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									                       Burbage & Easton Royal Cricket Club
                      PROJECT PLAN – ‘Batting for Burbage’
Project Title                 Batting for Burbage
Start Date                    1 July 2011                    End Date            31 May 2012
Lead Institution              Burbage & Easton Royal Cricket Club
Project Director              Marek Grabowski
Project Manager &             Russ Buck
contact details               32 Swan Meadow
                              Wilts SN9 5HW
                              Tel: 01672 564937 or 07884 108783
Project Web URL     

Document Title                Project Plan
Author(s) & project role      Russ Buck
Date                          21 April 2011             Filename          PP/014/2011

Overview of Project
1. Background
Our village cricket club was founded 108 years ago and today has 139 playing members (including
28 ladies/girls). The club is thriving thanks to a decision taken 10 years ago to introduce a youth
development programme, to provide a steady stream of youngsters who would press for league
places and ensure our club remained competitive and sustainable. Many of our officers
volunteered for coaching, umpiring, child welfare and ground maintenance courses and, as a
result, we now have over 70 young people in coaching, with age group teams for under 9, under
11, under 13 and under 15, which frequently top their leagues. 6 of our youth members represent
Wiltshire at age groups through to the development side and one player in the Wiltshire Academy
squad. This approach to youth cricket was rewarded last year when the club achieved ‘Clubmark’
status, the National Accreditation Award Certificate for Cricket Clubs.

As you will appreciate the cost of maintaining this level of youth participation does not come cheap
on equipment, ground maintenance etc. In 2010 we applied for a Planning 'change of use' on an
adjacent field (known locally as Glebe field) owned by the Diocese of Salisbury. It was
unanimously approved by Wiltshire County Council in Oct 2010. We now have to develop this
agricultural field and generally make it fit for cricket in as short a space of time as possible.
This will enable us take on up to 50 more junior players, bring our 3rd X1 home from a rented pitch 12 miles
from Burbage and enter a 4th Saturday side, with more juniors playing into the Wiltshire Leagues. There's
also a big demand for ladies' cricket in the district, but few opportunities for them to play. This is our first year
coaching girls and women and we regularly get close to 30 ladies/girls at our evening coaching sessions.
The new pitch will enable us to host matches for both the ladies and the increased numbers of juniors.

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Where possible we will use the expertise of 45 seniors, the muscle power of our youth players and enlist the
help of friends of the club in the community. That's the way we've always done things here.

2. Aims and Objectives
The 3 key aims of the project will be:

   To undertake development of a current agricultural field over a period of 10 months starting in July 2011
    to enable our youngsters to continue to thrive, to allow competitive playing opportunities for our ladies
                                rd                              th
    section and to bring our 3 team home whilst planning a 4 team.
   To provide newer, more reliable and more suitable grounds maintenance equipment to continue to
    maintain the new cricket pitch, as well as the existing one, as a legacy for our youngsters.
   To provide an artificial pitch by May 2012 to allow immediate benefit to be realised from our project whilst
    continuing to develop the grass wicket that shall take a further 3 years to become playable for the
    standard of cricket we host at Burbage.

The 4 key objectives are to:

   Increase the number of youngsters and ladies/girls playing at Burbage
   Continue to attract youngsters to Burbage for active participation in sport
   Continue to attract sponsors to Burbage to enable sustainability
   Provide a local outlet in a rural community where youngsters, ladies and girls can play competitive sport
    in a safe, friendly environment without it costing the earth

3. Overall Approach

The project shall take the form of a 4 phase development, the phases being:

       Prepare the current field by levelling, grading and stone-picking it
       Prepare the whole site for laying to lawn by installing drainage and fertilising the soil
       Lay the whole site to lawn and cut and lay the wicket area
       Lay the artificial wicket

4. Resources

The main resources that we shall employ shall be drawn from the playing members of the club as we have a
number of builders, carpenters and farmers who would be happy to be co-opted to fulfil the project goals.
The youngsters within the club often get involved in grounds maintenance already but we shall use them
extensively for this particular project for such activities as stone-picking where numbers of personnel roaming
across the site will really make a difference. We also have 2 Project Management practitioners and a Quality
Manager available from within the club.

We shall have to employ the services of a specialist contractor to lay the artificial wicket as this is a specialist
activity that is best left to the experts.

5. Project Outputs
The 2 deliverables of the project will be

    o   An artificial cricket wicket enabling immediate benefits realisation of the project
    o   A level, safe cricket playing area that will be the envy of other clubs in the area

6. Risk Analysis

        Risk           Probability     Severity      Score         Action to Prevent/Manage Risk
                          (1-5)         (1-5)       (P x S)
Funding                     3             4           12      Continue to fundraise and apply for grants
Organisational              1             1            1      Plenty of project managers available
Technical                   1             1            1      Our groundsman is highly qualified and
                                                              competent in this type of activity
External suppliers          1               1          1      There are plenty of contractors who install
                                                              artificial cricket pitches in the south
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Legal                       1              1            1     We already have change of use cover

6. Standards & Quality

As we have a Quality Manager who shall work closely with the project to ensure the assurance of all aspects
of the project we don’t anticipate any quality issues. At each Phase of the project the ‘delivery team’ shall
meet to prepare a basic highlight report to the Club Management Committee.

8. Project Management

The project shall be jointly managed by the Project Manager and the Delivery Manager to ensure that all
aspects of the projects receive due diligence, the delivery team shall consist of:

Project Director         Marek Grabowski              Chairman
Project Manager          Russ Buck                    Secretary
Delivery Manager         Archie Rawlings              Groundsman
Project Finance          Trace Lavis                  Treasurer
Project Operations       John Pitt                    Operations Coordinator

Task Descriptions

Task     Task Description                                                       Responsible
1.1      Write Project Plan, agree it, and send it to Peoples Millions          Project Manager

1.2      Organise the initial preparation of the Glebe site                     Delivery Manager

1.3      Organise the drainage, final preparation of the site                   Delivery Manager

1.4      Plan the laying of the artificial wicket                               Project Manager

9. Outline Schedule

Jul/Aug 2011             Initial preparation of Glebe site
Sep 2011                 Provision of drainage and key preparation of Glebe site
Oct 2012                 Seeding, rolling and scarifying of site
Mar 2012                 Laying of artificial wicket
Mar 2012                 On-going grounds maintenance
May 2012                 Opening ceremony and first ever game on Glebe field

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