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Report for City Council October 31_ 2006 meeting


									                                                                         Agenda Item No.: L.1.a.
Bylaw 14394

Bylaw 14394 - Waste Management Bylaw 13777 Amendment No. 2 – Private Waste Bins
Purpose                                                       that the lids be maintained closed in
                                                              order to reduce odour and prevent
To amend Waste Management Bylaw 13777
by adding a requirement that private waste                    waste being blown from the bins.
bins be kept covered.
Readings                                                Waste Management Bylaw 13777
This Bylaw is authorized under Section 7 of              requires that waste bins at multi-family
the Municipal Government Act. A majority                 residential sites (all owned by the City)
vote of City Council on all three readings is            have lids and that the lids be kept closed
required for passage.                                    in order to reduce odour and prevent
                                                         waste from blowing from the bins.
If Council wishes to give three readings
during a single meeting, then prior to                  The Bylaw does not have similar
moving third reading, Council must                       requirements for private waste bins.
unanimously agree “That Bylaw 14394 be                  Since incidences of private waste bins
considered for third reading.”                           being left open causing litter and odour
                                                         nuisance are increasing, and since a city-
Position of Department                                   wide program to reduce and clean up
Asset Management and Public Works                        litter was launched earlier this year,
Department supports this Bylaw.                          there is need to regulate the closure of
                                                         these bins.
Report Summary
This Bylaw amends Bylaw 13777, the                   Background Information Attached
Waste Management Bylaw, in order to                  1. Bylaw 14394
encourage proper use of waste bins as well
as enable enforcement action against parties         Others Approving this Report
responsible for causing litter and odour
                                                     L. Benowski, General Manager, Planning
nuisance by not keeping private waste bins
                                                     and Development Department
Previous Council/Committee Action
 At the October 24, 2006, Transportation
   and Public Works Committee meeting,
   Bylaw 14394 was forwarded to City
   Council for the appropriate readings.
 At the August 29, 2006, City Council
   meeting, the following motion was
      That Administration bring forward
      an amendment to Bylaw 13777, the
      Waste Management Bylaw, which
      would require waste bins at
      commercial sites to have lids and

Routing:              Transportation and Public Works Committee
Delegation:           W. D. Burn/R. G. Neehall
Written By:           R. G. Neehall
October 11, 2006      Asset Management and Public Works Department
File: 2006PW8030      (Page 1 of 1)

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