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									                                                   Pivotal® Handheld
                                                   Prepare for meetings and engage with customers on the go, update
                                                   account information where and when you want, and never be out of touch

Pivotal Handheld eliminates down-time so           Pivotal Handheld delivers access to key customer data and sales
mobile sales reps can be more productive.
                                                   functionality on BlackBerry® Wireless Handheld™ and Windows
•	 Work anywhere, anytime, while seamlessly        Mobile devices, regardless of whether a wireless network connection
   roaming into and out of wireless connection
   areas, or work completely disconnected
                                                   is available.
   in wireless dark spots such as airplanes,
   hospitals, and remote, rural settings           Increase Sales Productivity
                                                   Sales reps’ most precious commodity is their time. Mandated to spend more time in selling
•	 Sell on the go, utilizing Pivotal Handheld’s
                                                   situations with decision-makers, they struggle to find time to perform administrative tasks, update
   rich, intuitive UI to rapidly navigate and
                                                   account information, and prepare for meetings. Mobile sales personnel who are always on the go
   reference/update key data stored locally on a
                                                   face even greater challenges allocating their time effectively. Any down-time directly impacts their
   RIM BlackBerry® or Windows Mobile device,
                                                   ability to close a deal in a timely manner.
   ensuring high responsiveness no matter
   where you are                                   Pivotal Handheld is a device-resident application that provides continuous rapid access to key
•	 Accelerate the sales cycle, sending             information, regardless of wireless network access, bandwidth, or quality of connection, letting
   requests for sales manager approvals,           salespeople review comprehensive information immediately prior to meetings—or even during the
   advancing deals to the next stage, and even     meeting, checking off options with the customer at each stage of the sales process.
   closing business—all while in the field         Pivotal Handheld maximizes sales productivity and effectiveness by providing mobile sales
To learn more about Pivotal Handheld and how       personnel with access to the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.
it can address your firm’s unique needs, call      Customer accounts can be updated at any time, allowing mobile users to take advantage of
+1 877-PIVOTAL (+1 877-748-6825).                  breaks between customer meetings to update data while the details are still fresh, instead of
                                                   having to spend extra time at the end of their day.

                                                   Profit from Up-to-Date Information
                                                   Sales managers need to understand the status of each deal as it progresses. Delays by sales
                                                   reps in updating the CRM system make it difficult to generate accurate revenue forecasts or track
                                                   employee performance against quotas in a timely manner. In addition, time-sensitive deals that
                                                   require manager approval can be unduly delayed.

                                                   With quick, easy access to key Pivotal CRM functionality through Pivotal Handheld, sales reps are
                                                   able to provide account updates during or immediately following customer meetings, accelerating
                                                   the flow of information within the organization. As a result, sales managers have up-to-date metrics
                                                   on every deal, enabling them to grant approvals promptly, push deals forward at every stage, and
                                                   help close business sooner, while seamlessly managing all their mobile sales personnel without
                                                   resorting to time-consuming phone calls.

                                                   Drive CRM User Adoption and Extend ROI
                                                   Taking a business application mobile can increase the cost burden to an organization by
                                                   increasing IT administration loads and requiring expensive hardware purchases (such as laptops
                                                   or tablet PCs). In addition, the wireless mobility industry is still facing a number of growing pains,
                                                   including inconsistent wireless coverage, bandwidth, and service, which can result in dropped
                                                   connections and sluggish performance—all of which frustrate users, reducing their likelihood
                                                   of adoption.
                                                   Pivotal Handheld removes roadblocks to adoption through the use of a highly responsive
                                                   device-resident application that is “always on,” eliminating common wireless issues. As a result,
                                                   mobile sales personnel can continue working seamlessly while roaming into and out of cellular
  Perform key sales tasks on your mobile device—   range. Pivotal Handheld gives companies the opportunity to extend the ROI they have realized
  regardless of network connection                 from their in-office CRM implementation in a cost-effective manner.

                                                                                                                                      Pivotal CRM | Datasheet
 Features                                      Description
 Offline Availability                          Ensure mobile sales personnel can always be productive. Pivotal Handheld is a device-resident application,
                                               so its functionality is available to users whether or not they are connected to the network.
 Wireless Data Access                          Provide access to key Pivotal CRM customer data from any wireless data network provider.
 Key Functionality                             Get read/write access to Companies, Contacts, Opportunities, and Activities out of the box, along with the ability
                                               to tailor the application to include any functionality in the Pivotal CRM system.
 Local Data Storage                            Store up to 40,000 records per 32 MB RAM (on average) locally to facilitate application responsiveness.
                                               Changes to data are stored locally and forwarded to the central CRM system when the cellular network
                                               connection is reinstated.
 Remote Deployment                             Deploy new users over the air, with no hands-on setup by the IT team. Mobile users can request their own initial
                                               data load. Subsequent application changes are distributed via a similar mechanism.
 Customization Toolkit                         Customize the Pivotal Handheld application without extensive coding using a GUI-based customization toolkit.
                                               Add business objects, logic, and fields; define the data set for individual users; and modify the UI and application
                                               flow. Any customizations made to the Pivotal CRM system can be reflected on the device-resident application,
                                               allowing customizers to tailor the mobile solution to ensure a 100% fit with each business’ unique needs.
 Data-Security Features                        Keep mobile data secure. Pivotal Handheld leverages the BlackBerry platform to provide data encryption,
                                               application authentication, and the ability to remotely “kill” a device. It also provides security-policy enforcement
                                               and the ability to secure data on the BlackBerry even when it is disconnected.
 Streamlined Interface                         Quickly reference key information using the rich user interface; call or e-mail a contact directly from the contact
                                               record; mark key records for quick access; and increase mobile sales rep efficiency.
 Portable Design                               Travel light without limiting the ability to engage customers on the go. Pivotal Handheld resides on the RIM
                                               BlackBerry and/or Windows Mobile device (not included).

System Requirements

                                BlackBerry Client              Windows Mobile                  Server Requirements
                                Requirements                   Client Requirements
 Operating System(s)            BlackBerry OS 4.0, 4.1,        Windows Mobile OS 6,            •	 Windows	2000	Server	and	Advanced	Server	Service	Pack	4
                                4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, or 4.7     6.1, or 6.5 (Pocket PC or
                                                                                               •	 Windows	2003	Service	Pack	1	Standard	and	Enterprise	Server

 Processor & RAM                32 MB RAM                      •	   32 MB RAM                  •	 2.4-GHz	Xeon™	processor	(dual	Xeon	recommend	for	
                                                                                                  deployments of 200 or greater BlackBerry devices)
                                                               •	   624 MHz or equivalent
                                                                    processor                  •	 2	GB	RAM

Take the Pivotal Step with Pivotal® Handheld
To learn more about how Pivotal CRM can address your unique needs, call +1 877-PIVOTAL (+1 877-748-6825) or visit us at www.PivotalCRM.com.

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