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2011 FBI Student Internship Programs Flyer


									                         Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
                           2011 Student Internship Programs

                      Application Deadline: November 19, 2010

The 2011 FBI Honors Internship (Paid) and Voluntary Internship (Nonpaid) Programs are now
open and accepting applications throughout the United States from college students who meet
program requirements. The internship program will provide students with a unique and
rewarding summer learning experience. The primary purpose of this program is to identify and
recruit the best students for future full-time positions with the FBI. Successful interns with
diverse backgrounds, experiences, and academic disciplines aligned with the FBI's long-range
personnel needs are best positioned for permanent professional staff positions with the FBI upon
graduation. Targeted degrees include Law, Engineering, Computer Science, Information
Technology, Physical Sciences, Foreign Languages, Business, International Relations,
International Finance, Communications, Human Resources, Accounting, and Behavioral

The 2011 Summer Internship will run for approximately ten weeks, June 6, 2011 through
August 12, 2011. New this year, students will fill positions at 18 major field divisions (see
website for locations) throughout the United States as well as FBI Headquarters Washington,
DC; FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia; CJIS in Clarksburg, West Virginia; the Internet Fraud
Complaint Center (IFCC), Cyber Division in Fairmount, West Virginia; or other off-sites where
daily transportation to and from work may be essential.

Interested students may review program requirements and apply on the FBI website at beginning November 1 through November 19, 2010. Click on the link to
the Student Center Internships and select the Honors and/or Voluntary Internship Programs.
Students should review all required information for the application process to include the
background investigation process on the website and click on the View Jobs and Apply button to
begin the application process.

The following general guidance is provided for submission of applications and final documents
required by selected candidates. Each student must meet the below applicant qualifications at
the time they apply. If you are studying abroad or visiting other countries, you are required to be
available to a processing field office for the Personnel Security Interview (PSI), polygraph
examination, and drug-screening when required. Individuals selected by FBI Headquarters for
the internship are required to immediately provide the below-listed nomination package
documents to their local field office for submission.
Applicant Qualifications:
In order to be eligible for an FBI internship, a nominee must meet all of the following
qualifications at the time of applying:
   1. Must be a citizen of the United States.
   2. Must be 16 years old or older to apply.
   3. Must be enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university.
   4. Must be attending a college or university that is accredited by one of the regional or
      national institutional associations recognized by the United States Secretary of Education.
   5. Must have a minimum, cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale and be in good
      standing with his or her academic institution.
   6. Undergraduate students must be classified as sophomores, juniors, or seniors currently
      attending a college or university on full-time basis. (Seniors graduating before the
      beginning of the internship of the program are not eligible.)
   7. Graduate and post graduate students must be enrolled in a college or university full-time
      and pursuing an advanced degree.
   8. Must demonstrate excellent written and analytical abilities.
   9. Must be willing to participate for a term of at least ten weeks or longer.
   10. Must meet FBI employment suitability standards, including policies regarding current
       and prior usage of illegal drugs, and must be able to pass a comprehensive background
       check, polygraph test, drug test, and personnel security interview.

Selected Candidate’s Nomination Packets
Candidates selected by FBI Headquarters for the Honors Internship or Volunteer Internship
Program will be interviewed by the local field office. Due to short notice of selected candidates,
students should begin preparation of “all” required documents in advance. Only candidates
selected will receive an interview and are required to submit nomination packets to the
Norfolk Field Office no later than November 29, 2010. Packets may be hand delivered or
postmarked no later than November 29, 2010. Final selection of “all” applicants will be
made by FBI Headquarters. Students are required to submit the following documents to the
field office at the scheduled interview:
      FBI Internship Program Term Acknowledgment Sheet
      FBI Internship Program School Certification Form
      Resume outlining educational background, work experience, awards and achievements.
       (In addition to on-line resume)
      A written recommendation from one professor or dean.
      500 Word Essay - Topic: How will this internship help you achieve your long-term
       career goals? (double-spaced)
      Unofficial college transcript (All selected students will be required to provide an Official
       transcript prior to receiving an Appoint letter for the internship)
Additional required documentation for VIP (nonpaid) participants fulfilling academic degree
requirements are:
       A signed FBI Educational Agreement must be submitted by the student if they are
        selected and before an appointment letter is issued.
       Letter of faculty sponsorship from a college or university confirming the college or
        university’s willingness to sponsor the intern.
Below is the new grade structure that will be utilized for the students recruited and hired to
participate in all paid FBI internships, beginning with the 2011 programs:

Grade     Requirements for Initial Appointment

GS-04     Completion of two years of post high school study or associate's degree.

          Completion of four academic years of post high school study leading to a bachelor's degree.

          Completion of one year of graduate-level education or a bachelor's degree with superior academic achievement
GS-07     (cumulative grade point average [GPA] of 3.0 or higher).

GS-09     Completion of two academic years of graduate-level study, a master's degree, or an equivalent graduate degree.

Voluntary Internships (Nonpaid)
Many Voluntary Internship Program (VIP) participants use their internships to fulfill academic
degree requirements involving public service. Students must complete the FBI Educational
Internship Agreement Forms. VIP participants are not prohibited from receiving stipends,
academic scholarships, or internship scholarships during the internship period. VIP students will
also be eligible to apply for the Honors Internship Program the following year or they can seek
permanent employment if they are qualified or recommended by their FBI supervisors, if suitable
positions are available.


All interns (paid and nonpaid) are responsible for making their own housing arrangements. FBI
Headquarters will provide basic information regarding available housing in the Washington,
D.C. area. Local hiring entities may offer additional guidance to interns regarding suitable and
affordable housing near a particular assignment location.


Please review the Internship Program information at You may also contact
the Norfolk Field Office for immediate questions or concerns by calling the Human Resource
Unit (HRU) at (757) 455-0100. The FBI Norfolk Field Office is located at 150 Corporate
Boulevard, Norfolk, Virginia 23502.

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