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									                                                 Pivotal FastPath Implementation Services
                                                 Fast returns on your CRM investment. Implemented in 30 days
                                                 —or sooner.

Helping companies move their CRM                 Move quickly for CRM impact where you need it most. Get started now,
technology forward quickly.
                                                 and evolve at your own pace as your business dictates.
•	 Pre-developed processes based on
   industry best practices                       Companies look to CRM technologies to deliver value. The benefits of CRM are as varied as the
                                                 companies who implement it, and the sooner they can reap the benefits, the better. However,
•	Pre-developed customization choices            CRM is still often thought of as an “all-or-nothing” proposition, taking many months to implement
  accelerate fit to workflows                    and to achieve the desired results. Getting value from a CRM investment—quickly—is especially
•	Pre-configured development                     challenging for many organizations when budgets are tight and competition is fierce.
  approach reduces implementation
  and configuration time                         Some companies are taking a different approach. They begin their CRM initiative in a specific
                                                 area—such as marketing, sales, or service—and implement the solution rapidly. Once they begin
•	Proven methodology with a guaranteed           to achieve return on their investment, they leverage these “quick wins” and extend their original
  timeline mitigates risk                        solution by either implementing an adjacent solution for another department or customizing to
•	Hosting and administration options             address their unique business needs, one process at a time. They approach their end goal—a
  minimize need for internal IT resources        larger-scale, customized solution—without waiting months for a full-scale CRM implementation
                                                 and without having to devote significant internal resources to the implementation.
•	Flexible pricing and subscription options
  for a cost-effective deployment                Pivotal FastPath Implementation Services provide an approach to implementing and automating
                                                 marketing, sales, or service capabilities in a short, fixed timeframe at a fixed cost. By taking
•	CRM foundation with the ability to scale and   advantage of this offering, companies shorten the time to up-front results, verify that the solution is
  grow as your business evolves                  right for the organization, and benefit from a technology platform that also provides the long-term
To learn more about Pivotal FastPath             flexibility they need to extend and enhance their original solution.
Implementation Services for sales, marketing,
and service applications, contact your           CRM Applications in 30 Days—Or Sooner
account manager at +1 877-748-6825 or            Pivotal FastPath Implementation Services get companies up and running with CRM in the
accountmanagement@pivotal.com.                   quickest possible time at a low fixed cost. They provide for rapid implementation of a minimal
                                                 yet fully functional system. To achieve this we use a standard project plan, pre-defined
                                                 processes and customization options, and a proven methodology based on hundreds of
                                                 successful implementations.

                                                 Pivotal CRM delivers sales, marketing, and service applications that provide the basic foundation
                                                 for a complete CRM solution without a large up-front investment.

                                                 Pivotal Sales:™ Create account-plan strategies, forecast new sales opportunities, and benefit from
                                                 a more productive sales team, shortened sales cycle, and better pipeline visibility.

                                                 Pivotal Service:™ Manage contracts, set and track service-level agreements, resolve problems,
                                                 and define escalation procedures. Your Help Desk can offer each customer the right level of
                                                 service via the right channel to maximize customer retention and minimize costs.

                                                 Pivotal eService:™ A web-based customer self-service portal that enables companies to
                                                 improve customer satisfaction while reducing sales and support costs. Includes support-incident
                                                 management, knowledgebase, issue management, and more.

                                                 CDC MarketFirst:™ Conduct precisely targeted, personalized marketing campaigns and
                                                 benefit from better sales leads, more efficient marketing, plus tighter integration between marketing
                                                 and sales.

                                                 Building for the Long Term, One Business Process at a Time
                                                 Time can be the enemy of CRM implementations. Requirements can change every few months.
                                                 Gaining competitive advantage from a CRM initiative requires a solution that supports today’s
                                                 specific needs and has the flexibility to address future requirements. With Pivotal FastPath
                                                 Implementation Services, you can adopt applications in stages, delivering quick wins in a rapid
                                                 systems-development environment, and later adapt the applications over time to your processes.

                                                                                                                                   Pivotal CRM | Datasheet
Adopt applications in stages, delivering        Proven, Phased Methodology
quick wins in a rapid systems-development       Our standardized Pivotal FastPath Implementation Services provide a structured method for
environment, and later adapt the applications   delivering the results you want, fast. Founded on our proven Rapid Productivity Implementation
over time to your processes.                    Methodology and based on years of experience planning, designing, and deploying mission-
                                                critical CRM applications, we have developed a methodology specifically designed for accelerating
                                                the implementation of marketing, sales, or service automation. Phases of the implementation cover
                                                an end-to-end effort, ensuring a working production system is in place in a relatively short time.
                                                Our Pivotal FastPath Implementation Services Project Plans are very granular and highly refined,
                                                clearly defining action plans and tracking daily tasks, decisions, deliverables, and responsibilities.

                                                Predictable, Low-Risk Implementations
                                                Pivotal FastPath Implementation Services are guaranteed fixed-cost, fixed-time implementations for
                                                a predictable service that delivers the value you need. The first step towards getting the project on
                                                solid footing involves walking the customer through the entire application. A Pivotal CRM Technical
                                                Project Manager leads your team through a Configuration Workshop that focuses on user needs
                                                to be addressed by the system. Using a Business Process Guide, which integrates knowledge
                                                gained from hundreds of implementations, we work with you to make configuration selections in
                                                a predicable and logical manner. Founded on industry best practices, this process defines the
                                                scope of the project and provides clarity for the implementation team, reducing any unexpected
                                                surprises. When it comes to system roll out, a Pivotal CRM System Engineer will work with you to
                                                plan the architecture, install the system, and optimize performance.

                                                Pivotal Solution Development Center Efficiencies
                                                A fast, cost-effective method for deploying our applications is leveraging our offshore Pivotal
                                                CRM Solution Development Centers. By making the most of dedicated Pivotal CRM Solution
                                                Development Centers, we can decrease onsite development and costs by at least 20 percent;
                                                through them, you receive our full expertise and best practices, along with the tools necessary to
                                                continue to modify your Pivotal CRM system.

                                                Pivotal Hosted CRM Applications
                                                Offload responsibility for managing your solution to Pivotal CRM. From outsourcing hardware
                                                to managing applications, our hosting service eliminates wait time caused by hardware or
                                                infrastructure delays and lets you focus on verifying that the applications will work for you—further
                                                helping to reduce your risk. When the implementation is complete, you can seamlessly transition
                                                the solution in-house.

                                                Knowledge Transfer and Rapid Adoption
                                                Knowledge transfer is a priority during a Pivotal FastPath Implementation. Our goal is to ensure
                                                self-sufficiency, so we work to build your confidence throughout the 30-day process. Knowledge
                                                transfer takes place during all phases of the implementation. With your business users—sales,
                                                marketing, and help desk users—we build your applications, combining business needs with our
                                                pre-configured processes. We can provide technical training for IT resources, “train the trainer”
                                                certification, and custom training guides at an additional cost.

                                                                                                                                 Pivotal CRM | Datasheet
                                                         Pivotal FastPath Implementation Services Methodology
                                                             Week 1
                                                             We work with you to define the necessary configurations. We install the baseline software at your site
                                                             and begin remote application development.1
                                                             Key Activities                                       Deliverables
                                                             •	 Configuration Workshop                            •	 Configuration Guide
                                                             •	 Integration Discovery session                     •	 Integration Discovery document
                                                             •	 Infrastructure evaluation and software            •	 Baseline software installed
                                                             •	 Application configuration and data mapping
                                                             •	 Data conversion begins
                                                             •	 Business end-users identified for deployment

                                                             Week 2–4
                                                             We continue to work with your business users to configure the application and conduct unit-level
                                                             Key Activities                                       Deliverables
                                                             •	 Application configuration completed               •	 Configured application
                                                             •	 Data conversion completed                         •	 User acceptance testing document
                                                             •	 User acceptance testing completed
                                                             •	 Technical training for IT resources at an
                                                                additional cost

                                                             Week 5
                                                             We complete end-user training, perform system cutover, and roll out the application to end-users.
                                                             Key Activities                                       Deliverables
                                                             •	 Final data migration and system cutover           •	 End-user training manuals
                                                             •	 End-user training                                 •	 Live application
                                                             •	 Application roll out
                                                             •	 End-user support begins

                                                             Week 5
                                                             Finally, a contingency week is reserved for deployment and training assistance.
                                                             Key Activities
                                                             •	 Short-term end-user support

                                                             Modified methodology required for CDC MarketFirst.

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