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Sense and respond to business events faster than ever before

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									                                           Beat Your Competition to the Punch

                                                                                                                                                             D A T A S H E E T
                                           Sense and respond to business events faster than ever before
                                           with Event Management Framework from CDC Software

Increase efficiency and profitability      You have workflow and notifications in your ERP solution. You
when you can see what’s coming.
                                           have workflow and notifications in your Factory solution. And your
• Real time notifications via dashboard,   supply chain. You have workflow in every system in your company.
  text message, e-mail, etc.
                                           But wouldn’t it be nice to have a single system that could reach
• Automate tedious manual processes
                                           across software solutions and give you a larger view of the events
• Execute actions or notify as required
                                           that affect your business?
• Manage responses with built-in
  tracking                                 If you did, it would improve your efficiencies and increase productivity and profitability.
• Automatic rules-based escalation
                                           That’s where EMF from CDC Software comes in. Event Management Framework (EMF) combines
                                           the best of alerting technologies with proactive event detection and flexible resolution workflows.
Alerts for
                                           By predicting and reacting to events and information in your disparate business systems, EMF
• Staff                                    initiates a full-circle process to notify the right people on the right channel, and monitors the
• Customers                                response and feedback. It’s a 24-hour view into your company that you’ve never had before.

• Suppliers                                Through proactively addressing non-events, like the lack of response to a purchase order, an
                                           overdue delivery or a missing time sheet entry, EMF can help you solve problems before you
• Systems
                                           even knew they existed.
Used by many leading
companies including:

• Alliance Bernstein
• British Energy
• Continental
• Home Depot
• GE Energy
• Paramount Pictures
• RenaultF1
• Schenker
• Sunbeam
• Texas Utilities
• Virgin Atlantic

                                           It doesn’t matter whether you want your notifications in the dashboard or on your smartphone (or
                                           both), EMF can be adapted to the channels that you need for quick communications and action.

                                           Depending on your needs, EMF can automate tedious manual processes and incorporate proper
                                           escalation processes in real time, minimizing the negative impact of detected exceptions and

                                                                                                                                  CDC Software | Datasheet
Technology:                                              Rapid Return on Investment
• Scalable server for event detection,                   EMF can deliver the above benefits quickly and efficiently by providing an integrated solution
  processing and notifications                           that sits across your existing systems and passively monitors them, without requiring the deep

                                                                                                                                                                  D A T A S H E E T
                                                         integration and synchronization of alternative technologies.
• Visual design tool
                                                         Event or exception conditions to be monitored are defined using an organization’s existing query
• Multiple input and output channels                     structures. You decide what you want to monitor and how you receive the notifications. Simply
                                                         define the devices that your employees, suppliers, and customers already use on a daily basis —
                                                         like dashboards, pagers, cell phones, e-mail, faxes, web browsers etc.

                                                         This solution produces quick returns because its non-invasive technology requires no enhancement
                                                         or maintenance programming to the existing systems.

                                                         Monitor, Visualize and Control Business Activities
                                                         You can achieve a wide variety of operational improvements with minimal further investment in time,
                                                         money and other resources. Some typical areas of benefit include:
                                                         • Provide real-time management information and visibility, for example, as key performance
                                                           indicators (KPIs)
                                                         • Enhance the functionality of your existing software applications
                                                         • Reduce labor overhead by automation of critical and/or repetitive business activities
                                                         • Enforce process best practice and escalating exceptions
                                                         • Enable an adaptive supply chain and increasing productivity
                                                         • Communicate key events to staff, customers and suppliers
                                                         • Provide a framework for management by exception
                                                         • Link and share information

                                                         Alert and Action Examples:
                                                         Alerting and Notification: Possible duplicate invoices, Customer exceeded credit limits, raw
                                                         goods received, detection of incomplete customer records
                                                         KPIs – Power your dashboard: Financial, employees, retail/supply chain, purchase order index
                                                         Automation: EDI orders automatically checked and fulfilled, trigger new production orders, invoice
                                                         authorization, payment of approved invoices on due date, e-mail customer when order ships
Get more information:
                                                         Response Tracking and Escalation: Credit cards due to expire/expired, goods not delivered,
CDC Software                                             Differences between PO and goods receipt quantities, corrective action taken/not taken

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