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       Project Name: ReReRe METU Project
       (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle- Middle East Technical University)

In this project, some conceptual suggestions will be proposed under waste management issue.
In this project, a waste management center is proposed in order to control recyclable materials
and organic wastes in a sustainable way in METU campus. In this system, students, teachers,
academics, METU workers and university government will study together in a harmony.
METU has a huge campus area and invaluable nature. It was aimed to protect METU’s nature
and reduce the ecological footprint of people living in METU. Therefore, it is absolutely
necessary to create a sustainable campus area in METU. In this project, suggestions are
presented under the five titles. We can see the suggestions for METU campus in the below
figure 1:

   To be able to increase awareness of METU residents, the awareness activities should be
done to inform the people about reduce, reuse and recycle of the wastes. We give great
importance to these awareness activities as a part of this project. The effectiveness of
technology in solving environmental problems is limited. The human – environment
interaction is much more important here. Therefore, it is essential to carry out the awareness
activities to raise the consciousness of people about environmental issues. In this context,
some of the activities suggested in this project given as below:

           a. Sustainable METU student community should be established. Thus, waste
               studies, activities done in METU can be announced and organized by this
           b. “Let’s clean METU” activity should be organized. Sustainable METU student
               community should organize this activity. Approximately of a team of 20
               people should take the photos of the places within waste and mark them on
               Google Earth map for METU campus. Thus, the locations of waste are
               clarified on METU map. Then, this activity is announced in METU by the help
               of the different communication channels such as, student communities,
               network facilities, etc. The forest of the METU can be cleaned up in one day
               with the help of this activity.
           c. The design competition of the recycling bins and “The best and worst
               snapshots of the METU” photograph competition should be organized.
           d. By the help of the media support, “The Waste Awareness” radio programme
               should be done in Radio METU two times in a month. Thus, in cooperation
               with the media we can reach more people.
           e. The posters could be prepared about the recycle of the organic and recyclable
               waste. About these subjects, some courses and seminars should be given by the

Sustainable METU student community and the volunteer academic stuff should organize the
awareness activities on the waste management.

It is thought to recycle of organic wastes with the compost study in the campus. For this
reason, compost bins will be placed around dormitory and department canteens                and
restaurants around the campus. These compost materials will be stored in a far place in the
campus area or these canteens and restaurants make their own compost in front of their
places. Moreover, compost materials will be collected with compost cars and will be taken to
storage places in certain hours. The compost fertilizer may be obtained in 4 or 5 months. For
METU, the most appropriate compost study may be arranged. Thus, organic wastes in METU
will be reduced and compost fertilizer can be used in METU forest for plants. Moreover, we
suggest that compost awareness studies should be hold. Expert people on compost study in
METU can organize these activities and they can prepare compost making workshops and
students, teachers, people from government can participate in these workshops to increase
their awareness and knowledge. In this way, METU will not send its wastes to big landfill in
Ankara instead, it will benefit from organic wastes.


It is aimed to reuse the goods (furniture, books, CDs, etc.), which students, academic stuff and

administrative stuff have not used anymore and want to sell and share with other people.

Students also have opportunity to exchange their goods, as well. The second hand market will

be held on the first Friday of every month. Moreover, the goods which will be sold in the

market will be announced through our internet site and by this way everyone will be informed

in advance. The place of second hand market will be held at the center of the campus because

the place is easily accessible for everyone. The second hand market will contribute to the

reduction and reuse of the wastes.


In METU campus, recyclable materials have been collected for15 years. However, it is
necessary to make some improvements in the collection of these wastes. In this project, the
methods of collecting the recyclable wastes were reconsidered. In METU, wastes are
separated in two boxes and collected irregularly due to the lack of university stuff. In the
concept of this project, it is planned to separate wastes in more boxes at the source. It is
thought that, a new method can be effective. The recycling bins could be replaced with the
new modified ones, in the METU, which allows waste separation at the source more
practically. There would be so many suggestions for this. One of these ideas is that, a new
recycling bin which has different colored sacks or recyclable bags for different types of waste.
For example; paper – white, plastic – blue, glass – yellow and aluminum and tin cans - red
colored sacks or plastic bags could be used to collect the recyclables. A sample portable
recycling bin which can be placed in different locations in METU is given in Figure 2.

                               Figure 2. A Sample Design for Recycling Bin

It is also considered announcing how much waste is collected, how much of it recycled and
how much money is transferred to the scholarship fund at the end of the every month. By this
way, people will be informed.


Re-Use Workshops, it is aimed to make students to create new and useful things by the help
of the voluntary students and academic stuff of the Department of the Industrial Design in
METU. The materials needed in the Reuse Workshops can be obtained from both the
collected waste in METU and the used materials brought by the participants of the workshop.
In Figure 3 and 4, it can be seen that the new functionalities of the recyclable wastes.

                      Figure.3 Jewelry box from margarine box, bags from old fabrics
                                   Figure.4 Vase made from glass bottle

       It is planned to announce the workshop dates and details in the website two times in a month.

This workshop will be provided by the Center for the control of Waste-Management Center.
In addition, the products obtained from the workshop studies will be sold in the second-hand
bazaar and the income will be given to the students who volunteer to help.

It is planned to arrange the design competitions to be able to attract interest of the students to
the reuse of the waste. Students will create different and useable things from the wastes and
their awareness will increase. These design competitions, also could be conceptual instead of
application as a case study for the awareness activities. For example, the design of the
recycling bins which will be used in METU.

Bahçeci, D. (2011). Yeryüzü derneği: Evde kompost yapımı.
                                                                                  Group Members

                        Deniz Mehmetlioğlu               
                           Güliz Karaarslan                         
                       Vesile Hatun Akansel                 

                      Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

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