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									Hi to: Dix Family                                                                                  Tuesday,
                                                                                               16th October 2007
Welcome Trevor                                 Congratulations                               Term 4, Weeks 1 & 2
Illabo School and community would like         Congratulations to all our students
to welcome our new principal, Trevor           on the wonderful presentation of
Glover, for the rest of 2007 and all of        work displayed at this year’s Illabo
2008. We hope you enjoy your time with         Show on Saturday.                               Public School
us.                                            We congratulate Eurongilly School                 Contact Details:
                                               who received the overall point score
                                                                                                  ♦ 1 Layton Street,
Welcome back to a busy term 4. We              in the School Section and Jacob
                                                                                                   Illabo NSW 2590
hope you had a safe and enjoyable              Leak and Christopher Burnery who
holiday break!                                 tied equal first place in the student             ♦ Ph: 02 6924 5475
                                               overall point score. We also con-                ♦ Fax: 02 6924 5432
Thank you to all for your friendly             gratulate Cameron Fitzgerald (from
welcome. No doubt it will take a little        EPS) who received the Primary                   ♦ Mobile: 0427 666 196
time for my feet to hit the ground, and for    Champion Exhibit and Christopher
your children to understand my sense of                                                              ♦ Website:
                                               Burney who received the Infants
humour.                                        Champion Exhibit as well as the       
In a week or two, I’ll jump aboard the         Helen Harris Highly Commended                          ♦ Email:
school bus and get a handle on where           Award. Well done!
you all live.
There may be some small changes to                                                                 ♦ Rel. Principal:
the weekly routine (as we all do things                  Newsletter by Email?                      Mr Trevor Glover
differently), however, on the whole, it will    If you would rather receive your newslet-
                                                   ter by email, please send an email to
be business as usual. Please remain                              school at:
positive with your children and do not                                                           Small schools -
hesitate in contacting me if you think it’s                                                       ☺ Personalised
necessary.                                                                                        education for your

☺     Tuesday, 23rd Oct ober                   Next P&C Meeting, 6.30pm
☺     Friday, 19th October                     Touch Gala Day and EPS K-2 to Illabo PS
☺     Thursday, 25th October                   Yr 6 to Junee HS & put up Junee Show Display - 4pm
☺     Saturday, 27th October                   Junee Show
☺     Tuesday, 30th October                    125th Celebration Meeting, 6.30pm in staffroom
☺     Sunday, 4th November                     Leave for Milson Island Sport & Rec Camp
☺     Wednesday, 7th November                  K-2 Excursion to Canberra (return Thursday)
☺     Friday, 9th November                     Return from Milson Island Camp
☺     Saturday, 10th November                  Trivia Night at Illabo Showground
☺     Friday, 16th November                    Principals’ meeting at Binalong
☺     Thursday, 22nd November                  Yr 6 to JHS & Andrew Fuller Parent Forum at Junee HS, 6.30pm
☺     Monday, 26th November                    1st 2008 Kinder Orientation Day & 1st day of Swimming Program
☺     Monday, 3rd December                     2nd Orientation Day & 2nd Swimming lesson
☺     Monday, 3rd December                     Combined Churches Carols at Junee HS MPC
☺     Tuesday, 4th December                    Yr 6 Farewell

Illabo Public School Newsletter                                                 Page 1
Touch Football Gala Day                                   High, it would be an advantage for your child to
                                                          see how high schools are run; as many aspects,
The Junee District Touch Football Gala Day will be        no matter what the school they attend, will be simi-
held this Friday, 19th October 2007 for years 3-6 at      lar and/or the same types of programs.
Loftus Oval, Junee starting at 10am and finishing         A permission note is attached for relevant stu-
approx. 2pm.                                              dents.
We will be combining with Eurongilly School to make
up two teams (yrs 3-4 & yrs 5-6).                         K-2 Excursion Itinerary
Students are to wear their sports uniform (changing       In week 4, yrs K-2 will be attending a two day ex-
into the combined shirts) and bring a water bottle, hat   cursion to Canberra on Wednesday, 7th to Thurs-
and sunscreen. The most suitable footwear is joggers,     day, 8th November.
though football boots with moulded soles may be worn.
                                                          An Itinerary is attached with costs & relevant infor-
There will be a canteen available for lunches, etc. (or   mation.
pack your own).
                                                          Please return attached expression of interest note,
Please indicate on the attached permission note if you    so we can determine who will be attending (include
are available for transport.                              preschoolers).
Eurongilly PS Yr K-2 will be coming to join our stu-
dents for the day.
                                                          Milson Island Sport & Recreation Camp
                                                          Yrs 3-6 will be attending the Milson Island Sport
Australian School Dance                                   and Recreation Camp from Sunday, 4th November
Yrs K-6 students will be participating in an in-school    until Friday, 9th November. Transport will be by
dance program run by the Australian School of Dance       bus, capably driven by Trevor Glover.
over a six week period, commencing tomorrow,              A medical and consent form, plus information from
Wednesday, 17th October. Yrs K-2 will be from 10-         the camp is attached to the newsletter.
10.30am and Yrs 3-6 from 10.30-11am. A small
charge of $3.00 per week per child is requested, pay-
able as able.                                             Back-to-School Allowance
                                                          “The $50 Back-to-School Allowance for every child
Meetings                                                  attending school in NSW will be paid by the De-
                                                          partment of Education & Training and is designed
♦    The next P&C Meeting will be held on Tuesday         to help families meet some of the costs of getting
     23rd October at 6.30pm in the staffroom.             their children back to school at the start of the
♦    All welcome to attend.                               2008 year.
♦    The meeting for Illabo School’s 125th Birthday
     Celebrations will be held at 6.30pm in the school    To enable the payments to be made, schools have
     staffroom on Tuesday, 30th October.                  been asked to provide details of family and student
♦    Everyone encouraged to come along to make            names and addresses. The           Department pro-
     this celebration a great one and also to discuss     poses to forward the $50 allowance from mid-
     possible dates to hold this in 2009.                 January 2008 for students in years 1 to 10 in 2008
                                                          and from mid-February 2008 for students in Kinder
                                                          and years 11 & 12 in 2008. The Allowance will be
2007 Junee HS Transition Program
                                                          paid to the nominated parent or custodial guardian.
This year Junee High is implementing a new and
improved transition program for all yr 6 students in
term 4.                                                   If you have recently changed your address or fam-
                                                          ily details, please contact the school office as soon
This will involve Yr 6 students attending Junee HS for
                                                          as possible”.
a full day on Thursday in week 2 (25th Oct); week 4
(8th Nov) – during excursion week; week 6 (22nd Nov)
and week 8 (6th Dec) in term 4.
There will be an information evening in the MPC on
Thursday, 18th October at 6pm followed by a
barbecue. All parents invited to attend.
Even though your child might not be going to Junee

Page 2                                                                          Illabo Public School Newsletter
School Photos

Attached are student’s school photos ordered, com-
pliments of Master School Portraits.

Junee Show
If anyone can help with the setting up of our display
at the upcoming Junee Show (on        Saturday, 27th
October), it would be very appreciated.
We will meet at the pavilion (at the Junee Show-
ground) at 4pm on Thursday, 25th October. Thanks
in advance!

Term 4, no hat no play
In Term 4 during the hot summer days, there is a
Statewide ‘No Hat, No Play Policy’.
The students have to wear their hats to play out-
side. If a student has no hat, he/she will sit/play in
the shade.

Congratulations to the following award winners at the      Stuart Darling - conscientious application to
Term 3 Assembly                                            Mathematics Work
                                                           Skye Churchill - pleasing effort put into handwrit-
Infant Awards                                              ing with improved bookwork resulting.
Abbey Hamilton - excellent Teacher’s assistant
Zara Hamilton - excellence in phonics                      Special Awards
Jack Passlow - excellence in spelling                      Library Borrowing - Mrs Carter
Jamie-lee Trevorrow - excellence in reading                Jacob Leak & JB Crabtree for borrowing every
                                                           week in Term 3, 2007
Primary Awards                                             Joel Gibbons, Kaitlyn Leak & Jamie Dix for ex-
Kyle Lawson - settling in well to our small school envi-   cellent Term 3 borrowing.
Mary-Lou Dix - excellent ability in writing activities

Illabo Public School Newsletter                                            Page 3
Many children of primary school age still wet the bed.
                                                            Junior Cricket
Until the age of 10, about one in every 10 children wet
the bed. That means that if your child wets the bed         Registration Days 13 and 20 October 2007 at Loftus Oval
they are probably not the only one doing so in their        9am to 11 am. Ages 8-12 - Primary Cricket. Cost $30
                                                            each or $50 a family. Ages 8 and under - Kanga cricket -
class at school or amongst their friends.
                                                            Cost $10. Competition commences Saturday 27 October
                                                            2007. Contact: John Clune 69241155.
Reassure your child that bed-wetting is normal, there
is nothing to be ashamed about, and they will grow out      Illabo Show Prime Lamb Hoof & Hook Gala Dinner
of it in time.
Explain to your child in simple terms some of the rea-      You are cordially invited to attend the finale of the 2007
    sons for bed-wetting.                                   Illabo Show Prime Lamb Competition.
    For example you might say “While you are asleep
                                                            Friday, 19th October 2007
    your brain isn’t getting the message that you need      7p.m., Illabo Showground Pavilion
    to go to the toilet, so you don’t wake up.” Or you
    could say “Your bladder, where your wee is stored,      Guests at this event will be treated to a sensational
    hasn’t grown big enough yet to hold all the wee         two-course meal featuring prime lamb
    until morning, but this will change as your body        prepared by The White Ibis, Cootamundra.
    grows.”                                                 Cost: $40.00 per person
If the bed-wetting seems to be because of stress or         RSVP: 14th October, 2007.
    worries, do what you can to make your child feel        Indicating any special dietary requirements
    better. Let them know that the bed-wetting will         Bookings are essential
                                                            Leanne Belling at 6924 5468 or
    stop in time so that this doesn’t become an added
                                                            Vanessa Herbert 69434 223
To help save washing:                                       Trivia Night
     cover the mattress with a plastic sheet                On Saturday, 10th November the Illabo Sporting Bodies will
                                                            be having a Trivia Night to raise funds to help with the ongo-
     put plastic over the bottom sheet
                                                            ing care of Mason Heffernan, Damien & Kylie’s baby boy.
     on top of the plastic put a piece of towelling         The venue is the Illabo Showground Pavilion, starting at
     put thick underpants on your child.                    7.30pm. BYO drinks and nibbles, $10 per head, with tables of
Try leaving a potty in your child’s room.
                                                            Bookings can be made through Joanne Belling on 69245418
Leave a soft light on or give your child a torch to go to   or Simon Muller on 69434246.
    the toilet.
Encourage your child to call you if they are afraid of
   the dark.
Some parents find it helpful to take their child to the
   toilet two or three hours after the child goes to                                  Quote:
                                                                   While great leaders may be as rear as
Make sure your child has a shower in the morning.                   great runners, great actors, or great
                                                                     painters, everyone has leadership
Want more information? See                                          potential, just as everyone has some                                           ability at running, acting, and painting.

                                                                           WOULD YOU BELIEVE?
                                                                     Humans will eat about 70,000 kgs of
                                                                            food in our lives.

                    Abbey Hamilton—2nd
Page 4                  JB Crabtree—26th                                                  Illabo Public School Newsletter

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