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                                                 Volume XXXVIII—No. 1                                                 January/February/March 2004

4th Annual Auction Magic
By Libby Tart, RMC Chapter Coordinator               appearances at the event along with Sierra          admired silent auction items ranging from
                                                     Club Deputy Director Maggie Fox and SW              the beautiful stone carvings of Nature’s Own
As always, our annual Wild Places, Open              Office Associate Regional Representative            (a local Boulder company), to restaurant                                  Hugo Anderson makes a
Spaces Auction was an incredible time for            Deb Robison.                                        and bed and breakfast packages from area                                  bid for an item at the
the Rocky Mountain Chapter’s staff,                                                                      businesses like the Brown Palace Hotel, our                               silent auction. Hugo also
                                                                                                                                                                                   served on the Auction
volunteers, participants, and sponsors. The                                                              auction venue.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Committee. Photo by
event was held on Saturday, October 18th,                                                                                                                                          Mark Itkonen.
                                                                        Gallery owner and photogra-
2003, in the Brown Palace Grand Ballroom.                               pher Hal Gould with sweater
Attendees enjoyed cocktails, live jazz music,                           donated by Rebecca Dickson.
a gourmet dinner, and our silent auction.                               Looking on are Rebecca on the
                                                                        left and Molly Eaton on the                              From the left are
And the evening was capped off with an
                                                                        right. Photo by Mark Itkonen.                            auctioneer Don Martin,
exciting live auction.                                                                                                           Congressman Mark Udall     Club Energy Campaign for another
                                                                                                                                 and RMC Chapter Director   successful year.
                                                                                                                                 Susan Lefever.
                                                                                                                                 Photo by Mark Itkonen.
                                                     As the night kicked off with a flutter of                                                              We hope you will join the Rocky Mountain
                                                     silent auction bidding and lots of stimulating                                                         Chapter at the 5th Annual Auction in
                                                     conversation, guests were treated to the                                                               October of 2004. Please stay tuned to Peak
                                                     melodic sounds of Jim Disner and Friends,                                                              and Prairie for more details. If you would
                                                     a local jazz trio. Guests sipped cocktails,                                                            like to help us plan for the 2004 auction, or
                                                                                                                                                            you or your business would like to donate
                                                                                                         At dinner, guests enjoyed a keynote address        an item or certificate to the event, please
 Libby Tart, Dan Disner, Susan LeFever and Greg
 Casini played a major role in puting together the
                                                                                                         from Greg Casini, the Rocky Mountain               contact Dan Disner or Susan LeFever by
                                                                                Jim Disner and Friends   Chapter Chair, and a lovely dinner from the        phone at 303-861-8819, or by email at
 fourth annual RMC auction. Photo by Mark Itkonen.
                                                                                put out some hot licks
                                                                                at this year's RMC
                                                                                                         Brown. Don Martin of Don Martin                    dan.disner@rmc.sierraclub.org or
U.S. Representative Mark Udall, State                                           auction. Photo by        Auctioneering made the night magical with          susan.lefever@rmc.sierraclub.org.
Senator Ken Gordon, and State                                                   Mark Itkonen.            his lively auction repartee, as guests placed
Representative Joel Judd all made                                                                        bids on auction items, supporting the Sierra

Get Ready to Fight the Energy Bill – Again
Linda Pohle, RMC Energy Committee                                     The Denver Post says: “The Bush Administration’s energy              You can help to insure that no future incarnation of the
                                                                      bill died from an overdose of pork… independent analysts             Energy Policy Act becomes law. First, share reasons for
The Energy Policy Act of 2003 was defeated just before                said the measure would have cost taxpayers $96 billion over          opposing this bill with others who are not aware of the
Thanksgiving. But, due to the narrowness of the defeat,               a decade.” The bill’s agri-business subsidies, for example,          negative impact it will have on their wallets as well as their
Congressional leaders have promised to bring it back in               would raise gasoline prices by a nickel a gallon nationwide.         air and water. Write a letter to the editor. Second, contact
January. We need to drive a silver stake through the                                                                                       elected officials. Tell them why you oppose this bill and
heart of this bill in 2004 so its expensive, pork-laden,              Many Americans oppose the bill’s onerous provisions and              ask them to oppose it, too.
fossil-fuel-focused provisions never become law.                      how it was written behind closed doors. The Long Island
                                                                      Newsday writes: “Congress is working on what is potentially          Read more about the bill in “View From the Chair” on
Many of the nation’s top newspapers have come out against             the most sweeping energy legislation in decades – but it’s           page 3 of this issue. Check out the Chapter’s energy web
the energy bill. In the heart of oil country, The Houston             doing it largely in the privacy of a House-Senate conference         site (www.rmc.sierraclub.org/energy) for more information.
Chronicle writes: “A bill setting out a national energy               committee monopolized by Republican lawmakers.” The
policy should encourage conservation, investment and new              1,148 page bill was released publicly on Nov. 17 for the             Our nation needs a responsible energy policy to reduce our
technology: increase available energy; make the distribution          first time, giving citizens (and Democrats) only days to             dangerous dependence on oil and ensure clean, reliable
system more reliable; and reduce pollution from burning               digest it and express their opinion before it was voted on           energy for the future. This bill doesn’t create that policy.
fuel. The energy bill… is, at best, half of a loaf that’s been        by Congress.                                                         Use your pen, phone and computer to help dissuade
dropped repeatedly in the dirt.”                                                                                                           Congress from passing an irresponsible incarnation of the
                                                                                                                                           2003 energy bill.

  FasTracks Key to Jumpstarting Metro Denver Economy
                       By Adriana Raudzens,           includes three diesel-powered commuter             Plus, FasTracks will significantly reduce          congestion will help mitigate the $1235
                       RMC Staff                      rail lines along US 36 and Hwy 119,                commute times to these key locations. For          each of us loses annually to wasted time
                                                      North I-25, and East I-70 to the airport.          example, in 2025 Boulderites commuting             and added fuel costs, and help shift air
                  At the recent Jumpstart             FasTracks would extend light rail from             to Denver for work will be able to avoid a         quality back towards healthy levels. Finally,
                  Denver economic                     Denver to Old Towne Arvada, Golden,                114-minute battle through traffic by               transit-oriented development with FasTracks
                  development forum,                  Highlands Ranch, and Lone Tree, and                choosing a stress-free 56-minute train ride.       could limit sprawl from encroaching on an
                  Denver business leaders             would establish light rail along I-225                                                                additional 13,000 acres of open land.
                  hailed FasTracks as the             through the Aurora City Center. The                Of course, Denver’s current business leaders
  single most important economic impetus              plan also calls for bus rapid transit service      see more to FasTracks than just faster travel      The bottom line is that FasTracks promises
  for the Metro Area over the next few years.         along US 36 and enhanced local and                 times. Transit-oriented development,               a better quality of life for Metro Denver
                                                      suburb-to-suburb bus travel.                       or compact and often mixed office,                 residents and will help revitalize the local
  How is it that business interests and the                                                              residential, and retail development around         economy by attracting new business and
  environmental community finally see                 By providing transportation alternatives           bus and rail stops, will open up vast              new employers to the area.
  eye to eye? The FasTracks transit package           for six of the region’s most congested high-       economic investment opportunities in the
  is expected to create new jobs and                  ways, FasTracks will better connect Metro          region’s urban centers. Union Station              To find out more about FasTracks and
  investment potential to the tune of                 residents to the region’s major employment         alone is anticipated to bring in $900              the benefits of public transit, please feel
  $380 million annually.                              centers. Transit stops are planned for DIA,        million in investments.                            free to invite me to speak at a meeting of
                                                      Fitzsimmons, the Denver Tech Center, the                                                              any group to which you belong. You can
  FasTracks is RTD’s plan to build out light          Federal Center in Lakewood and the                 Business leaders look forward to a state-of-       call 303-861-8819 or write me at
  rail, commuter rail, and other rapid transit        Jefferson County Government Building.              the-art transit system that will make the          Adriana.raudzens@rmc.sierraclub.org.
  over a twelve-year period. The package                                                                 Denver region stand out. Reduced
Peak & Prairie                                                                                                 2

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    January/February/March 2004 issue
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                                                                                                                                                                                                  month format, featuring
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                                                                                                         3                                                                January/February/March 2004

 VIEW FROM                              Energy Policy or                                                     What’s Happening at the
                                        Political Payback?                                                                         Chapter Office?
                                        By Greg Casini, RMC Chair                                            By Susan LeFever, Chapter Director

                                        “What it is about to get, as far as can be judged, is a passel       In December of 1999 I began this job at the Sierra Club, the
                                        of special interest giveaways selected for the votes they will       first ever Chapter Director at the Rocky Mountain Chapter.
                                        bring toward passage and the campaign contributions they             We had 13,000 members in Colorado, and one and a half staff
                                        will attract to next year's GOP campaigns.”                          members in a two-room office. We also had a wonderful intern
                                                                                                             named Libby Tart.                                                                Susan LeFever
                                        This is what the Minneapolis Star Tribune had to say about                                                                                            Chapter Director
                                        the Energy Policy Act of 2003 in an October 14 editorial,            Four years later, we have grown in every way. We have 20,000
         Greg Casini                                                                                         members, four and a half staff members, and four rooms in an office that we share
           RMC Chair                    just weeks before the Senate narrowly voted to kill the
                                        energy bill.                                                         with other environmental organizations. We have active Energy and Transit campaigns,
                                                                                                             have conducted four successful auctions, and have increased our volunteer involvement
The bill would have benefited the worst-polluting industries in America without cutting our                  at all levels. We have a very well-established lobbying program, and are an influential
oil dependence, decreasing the risk of blackouts or creating jobs. Instead of taking responsible             force in state and local elections. At a time when many organizations are reporting
steps forward, this bill would have taken us backward and put our communities at risk.                       reduced donations, we are holding our own by communicating our effectiveness to our
                                                                                                             members and the public.
The fight is not over – the Bush Administration and some senators will try to force another
                                                                                                             And through it all is Libby Tart. When we needed an Administrative Assistant, Libby
vote early this year.
                                                                                                             was the obvious choice. She easily moved into place as Chapter Coordinator not long
                                                                                                             after. She built relationships, encouraged volunteers, and wheedled business donations.
Some of the worst provisions of the bill include:                                                            And while she did her job, she managed to acquire a master’s degree in Public Policy
                                                                                                             and Planning.
• Exempting oil and gas activities from the Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water Acts
• Letting MTBE (a gasoline additive known to contaminate drinking water) manufacturers                       This month, Libby is leaving us to continue her education and work toward a master’s
  off the hook for cleaning up their own messes                                                              degree. Although she will continue as a volunteer (of course) she will be sorely missed
• Giving tens of billions of dollars in subsidies to the coal, oil and nuclear industries                    in the office by staff and volunteers. Thanks, Libby!
• Ignoring the property rights of farmers and ranchers and providing incentives for destructive
  coal-bed methane drilling that threatens sensitive lands and scarce water resources in the West            Correction: In the last issue I made the claim that hybrid vehicles could now ride in the HOV lanes
• Weakening the Clean Air Act                                                                                on the freeway. Not true! Although the legislature passed such a law, the federal government does
• Opening Native American lands for mining and drilling by preventing the National                           not allow hybrids in HOV lanes. The federal government, which funds highways and HOV lanes,
                                                                                                             only allows zero emission vehicles to get into the HOV lanes. Most hybrid gas-electric vehicles,
  Environmental Policy Act from applying to Native American lands.
                                                                                                             such as mine, are ultra-low emission vehicles, but they still have some emissions, and don’t qualify
                                                                                                             for the HOV lanes.
The list goes on and on, and one of the worst things about the bill is that it makes the
everyday taxpayer – you and me – responsible for cleaning up the mess.

The bill also fails to decrease oil dependence by improving fuel economy for cars, SUVs and
other light trucks; protect electricity consumers and prevent blackouts; or increase energy
security by promoting clean renewable energy sources like wind and solar power.                              Join Us At The 2004 Legislative Workshop
                                                                                                             The Enos Mills Group and the Audubon Society of Greater Denver are once again
Now more than ever, America needs an energy policy that puts innovation to work by using
                                                                                                             co-sponsoring our annual Legislative Workshop. It will be held on Saturday, February
existing technologies to cut our dependence on polluting sources of energy and increase our
                                                                                                             7, 2004, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The workshop will be held at Bethany Lutheran
use of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
                                                                                                             Church, 4500 E. Hampden Ave. in the Fellowship Hall in SE Denver.
Tell your elected officials that you will hold them accountable for more pollution in your
drinking water, dismantled environmental and consumer protections, more global warming                       Both Sierra Club and Audubon lobbyists will present information on the bills the Legislature
and air pollution, and pillaged public lands. It is critical that Senators stand strong to rebuff            will be considering this legislative session. Their talks will include a question-and-answer
repeated attempts by the Administration to pass this disastrous legislation. Americans                       period and will be followed by a pot-luck lunch. After lunch there will be several break-out
deserve better than the best bill campaign contributions can buy.                                            sessions on the issues raised by the various bills.

                                                                                                             Cost of the workshop will be $12 in advance or $15 at the door. You can call
                                                                                                             303-433-2608 or email angela.medbery@rmc.sierraclub.org to register. A registration
                                                         RMC ExCom                                           form is provided below.
                                                         Election Results                                    Mark the date on your calendar (FEBRUARY 7, 2004) and plan to attend!
 by Ruth Obee
                                                         Six fine candidates ran for four at-large
 Like an arrowhead, a skein of                           seats on the Chapter Executive Committee.
 pointing geese,                                                                                                February 7 Legislative Registration Please register me for the Workshop
   The teepee is a pleasing shape to                     The vote totals:
    any artist's eye -                                                                                        Name:______________________________ e-mail______________________
                                                         Greg Casini                289
 Moveable, with dogs and travois -                       Myrna Poticha              269                       Address:____________________ City and Zip Code___________ ________
 The teepee never depended on                            Todd Chamberlin            229
 Middle Eastern oil.                                     Kathy Glatz                214                       home phone______________________ work phone_____________________
 A teepee had no mortgage owed                           Jennie Crystle             192
   On it. Like a spirit's open and flaring,              Roger Wendell              156                       ___ I will contribute __________ (salad, desert, drinks, main dish (lasagna
 Sky-filled wings,                                                                                                or ???) for the potluck
   The teepee's buffalo or elk-hide skins                The top four vote getters will be seated at
 Were fashioned to be partially translucent,             the January ExCom meeting and will serve             ___ Here is my $12 to register for the workshop
   Admitting the cloudless sun's                         two-year terms.                                      ___ Please accept this further donation of $__________ to further our lobby
        Radiant and natural overhead light.                                                                       activities at the State Legislature in the session
                                                         Congratulations to our new ExCom
 The teepee, Kan-ne-ga (in Ute),                         members and thanks to all the candidates             ___ I cannot attend but I want to be on your contact list
 Provided the landscape artist, a                        for volunteering their time and effort to
 signifying perspective                                  the Sierra Club.                                                                       please mail form to
        And an anchor point - like some                                                                                                  Sierra Club Legislative Workshop,
        great white crane                                JoLynn Jarboe                                                                 1536 Wynkoop ST, Denver, CO 80202
 At rest, wings folded, head against                     Elections Committee Chair
 its breast,
        But soon to take flight - rich with
        its historic
 Narrative of the buffalo-herd-following
 nomad once more                                                   BARRY SATLOW, P.C.                        Family Law         Bodily Injury        DUI                H. ANTHONY RUCKEL
                       On the move
       As the rapidly fading high plains'                                 LAWYER                                                                                            Investment Advice &
       summer cycles                                                                                                    Gary L. Merritt                                     Portfolio Management
                                                                DIVORCE LITIGATION                                      ATTORNEY AT LAW
 Into the aspen-glowing, oak-bronzed                                                                                                                                           Stocks, Bonds, Tax Exempts
                                                            SMALL BUSINESS CONSULTATION                                                                                      Registered • Sierra Life Member
 days of fall.                                                                                                           250 Arapahoe Ste. 304
                                                                Former Chair Indian Peaks Group &                            P.O. Box 4306                                Environmentally Responsible Investing
                                                                   Sierra Club Council Delegate                         Boulder, CO 80306-4306
 Editors note: Ruth also wrote, but was not given                                                                                                                                 5840 E. Evans Ave.
 credit for Praise Poem to the Plains Buffalo,               1942 BROADWAY : BOULDER : 442-3535                                                                                   Denver, CO 80222
                                                                                                             (720) 406-0011     merritt.law@mindspring.com
 published in the September-December Issue.                       AT THE PEARL STREET MALL                                                                                        • 303-756-2277 •
Peak & Prairie                                                                                  4

Elections 2004: Fighting the Good Fight
By Rebecca Dickson,                             The bad guys have to cloak what they                ments. I have been involved in three of          the majority in Washington refuses to do
Editor – Indian Peaks Newsletter                stand for. We don’t. We stand for clean air,        these self-assessments; they work. They          anything about it.
                                                clean water, and clean energy. We stand for         charge people up and mobilize members.
It probably comes as no surprise to hear        the health of Americans and our wildlands                                                            As 2004 progresses, the Sierra Club will
that the Sierra Club will be very active in     and wildlife. So think David and Goliath.           While we’re waiting to see who all the players   do what we do best – person to person
this new year of 2004. It’s an election year,   Think the puny American colonies taking             in the 2004 elections will be, the Sierra Club   contact. We’ll inform voters about the
and we have in Washington an anti-envi-         on the richest and most powerful country            is getting the word out on the environmental     disastrous environmental trajectory we are
ronmental administration with an agenda         in the world – think 1776. Think about              records of those in Washington. We’re not        currently on. Our opponents will contact
that boggles the ecological mind.               the abolitionists taking on the most powerful       talking about votes regarding the reclusive      voters as well, but they’ll have money to
                                                politicians in America in the mid-1800s             spotted owl here – we’re talking about how       pay their help. We won’t. We have only
The Sierra Club is engaged in an all-out        because the vicious exploitation in this            certain politicians’ votes will lead to more     people and the truth on our side, but
mobilization to put pro-environment             country had to stop. Now another form               Americans suffering and dying because of         those are powerful weapons.
candidates in office. Don’t look to the         of exploitation has to stop: the wanton             lung diseases caused by the extra pollutants
national organization to do all the work;       extraction of resources with no concern             that the weakened Clean Air Act will allow       If you’ve ever thought, “I should become
the national political arm of the Sierra        for environmental and human health                  in our air. We’re talking about people           active with the Sierra Club,” this is the
Club is looking to local chapters and groups    consequences.                                       drinking water that won’t be as dependably       time and this is the project. With our
to use their organizational bases to help                                                           free of pollutants as it was four years ago.     750,000 members in the US and 20,000 in
elect candidates who will protect our Earth.    Here’s the plan in a nutshell: nationwide,          We’re talking about farmers facing extreme       Colorado and millions of non-member
The gloves are off. We are the minutemen        the Sierra Club is assessing our strengths          weather conditions because global warming        supporters everywhere, we have clout.
and minutewomen who are fighting for            and challenges. Sierra Club chapters and            is happening and                                 Let’s wield it.
what is our right: a healthy environment.       groups have been asked to do self-assess-

Fat, Wheezy and Depressed: Declines in Our Children’s Health
By Angela Medbery, Pesticides Chair                              related the worsening condition of our children’s physical          At the conference, an EPA pesticides toxicologist discussed
                                                                 and mental health to:                                               the precautionary principle as it relates to pesticides. She
October was children’s health month. In recognition of the       • Global warming                                                    reminded us that the EPA does NOT approve the pesticides,
occasion, the EPA, the Association of Occupational and           • Lead in paint and gasoline                                        but rather just registers them following a risk assessment
Environmental Clinics, the Rocky Mountain Region                 • Mold                                                              process. These risk assessments merely look at the benefits
Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit and the U.S.       • Radon                                                             and risks of using a given chemical. They do not address
Department of Health and Human Services cosponsored a            • Particulates floating in the air                                  any alternatives.
                            Children’s Health Summit in          • Pesticides
                            Denver from October 23-24.           • Mercury                                                           As a pesticide specialist I know many folks claim their asthma
                                                                 • Persistent organic pollutants a.k.a POPS                          attacks were related to pesticide exposures; I have also met
                             Titled “Kids Learn and Grow                                                                             people who blame depression, memory and metabolic
                             Best in Healthy Environments,”      Routinely, kids are treated merely as small adults insofar as       problems on pesticides as well. However, under the current
                             the conference provided a forum     how chemical toxicities are determined. But kids are different      regulatory scheme, there is no way to know whether these
                             for health professionals and        from adults. They eat more food per unit weight than adults,        conditions are properly attributed to pesticide or other
                             others to discuss pressing issues   their livers metabolize chemicals differently than adults, their    chemical use. Testing techniques fail to give us needed
                             ranging from ailments such as       skin surface area is greater per unit weight than their elders      information that would either support or refute such claims.
                             asthma, to increased obesity and    and their brains are still in the developmental stage.
                             lowered IQs among children due                                                                          So I recommend to you all that you continue with your
                             to foreign introductions to our     We have all heard that large numbers of adults in the United        precautionary principled actions toward artificial chemical
                             natural environment.                States are overweight. Obesity in kids is also growing at           agents. I know many of you lock your cars and homes
                                                                 alarming rates. Often, we blame the problem on too much             when you leave them. When doing so, one exercises the
Dr. Katherine Shea, a pediatrician from North Carolina           TV, junk food and too little exercise. I know too many over-        precautionary principle in order to avoid being victimized
gave an articulate keynote speech teeming with valuable          weight individuals who eat little, exercise a lot, don’t watch      by crime. I would also recommend that you apply the
information. Dr. Shea’s address in fact provided our headline    TV and are still overweight. There has got to be some other         precautionary principle toward children’s health. Reduce or
when she dolefully concluded that “our kids are fat, wheezy      causes, but we just don’t have the science to know.                 avoid chemical exposures; lacking a sound knowledge of
and depressed.” Detailing a grim situation, she                                                                                      how these compounds affect our youth, skepticism may
                                                                                                                                     promote better health.

                                                                                                                                                          Help Create this
The Green Vote in Colorado                                                                                                                                  Newsletter!
                                                                                                      A Life Lived in Snow
By Susan LeFever                                Another smoking ban passed in Greeley
                                                (54%), and Pueblo voters opted NOT to                                                                   We need an experienced person to
                                                                                                         By Sandra McNew
The November elections produced very            change their existing ban (56%).                                                                        layout this newsletter every quarter.
good results for Colorado’s environment.                                                                                                                Works closely with the Editor and staff
On nearly every issue where it had taken a      Back in Boulder, five of our six endorsed                                                               to create an effective communications
position, the Sierra Club prevailed!            candidates won the six open seats -                   Snow mounded like loaves of yeast-                tool for the Sierra Club. The layout
                                                Bohannon, Gray, McGrath, Ruzzin and                   dimpled bread                                     editor recieves a small stipend for
Referendum A, the $4B “blank check” to          Schultheiss. A measure to divide Boulder              luxuriantly rising on picnic tables,              their work.
build dams went down by 67%! The initia-        into districts and directly elect the mayor           white and waiting to be baked.
tive’s promoters outspent us two to one,        went down two to one despite the large                                                                  For more information, contact
but the voters were not fooled. The envi-       amount of money business interests donat-                                                               Susan LeFever, Chapter Director,
ronmental community joined many from            ed in support of the measure. “Supporters             Snow woman slogging to work                       303-861-8819,
the West Slope – including Republican           of the districting argued that city-wide              thick with pleasure, so deep,                     susan.lefever@sierraclub.org.
legislators – to fight this bad idea.           races make it hard for regular people to              no car at all.
                                                campaign without winning the support of
Open Space was a winner! We endorsed            powerful endorsing groups such as the                                    II
Open Space measures that passed in              Sierra Club...,” according to the Daily                                                                  Looking for elbow room in the city? Are
Arapahoe County (54%), Summit County            Camera. Volunteer phoning and literature              Snow on every downslope spruce,                  you an urban pioneer? I'm recruiting for
(80%) and Boulder (53%). Voters also            drops played a major role in the election.            each bough tilting up at its end,                like-minded neighbors who appreciate
chose to tax themselves for open space in                                                             stencilling evergreen into                       nature and having room to breathe. My
Glendale (65%), and Lafayette (57%).            Thanks to everyone who volunteered over               infinitely_storied pagoda.                       neighborhood of Denver has relatively
Parker voted in a tax by 58% that includes      the last few months for this extraordinary                                                             low cost homes on large lots. This ad is
open space among other benefits.                success! Whether you phone banked, gave                                                                prompted by quality of life issues; not
                                                money, put up a lawn sign, lit dropped,               Snow saying "ski" as far as you can —            monetary return. I am a Sierra Club
We also endorsed measure 1B in Summit           debated endorsement decisions, or just                no ice yet, new foot of snow, lovely glide       member & am not a realtor and will not
County, and the smoking ban passed by           VOTED, you made a difference! This is                 toward oh–ooh–ohhhhhh                            profit from this ad in any material sense.
64%.                                            terrific practice for 2004!                                                                            Call Maris at 303-789-1087.
                                                                                                           5                                                                     January/February/March 2004

The Sierra Club Storms into Miami for the FTAA Protest
By Libby Tart, RMC Chapter Coordinator               Downtown Miami was shut down to such a                    organizations. We all felt peaceful and believed        of police marching at activists and protesters,
and National Trade and Human Rights                  degree, however, that most of us could not                that things would go well with the protest.             attacking them along the way. I wanted to cry.
Committee Member                                     find a decent passageway to get to hotel
                                                     entrances. This was because the city envisioned           On Thursday, another demonstration preceded
                                                     a violent demonstration, a demonstration by               ours, one with students and others wanting to
                                                     anarchists and marauders in the streets.                  do a more demonstrative approach. Police and
                                                                                                               the news envisioned this would be overly vio-
                                                                                                               lent. It was not. We believed this to be a good
                                                                                                               sign and began our protest, gearing up for it
                                                                                                               with similar speakers and music from the night
                                                                                                               before. Labor groups were out in full force
                                                                                                               with waiving signs and matching t-shirts. The
                                                                                                               Sierra Club lined up just behind them and
                                                                                                               we were off – to chant, march, smile, laugh,
                                                                                                               and share this movement with others in the             Sierra Club Generations Unite! Andrea from SC
                                                                                                               10-15,000-person parade. The moment was                Canada, Natalie from the SC Office in Atlanta,
                                                                                                               burned into my digital pictures.                       GA, and Rachel from the SC Student Coalition
Libby Tart, RMC Chapter Coordinator, and Larry                                                                                                                        pose while chanting slogans during the march.
Fahn, Sierra Club President, at the beginning of      Larry Fahn, the National Sierra Club President,
the protest march                                     poses for the camera in front of the Miami police
                                                      in their riot gear.                                                                                              Overall the trip was successful – an FTAA
What does one experience at one of the biggest                                                                                                                         “lite” package was passed, and our sojourn was
protest rallies of the year? A heightened sense      I began to meet up with the Committee – they                                                                      educational and worthwhile. Unfortunately,
of fear of getting arrested by the police in a       enveloped me and made me feel like a part of a                                                                    much of the conventional media portrayed the
strange city? Or a wave of excitement about          collective whole, a whole that realizes how                                                                       protest as a violent act, not as the peaceful
being a part of a larger, more powerful              destructive the FTAA really is – how this docu-                                                                   march it was. I wish more attention had been
movement of thousands of people?                     ment could negate our environmental laws, our                                                                     given to actual issues of the FTAA, and less to
                                                     right to safe food in our grocery stores, our right                                                               sensational portrayals in the media.
My experience in Miami from November                 to earn a decent wage in the US. This is not
19th-21st was an enormous mix of emotions –          just a US issue; it is a global issue – a threat to                                                               *If you would like to be part of the movement
                                                                                                               Dan Seligman, SC Senior Trade Fellow, rallies
fear of the police and their presence all over       anyone concerned about the quality of his or              the troops at the march!
                                                                                                                                                                        to learn and educate others about issues like
the city, excitement about being a part of a         her country.                                                                                                       the FTAA and other trade and human rights
group of activists ready to educate and                                                                                                                                 issues, please look in the calendar listings for
demonstrate their opposition to the FTAA             We assembled signs and brought them over to               All went well until we returned to the                   information about the new Human Rights
(Free Trade Area of the Americas) and grief          a fun rallying cry – a huge teach-in filled with          amphitheater, the meet-up location for all of            and the Environment Committee, meeting
and anger over a protest that turned violent.        wonderful speakers like Jim Hightower and                 the events. At 4:00 p.m., violence began out-            the 3rd Tuesday of the month.*
                                                     magnificent musicians Steve Earle and Billy               side of the theater. I went down to the fence
I arrived in Miami on a shuttle with others          Bragg. We bonded with thousands of people                 to watch things occur – bonfires, rubber bul-
that needed to be dropped off at hotels.             in labor, international groups, and religious             lets, tear gas, pepper spray and a heavy cordon

   The Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter wishes to extend its sincere gratitude to those who donated
   auction items for this year’s Wild Places, Open Spaces Auction:
   9News                                     Echo Canyon River Expeditions              Ken Salazar                                  Ricochet                                      Ken Gordon
   A Prairie Home Companion                  Emil Nelson Gallery                        Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.                  Robert Castellino - Whispering River, LLC     Dan Grossman
   Alison Dunlap                             Enos Mills Group, Rocky Mountain           Linda Pohle                                  Rocky Mountain Yellow Pages.com               Matthew McAleer – TRI-R Recycling
   Andrew Romanoff                           Sierra Club                                Lisa Renstrom                                Ron Flicklinger                               Anthony Ruckle
   Arkansas Valley Adventures                Enstrom Candies                            Lonesome Hut LLC                             Royal Gorge Route                             Pete Wolfe – UCD Graduate School of
   Barbara Froula Studio Gallery             E-Town                                     Loretta Young-Gautier                        Royal Peacock                                 Public Affairs
   Beatriz Maria Pestana                     Eugene DeMayo                              Manuel & Judy Solano - Solano Law Office     Ruth Briggs                                   Birkenstock Express
   Better World Club                         Falling Rock Tap House                     Mark Bernarti                                San Juan Hut Systems, Inc.                    Emil Nelson Gallery
   Birkenstock Express, Footwise, Inc.       Floseta Skin Care Studio                   Marla's B&B                                  Sarah Maloney                                 Ridder Braden, Inc.
   Blazing Adventures                        Fred Grover Jr.                            Merry Havens                                 Scott Kindt                                   Altair Energy
   Bob Morris                                Garth Hammond                              Morgan Smith                                 Selfnurture.com and Jean Zartner              9 News
   Book Buffs, Ltd.                          Geoffrey Ridge                             Mountain Hardwear                            Shadow Theatre Co.                            Carter Burgess
   Boulder Running Co.                       Georgetown Loop Railroad                   National Sierra Club                         Sierra Club Chapter Staff                     Hydrogen Works
   Brett Johnson                             Ghiglieri Fine Art Corporation             Native American Trading Company              South Platte Group, Rocky Mountain
   Brown Palace Hotel                        Glenn Randall                              Nature's Own                                 Sierra Club                                   Individual Doners:
   Café Evangeline                           Greg Casini                                Noodles and Company                          T.A. Barron                                   Mike Boggess & Kellum Turner
   Carol Sweeney                             Hal Gould                                  Odwalla                                      Tattered Cover Books                          Kent Borges
   Catherine Stevens                         Hanson's Grill & Tavern                    Old Chicago Restaurant                       The Fresh Fish Co.                            Jennie Crystle
   Centennial Canoe Outfitters               Heavenly Dog                               Old Chicago's of Boulder                     The Theatre Café                              Kirk Cunningham
   Cherry Creek Grill                        High Country News                          Old Tibet                                    The Twelfth House                             Sally Dalton
   Chris & JoLeen Thompson                   Hillcrest Grill                            Optibike LLC                                 The Upper Deck Company and Tiger              William Glennie
   Colorado Ballet                           Hugo Anderson                              Outer Body Experience                        Woods                                         Gina Jannett
   Colorado Symphony                         Hydro-Photon, Inc                          Pacifico's Beauty Products and Aveda         The Wizard's Chest                            James Lockhart
   Curious Theatre Company at Acoma Center   Jan Zinkl                                  Patagonia                                    Tom's Home Cookin'                            Leonard Mollica
   D.J. Disner                               Joan Hoffman                               Phlare, Inc.                                 Twist & Shout                                 Jeanette Neagu
   David Ashley                              Joe Baggett                                Pints Pub                                    Vintage Skivvies                              Gerald Patten
   Denver Botanic Gardens                    John Anderson                              Premier Ventures, Inc.                       Wild Ginger Restaurant                        Larry Skiffington
   Denver Center for the Performing Arts     John Fielder's Colorado                    Prohotel Int'l., Inc.                        William Napier
   Denver Film Society                       John Stansfield                            RCS Photography                              Palomino                                      Others:
   Denver Museum of Nature and Science       Judy Sanchez                               Rebecca Dickson                              Watercourse                                   Julie Connor – PowerPoint presentation
   Denver Zoological Foundation              Karen Wharton, Sunrise Vision Care         Regina Cucina                                                                              Jim Disner and Friends - Music
   Dick Kreck                                Katharine McGuiness                        Renewable Choice Energy                      Sponsors and advertisers:
   Doggie Pause                              Katherine Sherman                          Rep. Paul Weissman                           Duke Bradford

Sierra Club and the Colorado Legislature                                                                                                                                          Be a Part of Our
By Susan LeFever, Chapter Director                   development. Many times the work is not                   Even more important, Sierra Club members                          Chapter’s Success.
                                                     easy, but it is rewarding.                                hold their elected representatives accountable.             Sierra Club’s Rocky Mountain Chapter
From January to May our elected represen-                                                                      We write them AFTER they have voted. We                     needs volunteers to help make a difference
tatives in the Legislature work to balance the       The work is a collaborative effort. Our                   score them on their overall votes. And we                   for the environment in Colorado. You can
needs and interests of businesses, farmers,          volunteer chapter legislative committee sets              endorse the candidates who do right for the                 help by joining one of these committees:
developers, students, workers, wildlife,             priorities and decides our positions on                   environment, working for their re-election.
senior citizens, homeowners, cities and              legislation. Our members develop relation-                                                                            • Transportation Committee
counties, taxpayers, and the environment,            ships with their representatives and contact              This year the Colorado legislature will face                • Auction Planning Committee
among others.                                        them with their opinions on legislation.                  many difficult environmental issues, from                   • Staff Management Committee
                                                     They write letters, make phone calls, send                water supply to transit funding, from clean                 • Outings Committee
The Sierra Club has had a presence at the            faxes, and chat them up in the grocery store              energy to recycling, with few funds and many                • Energy Committee
Capitol for many years, working to make              and at town meetings. And I, your lobbyist,               perspectives to balance. Let us know if you                 • Legislative Volunteers
sure that the voices of our members are being        meet with legislators at the Capital to ask               would like to help by contacting your repre-                • New Member Committee
heard. We are working to keep our air and            for their vote.                                           sentatives. We will send you alerts and sample
water clean, our communities livable, and our                                                                  letters, and you will make a difference.                    For information, contact Dan Disner
wild places and open spaces protected from                                                                                                                                 at 303-861-8819 or
Peak & Prairie                                                                                                           6

Students Get First-Hand Lesson on Renewable Energy

MLK 7th graders listen to a presentation on wind energy.                          MLK 7th graders.                                                                 Essence Bell, teacher; Hank Lamport, Josh Stafen and Kayla
                                                                                                                                                                   Greene surveying the wind farm scene.

By Hank Lamport, Inner-City Outings                                              necessary to turn the mills. Average wind speeds on the                           Xcel and the Sierra Club have both worked ardently to
                                                                                 plain can easily reach 20 or 30 mph, so the group was                             convey aspects of the technology to the public in order to
On October 23rd, 49 students from Martin Luther King                             extremely lucky meteorologically speaking.                                        garner the support of future consumers. A heightened
Middle School visited the Xcel Energy Ponnequin wind                                                                                                               public awareness of the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of
farm facility under the auspices of the Sierra Club. The                         The technology was impressive from up close, directly under                       wind-generated power will likely lead to broader and more
students were given a tour of the windmill complex and                           the imposing structures. Each unit, valued at about $1                            positive public response to the effort.
learned the basics of renewable energy and its future in                         million, is versatile enough to orient itself in regard to the
Colorado.                                                                        prevailing wind direction. Each mill can provide the entire                       Currently, Europe stands foremost in utilization of clean,
                                                                                 energy needs for approximately 300 homes in Denver,                               renewable wind technology. But with additional publicity
Under a special program, the Sierra Club picked up the tab                       which makes the growth potential for the technology highly                        efforts, it is only a matter of time before wind energy
for the bus trip from Denver to the Wyoming border. The                          elastic. The mills themselves stand well over 200 feet tall,                      demand in the US begins to soar to new heights. Xcel is
weather at the wind farm was fantastically cooperative; the                      and with blades extended, have a ground-to-sky span of                            set to open a far larger wind facility later this year by
wind was blowing at 10 mph, only slightly above the 8 mph                        over 300 feet.                                                                    Lamar on the eastern plains.

Denver Renewable Energy Campaign
                                                                                                                                                          PRIVILEGE IN PARADISE
Generates Enthusiastic Response
                                                                                                                                                          By Lynn Fogarty
                            By John Rosapepe,                 Brown. They visited 1,400 houses and
                            RMC Staff                         spoke with 387 people about the Chapter’s                                                   What does she think as she watches me
                                                              renewable energy campaign in Denver.                                                        Innocence, the first word that comes to me
                            Sierra Club volunteers            200 people signed cards to their council                                                    Free from what you and I are forced to see
                            received a warm                   members supporting renewable energy, and
                            reception from                    50 of those folks also volunteered to work                                                  I watch her, savoring, as long as I dare
                            Denver’s citizens                 on the campaign. Volunteers also left post                                                  Because, in a flash, she no longer is there
                            when they canvassed               cards and bumper stickers at houses where                                                   Such a rich and beautiful golden brown
                            neighborhoods on                  no one was home.                                                                            Those eyes have not known a single frown
Photo by Mark Itkonen       October 18th.
                                                              All the volunteers involved agreed that                                                     The young bucks with velvet on their horns
That Saturday morning, over 50 Sierra                         people in the neighborhoods they visited                                                    From their mentors they will soon be torn
Club members and friends gathered at the                      are generally excited about clean and                                                       To find their own way in the rich sweet grass
Washington Park United Church of Christ.                      affordable renewable energy. The renewable                                                  I too must be on my way, alas
The gathering took place as a show of                         energy rally and walk also received media
support for an initiative which would have                    coverage from both Channel 7 and the
Denver receive 20% of its electricity from                    Westword newspaper, which should help
renewable sources by 2020.                                    to bolster support for the campaign.

After listening to an impassioned pep talk                    For more information on the clean
by Julie Connor, a member of the Chapter’s
Energy Committee, volunteers spent
                                                              energy campaign contact
                                                              John Rosapepe at 303.861.8819,                                 Peak & Prairie
two hours knocking on doors in the                            john.rosapepe@sierraclub.org or visit the
neighborhoods of Councilwoman Kathleen                        Rocky Mountain Chapter website at                              Save Trees and Money!
MacKenzie and Councilman Charlie                              www.rmc.sierraclub.org/energy.
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                                                                  attest that the photos do not violate the rights of
                                                                  any third party and that you have any required
                                                                  permissions and releases. Photos will be returned
                                                                                                                             Please visit
                                                                  only if you provide a self-addressed stamped enve-
                                                                  lope. SC-RMC assumes no responsibility for the
                                                                                                                             tions.shtml to select your Peak & Prairie delivery
                                                                                                                             options today.
                                                                  return or safety of the photos. Winning photos will
                                                                  be selected by the editorial committee of the              Join the 404+ RMC members (approx. 2%) who                   rmc.sierraclub.org
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      Maggie Brown, whose photograph is pictured above,
       was selected as the winner for this issue’s contest.
                                                                                                    7                                                              January/February/March 2004

Colorado Wildlife Management Wrecked by Special-Interest Politics
By Mike Smith, RMC Wildlife Chair                                 Foundation staffers now occupy key wildlife positions                   roughshod over public process, even as he proclaims that he
                                                                  including DNR Endangered Species Coordinator and                        is “always fair.” At Commission meetings, action is taken on
This past September, an unprecedented event in Colorado           DOW Legislative Liaison. Mr. Walcher’s office vets all new              items that don’t appear on the agenda, and after telling the
wildlife management occurred. A group of 58 former                DOW managers and supervisors before hiring, reviews all                 public that no action will be taken on those items. The
Division of Wildlife (DOW) employees and 12 former                DOW press releases, and requires that DOW biologists and                Commission reneges on public commitments and ignores
Wildlife Commissioners sent an extraordinary letter to            field personnel obtain prior approval before responding to              staff recommendations from DOW biologists, as recently
Greg Walcher, the Executive Director of the Colorado              press inquiries. In one particularly egregious case of special-         occurred when the Commission voted to allow falconers to
Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and to Russ                interest pressure, Mr. Pollard ordered DOW biologists to                take young peregrine falcons from their nests.
George, Director of the DOW. Among the signers were               rewrite their scientific findings to support killing more
many career DOW biologists, wildlife managers, and law            coyotes as a means to increase mule deer populations                    Citizens whose views differ from those of the Commission
enforcement personnel who had served the agency for 20,           (the biologists courageously refused to comply).                        are treated rudely and cut off before their allotted testimony
30, or more years. In all, the signers represented over 1500                                                                              time expires. In one such case, the DOW’s own legal counsel
years of dedicated DOW service.                                   At DOW, Director George, a term-limited ex-legislator                   admitted that Mr. Enstrom had acted illegally in cutting off
                                                                  and the first DOW director in history with no wildlife                  environmentalists’ testimony. He also admitted that
Their letter deplored DNR’s political micromanagement of          management training or professional experience, acts as a               environmentalists are often “treated differently” than other
the DOW, the poor employee morale, and the agency’s               willing accomplice to Walcher’s and Pollard’s misdeeds at               interests by the Commission. More recently, one
weakened ability to protect Colorado’s wildlife and habitat.      DNR. Shortly after assuming his DOW post, Mr. George                    rancher/trapper on the Commission posted to the Colorado
The signers asked for input into a massive, behind-the-scene      told a ranchers’ gathering in Meeker that he trusted their              Trappers Association website stating, “Guys, I am your
DNR reorganization facilitated by Mr. Walcher. Walcher            anecdotal opinions about wildlife more than the scientific              commissioner,” and then went on to complain about
appears intent on increasing his stranglehold over DOW            data and expert recommendations of his own biologists.                  DOW’s educational programs to help hunters distinguish
by uprooting the agency from its present location and             Mr. George now requires that all technical comments by                  between lynx and bobcat.
“consolidating” it with other DNR agencies.                       DOW staff to other agencies be submitted to his office for
                                                                  prior approval. Pro-wildlife comments are now rewritten                 It is a sad state of affairs. Instead of safeguarding Colorado’s
Although Mr. Walcher never responded to their letter directly,    or sometimes squelched altogether.                                      beleaguered wildlife and habitat, Bill Owens and his political
he did find time to dismiss it in the press, saying, “I don’t                                                                             cronies view them as economic commodities, as impediments
know why former employees think they should be consulted.         In the Director’s Office, advance notice of “public” meetings           to development and business-as-usual. Under Owens’ watch,
They don’t work there anymore.” That arrogance brought            is sometimes provided to consumptive interests, but not to              Colorado’s wildlife management system has been rendered
sharp editorial rebukes in the newspapers and an angry list       environmentalists, a manipulative practice Mr. George                   dysfunctional. While Greg Walcher, Tim Pollard, and Russ
of questions about his covert reorganization project from the     defends as a way to “balance” public representation. Draft              George play special-interest politics, the DOW – once
Legislature’s powerful Joint Budget Committee.                    policies and documents are selectively released to favored              perhaps the finest state wildlife agency in the U.S. – has
                                                                  groups, or released with no time for public comment.                    been undermined, its staff demoralized, its ability to
Sadly, Walcher’s “stealth” DNR reorganization was only the        Species such as river otter are dropped from Colorado’s                 protect wildlife and habitat greatly reduced.
latest fiasco in the continuing politicization of wildlife        endangered species list based on laughably-inadequate
management in our state. Ever since taking office, Governor       recovery plans while other, even more critically endangered             It is time for Gov. Owens to correct this mess by replacing
Bill Owens has systematically undermined protections for          Colorado species such as kit fox and wolverine are allowed              political ideology and special-interest politics with scientific
Colorado’s wildlife and habitat. He has stacked leadership        to slip quietly into oblivion with no DOW action.                       credibility and integrity. He should accept the resignations
positions at DNR, DOW, and the Colorado Wildlife                                                                                          of Greg Walcher, Tim Pollard, and Russ George and allow
Commission with like-minded political cronies and special         At the Colorado Wildlife Commission (the rule-making                    them “to spend more time with their families.” He should
interests. As a result, micromanagement by political              body for the DOW), seven of the nine Governor-appointed                 then move to bring these troubled Colorado agencies back
appointees now supersedes effective wildlife management.          members have direct economic ties to special interests – five           to the center by conducting a national search and hiring
                                                                  are ranchers, one is an agriculture industry senior executive,          credible, professional wildlife and natural resource managers
At DNR, Mr. Walcher and Tim Pollard, his Deputy Director          and two are developers. Behind the scenes, Greg Walcher                 as their replacements. And, finally, he should re-balance
for Policy, routinely inject their wildly pro-development         and Department of Agriculture Commissioner Don Ament                    the Wildlife Commission by appointing responsible
ideology into wildlife policy decisions and exert a strangle-     wield enormous political influence as ex-officio Commission             commissioners who equitably represent the full spectrum
hold on DOW operations. Former Mountain States Legal              members. The current Chair, Rick Enstrom, routinely runs                of public interests in our wildlife and its habitat.

Commission Elects to Maintain Hunting Quotas
By Wendy Keefover-Ring, Sinapu                   Empirically-gathered scientific data be                new members to the population slowly.              has also increased four-fold since 1980
                                                 damned. Instead, the Commission chose to               Females give birth to approximately three          (peaking at 439 in 2001). In response to a
At its November hearing in Grand Junction,       rely on the testimony of about 40 lion hunt-           kittens every two years; many of those             citizens’ campaign led by Sinapu, the
the Colorado Wildlife Commission voted           ing outfitters (whose fees range from $3,000           youngsters die in a few months’ time from          Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW)
for the third year to keep mountain lion         to $5,000 to take clients out on a lion chase)         predation, disease, or starvation.                 admitted last year that it had merely
hunting numbers at nearly 800. In a 5 to 3       as basis for their decision. Lion outfitters use                                                          anecdotal, not empirical data for the state’s
vote, the Commission arrogantly ignored          trained hounds to “bay” pumas into trees or            For the lucky cats that make it to adulthood,      lion population.
the Division of Wildlife’s recommendation        corners so that their clients can shoot them           life is still precarious. Pumas each establish a
to reduce the hunting quota from 790 to          at close range. Perhaps outfitters might have          territory, called a home range. In the wild,       The DOW’s quota of 651, although a step
651 – a nearly 20 percent decrease.              had a monetary conflict of interest?                   getting a home range may mean killing the          in the correct direction, was purely symbolic.
                                                                                                        cat already living there. Frequently, young        It would not have given pumas the relief they
Sinapu had requested that the lion-hunting       Sinapu and others had argued for the                   toms perish as a result of fatal fights over       need from over-hunting pressures, and this
quota be set at 316 or alternatively at 225.     application of the precautionary principle –           territorial infractions with an established        number is not based on the best available
We also requested that the Commission            in the absence of solid data, that the puma            male. Subadult females sometimes have better       scientific literature.
prevent the overkill of females, who often       population be managed so as to prevent                 luck. A mother will shrink the size of her
have dependent young, by setting nominal         their extirpation until the state could                home range for a daughter, provided there          Especially at risk are the state’s female cats.
subquotas for them that would prevent the        gather better data.                                    is enough food for both.                           Females represent the biological bank account
high rate of kitten orphaning that is                                                                                                                      for the puma population. Fifty percent of all
currently allowed under the quota system.        The Importance of Puma Protection                      Life for a wildcat is tough, but we                adult females have dependent young who will
                                                                                                        humans have made it worse.                         be orphaned if a hunter kills their mother.
A host of environmental and animal groups        A top carnivore, mountain lions (also                                                                     The kittens will then likely die of starvation
(including Sierra Club) and numerous             known as pumas, cougars, and panthers) are             Human hunting pressures can easily over-           or predation. This is unacceptable. Sinapu
citizens concurred with Sinapu that lion         an umbrella species. That is, they require             whelm already fragile puma populations. In         has requested that the state set nominal
hunting should be substantially decreased in     large, connected habitats. If we conserve              a recent Montana study, a state biologist          subquotas for females in all units and close
the absence of data and that females should      pumas, we will save a myriad of other plants           found that hunters killed 75 percent of the        those units once that subquota is filled.
be protected. The Commission received over       and animals from peril.                                radio-collared mountain lions in the study
200 letters from citizens and groups                                                                    area – because the quota was set too high.         If we protect pumas, we also safeguard a whole
supporting lowered quotas.                       Pumas need landscape features such as                                                                     host of species vital to healthy ecosystems.
                                                 boulders or patches of trees that allow                Colorado’s lion-hunting quota is also              While protecting pumas seems appropriate
Unfazed by our writings, Commissioner            them to stalk and then ambush their prey –             too high.                                          to many, unfortunately, politics played a big
Bernard Black stated, “I have seen no            which means they cannot live on the open                                                                  role in decision-making and policy setting –
evidence the puma population is in any           prairie or in dense forests. A sufficient              In the past two decades, the Colorado              likely putting our pumas at risk.
danger at all. On the other hand, all the        prey base is essential to their survival. In           Wildlife Commission, at the behest of
[lion-hunting] outfitters say there is an        Colorado, pumas’ favorite meals consist                agribusiness and some deer hunters (who            For more information, or to get involved in
increase in pumas, and we are seeing an          of large prey, like deer or elk.                       believe that native carnivores take away their     protecting Colorado’s native carnivores,
increase on the Front Range.” He then                                                                   hunting privileges), has allowed the lion-         visit http://www.sinapu.org.
made a motion to keep the quota at 790.          Mountain lions evolved in the absence of               hunting quota to creep from 200 to nearly
                                                 human hunting pressures; they only recruit             800. As a result, the number of lions killed
Peak & Prairie                                                                                                  8

               The National Environmental Policy Act:
NEPA: Our Environmental Bill of Rights

                     Projects                                                    Alternatives                                Human Environment                                 Natural Environment

  What is NEPA?                                                                        agencies – the Forest Service, Bureau of Land               How to do it:
  This landmark law requires governmental agencies to                                  Management, Fish & Wildlife Service, etc. – must            All agencies of the Federal Government shall:
  seek to minimize harmful effects of all major federally                              observe its mandates                                        • Use a systematic, interdisciplinary approach with
  funded projects, like highways, which could damage our                            • Construction, Contracts, Regulations, Funding,                 integrated natural and social sciences and
  health, environment, quality of life and sustainability.                             Permits, Authorizations: all such actions may be              environmental design in decisionmaking
  • It is a Public Disclosure law                                                      subject to NEPA                                             • Analyze previously-unquantified environmental
  • It requires agencies to make Diligent Efforts to Involve                        2. YOU are affected! NEPA is your tool to protect the            amenities and values
    the Public in the decision making process                                          environment and future generations                          Include a detailed statement on: the environmental
                                                                                                                                                   impact of actions; unavoidable environmental effects;
  A bit of history                                                                  What is to be done?                                            alternatives to the action; local short-term uses of man’s
  Never get a good Senator pissed off. The Army Corps o                             NEPA instructs our Federal Government to use all practi-       environment versus long-term productivity and
  f Engineers learned this lesson the hard way. In the late                         cable means in Federal actions. Some guiding principles:       irreversible and irretrievable resource commitments
  1960’s, it told some untrue and deceptive things to                               • Each generation is to act as trustee of the environment
  Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin about a project                                 for succeeding generations                                     The result: the “EIS”
  and its potential for environmental damage. The senator                           • Assurance of safe, healthful, productive, and                  “Environmental Impact Statement:”
  then said that from then on the Corps would tell the                                aesthetically and culturally pleasing surroundings             The EIS is a document – in mast cases, a fairly thick
  truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.                                 • Wide beneficial uses of environment without                    document. But is that all it is? NO. The document is
                                                                                      degradation, health or safety risks, or other                  a record and full disclosure of:
  And lo! He drafted NEPA and it was passed by Congress                               undesirable and unintended consequences                        • The process: what was done, what was studied, and
  in September 1969 and signed by President Nixon on                                • Preservation of our cultural and natural national                description of the potentially-affected environment
  Jan. 1, 1970. Ah, those halcyon days, with a Congress                               heritage with an environment of diversity and variety          • Public participation and concerns
  that thought and cared: now they are trying to dismantle                            of individual choice                                           • What alternatives were considered and screened
  NEPA (but more on this later).                                                    • Balanced resource use to promote high standards of               based on environmental criteria
                                                                                      living and wide sharing of life's amenities                    • Significant impacts – adverse and beneficial, direct,
  Who does it affect?                                                               • Sustainable use of finite resources through reuse                indirect and cumulative – of the alternatives
  1. All Federal agencies proposing “major” actions that                              and reduction                                                  • How to avoid or mitigate adverse impacts
     could “significantly” affect the environment.                                                                                                   • The relationship of the project to, and compliance
  • Although we focus on transportation here, all Federal                                                                                              with, other federal environmental laws

  EIS Process: How an EIS is Completed
  Critical to our concerns is the way agencies conduct the EIS process. In some cases, engineers have turned the                                      Bush versus NEPA
  process into an engineering study, not an environmental analysis. It is important to ask whether an EIS is logical
  and truly helpful in carrying out the intent of NEPA, or whether it acts merely as a whitewash and formality.                                       The Bush Administration is assaulting every element of
                                                                                                                                                      environmental protection, including NEPA. An EIS
  The diagram to the right depicts a sound EIS process. The key point is Step 3 in the flow: get the environmental                                    requires compliance with many other laws, such as the
  information on natural and human environments right up front. It can then be used in screening alternatives and                                     Clean Water Act. As they are damaged, so is NEPA. A
  avoiding adverse impacts to the environment. Also, without good environmental data and information, agencies                                        key word is “Streamlining,” hastening the EIS process
  cannot assess “cumulative” and indirect impacts. Agencies will often issue a “FONSI,” a “Finding of No Significant                                  allegedly to eliminate delay. In reality, this practice is a
  Impact,” when the action will in fact create adverse environmental impacts.                                                                         smokescreen for the rollback of NEPA and other laws.

                                                                                                                                                      The Government Accounting Office found that delays
                                                                                                                                                      are usually caused by agencies’ failure to invite adequate
                                                                                                                                                      citizen participation. The Sierra Club has noticed that
                                                                                                                                                      delays often occur when engineering information takes
                                                                                                                                                      a long time; nevertheless, such delays are commonly,
                                                                                                                                                      yet wrongfully blamed on environmentalists.

                             From “Environmental Stewardship Guide,” Colorado Dept. of Transportation

 Environmental justice: civil rights                                                                          Achieving Environmental Justice has been            • Ensure full and fair participation by all
 in transportation                                                                                            declared a top priority of U.S. Department of         potentially affected communities in
                                            IDENTIFY COMMUNITY ISSUES                                Update
                                                                                                              Transportation. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act      transportation decision-making processes.
                                                       & ATTITUDES                                            and a 1994 Presidential Executive Order require     • Prevent the denial of, reduction in, or
                                               Review Secondary Sources
                                             Talk to Knowledgeable Persons                                    DOT to make environmental justice part of its         significant delay in the receipt of benefits by
                                                    Visit the Community
                                                  Interview Stakeholders                                      mission by identifying and addressing the effects     minority and low-income populations
                                                                                                              of all programs, policies, and activities on
      REVIEW SOCIAL &                                                                                         minority populations and low-income                 Does Environmental Justice apply to all
      CHARACTERISTICS                                                                  SUMMARIZE              populations. Discriminating in the project          transportation decisions? Yes. Concern for
        Demographics                                                                     FINDINGS
        Growth Trends                                                                 Written Summary         completion process on the basis of ethnicity,       environmental justice should be integrated
         Labor Force                                                           Socio-Economic Inventory Map
       Major Employers                                                                                        income, age, gender, disabilities or other          into every transportation decision – from the
                                                                                                              factors is to be avoided.                           initiation of a transportation plan to the
                                               INVENTORY STUDY AREA
                                                       FEATURES                                               There are three fundamental environmental           post-construction operational and maintenance
                                             Community Facilities & Services
                                                Land Use Characteristics                                      justice principles:                                 stages. Must there also be equity in providing
                                              Transportation Characteristics                                  • Avoid, minimize, or mitigate disproportionately   mobility and access to EJ populations? Yes.
                                             Aesthetic & Cultural Resources                          Update
                                                                                                                high and adverse health, environmental, social
                                                                                                                and economic effects on at risk populations
 Developing a Community Profile (Figure 4, “Community Impact Assessment and Environmental Justice for
 Transit Agencies: A Reference.” Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida.)
                                                                                               9                                                                January/February/March 2004

Your Chance to Make an “Impact”
Dual-Mode or Diesel Bus inGuideway/6-Lane Widening                                                 Alternatives
                                                                                                   NEPA directs agencies to study alternatives to all proposed actions. In transportation,
                                                                                                   this means:
                                                                                                   • Alternative locations within a broad corridor
                                                                                                   • Alignment alternatives (“footprints”) and structures in smaller geographic areas
                                                                                                   • Other modes of moving people
                                                                                                   • Alternatives in each mode, such as diesel or electric propulsion of transit vehicles.
                                                                                                   • Differing approaches to managing travel demand
                                                                                                   • Potentials for improving traffic flow such as HOV lanes, bus ramps onto freeways,
                                                                                                     and traffic signals
                                                                                                   • Land use conditions affecting and affected by transportation alternatives, such as
                                                                                                     sprawl, Transit-Oriented Development, etc.
                                                                                                   • Pricing mechanisms, such as parking, toll lanes and roads, employer and agency
Dual-Mode or Diesel Bus in                                                                           assistance to transit use
Guideway/6-Lane Widening
                                                                                                   • Do nothing: the “No Action” alternative
on Structure in Idaho Springs
                                                                                                   The engineering component – about 10% to 20% of the final design – must be done
                                                                                                   to define alternatives, estimate impacts, identify avoidance or mitigation of impacts,
                                                                                                   and develop fiscal estimates. This is called “Preliminary Engineering”: “PE.”

                                                                                                   The graphic to the left shows two cross-sections and mode alternatives (cars, trucks,
                                                                                                   transit) being considered for the I-70 Mountain Corridor in the Programmatic EIS.

Transportation and land use                                                Does NEPA work?

How we get around and the manner in which we use our lands are             The US has a tremendous network of roads and
closely related. Sprawling subdivisions, tedious office parks and          highways: a staggering four million miles make a huge
shopping malls surrounded by acres of asphalt make walking to and          imprint on communities and environments. Haphazard
from home, school, work, and shopping nearly impossible. Public            highway development and the sprawl it fosters chew up
bus and transit systems can’t effectively serve low-density develop-       open space and wildlife habitat at an alarming rate, at an
ment spreading in all directions. So we’re forced to climb into our        incredible two million acres of land per year. Since 1970,
cars and drive.                                                            however, NEPA has led to many transportation projects
                                                                           that “fit better” into communities and their environment
EIS’s examine the future impacts – both direct and indirect – of           – with less damage and fewer adverse impacts.
today’s decisions, like increased pollution caused by more cars on
the road, the health impacts to residents living next to highways,         Colorado Examples: I-70: The Bad                                 Glenwood Canyon Photo by Matthaw E. Salek.
and land use changes. EIS’s enable citizens to see how proposed            and the Good.
transportation projects relate to local and regional comprehensive
plans, like Metrovision. They allow innovative solutions to be             Pre-NEPA:                                                        Vail Pass: was set for the bulldozers until CDOT was
brought forward and evaluated.                                             I-70 was rammed through and over communities in                  reminded of NEPA (and probably feared a suit.). Taliesin
                                                                           Northeast Denver with no meaningful regard to the                West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s firm, submitted the superb
Land use decisions influence the areas where we live, work, shop,          lives, property, or neighborhood integrity of the area.          design and helped complete the EIS. The result: land-
play and pray, and affect the “demand” for transportation.                                                                                  slides avoided, wildlife migration protected, aesthetics
Transportation decisions in turn shape these land use decisions,           Post-NEPA:                                                       improved, vegetation preserved, bicycling fostered.
by affecting urban form, sprawl, open space, ecosystems, infrastructure    Glenwood Canyon: NEPA helped engineers to under-
costs, efficiency, health, life styles, economics and business,            stand ecology and environmental design. In this case,            Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council
aesthetics, a sense of place, health, life styles, and personal choices.   without it, local citizens’ concerns would have been             produced an excellent document detailing how NEPA’s
Transportation decisions can “induce” or suppress growth, and              ignored and the unique Canyon would have been                    protections gave local citizens a seat at the table and
help define the quality of growth.                                         destroyed. NEPA ensured that citizens and design                 spurred innovations in many cases across America.
                                                                           professionals were heard in preserving the Canyon.               (The Road to Better Transportation Projects, available at
We consider the Land Use – Transportation relationships to be                                                                               http://www.sierraclub.org/sprawl/nepa/sprawl_report.pdf).
critical to our concerns and goals.

   Lynx habitat analysis

                                                                           Cumulative effects and ecosystems
                                                                           Ecosystems – natural and human – can’t be analyzed as just stand-alone elements. Elements must be
                                                                           considered cumulatively as systems. This is not easy: most EIS’s have given this short shrift. Now, thanks
                                                                           to tools such as GIS mapping and overlaying or integrating different elements, we can make progress.
                                                                           Images: Left, topography, roads, towns. Right, overlayed – good lynx habitat, white outlines = no lynx habitat,
                                                                           black = lynx will avoid (roads, lakes, glaciers).

                                                                            Litigation and NEPA
                                                                            Sierra Club has been involved in many of the 200-plus lawsuits filed to compel agencies to comply with
                                                                            NEPA. Many of these suits have arisen after an agency has either issued a FONSI or made a “CATEX”
                                                                            determination. A CATEX categorically excludes proposed actions from NEPA requirements. This is a
                                                                            complicated subject, and there are fascinating court cases. However, it is worth noting that higher courts
                                                                            have generally held that the litigant must have standing to bring a NEPA suit, i.e., there must be an “injury”
  GIS overlays: cumulative effects, highways versus lynx. Maps by
                                                                            and the aggrieved party must be within the “zone of interest” of the proposed action, among other things.
  Michelle Fink, Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project

 What YOU can do                                                                                                     For more information on NEPA and
 Colorado is facing major decisions regarding the impacts of past and future growth. NEPA gives                      to get involved, visit:
 YOU a voice in these decisions:                                                                                     Sierra Club’s "Stop Sprawl" Project: www.sierraclub.org/sprawl
 • Attend meetings in your community about the many projects under consideration that could                          White House Council on Environmental Quality: www.whitehouse.gov/ceq
                                                                                                                     NEPA Task Force: ceq.eh.doe.gov/ntf
   affect your future, like FasTracks, the Jefferson Parkway, and I-70 East                                          NEPAnet: ceq.eh.doe.gov/nepa/nepanet.htm
 • Participate in EIS meetings to help guide the direction of the decision-making process                            Colorado Major Corridor Studies: www.dot.state.co.us/TravelInfo/Studies.htm
 • Spread the word to your neighbors and friends so they can make their voices heard                                 US36 EIS: www.us36eis.com
 • Write letters to the editor or speak at public meetings in support of smart transportation projects               I-70 Mountain Corridor EIS: www.i70mtncorridor.com
 • Defend NEPA by writing or calling your congressman or senators to put a stop to the Bush                          Colorado’s Office of Smart Growth: www.dola.state.co.us/SmartGrowth/index.htm
                                                                                                                     Surface Transportation Policy Project: www.transact.org
   Administration’s continuing assaults on NEPA                                                                      EPA: www.epa.gov/compliance/nepal
Peak & Prairie                                                                                    10

          Recycling roundup
Ask the Recycle Lady:
Spotlight on Composting and Hazardous Waste
                                                  taken directly to the pile rather than the           Portions of the deck built with pressure         consumer recycling programs simply are
                                                  under-sink bucket.                                   treated lumber (sections with significant        not in place for items that are generated in
                                                                                                       ground contact) are likely to contain            such small quantities. Enter your solid
                                                  Anyone can start composting with a little            arsenic and should be disposed of with           waste department. Almost every county in
                     Leslie Martel Baer, MA
                                                  space and some basic tools, like a good              your residential hazardous waste authority       the state offers some type of residential
                     Mountain Muse
                                                  pitchfork. For those with limited space, such        (usually your solid waste department).           hazardous waste collection program, either
                                                  as an apartment patio, tidy and compact              Sealants or paints used on the lumber also       through regularly scheduled drop-off events
                                                  solutions are coming to market all the time.         need to be investigated. If you determine        or through by-request curbside programs.
                                                  Want to compost a little more seriously?             that only natural products (e.g., linseed oil,   Often these programs come with a nominal
                                                  Many companies offer products and                    Timber-Tek) have been used – or none at          fee (e.g., $10 per carload); others are paid
Dear Recycle Lady: Which is the better            information, such as                                 all – begin tackling the composting issues.      for through the tax base. The departments
way to dispose of spoiled food – garbage          Greenline Products (888-667-9396;                    First, composting is only practical when the     typically recycle what they can (e.g., the
disposal or trash? In a related vein, I would     www.greenline-products.com),                         material in question is in small pieces. That    mercury from your thermometer). Call
like to dispose of my old deck by composting      Gardens Alive! (513-656-1482;                        may mean renting a chipper or at least           your solid waste department to learn about
it. Any pointers?                                 www.gardensalive.com), and                           cutting the lumber down to 2-inch cubes.         your program.
                                                  Gaiam (877-989-6321; www.gaiam.com).                 Next, keep your “greens to browns” ratio in
Clearing Out the Old Stuff                        Also look for composting classes in your             mind. Generally, you want to be adding           Mountain Muse Communications provides
Dear Clearing: My answer to the food              community.                                           roughly equivalent amounts of green materials    integrated communications services to
question would be “neither.” Both garbage                                                              (kitchen scraps and grass clippings) as          socially and environmentally responsible
disposal use and landfilling consume valu-        For the small percentage of waste that you           browns (leaves and wood bits). That means        organizations, including waste and
able resources – energy, water and land.          can’t compost readily at home – like that            you will need to compost your deck over          environmental impact reduction consulting,
Yet, these disposal methods offer nothing         fuzzy blue lump of cheddar – send it to the          time, storing the lumber supply in the           presentations and workshops. The informa-
in return. Composting food waste yields a         trash. Today, water resources are scarcer            interim. Depending upon the volume with          tion provided is based on what are believed
viable garden product with little input –         than land resources in much of Colorado.             which you are dealing, you may want to           to be reliable sources at the time of writing;
other than your sweat equity to turn it           In communities where landfilling is                  investigate a commercial composting facility     no guarantees of accuracy are implied and
regularly, which is the most useful step to       expensive, these resources are similarly             such as A1 Organics (303-384-9232,               no endorsement is made of any particular
speedy composting.                                limited and sink disposal and trash are              www.a1organics.com).                             service, business or product. Recyclers and
                                                  about equal. These relationships will                                                                 recyclees can send their corrections,
Of course, there are caveats. Animal products,    continue to change with time, so the more            Dear Recycle Lady: I have an old, non-           suggestions and inquiries to
such as meats, dairy and eggs, generally          we can keep out of both our waste water              functioning mercury thermometer and              recycle@mountainmuse.com or:
should not be composted in a home setup.          and our solid waste now, the better.                 expired over-the-counter medications. Do
Moldy bread that contains a little dairy is                                                            you have any ideas as to where I can take        Ask the Recycle Lady
okay; however, measurable quantities of           I suspect that you had a handle on food              these for proper disposal?                       Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter
animal products can cause serious odor,           waste composting, given that you would                                                                1536 Wynkoop Street, 4th Floor
infestation and other health concerns.            like to compost your old deck. The chal-             Seeking Medical Advice                           Denver, CO 80202
Spoiled foods that are principally vegetable      lenge here is that you need to be confident          Dear Seeking: Both of these items have the
matter can go right in – their composting         of any lumber treatments in the deck,                potential to cause problems if thrown in
is underway – but should probably be              either before purchase or after installation.        the trash and landfilled. However,

Wildfire: Friend or Foe?                                                                                                                                  Help "Plant the Planet"
                                                                                                                                                          in Every Classroom!
By Lisa Smith,                                    We need to ensure that the communities in        groups (including the Sierra Club), land
Southern Rockies Conservation Alliance            the wildland-urban interface (WUI) are           management agencies, and the scientific                “To see the Earth as it truly is; small,
                                                  safe and that wildland firefighters are not      community to organize Community Fire                   round, blue and beautiful; is to see
Is the snow falling? Are the snow-capped          put at undue risk trying to protect people’s     Education Forums.                                      ourselves as ‘Crewmembers’ on board a
high alpine peaks as picturesque as ever?         homes. This means creating defensible space                                                             very special Spaceship.”
Given that we currently find ourselves in         around homes and creating community              The first forum will be in Boulder
the heart of winter it’s unlikely that the        protection zones. We also need to work           January 21 at 6:30 p.m. (Boulder City                  Here is a fun, non-political,
threat of wildfire is first on your list of       with and encourage land managers to focus        Council Chambers 1777 Broadway).                       non-controversial program known as the
concerns. But, with the recent wildfires on       their efforts in the WUI on reducing fuel                                                               EARTHSEEDS Project: check it out – and
the front range of Colorado and the devas-        loads on public lands near communities.          The second forum will be in Fort Collins               scatter some Earthseeds for the children!
tating western slope fires last year, this is     Forest fire risk mitigation around commu-        February 18 at 6:30 p.m. (Lincoln Center               Join an international grassroots effort to
just the time to start thinking about the         nities needs to be a collaborative effort        Columbine Room 417 West Magnolia).                     put a beautiful color poster of Earth in
coming year’s fire season and fire’s role in      between land management agencies and                                                                    every child's classroom, camp & church.
the forest.                                       local citizens.                                  For more information or to sign up to                  This “Astronaut’s view” serves to build
                                                                                                   help and/or attend contact Lisa Smith at               bridges of ecological, global and spiritual
Wildland fire is a natural and necessary          We also need to begin the long process of        (303) 534-7066 x 208 lisa@cecenviro.org.               awareness in hearts and minds worldwide.
component of a healthy forest regime – it         forest restoration to reduce the risk of
is neither friend nor foe. It is as natural and   future catastrophic fires. This work affects                                                            To order posters, Earth flags, and
necessary as sunshine or rain. Fire benefits      all Coloradoans. Forest fire and the way we                                                             inflatable globes, or to learn more and
the forest in many ways. It helps restore         seek to rehabilitate our forests impacts our                                                            volunteer, visit www.spaceship-earth.com,
minerals to the soil, releases seeds from         recreational opportunities, the water we                                                                email ssearth47@aol.com,
large trees, can slow or stop insect manifes-     drink, and the air we breathe. Also, fire can                                                           or call 719-636-3637.
tation and promote plant regeneration. In         affect our pocketbooks – unmanageable
addition, fire creates habitat for fish and       fire can decrease tourism just as poorly
wildlife.                                         designed restoration projects can negatively
                                                  impact the economy and usurp taxpayer
For the last fifty years, the US government       dollars to pay for fire suppression efforts.           Family Law       Bodily Injury        DUI
has aggressively and successfully suppressed      During the 2002 fire season, suppression
forest fire. Smokey the Bear’s message – to       costs exceeded $152 million in Colorado
prevent forest wildfires – has been heard         alone.
                                                                                                                   Gary L. Merritt
and heeded. Moreover, humans have                                                                                   ATTORNEY AT LAW
altered the natural fire regime through log-      Would you like to learn more about fire
ging, road building, community develop-           and how YOU can help to safely restore                            250 Arapahoe Ste. 304
                                                                                                                        P.O. Box 4306
ment, grazing, mining, and recreation. The        fire to its natural role as part of a healthy                    Boulder, CO 80306-4306
obvious question is: now what? How can            forest ecosystem? Southern Rockies
we safely restore fire to its natural role and    Conservation Alliance is working in con-               (720) 406-0011   merritt.law@mindspring.com
help promote a healthy forest ecosystem?          junction with a host of local environmental
                                                                                                  11                                                      January/February/March 2004

Recyclers’ Corner
Hazardous Waste Recycling Facility Opens
From Denver Recycles
                                                                                                                                                  Book Recycling
Denver residents may now schedule an            To participate in the service, residents must      • Fluorescent tubes
appointment to drop off household               be Denver Solid Waste Management                   • Garden chemicals                             Update: More
hazardous materials (HHW) at the new            customers, residing in a single-family home,       • Gasoline/fuel
Denver Regional Household Hazardous
Waste Recycling Center. Eligible materials
                                                town home, or apartment building of seven
                                                units or fewer. Eligible residents may simply
                                                                                                   • Hobby supplies
                                                                                                   • Household batteries
                                                                                                                                                  Options than Ever
include household batteries, oil-based paint    call the Curbside Inc. toll-free hotline at        • Insecticides/poisons                         By Leslie Martel Baer, MA
and finishes, pesticides, solvents, cleaners,   800-HHW-PKUP (800-449-7587) to                     • Latex paint                                  Mountain Muse Communications
lubricants and other toxic materials. The       schedule a household hazardous waste drop          • Lubricants
new drop-off service expands household          off at the facility or for pickup from their       • Metal polishes
                                                                                                                                                  Two issues back, I wrote about the new
hazardous waste disposal opportunities          homes.                                             • Moth balls
currently provided by Denver’s award-                                                              • Oil-based paint                              book de-binder located at Tri-R Recycling
winning door-to-door HHW collection             Upon receiving a Denver resident’s call,           • Photography chemicals                        303-399-6351, www.trir.com and how this
program that began in 1999.                     Curbside Inc. representatives will verify their    • Sealants                                     new service was placing a special emphasis
                                                eligibility, explain how the program works         • Solvents/thinners                            on the Three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle.
The program is a cooperative effort by          and what may be dropped off or collected,          • Pool chemicals                               Today, there are more book recycling
Curbside Inc. and two Denver Public Works       and schedule an appointment. Under the             • Thermometers                                 options than ever, making it easier to do
divisions, Wastewater Management and            door-to-door program, when necessary,                                                             the right thing with old books.
Solid Waste Management.                         Curbside will offer seniors and people with        WHAT CANNOT BE COLLECTED
                                                disabilities in-home assistance in preparing       • Ammunition/explosives                        Many of us have a special relationship with
Eligible residents of the City and County of    and packing their materials for collection.        • Appliances/furniture                         our books, making the idea of recycling
Denver may use the new Denver Regional                                                             • Biological/medical waste
                                                                                                                                                  them a little… challenging. But let’s face it:
HHW Recycling Facility or the current door-     LIST OF ELIGIBLE MATERIALS FOR                     • Commercial chemicals
to-door collection program once per year        DROP-OFF OR COLLECTION:                            • Leaking containers                           there are books in this world that have a
(both by appointment only). Residents can       • Aerosols                                         • Mercury                                      limited life span. Computer and software
call 1-800-449-7587 for an appointment.         • Auto batteries/fluids                            • Radioactive waste                            manuals, romance novels and other books
                                                • Caulk/grout                                      • Unmarked containers                          that pass as light entertainment, textbooks
                                                • Cleaners/polishes                                                                               that are two or more editions out of date
                                                                                                                                                  and contain erroneous information are just
                                                                                                                                                  a few examples.

                                                                                                                                                  If no one – local libraries, main branches,
IT Recycling Day an Abounding Success                                                                                                             schools from elementary to universities,
                                                                                                                                                  thrift stores, resellers or charities – is willing
Denver set a one-day computer recycling         dot-matrix printers. Several people who            Non-profit and community partners for the
                                                                                                                                                  to accept your books, consider the recycling
record on Saturday, May 24, as Denver-area      brought items to the event said they had           May 24 recycling event included the City
residents and businesses dropped off a total    stored the equipment for years because they        of Denver, Denver Recycles, Denver             option. Unless they have terrific sentimental
of 215 tons of unwanted computer equip-         did not know how to dispose of it.                 Department of Environmental Health,            value – in which case you probably are not
ment – as much as was collected in eight                                                           INVESCO Field, University of Denver,           looking to get rid of them – let your books
other cities combined. More than 15,000         The city avoided having to take 22 trash           Colorado Association for Recycling,            be recycled.
computers, printers and peripherals were        trucks full of computers to the landfill,          Governor’s Office of Energy Management
donated during the Denver stop of the Dell      which saved the city $2,580 in landfill tip        and Conservation, the Recycling Alliance of    Now that book recycling is becoming
Recycling National Tour, which had collected    fees and the associated cost of gas, mileage       Denver and Horace Mann Middle School.          easier, clear out the clutter and enjoy your
over 600 tons of equipment by the end of        and staff hours to transport the equipment.                                                       clean, comfortable environment. Let your
the Denver event.                               The event also prevented thousands of              “With more than 2,000 residents participat-    old books do some good as a valuable fiber
                                                pounds of lead and other toxic compounds           ing in the event, I think we've shown a need   commodity. When your reuse options have
“Based on what we know from our members         from entering Denver’s landfills.                  and a desire for more computer recycling
                                                                                                                                                  run out, check out these additional
across the country, Dell's computer recycling                                                      options,” said Charlotte Pitt from Denver
collection in Denver shattered any existing     City of Denver Councilwoman Kathleen               Recycles. Denver Recycles is a program of      recycling options around the state.
national record for tonnage collected at a      MacKenzie volunteered her time to help             the city’s Solid Waste Management Division.
one-day event,” said Kate Krebs, executive      unload computer equipment from residents’                                                         Ecocycle of Boulder
director of the National Recycling Coalition.   cars at the event. “Within our city govern-        Because 98 percent of every computer can       Center for Hard to Recycle Materials
By the end of the day, donated equipment        ment alone, computers and other electronic         be recycled or reused, Dell launched the       (CHaRM)
stretched the entire length of Parking Lot A    devices are estimated to contain around 10         recycling tour this spring to educate the      303-444-6634
at Invesco Field at Mile High. About 40         tons of lead and more than a gram of               public that “No Computer Should Go to          www.ecocycle.org
dedicated volunteers worked all day and         mercury. Toxic substances can leach into our       Waste.” More information about the
into the night to load a total of 15 semi       soil and groundwater from normal landfill          Dell Recycling Tour and related                Broomfield Center for Recycling
trailers full of equipment.                     operation,” lamented MacKenzie. “I                 recycling programs, please visit               303-404-2839
                                                commend Dell for its leadership in recycling       www.dell.com/recyclingtour.
Recyclers brought in everything, from newer     these devices and getting refurbished              To learn about Denver’s participation,
computers to old Tandy computers and            computers in the hands of those not                visit www.DenverGov.org/DenverRecycles.
                                                otherwise able to afford them.”                                                                   Yampa Valley Recycles (Steamboat Springs)

                                                                                                                                                  Waste-Not Recycling (Pierce/Loveland)
 Seventh Annual Wirth Chair Awards                                                                                                                Commercial Services
 The Wirth Chair in Environmental               sustainable practices, and to members of           WIRTH CHAIR AWARDS                             www.waste-not.com
 and Community Development Policy,              the local media for raising public awareness       Campus Box 133, P.O. Box 173364
 established in 1993 by the University of       of sustainability through exceptional              Denver, CO 80217-3364                          Colorado Recycles
 Colorado at Denver, is committed to            reporting on such efforts.                         ATTN: Tom McCoy                                303-695-6010
 helping governments, businesses, non-
 profit groups and community organizations      Nominations for award recipients are open          The Seventh Annual Awards Ceremony
 form sustainable development partner-          to all and will be accepted until January          will take place at the Denver Marriott
 ships that carefully balance economic,         15th. If you wish to nominate a deserving          City Center on March 18th (12-2 pm).           International Book Project (Kentucky)
 community development, environmental           candidate, submit a few paragraphs about           Anyone interested in attending should          888-999-2665
 and expanded social welfare objectives         the effort you want to nominate; how it            RSVP to Tom McCoy at (303) 352-                www.intlbookproject.org
 and strategies.                                reports on, advances, or incorporates              3766, or tmccoy@carbon.cudenver.edu.
                                                sustainable principles; and attach any other
 Each year, the Chair presents awards to        information you think is important. If it’s        For more information on the Wirth Chair
 individuals, organizations or communities      a media nomination, also send the                  awards including past winners and for
 for their development of sustainable           appropriate article(s), editorial(s), audio or     information on the Chair in general, please
 development projects, to businesses for        video materials. Send all nominations to:          visit http://www.cudenver.edu/wirthchair/.
 their implementation or promotion of
Peak & Prairie                                                                                           12

 High Rents Squeeze Budgets, Increase Travel Pollution
  By Bill Myers, RMC Affordable Housing Liaison                            Alamosa (Alamosa)                  Routt (Steamboat Springs)         Baca (Springfield)                 Washington (Akron)
                                                                           Park (Fairplay)                    Archuleta (Pagosa Springs)        Kiowa (Eads)                       Phillips (Holyoke)
  In October 2003, the Division of Housing issued its latest               Lake (Leadville)                   Montezuma (Cortez)                Sedgwick (Julesburg)               Crowley(La Junta)
  comprehensive survey of renter households in Colorado, which             Jackson (Walden)                   Chaffee (Salida)
  house approximately one-third of Colorado’s population. The              San Miguel (Telluride)                                               The availability of “cheaper” rental housing in neighboring
  purpose of the survey was to determine how many of those house-                                                                               counties prompts many workers to commute long distances
  holds spent more than 35% of their household income on rent.             In another nine counties, between 24 and 26% of all renter           to work in higher income areas. This excess driving leads to
                                                                           households paid….                                                    greater air pollution levels, increased road and highway
  63 counties are listed, because the City and County of                   Pitkin (Aspen)                  Jefferson (Golden)                   demand and congestion, and greater demands for all govern-
  Broomfield’s numbers were tabulated within Jefferson, Adams,             Delta (Delta)                   Arapahoe (Littleton)                 mental services. In Lake (Leadville) County alone, more than
  Boulder and Weld counties. The county seat for each county is            Montrose (Montrose)             Logan (Sterling)                     69% of all residents commute to another county, mainly
  noted in parentheses.                                                    Saguache (Saguache)             Las Animas (Trinidad)                Eagle and Summit counties during the winter months. In
                                                                           Otero (La Junta)                                                     warmer months, Pitkin and Chaffee Counties also receive
  In twelve counties, between 29 and 52% of all renter households                                                                               significant daily commuters from the Leadville area.
  paid more than 35% of their household income on rental costs.            In eleven counties, between 17 and 24% of all renter
  Larimer (Fort Collins)           Pueblo (Pueblo)                         households paid . . .                                                The Sierra Club’s Challenge to Sprawl Campaign Committee
  Weld (Greeley)                   Fremont (Canon City)                    Yuma(Wray)                       Grand (Kremmling)                   recognizes that strengthening communities by providing
  Boulder (Boulder)                Ouray (Ouray)                           Kit Carson (Burlington)          Bent (Las Animas)                   diverse housing choices creates nice neighborhoods and
  Gilpin (City of Central)         San Juan (Silverton)                    Eagle (Eagle)                    Summit (Breckenridge)               revitalizes urban living. The more vibrant neighborhoods that
  Clear Creek (Georgetown)         Mesa (Grand Junction)                   Prowers (Lamar)                  Rio Blanco (Meeker)                 urban settings provide, the fewer sprawling subdivisions will
                                                                           Elbert (Kiowa)                   Teller (Woodland Park)              gobble up landscapes better suited for wildlife and recreational
  In another fifteen counties, between 26 and 29% of all renter            Douglas (Castle Rock)                                                opportunities. Colorado needs more than 110,000 housing
  households paid more than 35% of their household income on                                                                                    units, including over 50,000 rental units to meet the needs
  rental costs:                                                            Ten counties had very few renters who spent more than 35%            of its existing population. Providing public funding through
  Adams (Brighton)                  Custer (Westcliffe)                    of their income on rent, with 6-17% paying 35% . . .                 a housing trust fund, inclusionary zoning, reusing previously
  Garfield (Glenwood Springs) Denver (Denver)                              Moffat (Craig)                   Lincoln (Limon)                     developed urban areas, and other policies will help to lessen
  Huerfano (Walsenburg)             El Paso (Colorado Springs)             Cheyenne (Cheyenne Wells)        Mineral (Creede)                    the destruction of the wild places that we all love and enjoy.

Inner City Outings: Feedback from Volunteers and Clients
The following are letters received by Inner City           Dear ICO Supporters,                                            Response from the Children
Outing (ICO) leaders and youth participants. ICO is
                                                           My name is Karri Barajas, and I am working on                   Dear Editor,
a community youth outreach program of the Sierra
                                                           becoming an Inner City Outings (ICO) leader. I
Club. The volunteer certified leaders are trained in       would like to thank everyone who has provided                   We want to tell you about our summer with Sierra Club Inter City Outings
first aid, outdoor adventures and environmental            financial support for the ICO program, and I would
                                                                                                                           (ICO) program. We took swim lessons, joined the swim team and best of all went on
education. Monterey Elementary in Colorado Springs         like to tell you why I feel it is important to continue
                                                           supporting ICO.                                                 a raft trip. Thanks to the support from the Sierra Club this was possible.
is one of the most recent ICO groups to join the
Rocky Mountain Chapter.                                    When I first got involved with ICO, I was thirteen                                                           The ICO summer swim program is were
                                                           years old. I lived in the inner city, surrounded by                                                          we took swim lessons at the Terrace Club
Hi All!                                                    gangs, drugs, and violence. My mother and stepfather                                                         swimming pool. There we learned to swim
                                                           were both alcoholics and didn’t pay much attention to                                                        with our friends. We had fun because we
I Just got back from our very first ICO trip in            me. Any attention I did receive was usually violent and                                                      weren’t stuck doing nothing at our house.
Colorado Springs. It was great! I loved it! The kids       abusive. My life at school wasn’t much better, that is,                                                      We learned how to swim so well that we
had so much fun! I can’t believe how excited they are      when I went to school. I was quiet, shy, and kept to                                                         even joined the swim team. On the swim
about our future outings. They kept asking where we’re     myself most of the time and never took on any sort of
                                                                                                                                                                        team we made new friends and had
going next and when we get to go camping.                  leadership role. Then, I met Hank.
                                                                                                                                                                        friendly competitions with other swim
                                                           Mr. Hank Lamport was my eighth grade math teacher,                                                           teams.
The Starsmore Discovery Center did a wonderful,
educational presentation. The kids learned through         who also happened to be an ICO leader. Hank looked
                                                           past my timid and tattered outer shell and saw me for           After we were done with our swim lessons we took a weeklong rafting trip. We went
hands-on activities and games. They learned about
abiotic matter, primary producers and animals and          what I could be. He encouraged me to try new things,            with some of our friends and other ICO kids. It was a lot of fun swimming in the
how they're all interconnected. They learned about the     meet new people, and step outside my comfort zone.              river and learning how to paddle a ducky. We learned outdoor skills and safety. The
effects of drought and over crowding on animals and        With Hank, I was able to experience things I never              scenery was fabulous with the beautiful canyons and the interesting wild life animals.
the environment. They learned about proper waste           thought I’d be able to do. Skiing, horseback riding,            We even saw an otter. At night we camped along the shore. The river trip was so
management and protecting bears and other wildlife.        inner tubing, rafting, hiking, and rock climbing are            much fun because we had a new experiences and adventures.
And the list goes on! I quote Anthony when he said,        just a few of the activities I was able to experience
“Hey, it’s Saturday. We’re not supposed to be doing all    through the ICO program. Without the program, I
                                                           doubt I would have ever tried any of those things.              We’re very glad we went on the raft trip and we can’t wait to go on one again next
this learning.” But they ate it up. They loved the                                                                         year. We couldn’t have gone if we didn’t learn how to swim. Thanks to the Sierra Club
activities and were proud of everything they learned.                                                                      who supported us and let use their equipment we could go on the raft trip. The reason
                                                           While on ICO trips with Hank, not only did I learn
                                                           the basic skills necessary for each activity, but I also        this was the highlight of our summer was because we weren’t cooped up inside, bored,
I can’t wait to see the change in them over the course
of this year. On this outing they brought with them        learned lifelong skills that would help me in my future.        sleeping or watching T.V. We really appreciate this because we enjoyed our summer a
their gameboys, pokemon cards, and candy gallore.          I learned to take chances, to work as a team, to trust          lot.
They wanted to catch and squash all the bugs they saw      people, to show respect for myself as well as others,
and stomped off the trail often. And boy were they         to persist, to follow my dreams, and much more.                 Sincerely,
noisy. But wouldn’t you know, driving back in the car      Most importantly, I gained courage and confidence               Edith Elsner and Karla Sanchez
Xavier was recalling all the fun he had and commented      in myself.
“I really like the mountains. They’re so peaceful and
quiet.” :)                                                 Hank has been a very positive role model in my life,
                                                           and it was the ICO program that provided him with               Dear Peak & Prairie Editor,
I’m feeling just like the kids... I can’t wait until our   the outlet necessary to help me break away from my
                                                           negative environment and move on toward a more                                                              We are sisters and our names are Kendra
next outing!
                                                           successful life.                                                                                            and Keñia and we are part of the College
Thanks for all your help and support with bringing                                                                                                                     View Inter City Outings (ICO) program.
our Colorado Springs group on board.                       Today I am working toward becoming a teacher as                                                             We learned to swim through the Sierra
                                                           well as an ICO leader. I want to help children the way                                                      Club ICO program. We look forward to
Thanks again for everything,                               that Hank helped me. It is important to me that we                                                          going on raft trips and swimming in
Debbie Petroff                                             show our youth that they can overcome anything. The
                                                                                                                                                                       lakes. Our big brother has already been
                                                           potential locked within can be unleashed through the
                                                           power of friendship and guidance. I want to be a                                                            on a raft trip and he said it was very fun.
                                                           mentor for children who need a positive adult role                                                          We really enjoy the ICO taking us swim-
                                                           model in their lives.                                                                                       ming. We hope that more of our friends
                                                                                                                                                                       can come swimming next year with the
                                                           I hope that you will continue to provide funding for                                                        ICO program.
                                                           the ICO program, so that I can fulfill my goal.
                                                           Through your support, we can provide friendships and                                                        Kendra and Keñia Rascón
                                                           experiences for children who may not otherwise have
                                                           such opportunities. I thank you once again for the
                                                           support you have given ICO and ask that you continue
                                                                                                                           As you can see the youth and leadership enthusiasm is great in our ICO program. To
                                                           to support this program, so we can continue to have a
                                                           positive impact on today’s youth. Thank you.                    keep this valuable program running we need all the support, volunteers, and funding that
                                                                                                                           we can get. For more information call the ICO cell phone at (720)299-9967 or to
                                                           Sincerely,                                                      become an ICO leader contact Jennifer Stotter at nif2@aol.com.
                                                           Karri Barajas
                                                                                                   13                                                                 January/February/March 2004

Sierra Club Foundation Funds                                                                                                  BOOK                            niches remain seemingly untouched by the
                                                                                                                                                              imposing hand of humans.” I found this
Innovative Field                                                                                                                                              statement to well represent the book’s

From Denver Public Schools
                                                                                                                              REVIEW                          gloss-over of the environmental issue. The
                                                                                                                                                              terms isolated and seemingly say it all.

FrontRange Earth Force, in concert with Denver Public Schools, is set to begin implement of                                                                   But let’s not forget that this is a trail guide,
the winter portion of its Peaks and Plains program, funded by the Sierra Club Foundation.                                                                     and in that capacity it is filled with detailed
The grant will allow 600 Denver Public School students to cross-country or downhill ski at              The Colorado Trail: The Official                      information invaluable to the success and
Eldora Mountain Resort in December. The overwhelming majority of the students will be                   Guide, 6th Edition                                    enjoyment of the trail user, as well as breath-
experiencing the thrills of these winter sports for the first time.                                     The Colorado Trail Foundation,                        taking photographs and descriptions that
                                                                                                        288 pages                                             can’t fail to excite and motivate. The section
                                                                                                                                                              on Geology was probably the most interesting
The $50,000 grant was designed to offer Denver Public Schools some flexibility in its out-
                                                                                                        By Dan Disner                                         for me. I’ve always been awed by these
door programming in light of difficult budgetary constraints. The opportunity is available                                                                    processes and their results: upheaval and
only to selected schools that previously participated in the Vote for Children program. Chris                                                                 erosion – sometimes in violent cataclysm;
                                                                                                        My first thought upon glancing at this book I
Taylor, youth program director of the Sierra Club in San Francisco, believes “such an effort,           had been asked to review was, “How do I go            pristine lakes, blinding glaciers, and stone
if properly implemented, could have a profound effect on forming youngsters’ views of                   about reviewing a trail guide?” Had I ever            piercing sky! With the exception of a few
nature.”                                                                                                read a trail guide before? What did I have to         tongue-twisting terms, this section made
                                                                                                        measure it against? Further reading led to            me want to know more.
FrontRange Earth Force has supported environmental service-learning programs in the                     contemplation and on down the trail to
Denver-metro area for the last six years. Its executive director, Lisa Bardwell, believes that          consternation: how could I keep this from             For anyone interested in hiking the Colorado
“the Peaks and Plains program will allow many children to immeasurably broaden their                    turning into a novel-length pontification?            mountains, whether they’re looking for a
appreciation of the outdoors and its connection to their lives. If we want kids to care about                                                                 short day hike or an epic, summer-long jour-
their communities and the environment, I think it is really important that they have                    My second thought was, “Hmm, the                      ney, this is a great resource. The book stresses
opportunities to go outside of their communities and see them in the larger context.”                   Colorado Trail, isn’t that part of the                the importance of preparation and planning,
                                                                                                        Continental Divide Trail?” My negative                and points out the dangers involved in hiking
                                                                                                        impressions of the book flowed initially from         the backcountry. The reader, particularly the
Earth Force also has developed the academic classroom tie-ins that will supplement the
                                                                                                        my frustrated interest in learning the relation-      less experienced hiker, should pay close
field trips.                                                                                                                                                  attention to the guidance offered in the section
                                                                                                        ship between the two trails, but while I do
                                                                                                        have several criticisms of the book, I also           titled Hiking the CT. Doing so will go a long
Estevan Duran, science curriculum coordinator for DPS, welcomes the Peaks and Plains                                                                          way toward ensuring a safe and enjoyable
                                                                                                        found much to praise. In the end, the book
grant for “offering DPS students bona fide opportunities for experiential learning that we              proved to be both perturbance and joy.                mountain experience. The book is divided
often are not able to provide our youngest and less affluent students.”                                                                                       into chapters, each detailing one of 28
                                                                                                        While I recognize that my preoccupation with          sections of the trail. Concise directions are
Earth Force has trained facilitators who will provide the environmental expertise on 45 hiking          the relationship between the Colorado Trail           provided to access points and provisions
trips that will take place next spring for up to 1,000 students. All Vote for Children schools          and the Continental Divide Trail could be             resources such as lodging, markets, and services.
are eligible to participate on these trips, which will be scheduled on a first-come-first-served        misguided, I suspect that the two trails, or          Descriptions of terrain and ecology offer the
basis, beginning in January. Please contact Lisa at frontrange@earthforce.org or Kristi at              trail systems, would appeal to the same ilk of        user a truly useful guide for choosing a hike
Kristi_p2@yahoo.com for more information at that time.                                                  hikers: those interested in the extended trek         destination. Whether you’re looking for a
                                                                                                        along a historically, geologically, geographically,   leisurely walk through clattering aspen groves
Print or electronic journalists wishing to accompany Peaks and Plains classes on one of                 and ecologically significant route. I was             or a stone stairway to the upper atmosphere,
their winter expeditions should contact Lisa Bardwell at 303-433-0016.                                  disappointed to find so little in this book           this guide will show you the way.
                                                                                                        about this relationship, especially after learn-
                                                                                                        ing – not until page 155 – that the Colorado          The Colorado Trail: The Trailside Databook
                                                                                                        Trail shares 200 of its 468 miles with the            is a pocket-sized supplement to the guide-
                                                Timeframe: Ongoing (Minimum 3 month                     Continental Divide Trail. In particular, I            book that you’ll find handy to carry along on
 Sierra Club Rocky Mountain                                                                             would like to have learned what the main              any hike along the Colorado Trail. It includes
 Chapter Internship                                                                                     differences were between the two: why                 very basic maps to the various trail sections
 Descriptions, January 2004                     Voter Education                                         develop two trails of such seemingly similar          marked with the distances between resources,
                                                Get hands-on experience in politics! Help               scope and range. And why should a particular          landmarks, and points of interest. It is well
 The Sierra Club is seeking mature college                                                              hiker choose one over the other?                      worth the extra $6 for those who don’t want
                                                register voters and coordinate volunteers
 students or adults with free time who                                                                                                                        to carry the larger guide.
                                                to educate the public about elections in
 can take on specific conservation-related      Colorado. Timeframe: Ongoing (Minimum                   Maybe my sensitivity to environmental issues
 projects for school credit or just life                                                                has been cranked up to high over the last             The Colorado Trail: The Official Guide,
                                                3 month commitment)
 experience. We need self-motivated                                                                     three years, but I think the book missed an           6th Edition is available for $22.95, and the
 interns who can help us with projects                                                                  excellent opportunity to point out the value          handy Trailside Databook for $5.95
                                                Conservation Outings Intern
 related to transportation, energy and                                                                  of hiking this trail as a lesson in environmen-
                                                Project: Organize a series of conservation                                                                    from:
 fundraising. Note: None of these intern-                                                               talism. While the narratives on Heritage,
                                                outings for the Sierra Club. A conservation                                                                   The Colorado Trail Foundation
 ships are paid positions. Flexible hours,                                                              Natural History, and Geology provide the
                                                outing combines an educational and a                                                                          710 10th St. #210
 can work from home or in the office.                                                                   reader with an informative and often enticing
                                                recreational event, so that people learn                                                                      Golden, CO 80401
 To apply, send a cover letter indicating                                                               vision of the trail, there is almost no mention
                                                about an issue while having fun. Examples                                                                     303-384-3729
 your interests and the times you will be                                                               of the devastating environmental impact of
                                                might include a tour of a wind power                    mining and development along the route. The           www.coloradotrail.org
 available. Also include a resume.              facility, a hike in a forest threatened with oil        CT Heritage section ends with the statement:
                                                drilling, a trip to a wilderness being consid-          “…despite all the development, many isolated
 Energy Campaign Intern                         ered for protection. Timeframe: Anytime,
 Project: Help promote renewable energy         with a minimum 3 month commitment.
 and energy efficiency in Denver and
 throughout Colorado. Plan events, give         Outings Intern
 talks, work with the media, coordinate         Project: Assist Outings chair with recruit-
 volunteers, do research, etc. Timeframe:       ment of new outings leaders, maintaining
 Ongoing (Minimum 3 month                       outings information on the website (simple
 commitment)                                    computer skills required), and assist with
                                                planning, recruiting, and registration for
 Transportation Campaign Intern                 spring training event. Timeframe: Anytime
 Project: Be a key part of shaping Metro
 Denver’s growth by supporting the second       Susan LeFever, Director
 largest public transit build-out in US         Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter
 history. Help set up educational presenta-     Susan.lefever@rmc.sierraclub.org
 tions, work with the media, coordinate         Fax: 303-861-2436
 volunteers, and organize special events.
Peak & Prairie                                                                                       14

                                                                                                       the arts, discussing how we use our five          players. Mandatory pre-trip meeting. No

    C                                                           OUTINGS
                                                   Sunday, January 11th. Ouzel Falls Day
                                                                                                       senses, and the interconnectedness of the
                                                                                                       animals and the land. Bring several colored
                                                                                                       pencils and a pad of drawing paper. To
                                                                                                       volunteer to help, or for more information
                                                                                                                                                         dogs allowed. Outing is open to the public.
                                                                                                                                                         Limit 4-6. Cost: $80.00 plus extra for food,
                                                                                                                                                         lodging on March 18th and transportation.
                                                                                                                                                         Please contact Brian Judd at 719-598-8285

    A                                              Hike with the IPG. Ouzel Falls is named
                                                   for a dull gray bird, smaller than a robin
                                                   and shaped like a wren. The elevation gain
                                                   is 950 ft., and the hike covers 5.4 miles.
                                                                                                       on ICOs, call Debbie Petroff at
                                                                                                       Saturday, January 31st, 8:30 a.m.-late
                                                                                                       afternoon. Easy Cross-Country Ski Trip.
                                                                                                                                                         for reservations/questions.

                                                                                                                                                         Saturday, March 27th, 9:30 a.m. – noon.
                                                                                                                                                         Sierra Singles Outing in Colorado Springs.

    L                                              This hike is rated moderate, because the
                                                   majority of the elevation gain is in the first
                                                   1.8 miles up to Calypso Cascades. Snowshoes
                                                   required in case of fresh snowfall. If you are
                                                                                                       An easy 3-4 mile cross-country ski trip to
                                                                                                       the best available local snow. This is an ideal
                                                                                                       follow-up to the Jan. Cross-Country Ski
                                                                                                                                                         Stratton Open Space Walk and Learn with
                                                                                                                                                         Ruth Obee as an environmental facilitator.
                                                                                                                                                         Our walk will be around 3 miles, with a

                                                                                                       Clinic, but the trip is open to everyone.         500’ elevation gain. Outing is open to the
                                                   interested in this hike, contact Deirdre            For details or to sign up, call Jim Lockhart      public. If interested in a SC membership,
                                                   Butler (303) 823-8649 or Reg Gupton                 at 719-385-0045.                                  contact Dave Bryan at 719-499-3283 or
                                                   (303) 588-0030 for more details.                                                                      dlbsierra@sunwest.net. For details, contact

    N                                              Sunday, January 11th. Full Day Hike at
                                                   the MacIntyre Hills Proposed Wilderness.
                                                   This area forms the South Slope of the
                                                                                                       Saturday, February 14th, 6:30 a.m.-7:30
                                                                                                       p.m. Inner City Outing in Colorado
                                                                                                       Springs – Palmer High School Ski Trip.
                                                                                                       For its first outing, this ICO group will
                                                                                                                                                         Kirby Hughes at 719-685-3019.

    D                                              Arkansas River Canyon West of Royal Gorge.
                                                   Co-sponsored by the Sierra Club and the
                                                   Colorado Wilderness Coalition, this moder-
                                                   ately strenuous hike of up to seven miles and
                                                                                                       spend a day skiing at Ski Cooper! This will
                                                                                                       be the first experience for all of the kids.
                                                                                                       They will receive a half-day lesson, and be
                                                                                                       able to practice their skills on the mountain.
                                                                                                                                                         Thursday, January 29th at 7:00 p.m. Slide

    A                                              less than 1,000 in elevation gain explores
                                                   the values which make the area one of the
                                                   Wild Ten, prime local candidates for
                                                   Wilderness designation. For more
                                                                                                       For information, or to volunteer to help
                                                                                                       with these young adults, please contact
                                                                                                       Chris Duval at 719-473-5304 or Debbie
                                                                                                                                                         Show on the Baikal Watch with the
                                                                                                                                                         Trappers Lake Group. At Olympic Hall on
                                                                                                                                                         Howelesen Hill in Steamboat Springs. John
                                                                                                                                                         Spezia will present a slide show on his

                                                                                                       Petroff at 719-473-7069.
                                                   information and to register, contact                                                                  month long experience as a volunteer advi-
                                                   John Stansfield, 303-660-5849 or email              Saturday, February 21st, 7:30 a.m.-late           sor for Baikal Watch. The 300-mile long
                                                   jorcstan@bewellnet.com by Jan. 10th.                evening. Retro Ski/Snowshoe with the              Lake Baikal is located in Southern Siberia
                                                                                                       Pikes Peak Group. Dust off your woodies           and is the deepest lake in the world holding
                                                   Tuesday, January 13th, 6:30-9:00 p.m.               and pull on your knickers, dress like a           25% of the world’s fresh water. John trav-
         SUBMISSION                                and Saturday, January 17th, all day.                clown; come as a historic ski figure or just as   eled the length of the lake by ship, kayak,

          DEADLINE    for
                                                   Beginner Cross-Country Ski Clinic with
                                                   the Pikes Peak Group. The Pikes Peak
                                                                                                       you are. Friend and fun is the focus for this
                                                                                                       ski/snowshoe tour, with a prize for the best
                                                                                                                                                         bus, train, truck and on foot to advise the
                                                                                                                                                         environmental leaders of Lake Baikal on
                                                   Group’s annual cross-country ski clinic is          costume. This is an easy tour that will not       developing a trail system and a tourist based
      April/May/June 2004 Issue
                                                   the perfect place to learn the basics of cross-     be greater than 4 miles or gain more than         economy that would protect the communi-
 Monday,    February 16, 2004                      country skiing equipment and techniques.            500’ in elevation. Location will depend on        ty, culture, and keep the profits within the
         To list your event, email                 The indoor session will be held on Tuesday          snow. Outing is open to the public.               local community. More details? Contact
                                                                                                                                                         Rich Levy at massageranger@hotmail.com.
     calendar-editor@                              and Steve Balsiger from Mtn. Chalet will            Call Brian Judd at 719-598-8285 with
                                                   talk about equipment and clothing, including        reservations or questions.
    rmc.sierraclub.org                             the latest innovations in the sport. We will                                                          Saturday, February 7th, 10:00 a.m.-3:00
                                                   also discuss where to rent or buy equipment,        Saturday, February 28th, 8:30-3:00.               p.m. Annual Legislative Workshop spon-
                                                   where to go, and how to ski safely. The out-        Beginner Snowshoe Clinic and Hike.                sored by the Enos Mills Group of the
                                                   door session on Saturday is a learning and          Come learn the basic techniques of snow-          Sierra Club and the Audubon Society of
    Late submissions may be included in                                                                                                                  Greater Denver. Cost is $12.00 in advance
the online Rocky Mountain Chapter                  practice session, taught by PPG members             shoeing and go for an easy snowshoe hike!
                                                   and will cover basic skiing techniques. It          This outing will be held locally in the best      and $15.00 at the door. Location is at
Calendar. Send info. as an attached
document to outings@rmc.sierraclub.org.            will be held locally, with the exact location       available snowshoeing snow. A $5.00 dona-         Bethany Lutheran Church (4500 E.
    Please check the web site –                    depending on where the best snow can be             tion to the Sierra Club is requested.             Hampden). To register please send fee
www.rmc.sierraclub.org and then click on           found. The total cost for both sessions is          Participants must make arrangements to            to LEGISLATIVE WORKSHOP,
Calendar (left menu bar) – for a complete          $20.00 ($10.00 for each additional family           obtain their own snowshoes. For informa-          Sierra Club, 1536 Wynkoop St., Denver,
and up-to-date listing of outings.                 member). Participants who don’t have                tion on this outing, which is open to the         CO 80202. For more information, call
    In order to participate on one of the          equipment will also have to arrange rentals.        public, call Jim Lockhart at 719-385-0045.        303-433-2608.
Sierra Club's outings, you will need to            You don’t have to be a member to participate.
sign a liability waiver. To read a copy of         For reservations and details, call                  Thursday, March 18th – March 21st.                Saturday, February 7th. ICO Annual
the waiver prior to the outing, see http://        John Stansfield at 303-660-5849 or                                                                    Training. This training will included logis-
www.sierraclub.org/outings/chapter/forms or call                                                       Wolf Creek Backcountry Yurt. Route is 6
                                                   Jim Lockhart at 719-385-0045.                       miles, 1500’ elevation gain (travel time is       tics of planning and conducting SAFE out-
415-977-5630.                                                                                                                                            ings, sharing of ideas from experienced lead-
    In the interests of facilitating the                                                               3-6 hours or much more if trail breaking).
logistics of some outings, it is customary         Saturday, January 24th, 10:00 a.m.-1:30             The yurt is well equipped with wood and           ers. This will NOT include CPR or First
that participants make carpooling                  p.m. Inner City Outing in Colorado                  cook stoves, bunk beds/furniture, outhouse,       Aid training. Please RSVP to Kathy Glatz
arrangements. The Sierra Club does not             Springs with Monterey Elementary School.            pots/pans/utensils. Need a backpack with          at Kathy.glatz@rmc.sierraclub.org for
have insurance for carpooling arrange-             Students from the school will be exploring          food/water, clothing, sleeping bag, and sup-      directions and time.
ments and assumes no liability for them.           the Stratton Meadows Open Space on an               plies. Due to the challenging nature of this
Carpooling, ride sharing or anything               educational tour with author and environ-           trip, participants should be strong interme-      Friday, March 5th, 5:30-7:30 p.m. Happy
similar is strictly a private arrangement          mental specialist Ruth Obee. We will review         diate snow travelers, be very fit, and be team    Hour at the Sunbird with the Colorado
among the participants. Participants               the natural history of the area and its link to                                                       Springs Sierra Club Singles. 230 Point of
assume the risks associated with this                                                                                                                    Pines Dr. Come join us for a relaxing after
travel.                                                                                                                                                  work get-together! Let’s talk about some of
                                                                                                                                                         the "issues" too – from conservation to vol-
Meetings and events are open to
members and the public at no cost.                                                                                                                       unteering to help in our community. This
They are a good way to meet activists                                                                                                                    activity is open to the public and no RSVP
and discuss Club issues. Hikes begin                                                                                                                     is required. For more info., contact
and end at the trailhead. Call the                                                                                                                       Debbie Petroff at 719-473-7069.
leader indicated for info., preferably a
couple of days in advance. Appropriate
experience and equipment required.
Other outings and special events
for the chapters and local groups can                                                                                                                    Chapter Meetings
be located on the RMC website at
www.rmc.sierraclub.org in the                                                                                                                            Auction Committee
calendar toolbar or the outings tool-                                                                                                                    General Meetings – Please call the office for
bar. Please check for current listings.
Don’t have a computer? Do not                                                                                                                            dates and times. Help us plan for the 2004
fear – the office can let you know                                                                                                                       5th Annual Auction at the Brown Palace!
the latest if you give them a ring at                                                                                                                    Contact Dan Disner at 303-861-8819 or
303-861-8819.                                                                                                                                            dan.disner@rmc.sierraclub.org.

                                                   This illustrious Sierra Club hiking group conquered South Boulder Peak on a hike in November.
                                                   Please contact the Peak and Prairie photo editor to see your club activity photos into print
                                                                                                          15                                                                       January/February/March 2004

Chapter Conservation Committee                Outings Committee                                                                                                       Poudre Canyon Group
Contact Kirk Cunningham, 303-939-8519         Interested in planning outings for your                       Energy Committee – New Committee!                         (Larimer and Weld Counties)
or write kirk.cunningham@rmc.sierra-          group or for the chapter? Please contact                      We’ve got new energy! Contact Leslie                      General Meetings are held the 4th Tuesday
club.org                                      Jacob Morgan at                                               Glustrom for location, time, and                          of each month at Home State Bank, 303 E.
for details about the location and time.      Jacob.morgan@rmc.sierraclub.org or check                      meeting agenda, lglustrom@aol.com                         Mountain Ave. in Ft. Collins. Meetings are
                                              out the outings website for more meeting                      or 303-245-8637.                                          scheduled for Jan. 27th, Feb. 24th, and
Energy Committee                              details at www.rmc.sierraclub.org.                                                                                      March 23rd. For more information,
Second Wednesday of the Month, 6:30                                                                         Executive Committee                                       call Neal Marsh at 970-225-1861 or
p.m. REI Clean Energy Speaker Series, REI     Pesticides Committee                                          Fourth Monday of each month                               nandv@aol.com.
LoDo, 1416 Platte St. in Denver. For more     Contact Angela Medbery for meeting                            Contact Steve Welter for location,
information on the featured speaker, please   dates and times at 303-433-2608. She’d                        time, and meeting agenda,                                 Rachel Carson Group
contact John Rosapepe at 303-861-8819         love to have you there!                                       steve.welter@rmc.sierraclub.org                           (Eastern Jefferson County)
or john.rosapepe@sierraclub.org or                                                                          or 303-499-7261.                                          General Meetings on these Tuesdays: Jan.
Greg Casini at greg.casini@sierraclub.org.    Photo Interest Group                                                                                                    6th, Feb. 3rd, and March 2nd at 7:00 p.m. at
                                              Join the new RMC Photo Interest Group.                        Outings Committee                                         the City of Arvada Administration Building,
Gay and Lesbian Sierrans (GLS)                Meetings are taking place at the Uptown                       Want to help lead or organize outings?                    8101 W. Ralston Rd. Interesting guest speak-
Contact Lisa Lewis at 303-777-3664 for        Gallery and Studio at 3519 Brighton Blvd.                     Join the Outings Committee. Contact                       ers will be on hand! To RSVP or for more
more details about dates and times. Also      In Denver. View nature slide shows! Go on                     Dave Hawley to volunteer or for                           information, please contact Judy Johnson
check out their website for more informa-     interesting hikes! Fun without limit! Please                  meeting details, 303-417-1363 or                          at Judith_Johnson@yahoo.com or
tion on hikes, meetings, and other fun        give Mark Itkonen at 303-296-9300 for                         dave_Hawley@comcast.net.                                  303-969-2109. Please check out the
events:                                       more information about dates and times.                       Political Committee                                       RCG website for more information
www.rmc.sierraclub.org/gls/act/html.                                                                        Get Active. Join the well-oiled machine!                  about additional events –
                                              Transportation Meeting                                        Monthly meetings start in January.                        www.rmc.sierraclub.org/rcg/
Genetic Engineering Committee                 First Monday of every month from 6-7:30                       Contact KC Becker for information at
Last Wednesdays of the month at 7:30 p.m.     p.m. at the RMC Sierra Club Office, locat-                    720-406-8659 or kdotcdot@yahoo.com.                       Sangre de Cristo Group
Contact Suzanne Wuerthele for location        ed at 1536 Wyknoop St. in Downtown                                                                                      (Arkansas River and San Luis Valley)
details, 303-333-2519 or                      Denver. Contact Bert Melcher if you have                      Sprawl & Transportation Committee
wuerthel@ecentral.com.                        any questions, a.melcher@comcast.net or                       Meets 2nd Thursday of each month.                         General Meetings
                                              call the Chapter Office at 303-861-8819.                      Contact Sonya Guram for location,                         3rd Thursdays of the month
Human Rights and the Environment                                                                            time, and agenda for next meeting,                        Please contact Ross Vincent for more
Committee                                                                                                   303-245-9115 or                                           details about location and times,
Third Tuesdays of the month at 7:00 p.m.                                                                    Sonya.guram@rmc.sierraclub.org.                           ross.vincent@rmc.sierraclub.org.
Come and join in on a new salon-style               G ROUP M EETINGS
committee setting. We’ll be watching perti-                                                                 Mount Evans Group                                         South Platte Group
nent videos and getting familiar with cur-                                                                  (Evergreen, Conifer Area)                                 (Arapahoe, Douglas and S. Jefferson County)
rent issues concerning human rights and       Blue River Group                                              Meetings are at 7:30 p.m. on the 2nd                      Executive Committee Meetings
the environment. A salon-style discussion     (Summit, Grand & Eagle Counties)                              Thursday of every month at the Evergreen                  2nd Wednesday of the month, 7:00 p.m.
will follow after the video with an action    Meets the first Monday of the month, 6:00                     Rec. Center. Email Betsy Kelson for                       Wild Ginger Restaurant in Littleton.
piece element. Contact Libby Tart at 303-     p.m. Call Karn Stiegelmeier at 970-468-                       more information at                                       For more details, contact Judy Gee at
949-5639 or libby.tart@rmc.sierraclub.org     9013 or write frankarn@colorado.net for                       betsy.kelson@rmc.sierraclub.org.                          720-273-6107.
for more details about the location and to    location details.
RSVP. All are welcome to participate.                                                                       Pikes Peak Group                                          Trappers Lake Group
                                              Enos Mills Group                                              (El Paso and Teller Counties)                             (Routt, Moffat, Jackson, and Rio Blanco)
Inner City Outings                            (Denver County)
Help young people learn about wilderness.     Please contact Diane Uren at                                  Book Club and Discussion Group                            General Meetings
Write to Dan Ridgeway at                      303-504-9657 for more information                             1st Tuesday of the month, 6:00 p.m.                       The 2nd Tuesday of each month, noon at
djridgew@ouray.cudenver.edu or Kathy          on EMG Meetings.                                              Poor Richard’s Restaurant, 324 N. Tejon                   Centennial Hall. Contact Rich Levy at
Glatz at Kathy.glatz@rmc.sierraclub.org                                                                     St., Colorado Springs.                                    rich.levy@rmc.sierraclub.org for more
for details about location and time.          High Plains Group                                             Contact Dave Bryan for more details at                    information.
                                              (Aurora, Brighton, Parker, and other                          719-559-2790 or dlbsierra@sunwest.net.                    *Please see event section for a special event
Lifestyles Education Committee                Eastern Plains area)                                                                                                    with the TLG.
Monday, Jan. 19th, Feb. 16th, and March       This group is in reorganization, but                          General Meetings
15th beginning at 6:30 p.m. Discover how      please call up the Chapter Office to                          2nd Tuesday Evening at the Beidleman                      Uncompaghre Group
personal choices affect the health of the     find out more details, 303-861-8819                           Environmental Center. For more informa-                   (Mesa, Delta, and Gunnison Counties)
planet! Contact JoLynn Jarboe at              or dan.disner@rmc.sierraclub.org.                             tion on location and time, please contact                 For general meeting information, contact
303-753-0470 for location information                                                                       Kirby Hughes at 719-685-3019.                             Shelly at 970-243-5138.
or write her at jolynn11@juno.com.            Indian Peaks Group
                                              (Boulder County)                                              Executive Committee Meetings                              Weminuche Group
                                                                                                            3rd Thursdays at the Beidleman                            (Durango and Surrounding Areas)
                                              Conservation Committee                                        Environmental Center. For more informa-                   3rd Wednesday, 5:30 p.m. at Storyville in
                                              First Wednesday of each month                                 tion on location and time, please contact                 Durango. Questions? Contact John Z. at
                                              Environmental Center of the Rockies, 2260                     Kirby Hughes at 719-685-3019.                             zwierzycki@frontier.net or 970-375-9584.
                                              Baseline Rd., Boulder. Contact Kirk
                                              Cunningham for time and agenda,
                                              kirk.Cunningham@rmc.sierraclub.org or

                                                                                                                        YES! I’d like to participate in the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Sierra Club!
                                                   ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHAPTER                                               So we can best utilize your time & talents, check your top 4 priorities only.
                                                    MEMBER INTEREST SURVEY                                              ___ Accounting/Bookkeeping–Budget/Finance            ___ Merchandise Sales
                                               Please clip, mail or fax (303-861-2436) this form to:                    ___ Air Quality                                      ___ Mining
                                                 (or fill this out online at: www.rmc.sierraclub.org/volunteer.html)    ___ Agriculture                                      ___ Newsletters–Chapter/Group
                                                                                                                        ___ Energy                                           ___ Outings/Outdoor Service Projects
                                                      Volunteer Development Committee, Sierra Club
                                                             1536 Wynkoop Street, Suite 4C                              ___ Event Planning                                   ___ Outreach/Program Development
                                                                   Denver, CO 80202                                     ___ Environmental Education                          ___ Pesticides
                                                                                                                        ___ Environmental Justice                            ___ Phone Banking
                                              NAME ______________________________________________                       ___ Federal Facilities Monitoring                    ___ Population
                                              ADDRESS____________________________________________                       ___ Fund raising/Grant Writing                       ___ Recycling/Simplicity/Sustainability
                                                                                                                        ___ Gay & Lesbian Sierrans–a social/outings group ___ Singles
                                               ____________________________________________________                     ___ General office work, data entry, mailing parties ___ Solid Waste–burning haz. wastes
                                                                                                                        ___ Genetic Engineering                              ___ Speakers Bureau/Public Speaking
                                              PHONE (day & evening) ______________________________                      ___ Hazardous Materials/Toxics                       ___ Transportation
                                              E-MAIL ______________________________________________                     ___ Information Technology–Computers/Web             ___ Urban Land Use/Sprawl
                                                                                                                        ___ Inner City Outings                               ___ Water Quality
                                              Occupation/Educational Background                                         ___ International & Trade Issues                     ___ Water Resources–prof. & experts
                                               ____________________________________________________                     ___ Legislative–Contact legislators/hearings/review  ___ Wilderness/Forests/BLM/Public Lands
                                                                                                                        ___ Media Relations/Publicity                        ___ Wildlife/Endangered Species
                                                                                                                        ___ Membership/Volunteer Welcome Wagon               ___ Write letters to legislators/newspapers
                                                                                                                        If you are a college/graduate student that has any interest in Sierra Club Student Coalition
                                              To receive e-mail alerts and announcements                                activities or involvement, please state the name of your college/university below:
                                                            (the easiest way to get involved!),
                                                       log onto our website to register for them at:                    Special skills, knowledge or experience I am able to contribute as a Sierra Club volunteer:

                                                                                                                        Thanks so much for participating!                                January/February/March 2004
                                                                                                         BE A PART OF OUR
                                    I NSIDE              this issue                                      CHAPTER’S SUCCESS

                                                                                                         FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE

                               3    EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ELECTION RESULTS
                                                                                                         Help to increase our resources by cultivat-
                                                                                                         ing and educating major donors and by
                                                                                                         writing grant proposals. Build on your
                                                                                                         experience, or learn new skills while help-
                                                                                                         ing the Sierra Club. Contact Susan LeFever

                                                                                                         at 303-825-1554 or susan.lefever@sierraclub.org.

                                    THE GREEN VOTE IN COLORADO                                           TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE
                                                                                                         Improvements to Highway 36? Upgrades
                                                                                                         to Union Station? Allowing RTD to ask vot-
                                                                                                         ers for money for transit improvements? A
                                                                                                         number of transportation issues are on the
                                                                                                         horizon for Colorado, and you can help
                                    SIERRA MEMBERS ATTTEND
                               5    FTAA PROTEST
                                                                                                         the Sierra Club respond and activate our
                                                                                                         membership. Contact Susan LeFever at
                                                                                                         303-825-1554 or susan.lefever@sierraclub.org.

                                                                                                         JOIN THE OUTINGS COMMITTEE
                                                                                                         Be a part of the growing RMC Outings
                                                                                                         Program. We need help expanding the
                                                                                                         outings program in the state and putting
                                                                                                         together outings that focus on specific con-
                                                                                                         servation issues. Contact Gary Matthews

                              8-9   THE NATIONALENVIRONMENTAL
                                    POLICY ACT: YOUR CHANCE TO
                                                                                                         at 303-449-8182 or outings@rmc.sierraclub.org.

                                    HAVE AN “IMPACT”

                                                                         US Postage Paid

January/February/March 2004
Volume XXXVIII—No. 1

                                                                               1536 Wynkoop Street, 4C
                                                                               Rocky Mountain Chapter
                                                                 Sierra Club
                                                                               Denver, CO 80202

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