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									                                       Sta. Mariana de Jesus Academy Inc.
                                     6-044 Brgy. Camaya Mariveles, Bataan
                                       Second Perodical Test in ENGLISH

        Name:_____________________________________________________ Score:_____________
        Grade:__________________                                        Date:______________
MULTIPLE CHOICE. Encircle the letter of the
correct answer.                                      9. Which of the following words has a suffix?
                                                                     a. ready                      c. audience
 Listen to a short story then answer the questions.
                                                                     b. courage                    d. violinist
Encircle the letter of the correct answers.
                                                               10.   The following are words with suffix except one.
   1.  What did the father ask his sons to do?
                                                                     Which one is not?
       a. bring him to the doctor for he is sick.
                                                                     a. msunderstanding            c. disrespect
       b. get a bundle of sticks
                                                                     b. housekeeper                d. return
       c. break the bundle of sticks
                                                               11.   In which sentence should the word steel be used?
       d. stay with him
                                                                     a. If you_____ the money, you will be punished.
    2. What made it difficult to break the bundle of sticks?
                                                                     b. The children are very _______.
       a. it is in bundle or group
                                                                     c. The knife blade is made up of _______.
       b. it is made of hard wood
                                                                     d. The milk is not fresh; it is ________.
       c. it is newly painted
                                                               12.   Which pair of words are synonyms?
       d. the sons were all weak
                                                                     a. deeds-action c. sad-happy
    3. How were the sticks broken?
                                                                     b. strength-weaknesses d. divine-evil
       a. by burning it
                                                               13.   Give the antonym of the underlined words.
       b. by beating it in a big rock
                                                                     The teacher gave us a very hard test.
       c. by breaking it singly one by one
                                                                     a. easy             c. strong
       d. by trying hard
                                                                     b. difficult        d. expensive
    4. What is the story all about?
                                                               14.   Which of the following words are antonyms?
       a. use sticks in whatever we do
                                                                     a. sad-lonely                 c. happy-merry
       b. follow our father’s command
                                                                     b. pretty-beautiful           d.easy-difficult
       c. break all the sticks in the house
                                                               15.   ________ are words that have same meaning.
       d. working together as one can make them strong
                                                                     a. verbs                      c. adjective
            and do many things together
                                                                     b. homonyms                   d. synonyms
    5. All of the following are mass nouns except one,
                                                               16.   I bought a piece of cake in the bakery. Which is the
       which is it?
                                                                     homonym of the underlined word?
       a.milk             c. coffee
                                                                     a.peace                       c. paste
       b. sugar            d. pebbles
                                                                     b.pass                        d. pay
   6. Mother buys_______ fruits from the fruit vendor.
                                                               17.   Marie dig a _____ in the ground.
       a. a little         c. some
                                                                     a.whole                       c. hall
       b. much             d. a lot of
                                                                     b.hole                        d. hull
                                                               18.   Most fierce and______ animals are found in the
   7.   She puts_________ sugar in the juice.
                                                                     forest like lions and tigers.
        a. many                 c. a little
                                                                     a . big                       c. brave
        b. a few                d. some
                                                                     b. wild                       d. small
   8.   The baker needs_________ flour to bake pandesal
                                                               19.   Mother always buys essential things like rice, sugar,
        and other bread.
                                                                     coffe and milk. Essensial also means
        a. a little             c. many
                                                                     a. cheap                      c. necessary
        b. much                 d. a few
                                                                     b. delicious                  d. expensive
     20. I have observed that he water from the faucet is pure          30. Which word can complete the sentence?
          while water from the canal is ________.                           Ang-ngalo _______ his legs so the people could walk
          a. new             c. sweet                                       across the sea.
          b. clean           d. polluted                                a. wiggled            c. pulled up
     21. Noel has P50 for his baon. He spent it all in buying           b. stretched          d. bent
          softdrinks, spaghetti, ice cream, chocolates and              31. The people ____ into the sea with their bags of salt.
          candies. He did not _____ some for buying paper.                  a. walked                   c. fell
          a. give            c. release                                     b. jumped                   d. drowned
          b. save            d. pay                                     32. Which of the following words best describes Ang-
     22. Which pair of words are homonyms?                                  ngalo?
          a. look-lock                 c. weak-wake                         a. salty                    c. small
          b. sing-sang                 d. meet-meat                         b. friendly                 d. fresh
     23. “______, don’t look directly at the ______”, father
          said.                                                         33. Which describes the sea water long ago?
          a. son,sun                   c. some,sum                           a. salty                     c. sweet
          b. psalm-sum                 d. sun-son                            b. fresh                     d. sour
     24. Please, _______ the rope from the _______.                     34. What is the main idea of the story?
          a. meat,meet                 c. pool,pull                          a. the people made the sea water salty
          b. pull,pool                 d. maid,made                          b. Ang-ngalo made the sea water salty
Read the short story then answer the questions below. Encircle               c. the people fell into the sea with their bags of salt
the letter of the correct answer.                                            d. the sea water is already salty a long time ago
                                                                        35. What is the best title of this story?
           Long ago, the sea was not salty.It was just like fresh            a. Ang-ngalo and the Ant
water from a spring. People had to cross the sea in bancas to                b. Friendly Ang-ngalo
get salt from the land beyond the water. Near their community                c. Why the Sea Water Become Salty
named Ang-ngalo who was friendly but afraid of ants. The                     d. The People and the Salt
people asked him to stretch his legs with their bags of salt, the   Writing ( 36- 40)
ants bit him. He suddenly pulled up his legs and the people fell    Arrange the events in order. Choose the letter only:
to the sea with their bags of salt.                                     a. From then on, the sea water became salty.
           And that is why the sea is now salty.                        b. Long ago, the sea water was not salty
                                                                        c. Ang-ngalo stretched his legs so the people could get
    25. Who is the main character?                                           salt from the other island
        a. people                  c. Ang-ngalo                         d. Ang-ngalo pulled up his legs when the ants bit him
        b. the ants       d. Ang-ngalo and the giants                   e. The people fell into the sea with their bags of salt.
    26. What is the setting?
        a. l ago. In the sea
        b. once upon a time, in the palace
        c. one day, in the farm
        d. one night, in the sea
    27. What he was afraid of?                                                                  GOOD LUCK!!!
        a. water                   c. ants
        b. wind                    d. people
    28. How did he help the people?
        a. he pushed their bancas to the other island
        b. he transferred the people one by one to the other
           side of the sea
        c. he stretched out his legs across the sea so that the
           people could walk to the other island
        d. he made a big bridge for them to cross

    29. Why did the seawater become salty?
        a. the people got drowned in the sea
        b. the people threw salt into the sea                                                     rct/10/22/11
        c. the people fell into the sea with their bags of salt

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