Essential Tips to Golf Equipment by merkburton


A compilation of some essential tips to golf equipment like golf bags, Motocaddy, Footjoy XPS-1 Golf Shoes, TaylorMade RBZ Driver, Titleist Golf Balls.

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Table of Contents

3    Benefits of Motocaddy Golf Trolley

        6         Footjoy XPS-1 Golf Shoes

9    How the TaylorMade RBZ Driver

            Will Improve Your Game

12      Tips in Choosing Golf Bags

16    What Makes Titleist Golf Balls the Best
Benefits of Motocaddy Golf Trolleys

A UK golfer plays golf despite the most arduous
conditions till the spring arrives. Fortunately, golf courses
allow the use of golf trolleys all year round, while golf
players will want to equip themselves with as much winter
clothing as possible.

The UK weather is so changeable at any time of the year
that only the hardy or foolhardy would attempt hours of
golf-playing without being ready for surprises.
The prospect of carrying 14 clubs, balls, brolly and
waterproofs on a cold winter day is enough for a golfer to
decide to just spend the day watching the European Tour
on the telly, instead.
Those days seem to be over with the arrival of Motocaddy
Golf Trolleys. You will find golfers of all ages using an
electric golf trolley when you go to any course in the UK
at any time of the year. It was once an essential piece of
kit for golfers over 65s but is now seen being used by any
golfer who takes his game seriously.

While walking will help you exercise, riding Motocaddy
Golf Trolleys reduces your stress levels by letting you
enjoy the fresh breeze of the golf course.
It also aids in lowering risk of injuries on lower back and
spinal areas. It is a dedicated player’s indispensable
partner in the golf course.
                              It helps you easily carry
                              golf equipment through
                              the golf course in a
                              lesser period of time.
                              You’ll have more energy
                              to play once you get to
                              your spot. Studies have
                              shown that persons who
                              carry     heavy      golf
                              equipment easily lose
                              their    energy     while
                              walking through the golf
                              course. They would not
                              be able to perform as
                              well as they desire.
                              Going around the golf
course in an electric golf trolley, then, is the best
An electric golf trolley is cost-effective, lightweight and
portable. There are trolleys that are foldable and you can
easily carry it in your car. The top branded ones are
controlled through a remote control.
They are extremely user friendly and simple. You just
need to give it a tap to start and stop and regulate the
speed. It displays the speed, time, distance and has no
complex mechanisms and switches. These also have
adjustable distance control. With these models, you can
easily check the distance you covered. There are even
new digital versions that range from S1 to S3, which are
now among most golfers’ top picks.

Footjoy XPS-1 Golf Shoes

Buying golf shoes used to be easy. You just go to the
store, find a pair of shoes, put them on and then go out
and play.     With the many options available today,
however, buying golf shoes seems more complicated
than before.
                         If you haven’t played golf in a
                         long time and you plan to use
                         those old golf shoes made out of
                         metal spikes, think again. There
                         is a big chance that you will be
                         denied access into the golf

Golf shoes are different nowadays, and you simply have
to consider a lot of things before you buy one. First of all,
you need to look for golf shoes that are not only good for
walking but are waterproof and safe to use when walking
in the greens. Also, the wrong type of shoes can cause
blisters, muscle strains and pain in your legs and lower
If your feet are suffering, then your game will most likely
suffer, too. Choose a set of golf shoes that will keep your
feet comfortable, cool and dry.         Footjoy Footwear
Company is synonymous with great traditions of
excellence in golf shoes, and you might want to get
acquainted with some of the cool golf shoes options they

A golfer’s footwear is an important part of the game in
terms of stability and durability. Over the past years,
Footjoy has entered into spikeless golf shoes, outwear
and accessories. It included shoe care kits, winter
headwear, winter mitts, shoe bags, holdall and umbrellas.
Footjoy has continued to bring revolution in the golf shoe
industry by introducing exciting range of products with
new technologies.       Footjoy XPS-1 Golf Shoes are
designed to represent the next generation ultimate
stability and solid ground contact.

Footjoy XPS-1 Golf Shoes offer traditional quality shoes
with the latest technology in platform stability.
The design and construction offer stability for the golfer’s
stance. They offer a one year guarantee on all of their
shoes under normal waterproof conditions. They used a
digital saddle treatment to give the shoes an extra layer of
protection and a great look.
It has full-grain leather outer shell that uses Pittards ECL
Leather System and Armor-Tan Abrasion resistance that’s
why the leather is soft, breathable, and scratch-resistant.
The shoe is engineered with Laser Plus Latest technology
which uses thousands of digital foot scans in order to
develop a form-fitting, swing stabilizing shoe. It has a
fully-rounded toe, a fitted heel and an ordinary forefoot
and instep fit.

How the TaylorMade RBZ Driver Will
Improve Your Game

                                      The sport of golf is
                                      more popular today
                                      than it has ever been
                                      before. People of all
                                      races and ages are
                                      getting more and
                                      more involved in this
                                      relaxing          and
                                      competitive sport. It
                                      has been around for
                                      hundreds of years
                                      and is played in
practically every country in the world.
Golf drivers are the most vital pieces of equipment
needed to help you in your long game. Without the help
of a good golf driver, it is impossible to drive the ball over
250 yards in one shot. Top players in this sport made
their name known because of their ability to drive the ball
long distances.

One of the main strategies of winning in golf is getting
your ball to the hole in as few shots as possible. Without
a quality driver, the ability to hit long shots would not be
possible. Golf drivers are used mainly for the long shots
made into the fairway.
Characteristics of a good driver include the composition
of the driver, speed with which it can move the ball, the
launch angle and the aerodynamics of the driver itself.
Many different brands have flooded the market in the
quest to manufacture the best driver. They can be
purchased in a variety of materials including alloys,
stainless steel, or even titanium.
The length of the driver itself is also important, aside from
the material. Titanium is the most popular material used
to manufacture drivers nowadays, as this material is
lightweight and strong.
On the other hand, some golfers who are more
experienced prefer stainless steel drivers because their
heavy weight gives the player more control when
swinging. The most professional golfers use the forged
titanium drivers, which are found to offer a greater tee off
driving distance than other drivers.

TaylorMade Golf is a company that has released a new
line of golf clubs every single year. TaylorMade Golf is
the pioneer in adjustable flight technology with their
TaylorMade RBZ Driver. RBZ stands for RocketBallz
which is the new name for their new line of drivers.
The TaylorMade RBZ Driver is made for the mid to high-
handicap golfer who wants more distance. It is using the
Flight Control Technology packaged into a modern,
aerodynamically engineered clubhead which is outfitted
with a lightweight shaft.
This enlarges the portion of the face that delivers the high
COR and fast ball speed. The design is neat looking. It is
offered in two models to cater to a wide range of players.
With the Flight Control Technology, the golfer can easily
adjust the performance angles and enhance his game.

Tips in Choosing Golf Bags

Golf Bags are one of the most basic accessories all golf
players need to have. If you are fond of playing golf, for
sure you would know how to find the ones you think will
suit your needs. Golf Bags are essential because they
hold and protect your golf clubs, shoes, balls, tees and
other accessories.
Since it is an accessory, you can choose according to
your own personal style. If you want, you can choose the
most stylish one to complete your golf ensemble. It is
very important, then, to make sure you get the best bag
to carry all your golfing essentials.
There are plenty of sizes, brands and styles to choose
from. Make sure you are aware of the features by
checking them with each and every bag you look at.
Choose the most appropriate one that suits your needs
and your golf playing requirements.
You first need to consider the physical condition and
seriousness of the golf games you routinely play. See to
it that you are not too frail to carry a full golf bag as you
go along the course. There are three types of golf bags
you can actually choose from: the cart bags, tour bags
and the carry bags.
                                       Cart    bags     are
                                       usually bigger than
                                       carry bags but
                                       smaller than tour
                                       bags     and     are
                                       placed on trolleys
                                       or golf carts. This
                                       kind of bag is ideal
                                       for those who want
                                       to go around the
                                       course easily.

Tour bags are the largest types of golf bags and are made
of durable leather. You can carry an entire set of fourteen
clubs with this kind of bag. It is the most expensive out of
the three bags, and is usually chosen by professional golf
players and serious golf enthusiasts. (See picture next
Carry bags are also referred to as travel bags and are the
smallest and lightest among the three. It is usually made
of nylon or plastic which makes them light as a backpack.
They are designed with back straps to allow you to carry
them on your back on your way towards the last holes of
the course, as well as stands, to prop them upright while
you’re playing.
It is best to look into how many pockets and
compartments your ideal golf bag has. It is also advisable
to choose one with a hood and a stand, as excessive
exposure to sun and rain could damage your equipment.

What Makes Titleist Golf Balls the Best

The Titleist Golf Company was founded by Phillip Young.
He previously owned and ran a rubber company but
decided on an alternative industry as the rubber market
went downhill. He was a frustrated golfer who wanted to
x-ray a golf ball one day to see what was inside and why
they didn't fly straight.

He found many balls off-centre and thought of it as a
great opportunity to provide a better golf ball that would
fly straight. He produced a golf ball that actually went
straight by the early 1930s. He made a golf ball that had
spun rubber wrapped around a solid core.
A perfected golf ball was developed after the war and was
the most played ball in the US open. The company soon
grew and acquired other golf brands in the 60s and 70s.
They started to produce Golf clubs and other equipment,
as well.
In 1985 the group acquired the biggest name Foot-Joy. It
was the best known golf shoe in the world. Although
Titleist is known for various golf equipment product lines,
they are best known for their golf balls.
Their balata ball was their biggest breakthrough in the
1980s. It offered golfers control and a soft feel. The
downside of it was that it gets split and destroyed easily.
They solved this with their Titleist Golf Balls. It was a
professional golf ball which had balata insides but had a
hard cover. It was very expensive but very popular.
While other companies followed their line, they started
designing and developing their most famous ball, The
Titleist Pro V1. The Titleist Pro V1 is a favourite among
amateurs and pros alike; many of them even agree that
Titleist Golf Balls are the best, however different and
unique their individual games may be.
Knowing what type of swing you have is the first step in
determining which golf ball is best suited for your game.
Local golf shops usually have equipment to analyze your
swing free of charge. After learning your type of swing
and club head speed, determine if you prefer balls with a
better spin capability, long distance, softer feel, or
increased accuracy.
The Titleist Pro V1 is what they call their "expert" ball.
That explains its price at $44/dozen. It is a popular
choice in the PGA Tour.
The Titleist Pro V1 is a 3-piece ball. It is excellent in spin
capability, driver distance, soft feel, and driver accuracy.
If you’re a golfer with a slower head speed, you may want
to use the 2 piece Titleist DT So-Lo.

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