; Pivotal CRM Data Sheet-CDC MarketFirst On Demand
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Pivotal CRM Data Sheet-CDC MarketFirst On Demand


CDC MarketFirst is one of the market’s most sophisticated and powerful marketing automation and lead management software suites. Trusted as an on-premise solution for more than a decade, CDC MarketFirst has a strong track record of helping companies deploy targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns that improve response and lower cost

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									                                                    CDC MarketFirst On Demand
                                                    Implement an automated marketing solution cost-effectively and
                                                    quickly, with low costs and resource demands

CDC MarketFirst On Demand can be deployed           Utilize the power of leading integrated marketing automation platform
quickly, so you can start reaping the benefits of
marketing automation as soon as possible.
                                                    CDC MarketFirst, even if you don’t have the resources or budget to
                                                    implement the system in-house. CDC MarketFirst On Demand gives
• Get up and running faster than
  implementing an installed system and benefit
                                                    your business robust marketing automation functionality as a service,
  from your investment almost immediately           enabling you to focus your resources on creative marketing, not
• Centrally plan, design, define, test,             software implementation and management.
  execute, track, and evaluate global
  marketing campaigns, programs,                    CDC MarketFirst is one of the market’s most sophisticated and powerful marketing automation
  and processes                                     and lead management software suites. Trusted as an on-premise solution for more than a decade,
                                                    CDC MarketFirst has a strong track record of helping companies deploy targeted multi-channel
• Enjoy low total cost of ownership, with no        marketing campaigns that improve response and lower costs. But for some companies, the
  need for dedicated IT staff or additional         implementation and management of an on-site marketing automation system places too great a
  hardware upgrades                                 demand on available IT resources and budgets. There’s great news for these companies: they
• Avoid capital expenditures by purchasing          can quickly and cost-effectively gain access to the full power of the CDC MarketFirst suite without
  enterprise-class marketing automation as          purchasing or installing any software, through CDC MarketFirst On Demand. CDC MarketFirst On
  a service                                         Demand offers 100% outsourced marketing automation, hosted and managed by our team, at a
                                                    competitive price, saving your company the up-front software investment and freeing you to focus
• Enjoy reliable service, with our secure           on higher-value activities such as creative campaign content development.
  and dependable hosting services
                                                    CDC MarketFirst enables your organization to profile prospects and customers, segment lists
• Count on the experts—our support team
                                                    according to meaningful criteria, follow up on campaign responses immediately, deliver “hot”
  does all the work to ensure your automated
                                                    prospects to the sales team, and effectively nurture cooler leads into sales opportunities. Develop
  marketing solution is running efficiently
                                                    transparent, systematized marketing processes that help you better understand your audiences and
To learn more about CDC MarketFirst On              produce meaningful results. By profiling each contact and targeting them with highly personalized,
Demand and how it can address your firm’s           relevant messages, marketers can generate a continuous flow of qualified leads for the sales team.
unique needs, call +1 877-748-6825.                 Use CDC MarketFirst On Demand to create, automate, and measure highly effective marketing
                                                    programs without the upfront software investment and resource commitments.

                                                    Develop Sophisticated Event-Triggered Marketing Programs
                                                    Develop multi-step, multi-channel campaigns that span e-mail, web forms and landing pages,
                                                    telesales, direct mail, short message service (SMS), and all other channels. Build multi-wave
                                                    campaigns that adapt to prospect and customer behavior and automatically trigger actions—
                                                    from sending a follow-up e-mail to alerting a salesperson to initiating a telesales program.

                                                    Increase Response Rates with Targeted, Personalized Communications
                                                    The real power of CDC MarketFirst On Demand is its conditional text capabilities, which enable
                                                    true one-to-one messaging. Your marketing team can specify which target segment receives
                                                    which specific message or product offer in which language and deliver it via their preferred
                                                    channel. Increased relevance improves response rates and builds better relationships.

                                                    Distribute Self-Qualified Leads to Your Sales Team
                                                    CDC MarketFirst On Demand lets marketers define the criteria used to automatically score, rank,
                                                    and route leads to the sales team, thereby focusing sales efforts and dramatically improving lead
                                                    conversion rates. CDC MarketFirst can automate lead-nurturing programs that cultivate and track
                                                    leads over time and pass leads to the right salesperson when they exhibit “ready-to-buy” behavior.

                                                    Get Implemented Faster and at a Lower Cost
                                                    Leverage CDC MarketFirst’s “Instant On” deployment model to roll out your marketing automation
                                                    project in record time. You get marketing automation functionality out of the box, with flexible
                                                    subscription/rental pricing to fit your needs. Multi-tenancy and dedicated hosting are both offered.

                                                    Let Us Manage Your Marketing Automation Application
                                                    We manage every aspect of your marketing automation solution so you do not have to worry about
                                                    it. CDC MarketFirst Professional Services will manage the application installation, configuration, and
                                                    optimization, and also install monitoring and diagnostic applications that are monitored 24/7.

                                                                                                                                  CDC MarketFirst | Datasheet
CDC MarketFirst On Demand Features
 Feature                                       Description
 Campaign Management                           Easily create sophisticated multi-step, multi-lingual, multi-wave campaigns with conditional logic connecting the
                                               steps using a drag-and-drop interface.
 Campaign Execution                            Execute campaigns and conditionally link programs: If a prospect’s response meets certain criteria, they can be
                                               automatically entered into another marketing program, such as a sales rep follow-up program or new-customer
                                               welcome program.
 Lead Qualification and Distribution           Progressively add profile information to a lead and automatically assigns a qualification level based on
                                               user-defined criteria. The lead can then be routed based on complex user-defined rules.
 Lead Capture                                  Differentiate between Internet and non-Internet leads to support online sales consultants; capture lead source data.
 Lead Nurturing                                Nurture longer-term prospects cost-effectively with automated campaigns, such as newsletters and collateral offers.
 Marketing-Effectiveness Analysis              Track the source of leads throughout the life cycle to determine where marketing expenditures are generating
                                               the most revenue; automate post-event follow-up surveys; calculate ROI.
 Conditional Content                           Drive truly one-to-one communications programs by enabling marketers to deliver content specific to profile
                                               criteria and personal preferences.
 Preference Tracking                           Automate the tracking of large prospect/customer bases and their preferences without requiring the resources
                                               of a large marketing organization.
 List Management and Segmentation              Offers sophisticated audience management capabilities, including point-and-click creation of dynamic segments
                                               and static lists, combinations of segments, split segments, and even random samplings for campaign testing, giving
                                               you full control over targeting. Segment customers and prospects by value, preferences, region, history, and more.
 Reporting                                     Measure responses to marketing activities in real time, allowing marketers to tweak campaign parameters and
                                               optimize precious marketing resources.
 Multi-Channel Support                         Supports multi-channel marketing, including e-mail, direct mail, fax, SMS, and web outbound delivery, as well
                                               as easy-to-set-up inbound website landing pages—all managed within a single application.

Managed Hosting Services Features
 Network                                       CDC MarketFirst On Demand offers a high performance network that connects directly to all major Internet
                                               backbones, effectively placing customer servers at the core of the Internet. With multiple connections, Internet traffic
                                               is automatically routed around network outages to ensure servers always have the fastest response times available.
 Data Center                                   CDC MarketFirst On Demand uses state-of-the-art data centers that provide a highly secure physical
                                               infrastructure, including the latest in biometric authentication, video surveillance, and round-the-clock security
                                               officers, while permitting unannounced 24/7 customer access. The data center is engineered to eliminate
                                               any single point of failure, with multiple layers of redundancy in power systems, HVAC, and fire detection and
                                               suppression. All systems are monitored 24/7.

Experience CDC MarketFirst On Demand
To learn more about how CDC MarketFirst On Demand can help your organization create, automate, and measure highly effective marketing programs,
call us today at +1 877-748-6825 or visit us at www.cdcmarketfirst.com.

Copyright © CDC Software 2010. All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo and CDC MarketFirst logo are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of CDC Software.

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