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					                          FACULTY OF HEALTH AND LIFE SCIENCES
                  Health and Life Sciences, Biomolecular and Sport Sciences



        Post Title:     Temporary Lecturer in Pharmacology/ Physiology
        Grade:          Lecturer
        Salary Range:   £26,871 - £33,510 per annum
        Mode:           Full Time Fixed Term 12 Months to Cover For Member of Staff on
                        Maternity Leave
        Ref No:         A2708



     1. To contribute to teaching and learning in the field of pharmacology/ physiology

     2. To engage actively in applied research and income generation with a particular focus
        on areas of pharmacology and physiology

This post is to provide cover for a period of maternity leave. The appointee will provide
teaching and administrative support to the Biological Sciences family of courses, including
lecture, tutorial and practical sessions. They will be based in the Department of Biomolecular
and Sport Sciences. The post will provide an opportunity for an enthusiastic early career
academic to gain a wide range of experience as the department enters an exciting phase of

Main Duties and Responsibilities

     1. To take responsibility for development, preparation and delivery of teaching, learning
        and assessment both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels including module
        leadership where appropriate. To contribute to the development, organisation and
        management of the curriculum.

     2. To demonstrate good practice in teaching, learning and assessment through the use of
        a wide range of learning resources and appropriate pedagogic practice.

     3. To ensure that your teaching is informed by contemporary research in the relevant
        field and develops the ability of students to engage in debate, critical discourse and
        rational thinking.

     4. To contribute to the wider student experience e.g. through personal tutoring,
        participation in recruitment, involvement in employability initiatives

     5. To reflect critically on your own teaching practice, implement improvements, and
        engage actively with the quality monitoring and enhancement processes.
   6. To undertake applied research through, as appropriate:

               contributing actively to applied research groups or communities of practice
                internally and/or externally
               working on externally-funded projects or contracts
               assisting with bid-writing or tendering for external funding
               disseminating research outputs using a range of media. For example:
                academic publications, external reports, conference presentations, short
                courses for knowledge transfer, exhibitions, performances
               developing external networks nationally and/or internationally
               supervising research students

   7. To assist with development of external partnerships in the UK and/or overseas and
      development of relationships with professional organisations and agencies where

   8. To work effectively as a team member, contributing to committees and working groups,
      and where appropriate supervising or mentoring other members of staff.

   9. To undertake professional development in support of both teaching and applied

   10. To be part of a team that develops new areas of activity including taught postgraduate

AND such other duties as are within the scope of the spirit of the job purpose, the title of the
post and its grading.

Supervision Received
     Head of Department of Biomolecular and Sport Sciences
     Programme leaders / Directors of Applied Research Centres and Institutes as
     Deans and Associate Deans of Faculty

Supervision Given
     Graduate Teaching Assistants, Instructors, Research Associates as appropriate.

          ATTRIBUTES                        ESSENTIAL                         ADVANTAGEOUS

     Education/Qualifications   Masters degree in pharmacology          PhD in pharmacology or
                                or physiology or related area           physiology or related area

                                Or (if from Professional practice       Active membership of an
                                background) a good Honours              appropriate professional body
                                Degree and appropriate
                                professional qualification and/or       Recognised teaching
                                membership                              qualification

      Teaching Experience       Some teaching experience at             Evidence of contribution to the
                                higher education level in the UK        wider student experience
                                with evidence of successful
                                student learning outcomes               Evidence of good pedagogic
                                Or (If from Professional practice
                                background) evidence of high
                                quality presentation skills, and        Evidence of administrative work
                                evidence of coaching, or mentoring      associated with teaching and/ or
                                and teaching other professionals        development of courses

        Applied Research        Experience of working on                Experience of partnership
                                pharmacology/ physiology related        working with external
                                research projects or consultancy        organisations
                                work, supported by evidence of
                                contribution to appropriate             Evidence of contribution to
                                publications or other outputs.          research group or network or
                                                                        community of practice
                                Or (If from Professional practice
                                background) experience of               Recent, relevant, business
                                professional practice/consultancy       experience
                                work including evidence of
                                effective application of solutions to
                                business/practice problems, with
                                associated reports or other outputs

        Job-related skills      Ability to work independently, to       Evidence of successful
         and capabilities       take the initiative, and to innovate    professional networking

                                Commitment to delivering high           Some experience of managing
                                quality services to students and        or administering
                                external clients

                                Good organisational skills

                                Suitable level of proficiency in ICT
                                and understanding of its
                                application to teaching, learning
                                and applied research

       Interpersonal Skills     Effective oral and written
                                communication skills in both
                                individual and group situations

                                Ability to work as a member of a
                                team or group
                     Ability to relate to students with
                     diverse backgrounds, ages and

                     Ability to relate to a range of
                     external clients and partners of the
                     university from the
                     private/public/voluntary sectors
Other Requirements   Willingness to undertake academic      Experience of living/ working
                     activities in the evening when         abroad
                     necessary, and participate in
                     occasional weekend activities such     Competence in more than one
                     as recruitment days                    language

                     Willingness to travel abroad to
                     undertake academic and related

                     Willingness to contribute to new
                     developments and expand
                     personal skill set

.1    Canvassing
      You must disclose whether you are related to any employee of the University, or to
      any member of the Governing Body. Canvassing for appointment disqualifies.

.2    Application Forms
      Application forms should be completed in black ink or typescript to facilitate

.3    Referees
      Referees must be people who can comment authoritatively on you as a person and
      as an employee and must include your current or most recent employer or his/her
      authorised representative. Confidential references are taken up on candidates short-
      listed for formal appointment interviews.

.4    Interviews
      Appointment interviews – date to be confirmed. Please indicate on your application
      form if you will not be available for interview during this period.

.5    Closing Date
      The closing date for receiving applications is 24 June 2008. Applications should be
      sent in an envelope marked “Confidential” for the attention of the Recruitment
      Section, Human Resources Department, at the address below.


      Human Resources Department
      Priory Street
      CV1 5FB

      Tel:    024 7688 8120
      Fax:    024 7688 8131

      For further vacancies, please visit


      In the interest of economy, the University will only communicate further with short-
      listed candidates. If you have not been contacted within 6-weeks of the closing date
      you should assume that you have not been short-listed.

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