SHEET NO 2 San Carlos City (Excel download) by gegeshandong


									                                                   Republic of the Philippines
                                                      City of San Carlos
                                                      Negros Occidental

                                                      INVITATION TO BID

Sealed bids for quotation of prices will be received for the purchase of the following supplies, materials and
equipment of the government to be opened on the date, place and and time stated in Sheet No. 2

    QTY                      UNIT           ARTICLES
                                    Lot I:
    192                        pc   Plastic Bins, 53 L.
                                    (1.20mm x 0.55m x 0.38m x 0.34m) bins with plastic rollers

                                    Lot II:
       1                       pc   Hand Truck Trolley, ph 300 trolley
                                    (0.47m x 0.73m rubber platform)

                                                          SHEET NO. 2

For the use of DEPED, this city.

PR # :             31-11-08-1578 FOR THE USE OF DEPED, THIS CITY.

OFC :                     DEPED

                                   DATE OF OPENING                 : September 21, 2011
                DEADLINE FOR THE SUBMISSION OF BIDS                : 1:30 P.M.
                                             PLACE                 : BAC Secretariat Office/CMO Extension Office
                 APPROVED BUDGET OF THE CONTRACT                   :      AMOUNT           : BID SECURITY
Lot 1                                                              :           67,200.00 :         1,344.00
Lot 2                                                              :            2,849.75 :            57.00

                                            TERMS & CONDITIONS

      1.          The Bid/Bids shall be accompanied by BID SECURITY in the form of :
                                 a) Cash/Manager's Check          : Two percent (2%) of the Approved Budget of the Contract ;
                                 b) Surety Bond callable upon : Five percent (5%) of the Approved Budget
                                    demand issued by a surety or of the Contract
                                    insurance company duly
                                    certified by the Insurance
                                    Commission as authorized
                                    to issue such security.
                  in favor of the City Treasurer of San Carlos City.

      2.          Sample or Brochures of the materials (if required) shall be attached to the bid documents during
                  the opening of bid at the time, date and place mentioned above.
  3.   Bid price should be for each and all kinds of brands offered for each item and total amount of the bid.
       In case there are more than one item, state the unit price for each item and total amount of the bid.

  4.   Award will be made to the Lowest Calculated Responsive Bid (LCRB) that is the most advantageous
       to the government subject to post evaluation by the BAC.

  5.   A representative of the participating supplier shall be present during the bidding.

  6.   The government reserves the right to reject any or all bids, declare a failure of bidding or not award
       the contract based on RA 9184.

  7.   Secure bidding documents from the BAC Secretariat Office at a non-refundable fee of P

                                                              FOR SALE
                                                               P 100.00


  Two percent (2%) of the Approved Budget of the Contract ;

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