mirror the training that the County
squads will be receiving. It won’t be set in stone; it will depend on the needs of each
of the squads. During this time the AHC will continually monitor the players’
development and will report back to the CPM on their progress.

6.     Area Playing Programme

There are some significant changes to the Area playing programme and the set up of
organisations within each Area. These are explained in the following Note by
Dominic Marsh, Cricket Development Manager.

     Area Sub Committees


     Traditionally the management of each Area programme has been the sole
     responsibility of the Area Head Coach (AHC). Although this has operated with
     reasonable success in the last few years, some feedback received is that the
     clubs have felt distanced by this arrangement and there have been cases,
     particularly in the East Area, where the programme has failed.

     Now that the Cricket Development Team (CDT) has established 8 operational
     Cricket Development Groups (CDGs) it is important that we empower these
     CDGs with responsibility and the Area programme is a perfect opportunity to
     do this. Each CDG has taken a very keen interest in becoming part of the Area
     programme and certainly would like the opportunity to become more

     Under this new management scheme, the Area programme will gain a new
     competitive edge and take on more ‘meaning’. Previously, Area cricket has
     been a case of teams simply showing up on the day and playing some cricket.

Now, each age group will play for a ‘cup’ and there will be an Area Champion –
the Area that wins the most age group ‘cups’. Clearly, this will engender a far
more competitive edge to the playing programme, thus developing cricketers
with a harder edge to compete for County positions.

Formation of the Sub-Committees
It is envisaged that the Sub-Committees will be formed from the two
operational CDGs in each Area. Each CDG will nominate a minimum of 3
representatives onto each Sub-Committee. Ideally, these representatives will
be from different clubs in order to spread the net more widely. This would
give a minimum of 6 representatives for the Sub-Committee.

The responsibilities for note taking and sending communications to members
will be rotated. These groups are Sub-Committees of the CDGs and will not
have a constitution or any official office bearers. The workload will be shared
equally across the committee representatives.

Role of the Sub-Committees
The Sub-Committees will work in conjunction with the Performance Manager
(PM) and will assist in the nomination and selection process for the AHC. The
AHC will then join the Sub-Committee in managing the Area programme. In
conjunction with the AHC, the Sub-Committee will be responsible for:

        Communicating with member clubs and organising nominations for
        Organising the venues and time frames for the Area coaching
        Assisting the AHC in appointing team coaches and assistant coaches
        Being the conduit between the CDGs and member clubs for the Area
          programme – thus enabling clubs to take more ownership of the
          programme and feel more involved

 Dominic Marsh

 Cricket Development Manager

Changes to Area Cricket

For the 2011 Area playing programme we have extended the games from 3 to 4 for
each Area, there will also be another game which will follow the completion of the
indoor winter Excellence programme.
Following the decision not to continue with the County under 16s we have decided
to introduce an under 16 Area age group for the 2011.

1. Match Points

• 10 points will be rewarded for a win
• 0 points for a loss
• the winning team will collect 10 points for the win plus their bonus points
• the losing team will only receive the bonus points they have earned

2. Batting Bonus Points


• 50 runs – 1 point
• 100 runs – 2 points
• 125 runs – 3 points
• 150 runs – 4 points
• 175 runs – 5 points


• 50 runs – 1 point
• 100 runs – 2 points
• 150 runs – 3 points
• 175 runs – 4 points
• 200 runs – 5 points


• 75 runs – 1 point
• 125 runs – 2 points
• 150 runs – 3 points
• 175 runs – 4 points
• 225 runs – 5 points


• 125 runs – 1 point
• 150 runs – 2 points
• 200 runs – 3 points
• 225 runs – 4 points
• 250 runs – 5 points

One point shall be scored by the winning side batting second for every two wickets
standing at the end of the game (Applies for all age groups U10 to U16). For example
in an Under 15 match, if the side batting first scored 150 all out, the side batting
second can only achieve 3 batting bonus points with the current rules. But if they
were to achieve the total 6 wickets down, they still have 4 wickets standing so they
will be able to get their maximum batting bonus points. This rule only applies for
batting second and winning.

Batting bonus points have been graduated to take account of the higher innings
totals that are expected in higher age groups

3. Bowling Bonus Points

The same bowling bonus points system will apply for all age groups (U10 to U16)

• 2 wickets - 1 point
• 4 wickets – 2 points
• 6 wickets – 3 points
• 8 wickets – 4 points
• 10 wickets – 5 points

Area Logistics

Age Group         Start Time         Length of Match        Length of Tea
Under 10’s        11am               30 over’s per side     30 mins
Under 11’s        11am               30 over’s per side     30 mins
Under 12’s        11am               40 over’s per side     30 mins
Under 13’s        11am               40 over’s per side     30 mins
Under 14’s        11am               50 over’s per side     30 mins
Under 15’s        11am               50 over’s per side     30 mins
Under 16’s        11am               50 over’s per side     30 mins

All teas will be taken in between innings.

Umpires and balls will be provided by the HCCA.

7. Woman & Girls Cricket.

County Trials and Winter Excellence Programme

The Winter Excellence Programme (WEP) for Women and Girl’s will be designed
specifically for that target as opposed to being coordinated within the Boys

In order for this to be successful it is important for the management of the Girl’s
game to be in order and for there to be appropriate squad numbers at all sessions.
Squads will be selected from previous County Age Group (CAG) teams and from
those identified at Area trials run in September plus club performances.

The WEP will run fortnightly post Christmas and involve all players in each CAG
squad. The sessions will be managed by each respective CAG Head Coach and
assisted by either an Excellence coach or another CAG coach.

The content of the program will be centred predominantly around drill skills and
skill development both cricket specific and generic.

The sessions will focus on cricket specific drills, net sessions and match play
scenarios. These sessions will lead into the County competitive programme
(U11/U13 and U15) with training sessions continuing throughout the competitive
programme under the guidance of each CAG Head Coach.

Districts and Cricket Development Groups

The Districts and Cricket Development Groups (CDG’s) will provide the base of the
Player Pathway. The Districts and CDG’s will provide and manage teams for
Pathway competitions or festivals such as the Herts Youth Games and Kwik Cricket

Also players can progress through schools coaching initiatives like “Chance 2 Shine”
into these competition formats.

Club Competitions

The clubs will provide the next level of match play for the Girl’s Pathway. For the
first time in 2011 there will be a Girl’s League only, where six teams across the
county play each other home and away (starting as an U13’s competition)

Players can move forward from the club level by good performances and being
recognised for Area teams.

Area Programme

This program is a new development in Women and Girl’s cricket and is being
established in order to improve the development of County Age Group teams and
assist in the flow of players through the County set-up.

There will be two Areas’ – North/East and South/West and each of these will
provide teams in U11’s and U13’s. They will play 2 home and away matches,
resulting in 4 games per age group.

Each Area will hold trials in September for the following year’s program. Each side
will train throughout the winter. Each team coach will be responsible for
coordinating their teams’ winter program and will be overseen by an Area Girl’s
head coach.

Senior Women’s Squad

The Hertfordshire Women’s senior squad is the pinnacle of the Women and Girl’s
Player Pathway. This squad is selected from the best Women’s players in the
County and is fed by the County Age Group program and the Women’s clubs in

The Women’s team will also be training throughout the winter. The direct flow into
the Women’s squad comes from the Development XI and U15’s as such; the
Women’s Squad will be training with this age group. This is to help prepare the
Development XI and U15’s for the senior squad but also to provide the senior squad
with regular, quality training.

There will be practice matches included in the Women’s program and training will
continue through the competition stages and will be at the discretion of the head

The Women’s First Team will play 10 matches in the home and away season next
year (2011) as the ECB has broken the Women’s County Competition into groups of
6 teams. This results in more matches for our women and a better opportunity for

Exit Routes within and Beyond Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire Women’s Team

Players will be able to progress as far as their talent takes them ultimately into the
Hertfordshire Women’s Senior XI.

National Recognition

Talented players may be selected to join the Emerging Players Programme (EPP)
which will automatically include them in the national talent pool and their
performances will be monitored through the County match play competition to
ascertain if they should be included in the Super 2s (U15) or Super 4s (U19) national

Any player who was not identified in the EPP programme but who performs
excellently in County matches will also be monitored to ensure the best talent is

This could lead to any player who is performing outstandingly being included in the
England Super 4s squad.

7.     Communication between Each Representative Level

To enable this pathway to operate effectively and allow players to flow between
each representative level it is imperative there are clear and open lines of
communication between the Head Coaches at each representative level.

It is also extremely important that each Head Coach is aware of the standard of the
players, at all age groups, in the level(s) outlined above. This will ensure that any
recommendations made from one level to another are fair and accurate so as time is
not wasted nor the expectations of any player built up unnecessarily.

8.     Exit Routes Within and Beyond Hertfordshire

South of England
Nominations for U15-U17 London and East trials have to be made by the end of
September by the CPM in consultation with the CAGCs and are based upon
performances from the previous season. In the interest of the player and the
credibility of Hertfordshire it is essential that players are only nominated if they are
deemed to be of the correct standard. (If we feel as a County that we don’t have any
player of the required standard then nobody will be nominated). To have an
understanding of this standard it will be the responsibility of the CPM to attend
London and East sessions on an observational basis.

Hertfordshire Minor Counties XI and Hertfordshire Development XI
A pool of about 25-30 players will be identified and named, from which both teams
will be selected. This pool could contain the best U17s and possibly the most
talented U16s. The principal criterion for inclusion would be the player’s potential
for reaching the required standard to play for the Minor Counties XI.

These two sides will be more closely integrated than has been the case in the past.
Both XIs will be handled by the same selection committee. In order for this to
operate effectively it is essential that there is clear communication between the
Minor Counties 1st team captain, the MC and Development XI coaches, and the CPM.

The main aim of the Development XI is to develop into Hertfordshire’s second XI.
The Development XI will provide potential Minor Counties XI players with
experience of two-day inter-County cricket, and increased competition for places
within the whole squad which can only be beneficial to the future success of the
Minor Counties XI.

1st Class Counties

It is vitally important that Hertfordshire develops excellent relationships with the
neighbouring First Class Counties. To this end the CPM has regular meetings and
contact with his counterparts in those counties. This helps to:
     Allow clear and open lines of communication regarding the progression of
        Hertfordshire players into the professional arena. If a talented individual is
        being monitored by a neighbouring First Class County, he/she should be
        encouraged to attend training sessions and/or match play with that County,
        provided there is no clash with Hertfordshire commitments. As that player
        develops and when the First Class County is prepared to offer him/her a long
        term proposition, Hertfordshire will fully support that decision.
     Develop and strengthen the coaching programmes run within Hertfordshire.
     Increase Hertfordshire’s pool of quality coaches and resources.

The CPM will be the sole contact with the neighbouring First Class Counties
regarding any of the above points.

         Time line for the 12 Month cycle

August:               Nominations for County trials (From AHC)

September:            County trials

October:              County Winter Excellence Squads selected

October:              Emerging Players Programme starts

Oct, Nov, Dec         Nominations for Area trials (From clubs)/Area trials

December:             Area winter Excellence Squads Selected

January:              County/Area winter Excellence programme start

March:                County/Area winter Excellence sessions conclude

April:                Practise games/Selection for County & Area Summer squads

April – August:       Summer playing programme for both County and Area

August:               EPP concludes.


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