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									                                        Benefits                                      Membership
         A               The Riviera Owners Association (ROA)
                         is an international non-profit organization
                         formed in 1984, in the belief that the time
                                                                            Membership is open to all who share the
                                                                            enthusiasm for the Buick Riviera.
                                                                            information focuses on the needs of our

      Cordial            had come for this great Buick to receive the
                         attention it deserves. We are dedicated to the
                                                                            members, and covers all Rivieras from 1963
                                                                            to 1999.

                         preservation, restoration, and promotion of the
                         Buick Riviera. We concentrate on the needs of
                         the Riviera owner.


Share the Pride          Our growing membership consists of many
                         prominent collectors, restorers, authors,
                                                                            The Riview is our 36-page, full-color bi-
                                                                            monthly magazine filled with information on
                         mechanics, and researchers with years of           the Riviera, exclusively. As our membership
                         experience who share their expertise. Our          has grown worldwide, so has the content and
                         membership also includes dealers of used,          quality of the Riview. It contains features on
                         NOS, and reproduction parts required to            member’s cars, repair and restoration articles
                         repair and restore our cars. It is our purpose     and tips, information and reports on our
                         to coordinate our members’ experience with         Regional and National Meets; questions and
                         our own to bring you reliable and up-to-date       answers, information on available current and
                         information.                                       collectible publications, and reproduction of
                                                                            obsolete material. Our classifieds average 8-
                         Our web site provides information on our           10 pages of cars for sale, used, new, NOS and
                         organization, information on each year, a list     reproduction parts, as well as literature. Ads
                         of regional and national events, as well as        are free to members, who sell their parts. ROA
                         links to online discussion groups, cars for sale   is not in the used car or parts business.
                         and a membership application. Our “Members

       ROA               Only” section includes a roster of members,
                         statistical data, technical tips and other
                                                                            Each member receives the current issue of the
                                                                            Riview, a membership card, club decal and
   P.O. Box 261218       resources. Membership is possible online with
                         credit card of PayPal, by fax or by mail.
                                                                            club cards upon joining ROA.

Denver, CO 80226-9218    Individual attention to specific problems is
                                                                            You are invited to join with other Riviera
                                                                            owners who enjoy sharing their pride in owning
      303-233-2987       handled quickly by us and/or our Technical         a Buick Riviera.
   303-238-0346 (fax)    Advisors, and is available by phone, mail or
                         e-mail. ROA maintains an extensive library
  office@rivowners.org   to help our members with specific problems
   www.rivowners.org     or questions.                                       Does all this sound interesting?
                                          Membership Application



                                State:              Zip:



                                Year of Riviera(s)

                                Annual Dues:
                                   In USA..........................................$30.00
                                   Outside of USA ............................$35.00

                                Methods of Payment

                                     1.   Pay online by credit card or PayPal
                                          at www.rivowners.org

                                     2.   Checks (U.S. banks only)

                                     3.   Visa/MasterCard

                                          #            -            -            -

                                          Exp. date (MM/YY)

                                          Name on card
The Riview is our full-color,
36-page, award-wining, bi-                Signature
monthly magazine, filled
                                Send to:
with stories, tips, Q&A,
classifieds and more!                     Riviera Owners Association (ROA)
                                          P.O. Box 261218
                                          Denver, CO 80226-9218
                                          303-238-0346 (fax)

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