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									                                              Pivotal Load Simulation Services

Diagnose problems and deploy with             How can you be sure that your mission-critical CRM applications
no surprises.
                                              will meet your performance and utilization objectives? Pivotal
• Improve application performance             CRM provides simulation modeling of your real-world production
  and resolve issues before you deploy
                                              environment, so that you can make better IT investment decisions and
• Reduce the risk of new application          diagnose problems, scale appropriately, and deploy with no surprises.
  rollouts and upgrades
• Be confident that new or upgraded           It’s not enough to guarantee up-time; it’s the end-user experience that counts. There can be
  systems exceed business requirements        vast differences between how an application performs in pre-production and how it works in
                                              the “real world.” In order to meet end-user requirements, customers look to providers to predict
• Identify and eliminate bottlenecks          performance bottlenecks, prevent downtime, and optimize applications. Customers demand
  in pre-deployment testing                   processes and methodologies to validate overall system performance, test usage scenarios,
• Take advantage of best practices            and pinpoint performance restrictions, helping them deploy applications with confidence.
  and experienced support
                                              Pivotal Load Simulation Services prevent costly performance problems by detecting bottlenecks
• Deploy faster at a lower cost and           before a new system or upgrade is deployed. With our load simulation services, we help you
  with less risk                              predict server usage scenarios, detect system boundaries, and fine-tune performance. With
                                              an accurate picture of system performance, you can cut costs and accelerate the delivery of
To learn more about Pivotal Load Simulation
                                              new applications and upgrades, while minimizing downtime risks, sluggish performance, and
Services, contact your Customer Account
                                              missed expectations.
Manager at +1 877-PIVOTAL.
                                              Whether you are implementing Pivotal CRM for the first time, adding new functionality, or
                                              expanding your deployment, we can simulate your production environment quickly and reliably.
                                              From identification of KPIs and usage scenarios to testing for scale and functionality, we provide
                                              the ability to create a virtual environment and execute and monitor system usage to make the
                                              best recommendations.

                                              Customers that use our Load Simulation Services can continue to use our proprietary tools for
                                              production monitoring and future upgrades. With Pivotal Load Simulation Services, you benefit
                                              from using proprietary tools built specifically for your Pivotal CRM system combined with the
                                              expertise of Pivotal CRM Technical Account Managers (TAMs).

                                              Your management team will rest easier knowing you have the best minds in the industry working
                                              to ensure your system and applications will perform as expected.

                                              Proactively Manage the Performance of Your Applications and IT Infrastructure
                                              Pivotal Load Simulation Services can emulate thousands of concurrent users in your Pivotal
                                              CRM production environment. We test your applications from end to end—virtual user loads
                                              are throttled, and the effects on the utilization of resources can be observed. PLASMA (Pivotal
                                              LoAd SiMulAtor), our proprietary simulation tool, monitors and displays performance data from
                                              each server, application, and system and captures end-user response times for key business
                                              processes. This allows us to identify, and avoid, scalability issues that would otherwise impact
                                              performance in production. Pivotal Load Simulation Services and PLASMA let you become
                                              proactive in the performance management of your most critical systems.

                                              Once system testing is complete, we present you with a summary of recommendations to assist
                                              you in making any required modifications. Furthermore, to help manage the evolution of your CRM
                                              system, you can reuse PLASMA scripts to continually retest and monitor performance.

                                              In-Depth Pivotal CRM Product Knowledge and Support
                                              Real-time access to critical systems allows you to act quickly and make important decisions—any
                                              interruptions or delays can bring business processes to a halt. If your organization doesn't have
                                              the time or resources to quantify performance levels or the ability to identify root causes, your TAM
                                              can help. By supplementing your staff and sharing best practices, your TAM will guide you through
                                              performance simulation throughout the lifecycle of your deployment.

                                                                                                                           Pivotal CRM | Solution Sheet
Our proven approach has helped    When you engage a TAM, you are going straight to the source of the most in-depth Pivotal CRM
companies worldwide maximize      product knowledge available. Pivotal CRM technical account managers are our most senior
their systems’ scalability with   technical resources; they are at the forefront of Pivotal CRM innovation and can provide you with
less downtime so they can focus   unique insight into how your CRM system can meet your business needs.
on growing their business and
remaining competitive.            Key Phases
                                  Your management team can rest easy knowing that your Pivotal CRM system is scalable and
                                  ready to evolve along with your business. Whether initiated as a standalone service or as a part of
                                  the greater Performance Health Check Services, Pivotal Load Simulation Services can move your
                                  business forward in just a few weeks.

                                  Our proven approach has helped companies worldwide maximize their systems’ scalability with
                                  less downtime so they can focus on growing their business and remaining competitive. For a fixed
                                  fee, we deliver the most cost-effective, innovative way to test the limits of your CRM performance
                                  capabilities, and we clearly outline your responsibilities in working together for a collective
                                  successful output.
                                  • Scoping and Planning
                                    Objective: Identify the primary areas of the Pivotal CRM application to be load tested

                                    A Pivotal CRM technical account manager works with your project manager, stakeholders,
                                    and user groups to identify “use cases” to be simulated during the course of the testing effort.
                                    Furthermore, business objectives and KPIs can be continually monitored and tuned throughout
                                    the project. These use cases are then validated with the user community and later modeled in
                                    Pivotal CRM’s proprietary PLASMA load simulation tool. The KPIs will drive future decisions on
                                    how to optimize the system. After careful analysis of your systems and information gathered
                                    at interview sessions, your TAM will provide you with recommendations on how to test and
                                    manage application performance.
                                  • Test Script Validation
                                    Objective: Construct and validate load simulation test scripts that accurately model test cases

                                    Working with your project manager, your TAM will help validate the test scripts and create an
                                    accurate, simulated environment—onsite or offsite—that reflects real-life conditions using real
                                    data. Once test scripts are finalized, our team programs the scripts in our proprietary PLASMA
                                    tool. To ensure programmed scripts in the PLASMA tool accurately model the defined use case
                                    scenarios, we run several trials to evaluate whether the testing program is correctly simulating
                                    actual end-user activities and apply any required modifications.
                                  • Load Testing and Performance Data Collection
                                    Objective: Execute tests using randomized sets of end-user data

                                    During the load simulation process, we replicate a typical business day and take your CRM
                                    system through a series of processes and workflows, using random sets of test data, while
                                    monitoring all key points of the infrastructure. Our PLASMA tool generates repeatable load tests,
                                    allowing you to replace real test users with thousands of virtual users. This process will identify
                                    any infrastructure issues or system bottlenecks and validate that your infrastructure can meet
                                    demands today and in the future.

                                    Our team performs the first round of scalability tests for a predefined set of users. We test
                                    for specific points of failure, as well as noticeable drops in performance. We also monitor for
                                    low-level issues, making quick fixes where appropriate. Once initial testing is complete, we
                                    move to second- and third-level testing, taking an iterative approach to testing and tuning until
                                    the system meets your performance objectives.
                                  • Analysis and Feedback
                                    Objective: Provide analysis and project reporting

                                    Upon completion of the test simulation, we produce a detailed report that provides specific
                                    and measurable facts on any problem areas. We summarize this analysis with precise
                                    recommendations and guidance to address issues and improve system performance.

                                                                                                               Pivotal CRM | Solution Sheet
                                                         Pivotal CRM Professional Services
                                                         Pivotal CRM strives to help organizations achieve meaningful CRM results by delivering a
                                                         collaborative and flexible set of services that are designed to meet the unique requirements of
                                                         each Pivotal CRM customer. Drawing on our extensive technical and industry knowledge and
                                                         proven methodologies, we give companies the speed and predictability of a CRM solution
                                                         completed on time, on budget, and customized to each customer’s unique way of doing business.

                                                         Learn more about the wide range of implementation, optimization, and upgrade services that
                                                         accelerate and increase return on your Pivotal CRM investment, while reducing total cost of
                                                         ownership. Contact us at +1 877-748-6825 or customeroffice@pivotal.com. Customers outside of
                                                         North America should send an e-mail to professionalservices@pivotal.com.

Take the Pivotal Step with Pivotal Load Simulation Services
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