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									                            STD Anonymous Testing
Testing for STDs or sexually-transmitted diseases is typically done by medical professionals who
extract a sample of blood, urine or tissue from a patient who may have such medical conditions.
However, many wish to avoid the stigma that may come with having diseases such as gonorrhea,
herpes or HIV/AIDS. This has led to the practice of STD anonymous testing.

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STD anonymous testing is mostly similar to normal testing, in that a patient's blood, urine or tissue is
analyzed by a medical laboratory to identify the presence of any such diseases. This helps significantly
in the effective diagnosis and subsequent treatment of the illness. However, to hide one's identity and
avoid the social repercussions of having contracted an STD, one may choose to supply an alias and
other false information when asked for pertinent personal details prior to, during or after the exam.

To facilitate STD anonymous testing with traditional medical laboratories, one is recommended to use
a fake name, as the majority of states in the country require laboratories, physicians and related medical
personnel to report the personal data of a person who has tested positive for an STD to government
agencies such as the state's health department. Aliases may be utilized as positive identification is not a
prerequisite to an individual's STD test.

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If you wish to undergo a foolproof and accurate test for STDs, there are numerous facilities that
provide actual STD anonymous testing (whose contact details you can find on the Internet). These
entities protect the security and privacy of client information while supplying these clients with
referrals to appropriate medical care providers to enable the patients to take the appropriate action
towards medication or other forms of treatment that may lead to cures. These anonymous testing clinics
employ nurses, lab technicians, phlebotomists and physicians who will not divulge any of a patient's
medical information under most circumstances. They also facilitate a panel of comprehensive tests to
aid in the identification and diagnosis of sexually-transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia tests,
Gonorrhea tests, Syphilis tests, Hepatitis Antibody tests, Herpes Simplex tests and HIV Antibodies

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