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					                       Fifty Forward
Recreation, information and services for ages 50+
A publication of the Troy Parks and Recreation Department                                                                  June 2010

How Will the Health Care Reform
Law Affect You?                                                                       Community-Wide
Monday, June 7 10:30 - 11:30 am
How will the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act                     Garage Sale
impact you as a senior adult? What will it mean for your                    Saturday, June 5 9 am - 2 pm
Medicare coverage? Get answers to these questions and                        Liberty Center Parking Garage
more during an educational session especially for seniors                (just south of the Troy Community Center)
from 10:30 to 11:30 am on Monday, June 7 in Room 303 at
the Troy Community Center. The event is free and open to         Join your friends and neighbors in cleaning out
the public. Panelists who will explain key provisions of the     your closets and garage. Bring all your items to the
new health care reform law include:                              Liberty Center Garage and turn your discards into
                                                                 $$$CASH$$$. Your registration fee gives you two
  •   Marjorie Mitchell, Executive Director                      parking spaces in the garage. Additional spaces
      Michigan Universal Health Care Access Network              may be purchased and table rental is available.
  •   Garrett Arwa, State Director, Organizing for America       Concessions and restroom facilities will be on site.
  •   Melissa Bernardi, Regional Field Director,                 The registration deadline is May 28.
      Organizing for America
                                                                 Act. #128994F 2 spaces                              $15 ($17 NR)
For more information, please contact (248) 680-0773.             Act. #128994G Additional space                      $10 ($12 NR)
                                                                 Act. #128994H 8 ft table rental                     $10 ($12 NR)
Chef's Choice Dinner with Entertainment by
the Heritage Concert Band                                        Volunteers needed from 7:30 am-2 pm. If you are
Wednesday, June 16. Doors open at 5:15 pm                        interested call Elaine T at 248-524-3484.
Emerald Food Service will present their popular Chef's
                                                                 Shoppers admission fee of $1 per person, children
Choice buffet at dinnertime followed by a one-hour concert
                                                                 under 5 free. Proceeds benefit Troy senior programs.
by the Heritage Concert Band. The entertainment is spon-
sored by Dr. Michael Chen. Doors open at 5:15 pm. The
buffet will open at 5:30 pm followed by the concert at 6:30
pm. The cost is $6 ($8 NR). Reservations required.
                                                               Newsletter Subscription Renewal
                                                               Newsletter Will Be Printed Six Times Per Year Starting with
Please register by Monday, June 14. Space is limited. Ask      the July/August Issue
for Act. #125934B.                                             It's time to renew your newsletter subscription if you
                                                               receive it through the mail as your subscription expires
Outdoor Shuffleboard and Bocce Ball                            with this issue. Subscriptions (3rd class mail) begin with
Mixers Offered Tuesday and Thursday Mornings                   the July/August issue and expire the following June. There
Although the leagues have been cancelled due to low            will be SIX issues, published every other month. The fee is
enrollment, to facilitate play, a shuffleboard mixer will      $4 for six issues. Non-residents pay $6. Register for Act.
be offered on Tuesday mornings and a bocce mixer will          #135000G. If you receive the newsletter via e-mail, you do
be offered on Thursday mornings at 9:30 am beginning           not need to renew - you will continue to receive the news-
June 1. Pre-registration is not required and there is no       letter. A third option is to pick up a free copy at the Com-
fee. Participants should pick up the equipment at the          munity Center on or after the 27th of every other month.
Community Center desk.
The two outdoor shuffleboard courts and two outdoor             Inside . . .
bocce ball courts at the Community Center are available         Ongoing activities ..................................... page 9
for open play and equipment can be checked out at the           Sports and Fitness ............................ pages 4 & 5
Community Center desk with ID. There is no charge.              Services ................................................... page 14
                                                                Trips ................................................. pages 6 & 7
      NEW: Zumba Toning for Gold - page 5
Troy Parks & Recreation               Upcoming Events                                                        248-524-3484
3179 Livernois
Troy, MI 48083                       Michigan Senior Olympics
248-524-3484                         Summer Games for men and women 50+ July 7 - 21 at various Oakland Co. locations
Senior Program Staff                 There are 22 medal events including badminton, bocce, bowling, golf, horseshoes, pick-
Carla Vaughan                        leball, shuffleboard, swimming, tennis, track and field, and volleyball. MSO membership
 Senior Program Director             ($25) is required. The registration fee is $35 and includes two medal events. The final                registration deadline is June 1. Call 800-400-8161 for more information or visit www.
Elaine Torvinen            
 Senior Program Coordinator
                                     HOT Skills Sudoku
                                     Exercise Higher Order Thinking Skills and have fun playing one of the most popular puzzles
                                     of our time. This two-day course teaches a method that will give you the ability to finish
Hours                                all medium and hard puzzles. Instructor John Prepolec is a retired automotive executive
Mon-Fri, 8 am-9 pm                   with 25 years experience in problem solving methodology. He developed this course which
Sat, 8 am-1 pm                       uses deductive logic and standardized methods to solve the puzzles. Space is limited and
Fax                                  preregistration is required. Must have some experience with Sudoku puzzles. $3.50 materials
248-689-6497                         fee payable to the instructor at the first class. Fee: $25 ($30 NR)
Medi-Go Plus                         Act. #      Day          Dates              Time
248-457-1100                         135937I T&Th             June 8 & 10        10-11:30 am
SMART Dial-A-Ride
248-362-3436                         Oakland County Senior Spelling D-U-E-L
Emerald Kitchens                     The county-wide Senior Spelling D-U-E-L will be held in Birmingham in October 2010,
(Meals on Wheels)                    exact date to be announced. Troy spellers can meet on Tuesdays at 11 am in the senior
                                     reading room beginning June 1 to practice for this exciting event. A Troy competition
                                     will be held on September 15 at 1 pm to determine the three spellers who will represent
Weather Hotline                      Troy in the county D-U-E-L. To register as a competitor in the Troy event, ask for Act. #
(Cancellations due to weather)       148985E. The registration deadline is September 1. The fee is $8 ($10 NR).
City Hall                            Join the Band!
                                     The Heritage Concert Band practices at the Community Center on the first and third
City Web Site                        Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm. (No string instruments except string bass.) For
                                     more information about joining this group, contact Inez Wolosen at 248-828-8047. See
                                     the band perform at the Chef's Choice dinner on June 16. See page 1 for details.
Advisory Committee
James Berar .............689-3408
Pauline Noce ...........540-1606
David Ogg-Chair ....689-2210                             Movie Madness with Free Popcorn!
Jo Rhoads ................689-2741
                                                        Join us for DVD movies at the Community Center on the big
JoAnn Thompson ....879-2637
                                                       screen TV at 1 pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in Room
                                               301. Your suggestions are welcome! Closed captions available upon
                                             request. After the movie, there will be a brief discussion lead by Mike Frank.
                                           $5 annual participation fee ($7 NR) or .50 drop-in fee per movie at door.
                                      Wed., June 16 - Up in the Air (109 min.) - R
                                      Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) is a corporate downsizing expert whose cherished
                                      life on the road is threatened just as he is on the cusp of reaching ten million fre-
                                      quent flyer miles and just after he's met the frequent-traveler woman of his dreams.
Mission Statement                     Bingham's job is to fire people from theirs. The anguish, hostility, and despair of his
The City of Troy is committed         "clients" has left him falsely compassionate, living out of a suitcase, and loving every
to working with and for senior        second of it. When his boss hires arrogant young Natalie, she develops a method of
citizens to provide information,      video conferencing that will allow termination without ever leaving the office. Deter-
programs and services that            mined to show her the error of her logic, Ryan takes her on one of his cross country
promote independence and              firing expeditions, but as she starts to realize the disheartening realities of her profes-
healthy, active aging.                sion, he begins to see the downfalls to his way of life.

Upcoming Events                                                                                              248-524-3484

Troy Restaurant Group
Wednesday, June 2 - 6 pm at Kruse & Muer
Dine out with other seniors every other month at an area
restaurant. Meet at the restaurant, order from the menu,
and enjoy a delicious meal with friends old and new.
The next “Troy Restaurant Group” event is Wednesday,                 Granola Goodness for Goodness Sake!
June 2 at Kruse & Muer, 911 Wilshire, Troy, 48084. Meet              Meet Monica Jahnke, owner of Muschie’s Baked Goods in this
there at 6 pm. Please RSVP to JoAnn Thompson 248-879-                class about healthy organic foods! Learn about quality nutrition
2637 or by May 29. The group will                   that comes from eating whole foods like grains, nuts, seeds,
have a semi-private room and there will be separate checks.          fruits, and unrefined sweeteners. Enjoy delicious samples of
                                                                     Monica’s organic creations and learn about nutritious snacks
Hearing Loss Support Group                                           made from locally grown ingredients that can provide you with
Wednesday, June 9 - 6:30-8 pm                                        sustained energy….naturally!! Location: Stage Nature Center.
The hearing loss support group is for anyone with a hearing          Act #       Age         Date        Time        Fee Res Disc
loss or anyone who cares about someone with hearing loss.            327950A     12-Adult    Sat, June 5 10-11:30 am $14 $12
In June, learn more about cell phones and hearing aids.
Reservations are not required. There will be no meeting in           River Day 2010
July and August.                                                     Saturday, June 5 at Stage Nature Center - 9 am - 1 pm
                                                                     Join us as we work in the headwaters of the Rouge River
                                                                     to improve the natural habitat along the stream at the Stage
Book Club                                                            Nature Center. This upstream reach of the Rouge River is
Wed., June 9 - 10 am                                                 home to some of the most pristine water in the entire Rouge
The book club meets on the second Wednesday of each                  River Watershed. This year’s event is sponsored by REI.
month except July and August in the reading room at the              Activities include: River debri removal, invasive plant
Troy Community Center. Contact Corrine at 248-528-                   removal and wood chipping trails. To volunteer, contact the
1508 for more information. New members welcome. $5                   Stage Nature Center at 248.524.3567.
annual participation fee ($7 NR) or .50 drop-in fee at door.

Caregiver’s Support Group                                            Mindfulness Meditation Group
June 10 (2nd Thursday of each month) - 10-11:30 am                   2nd and 4th Tuesday - 6:45-8 pm
This support group, cosponsored by Home Instead Senior               This group is for those who have read or are reading Full
Care, provides a forum for individuals to share experiences,         Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn and have an inter-
information, and methods for managing caregiver stress.              est in developing a meditation practice. Contact Jean at
All ages are welcome. If you would like to bring the                 248-288-0832 for more information. $10 annual participa-
person you are caring for, let us know by registering for            tion fee ($12 NR) or .50 at the door.
Act. #145921A. $5 annual fee ($7 NR) or .50 drop-in fee
at door.                                                             Shanghai Rummy Card Group
                                                                     Fridays, 3 pm - ?
Red Hat Society                                                      If you enjoy playing rummy, come in and check this group
Tuesday, June 8 - 1 pm                                               out. Find out what Shanghai Rummy is and join the fun.
The Troy Mad Hatters meet on the second Tuesday of each              $10 annual participation fee ($12 NR) or .50 at the door.
month. In June they will they will hold their members-only
picnic at Brinston Park from 11 am - 1 pm. Call JoAnne at
248-577-1165 for more information.                                      Contestants Sought for Ms. Senior
                                                                        Winner to be Crowned July 13 in Rochester
  Massage Therapy                                                       The Ms. Senior Michigan Pageant seeks women age
                                                                        60 and older who best exemplify the dignity, maturity
  Chair or table massage is offered on Mondays and                      and inner beauty of those who have reached their
  Fridays from 9 am to 2 pm with massage therapist                      "Age of Elegance." Contestants will be judged in
  Gordon Maslowski. The fee is $15 for a 20 minute                      interview, talent, poise and philosophy of life. To
  chair massage or $35 for a 45 minute table massage.                   learn more about the pageant and find out how to
  Please call 248-524-3484 to make an appointment.                      enter, contact Laura Newsome at 810-987-8811.
  Walk-ins welcome if time allows.

Sports and Fitness                                                                                           248-524-3484

2010 Summer 50+ Outdoor Pickleball                                                   Senior Tennis League
                                                                                    An informal senior tennis league meets on
50+ Pickleball Doubles Ladder Leagues                                               Tuesday and Friday mornings from 9 am -11
Play begins week of June 1 for 12 weeks. Play one game to                           am at the Civic Center tennis courts. Fee:
11 with each player in your foursome each night. Weekly                             $2/session payable at the courts. For more
totals will be used to determine court placement for the                            information, call Judy Luther at 248.879.9550
following weeks. Play will take place at Baker School tennis
courts. Eight players will report for an early start and eight          2010 Golf Leagues
players for a late start, alternating start times. Each league          Both the Monday and Wednesday morning 9-hole golf
needs a volunteer manager. Contact Elaine T. at 248-524-                leagues at Sylvan Glen are full at this time. If you wish to
3484 if you are interested. No play July 3 and 4.                       go on the sub list, call 248-524-3484 and ask for the proper
Act #       Day     Gender        Time           Fee    NR              activity number(s):
138995G     Sun     Co-ed         8:30-11am      $12    $17             Sub Only: Mon.: Act. #148986B Wed.: Act. #148987B
138995H     Tue     Men’s         5:30-8 pm      $12    $17
138995J     Wed     Co-ed         5:30-8 pm      $12    $17
138895K     Thu     Women’s       5:30-8 pm      $12    $17             Register Now for 55+ Fall/Winter Volleyball
138895L     Sat     Coed          8:30-11 am     $12    $17             Senior volleyball teams for persons 55 and older practice
                                                                        at the Troy Community Center on Mondays and Thursdays
Pickleball Mixers                                                       from 9:30-11 am beginning September 13 through the end
Play begins week of June 1 for 12 weeks. Play will take                 of March. These teams play in a Tuesday morning league
place at Baker and Smith Middle School tennis courts.                   in Warren from November through March. Pre-registration
Courts are reserved for group of no more than 12 individuals            is required. The fee is $120 per person ($140 for non-resi-
that are preregistered to participate in this program. Volunteer        dents). To register ask for activity #148970E. To be guar-
manager will be needed for this program. Contact Elaine T at            anteed a spot, returning players must register by August 28.
248-524-3484 if you are interested. No play July 2 & 4.                 New players may register beginning Sept. 2.
Act #     Loc.     Day    Time Level             Fee    NR
138995M   Baker    Sun    5-7pm Inter –Adv       $12    $17
138995N   Smith    Sun    5-7pm Beg-Inter        $12    $17
138995P   Baker    Fri    5-7pm Inter –Adv       $12    $17              Sports Leagues
138995Q   Smith    Fri    5-7pm Beg-Inter        $127   $17              Bowling - Mondays, 1 - 3:15 pm at Thunderbird Lanes,
138995R   Smith    Sat    9-11 am Beg-Int        $12    $17              Sept. - April. Points for beating own average.
                                                                         Golf - Mon and Wed mornings at Sylvan Glen May
Court Reservations
                                                                         - September
When the courts at Baker and Smith Middle Schools are
                                                                         Softball - Women 50+ - Tuesday evenings, Men 50+
not in use for a scheduled Parks and Recreation program,
                                                                         - Thursday evenings, May - August.
they can be reserved up to one week in advance for a fee of
                                                                         Tennis - Indoor at the Civic Center with a fee Sept.-
$5 per hour. Troy residents 18 and older may reserve these
                                                                         May and outdoor at the Civic Center May-Sept - $2
courts at the Troy Community Center in person. Telephone
                                                                         drop-in fee.
reservations are not accepted. Single play permit may be
                                                                         Volleyball - Men 50+-Tuesday mornings Oct. - March.
obtained for one hour and doubles for two hours.
                                                                         Practice Monday and Thursday mornings.

 Would you like a free introduction to the
 game of pickleball? Call Nancy at 248-879-                              Drop-In Sports
 8508 or Don at 248-652-6643 to arrange                                  Badminton - Fridays, 9:30-10:30 am, $3. No charge
 a meeting at one of the pickleball sites.                               for Community Center passholders. Equipment provided.
                                                                         Bocce - Outdoor, seasonal. Equipment provided dur-
 Equipment provided.
                                                                         ing Community Center hours.
                                                                         Pickleball - Fridays, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm, $3 Wednes-
                                                                         days, 7-9 pm $7 ($5 with coupon book). NR $10/$8.
                                                                         No charge for Community Center pass-holders.
                         Weather Cancellations: Call 248-                Table Tennis - Tue and Thu at 10 am $10 annual par-
                         689-9756 for weather cancellation               ticipation fee ($12 NR) or .50 drop-in fee at door
                         information. Call after 4:30 p.m. for           Shuffleboard - Outdoor, seasonal. Equipment pro-
                         the status of evening programs.                 vided during Community Center hours.

                                                                 - 4-
    Sports and Fitness                                                                                             248-524-3484

•     All classes meet at the Troy Community Center.                      Zumba Gold Dance Exercise
•     You may register NOW for classes on this page.                      Tuesdays and Fridays, 10-10:50 am
•     Drop-in passes are $6 (NR $7) unless noted.                         Wed, 7:15-8:05 pm, Thurs, 12:45 1:35 pm
                                                                          $6 per person ($7 NR) at door
                                                                          Get energized with this low-impact aerobic workout that takes
           Zumba® Toning for Gold
                                                                          salsa, cha-cha, samba, tango, flamenco, calypso, hip-hop and
          The exciting Latin inspired dance-fitness class
                                                                          belly dancing and puts it all into a workout routine. Bring two
          taken to the next level. Low impact moves of
                                                                          bottles of water and a face towel.
ZUMBA® GOLD enhanced by adding lightweight maraca-
like ZUMBA® toning sticks. This NEW and exciting                        Balance and Stretch with Ilene Hill
program is designed to offer you a safe, yet effective total            Increase core strength to improve flexibility and stability for daily
body-toning workout! ZUMBA® Toning sticks available                     activities. Students must be able to do floor work. Bring a towel
from the instructor. Pre-requisite: ZUMBA® Gold. Fee:                   or pillow for your head. Weeks: 6 (Mon), 8 (Wed). No class
$66 ($76 NR)                                                            Mon 7/5,7/19, 7/26, 8/16. No class Wed 7/21, 8/18.
Act. #       Day        Time          Dates                Wks          Act. #  Day Time                Dates               Fee NR
138981A      Wed.       1-2pm         June 23-Aug 25       10           138983C Mon 9-9:50 am           Jun 21-Aug 23       $30 $40
                                                                        138983D Wed 9-9:50 am           Jun 23-Aug 25       $38 $48
50 + Women on Weights
Increase functional fitness for a better quality of life. Improve       Yoga with Marie
bone density, diminish arthritis pain, improve balance and help         Release tension by exercising all muscle groups and emphasiz-
prevent falls. Bring a mat and light (5 lbs. suggested) hand weights.   ing breathing - ideal for all ages and body types. Wear exercise
Weeks: 10 Drop in fee is $7.50 per class ($8.50 NR).                    attire and bring a mat or towel to lie on. Wks: 8 No class
Act#    Day Time         Dates         Fee                NR            7/5.
128982B Thu 5:30-6:30 pm Jun 24-Aug 24 $55                $65           Act. #  Day Time        Dates         Fee NR
                                                                        138977C Mon 11-12:10 pm Jun 21-Aug16 $38 $48
50+ Fitness Fusion                                                      138977D Wed 11-12:10 pm Jun 23-Aug 11 $38 $48
A fusion of yoga, weight training and pilates to maximize your
fat burning, especially around the waist. Please bring a mat AND        Gentle Aquatic Exercise with Jennifer
light hand weights to class for floor work. Weeks: 10. Drop             Gentle-to-your-joints water exercise. Enter pool at zero depth
in fee is $7.50 per class ($8.50 NR).                                   edge. Water temperature is approximately 82-84 degrees. Re-
                                                                        turning residents from the most recently paid session (spring)
Act #   Day Time         Dates         Fee NR                           have priority registering and may register now. New and non-
128989C Tue 5:30-6:30 pm Jun 22-Aug 22 $55 $65                          resident students may register beginning June 8. Returning
                                                                        students changing time slots must register as new. Weeks: 10
50+ Belly Dancing for Weight Loss
Belly dance is an excellent exercise for those who prefer dance         Act. #  Day Time         Dates         Fee
                                                                        138978E T&Th 9-9:50 am Jun 22-Aug 26 Free - HAP
as a form of conditioning. Some core exercises included, so
                                                                        138978F T&Th 10-10:50 am Jun 22-Aug 26 Sponsored
bring a mat. Perfect for all fitness levels and dance experience.
Weeks: 10. Drop in fee is $7.50 per class ($8.50 NR).                     Tai Chi with Kim Cary
Act #   Day Time         Dates         Fee NR                             Enhance balance and body awareness through slow, graceful,
128960C Wed 6:30-7:30 pm Jun 23-Aug 25 $55 $65                            precise body movements. Reduce stress, increase muscle tone
                                                                          and flexibility, and improve balance. Wear loose clothing and
                                                                          flat shoes. Instructor’s permission required for Advanced.
Muscle Strengthening with Lisa
A total body workout using hand-held weights, tubing, and                 Day: Mon Wks: 6 - No class July 5
medicine balls. Weeks: 9                                                  Act. #       Level Time        Dates            Fee NR
Act. #    Day Time           Dates          Fee NR                        138976A Beg. 1-2 pm Jun 21-Aug 2 $30 $40
138975C Tue 10-10:50 am Jun 29-Aug 24 $42 $52                             138976B Adv. 2-3 pm Jun 21-Aug 2 $30 $40
138975D Thu 10-10:50 am Jul 1-Aug 26 $42 $52
                                                                          Chair Exercise
Pilates with Fawn                                                         Mon, Wed, and Fri, 11-11:50 am. Purchase $31 10-punch
Stand taller, sit straighter and improve stamina, coordination and        card at front desk ($41 NR).
flexibility by strengthening core muscles with this no-impact
workout. Includes floor exercises. Weeks: 10                              Stretch & Tone
Act. #  Day Time         Dates         Fee NR                             Monday and Thursday, 11-11:50 am. Purchase $31 10-
138979B T&Th 11-11:50 am Jun 22-Aug 24 $86 $96                            punch card at front desk ($41 NR).
                                                                   - 5-
Trip News                                                                                                248-524-3484

                                                                Yule Love It Lavender Farm Tour, Luncheon
 • Register for trips upon receipt of this newsletter.          Tea, and Speaker on Bees
 • Seniors may bring guests of any age unless noted un-         Sat. July 10 Depart: 9 am Return: 4 pm
   der individual trip description. The minimum age for         Act. # 148921V $44 R $54NR
   gambling trips is 21 unless noted.                           Join us on a visit to the Yule Love It Lavender Farm in
 • If you use a wheelchair or need a special accommo-           Leonard MI. We will have a tour of the farm and then enjoy
   dation, please indicate this upon registration.              a Luncheon Tea. Afterwards there will be time for shopping
                                                                and then as a bonus a speaker on bees.
 • One-Day Trip Refund Policy: A $10 service fee
   will be withheld on all patron requested refunds,                Bay City Tall Ships
   plus costs incurred. Full refunds issued for medical             Sat., July 17 Depart 8:30 am Return approx. 7 pm
   emergencies with a letter from your physician (please            Act. #148916A $119 R $129NR Register by 6/23.
   notify us prior to the trip) and for trips we cancel.
                                                                    Travel by deluxe motor coach to Bay City as the Tall Ships
 • Transportation by city bus unless noted. Board bus               line the Saginaw River for the Tall Ship Celebration. Step
   at the Community Center north entrance.                          aboard the Appledore IV, the largest and most appointed
 • Register early so trips are not cancelled!                       Tall Ship in the Appledore series. Relax as we enjoy
                                                                    the view from the deck and take a three hour sail on the
 • The City of Troy is not responsible for providing care           Saginaw River. A local historian will join us on board for
   to persons who cannot care for their own personal                an educational program. Restrooms on ship are below deck
   needs, maintain their composure, or to refrain from              requiring the use of ships ladder. Lunch at Krzysiak’s, a
   conduct which may jeopardize the rights of other                 favorite Polish/American restaurant in Bay City.
   members of the group. Such individuals must be
   accompanied by an adult to assist with their special
   needs. The City reserves the right to deny participa-
                                                                    Riverwalk/Diamond Jack Cruise
   tion when an individual requires a caregiver but fails           Thur. July 29 Depart 9am Return 5pm
   to arrange for one.                                              Act. #148921W $30 R $40 NR
                                                                    Stroll along the new and improved Detroit Riverwalk
                                                                    and have lunch on your own. Select a casual meal at the
                                                                    Riverwalk Café or stroll to the Ren Cen for an upscale
52nd Annual Freedom Festival Fireworks
                                                                    lunch. Hop on the people mover and head over to
Mon. June 21 Depart 1 pm Return 1 am
                                                                    Greektown. Rent a bike and explore the Dequindre Cut bike
Act.#148923A      $114 R $119 NR
                                                                    path. Board the Diamond Jack at 12:30pm and go for a two
This Blue Lakes Charter trip aboard a deluxe motorcoach
                                                                    hour cruise of the river. Afterwards we will drive around
includes a full buffet dinner and dessert at the Radisson
                                                                    Belle Isle before heading back to Troy.
Hotel on Front Street in Windsor, two complimentary drink
tickets (alcohol, wine, beer or pop), cash bar, and musical
entertainment by “Bewitched” with James Jayson. You                           Windsor Raceway Slots
will have the option of a bus transfer to Windsor Casino                      Tue. Aug. 3 Depart: 9:15 am Return: 5:15 pm
but will be on your own to get back to the Radisson. Bring                    Act. #148904C $10 R $15 NR
a chair or blanket to sit outside to enjoy the fireworks or         Join Bianco Tours for an exciting day at the Windsor
view them from inside the Riverfront Club in the Radisson.          Raceway. Facility has been renovated in a Roaring
You must bring proper ID for this trip: Valid Passport,             Twenties theme and houses about 750 slot machines.
Passport Card or Enhanced Drivers License. If you don’t             Passport or enhanced drivers license required. (Bianco
have these, you will not be allowed on board the coach and          Tours)
will not receive a refund.
                                                                              Dancing Legends at the Huron
Matthaei Botanical Gardens                                                    County Playhouse
Wed., June 23 Depart 9:30 am Return 3:45 pm                                    Fri. Aug. 13 Depart: 9 am Return: 8:30 pm
Act. #148921U $43 R $48 NR Register by 6/7                          Act. #148916C $119 R $129 NR
Enjoy a guided tour of one of our area’s loveliest gardens.         Board a deluxe motor coach to travel to Grand Bend in
We will take in the Conservatory, and enjoy the outdoor             Huron County Ontario and enjoy the performance brought
displays and trails. Included is a box lunch we will enjoy          to you by Drayton Entertainment. The show is brimming
at the Gardens. Make sandwich choice at sign-up from                with music, comedy and emotion. Lunch is included.
the following options: Gourmet ham & cheese, turkey or              Main floor seats. Passport or enhanced drivers license
veggie sub. Cost includes transportation via motor coach,           required. (Shoreline Tours)
lunch and admission.
Trip News                                                                                                 248-524-3484

                                                                    National Parks - Sept. 11-22
                                                                    Act. #148946B $3,449 pp double, $4,449 single, $3,399
                 Future Day Trips -
                                                                    triple (NR add $5)
       Details in the July/August newsletter                        This 12 day tour includes air, hotel, transfers, 10 breakfasts
    Rouge Factory Tour/Buddy’s Pizza - Mon. Aug. 16                 and 7 dinners. Visit Scottsdale, Lake Powell, Grand
          Detroit Tigers Game - Wed. Aug. 25                        Canyon, Bryce, Zion, Salt Lake City, Grand Teton and
                                                                    Yellowstone National Parks, Old Faithful, Bighorn
                                                                    Mountains, Sheridan, Custer State Park and Mount
                                                                    Rushmore. Cancellation and Waiver insurance available
                                                                    for $140 per person. Brochures available at the Community
Online registration not available for overnight trips.
                                                                               Outer Banks, NC and New River
Cancellation insurance is recommended.
                                                                               Gorge, W. Va. - Sept. 26 - Oct. 1
                                                                                Act. #148909H - $1024 pp double, $1404 single,
Wheeling Island Casino - July 14-15                                 $964 triple (NR add $10)
Act. #148909F $169 pp double $209 single $155 triple                Departure time to be announced. This trip includes
(NR add $5)                                                         round trip transportation on deluxe motor coach, 5 nights
One of the newest casinos in the US features the #1 Grey-           lodging, 5 breakfasts & 3 dinners and tours of many sights
hound track in America. Equipped with slots, table games
                                                                    of interest, and luggage handling and tax and tips on
and live entertainment, Wheeling Island Casino is a great
                                                                    included meals. See flyer at Community Center for details.
two-day get away. This WVa resort offers luxurious guest
rooms with upscale amenities. (              (Shorline Tours)
Includes 1 breakfast and $50 gaming package. $50 deposit
holds your spot - balance due June 12. (Shoreline)
                                                                    Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island - Oct. 11-14
                                                                    Act. 148918C - $699 pp double, $641 triple, $909 single
                                                                    (NR add $5)
Nova Scotia - August 3-10                                           This Michigan Recreation and Park Assoc. trip includes:
Act. #148909C $2514 pp double, $3224 single $2284 triple            Round trip motor coach, ferry and taxi to hotel and
(NR add $10)                                                        baggage handling
Travel by deluxe motorcoach to and from Toronto and a               Elegant accommodations at Grand Hotel - rooms assigned
two hour flight to and from Nova Scotia. Trip includes              by luck of the draw. All rooms non-smoking.
7 breakfasts, 1 lunch and 5 dinners including Lobster               Grand Buffet lunch 1st day, champagne reception, five
bake. Visit Halifax, (Citadel Hill, Public Gardens,                 course dinner nightly, full breakfast daily, afternoon tea,
Historic harborfront, Peggy’s Cove) Cape Breton Island,             horse drawn carriage tour, nightly dancing to the Grand
(Alexander Graham Bell Museum, Cabot Trail and                      Hotel Orchestra, lectures, movies, games, bingo, and more.
the Cape Breton Highland National Park) and Prince
                                                                    A $300 deposit is due at registration. The balance is due
Edward Island, (Anne of Green Gables Home, and enjoy
                                                                    Aug. 2. No refund after Aug. 2 unless replacement is
a performance of the musical “Anne of Green Gables”.)
Return to and from P.E.I. via the Confederation Bridge.
Pick up a flyer in the Community Center for more details
on sights to be visited. All luggage handling taxes and                       Shenandoah Valley Fall Color Tour
tips on meals included. Trip cancellation insurance is                        Oct. 21-25 Act. #148909G
available for $125 per person. Deadline to register is June                    $909 pp double $1199 single $849 triple (NR add $10)
1. (Shoreline Tour.)                                                Greenbrier Bunker, Natural Bridge, Drama of Creation,
                                                                    Shenandoah Caverns, Skyline Drive. Includes motorcoach
Alaska - Sept. 7-18                                                 transportation, 4 nights lodging, 4 breakfasts, 1 lunch and
Act. #148932A $3299-$4159 pp double based on stateroom              3 dinners. Luggage handling and taxes and tips on included
(NR add $5)                                                         meals. $50 deposit due at registration with balance due by
This 12 day tour includes air, transfers, four nights land,         Sept. 8. (Shoreline Tours)
McKinley Express rail voyage, Natural History Tour in
Denali, Riverboat Cruise in Fairbanks, and 7-night Inside           Caribbean Cruise - Nov. 27-Dec 8
Passage Cruise on the Coral Princess with all meals.                Act. #148935A - $2678-$3648 pp depending on cabin
Optional tours available at ports and lodges. Prices range          choice (NR add $10)
from $3299 to $4159 double depending on stateroom. See               On the Queen Mary 2. Call 248-524-3484 for a detailed
brochure for details. (Tripmasters)                                 brochure. (Grand American Tours)

   Mon                                    Tue                                 Wed
                                             1                         2                         3                     4
                        12:00 Chili Mac          9:30-12 Private           12:00 Chef's Choice       12:00 Beef Hot Dog
                                                       Computer                  Buffet              1:00 Bingo
                                                       Consultations       12:30 Birthday

                                                 10:30-12 Blood                  Party
                                                       Pressure            1:00 Advisory                               5
                                                 12:00 Tuna Rotini               Committee           9-2   Garage Sale
                                                 6:00 Restaurant
                   7                         8                       9                        10                      11
 10:30 Health Care      12:00 Turkey Cutlet      12:00 Veal Parmesan    10:00 Caregiver’s            12:00 Chili
       Speaker          1:00 Red Hat                                          Support Group          1:00 Bingo
 12:00 Chicken Leg            Society            6:30   Hearing Support 12:00 Turkey Waldorf
       Quarter          1-3 Surplus Food                Group                 Salad

                 14                       15                         16                       17                      18
11-12 Meet Your         12:00 Penne Pasta        10-12 Hard Drive          12:00 Beef                12:00 Cheeseburger
      State Senator                                    Erasure                   Stroganoff          1:00 Bingo
12:00 Ham & Cheese                               12:00 Sloppy Joes
      Chef Salad                                 12-3 Ask the
                                                 1:00 Movie
                                                 5:30 Chef's Choice

                 21                         22                       23                       24                      25
12:00 Salisbury Steak   12:00 Pepper Steak       9:30  Matthaei            12:00 Mac and Cheese      12:00 Chicken
1:00 Fireworks          1:00 Focus Hope                Gardens Trip                                        Sandwich
      Trip                                       12:00 Lemon Chicken                                 1:00 Bingo

                                            29                       30
 12:00 Sausage and      12:00 Spahgetti with     12:00 Chicken Pie
       Sauerkraut             Meat Sauce                                                  Menu subject to change.
                                                                                        Lunch is served from 11:45-
                                                                                        12:30 M-Th and from 11:30-
                                                                                              12:15 on Friday.

 Ongoing Activities                                                                                       248-524-3484

                                                    CREATIVE ARTS                      OTHER ACTIVITIES
 These activities are held at the Troy
 Community Center unless noted.                     Ballroom Dance - Wednes-           Ask the Attorney - Attorney Dana
                                                    days 1-2 pm. $6 at door ($7        Wilson offers free 15 min. consultations
SPECIAL INTEREST/                                   NR).                               on the 3rd Wednesday from 10:30 am.
ADVOCACY/SUPPORT                                   Band - The Heritage Concert         noon. Appointments required. Call 248-
GROUPS                                             Band practices on the 1st and       524-3484.
                                                   3rd Wednesday from 7:30-9:30        Birthday Party - 1st Thursday 12:30-
Advisory Committee 1st Thursday,
                                            pm. Call 248-828-8047 for details.**       1 pm. No reservation required. Cakes
Sept.-June (no meeting in December)
at 1 pm. Public invited to share con-       Golden Choraliers Chorus - Fri-            donated by the Newcomers.
cerns about Troy programs and services.     day 9:45-11:30 am. Sept. through June.     Book Club - 2nd Wednesday 10 am.
E-mail the Committee at: seniorac@          Several performances per year.**           No reservation required. Call Corrine at, leave a suggestion in the       Line Dance Lessons Mon. 12:30-2            248-528-1508 for more information.*
suggestion box at Community Center,         and Wed. 12:30-1:30 pm $6 ($7 NR).         Blood Pressure Screening - RN
or call them - see page 2 for phone         Wed. is Beg. only. Wed, 8-9:30 pm.         Elaine Cook provides blood pressure
numbers. Minutes are available at the       (student instructed) $3 at door ($4 NR)    screenings on the 1st Wed. from 10:30-
Community Center.                           - all levels welcome.                      noon in Rm. 403. Drop-in, free.
Caregiver's Support Group - 2nd             Harmonica Club - Mondays: 9:30-            Computer Lab - In addition to com-
Thursday from 10-11:30 am.*                 10:30 a.m. Sept. - June. Drop-in. Be-      puter classes (details elsewhere in this
Hearing Loss Support Group - 2nd            ginners welcome**.                         newsletter), drop-in computer lab with
Wednesday from 6:30-8 pm.*                  Harmonica Lessons - Mondays:               Internet access is available Mon. and
India Club - 1st Saturday, 11 a.m.-         9:30-10:30 am. Sept. - June. Free.         Wed. from 9:30 am - noon and Friday
4 p.m. Cultural and social activities.      Drop-in. Beginners welcome.**              from 9:30 am - 4 pm.**
Contact Jiwan Sondhi at 248-535-7777                                                   Defensive Driving Classes - Of-
or*                     Needlework Club - Tuesdays, 10             fered twice a year at the Community
                                            am. Drop-in. Share ideas, advice and
Meet Your State Senator - State                                                        Center.
Senator John Pappageorge's staff has                                                   Gardens - At the Troy Farm. Details
office hours at the Troy Community          Painting Club - Thursdays, 9 am.
                                                                                       in the March and April newsletters.
Center on the second Monday of each         - noon. Drop-in.**
                                                                                       Hot Lunch - This federally funded
month from 11 am. - noon in room 404.       Quilting Group - Wednesdays, 9 am - 4
                                                                                       program is held Monday - Thursday
No appointment is needed. Stop by to        pm. All levels welcome. Bring works in
                                                                                       from 11:45 am - 12:30 pm and Friday
discuss your concerns.                      progress. No lessons. Drop-in.**
                                                                                       from 11:30-12:15 pm for persons 60 and
Pacific Rim Outreach - Wednesdays,          Woodcarving Club - Mondays at              older. No reservation needed. Sug-
10 am -3 pm. Information and referral       8:30 am. Drop-in. Beginners and visi-      gested donation: $2.75. (Under age 60
and social activities.**                    tors welcome.**                            must pay $6.) Lunches and ENSURE
T.O.P.S. - Thursdays at 8:30 am                                                        liquid meals for homebound persons also
- 10:30 am at the Community Center.                                                    available. Call 248-689-0001.
Non-profit weight loss support group.**     CARDS AND GAMES                            Medicare Enrollment Assistance
                                            Bingo - Fridays at 1 pm. .25 per card      Jim Zoellner, volunteer Medicare/
                                            with $1 admission card. Cash prizes.       Medicaid counselor, offers enrollment
 Participation Fee (Act. #145000)                                                      assistance on the 1st and 3rd Friday from
                                            Bridge - Duplicate -Tuesdays at
 Annual fee for Sept. 1 - Aug. 31                                                      12 - 3 pm. in room 403 by appointment
                                            12:30**, Party -Thursdays at 12:30         only. He will help with selecting
 *$5 annual participation fee required      pm.**, ACBL: Mondays at noon ($5 at
 ($7 NR) beginning Sept. 1. Prorated                                                   insurance, claims, denials of service, and
                                            door) and Fridays at 11 am. ($6 at door)   answer other questions. Call 248-524-
 to $2.50 March 1 ($3.50 NR)
                                            Cribbage Club - Fridays, 1 pm.             3484 to make an appointment by the
 **$10 annual participation fee required    Drop-in. Beginners welcome.**              Wednesday prior to desired appointment
 ($12 NR) beginning Sept. 1. Prorated                                                  date. For help with Part D enrollment,
 to $5 March 1 ($6 NR)                      Euchre - Tuesdays at 12:30 pm.**
                                                                                       bring your prescriptions.
 $20 annual rate available to participate   Pinochle - Monday at 12:30 pm and
                                            Wednesday at 12:30 pm.** Jr pinochle       SPORTS AND FITNESS
 in as many groups as you want ($22
                                            (no experience needed) Thursday at         For ongoing sports and fitness
 NR) or .50 per meeting drop-in fee.
                                            12:30 pm.**                                activities, see page 4-5.
                 	         Troy 50+ Computer Learning Center 	
                           At the Troy 50+ Computer Learning Center at the Troy Community Center,             Private
                           qualified senior instructors teach students 50 and older to use a computer in      Consultations
                           a friendly environment. A computer is provided for each student and course         Meet one-on-one with a
                           materials are included in the fee. For more information including detailed         Learning Center instructor
                                                                                                              on the first Wednesday
                           course outlines, please visit
                                                                                                              of each month. 45
                                                                                                              minute appointments
Computers for Beginners (1st Class)                     Intro to Word Processing Using Office 2007            are available at 9:30,
For those with no previous knowledge of computers or    Prerequisite: Intro to Computers or some previous
                                                                                                              1 0 : 1 5 a n d 11 a m .
feel that technology is beyond them. Learn the basics   computer experience. Use Microsoft Word 2007
                                                                                                              Call 248.524.3484 by
and build self-confidence. Weeks: 2 - four two-hour     to create letters and other documents. Set margins,
                                                        copy and paste, create tables, spell check, insert    the Monday before to
lessons. Fee: $36 (NR $41) $42/$52 beginning 7/1.                                                             schedule an appointment.
                                                        clip art and more. Weeks: 2 - four two-hour les-
Act #       Day       Time             Dates            sons. Fee: $36 (NR $41).                              The fee is $5 payable
135951Q     T & Th    6:30-8:30 pm     Jun 8-17                                                               at the Community
                                                        Act. #     Day        Time             Dates          Center desk before your
135951R     T & Th    9:30-11:30 am    Jun 22-Jul 1
                                                        135954D    M&W        6:30-8:30 pm     Jun 7-16       appointment. Please
145951A     M&W       1-3 pm           Jul 12-21
145951B     T & Th    9:30-11:30 am    Jul 27-Aug 5                                                           cancel if you cannot
                                                        Basic PhotoShop Elements
145951C     T & Th    9:30-11:30 am    Aug 17-26        Hands-on experience working with photos from a        make it so someone else
                                                        digital camera, scanner and other sources. Topics     can have your spot.
Intermediate Computer Skills (2nd Class)                include restoring old photos, sharing photos
Prerequisite: Computers for Beginners or some           online, photo file formats, and more. Weeks: 4        Hard Drive
previous computer experience. This course               - eight two-hour lessons. Fee: $60 (NR $70)           Erasure
introducing Windows, organizing files (move,                                                                  This free service is offered
                                                        Act #       Day        Time            Dates
copy, rename, etc.) into folders, word processing,                                                            on the third Wednesday
                                                        145959A M & W 1-3 pm                   Aug 2-25
                                                                                                              from 10 am - noon in the
spreadsheets (using Microsoft Office 2007) and
                                                        E-Mail                                                computer lab. Prevent
more. Weeks: 2 - four two-hour lessons. Fee:
                                                        This course uses Outlook Express, the free e-mail     identity theft if you are
$36 (NR $41) $42/$52 for classes after 7/1.
                                                        program on all Windows PCs. Set up an e-mail          throwing out or giving
Act #       Day      Time             Dates             account, create e-mail, send and receive attach-      away your computer.
135952J     T & Th   9:30-11:30 am    Jun 8-17          ments, reply, delete, forward, use the address        Drop off your computer
135952K     M&W      1-3 pm           Jun 21-30         book and distribution lists, save messages, and       (just the computer), or
145952A     T & Th   9:30-11:30 am    Jul 13-22         handle Spam. Weeks: 1 - two two-hour lessons.         remove the hard drive
145952B     T & Th   1-3 pm           Jul 27-Aug 5      Fee: $18 (NR $20) $21/$26 for classes after 7/1.      and bring it in.
145952C     M&W      6:30-8:30 pm     Aug 23-Sep 1      Act #     Day       Time             Dates
                                                        135960I   T & Th    1-3 pm           Jun 15-17        Drop-In
Internet Using Internet Explorer 8                      135960J   T & Th    6:30-8:30 pm     Jun 29-Jul 1     Computer Lab
This course covers searching the web, download-         145960A   T & Th    1-3 pm           Jul 20-22        The computer lab is open
ing files, online security, free antivirus software,    145960B   T & Th    9:30-11:30 am    Aug 31-Sep 2     for drop-in use on Mon.
customizing Internet Explorer, Google satellite                                                               and Wed. from 9:30 am
maps and more. This is a fun course where you           Computer Security and Internet Scams                  - noon and Fridays from
will discover web sites to check traffic, weather,      The ten steps every computer user should take
                                                                                                              9:30 am - noon and 1-3
home values, find phone numbers or old friends          to assure on-line safety and protect against
                                                                                                              pm. $10 annual partici-
and more. Weeks: 2 - four two-hour lessons. Fee:        computer crashes. Topics include backing
$36 (NR $41) $42/$52 for classes after 7/1.             up your computer, anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-        pation fee required or .50
                                                        spyware, identity protection, using firewalls and     drop-in fee.
Act #       Day    Time               Dates
135953H     M & W 1-3 pm              Jun 7-16          routers, using virtual credit cards, detecting and
145953A     T & Th 1-3 pm             Aug 17-26         avoiding Internet scams, and how to determine if      House Calls
                                                        Internet stories are true or false. Weeks: 2 - four   These individuals will
                                                        two-hour lessons. Fee: $36 (NR $41)                   come to your home for a
Where Did That Document Go?
Learn how to find that document or picture you          Act #       Day   Time                  Dates         nominal fee and help you
saved last week, how to organize documents and          135967D     M & W 6:30-8:30 pm          Jun 21-30     set up a computer, install
pictures into folders for easy reference, and how                                                             software, set up an Inter-
to transfer files between your computer and a flash     Introduction to Excel                                 net account, etc. Please
drive. Weeks: 1 - two two-hour lessons. Fee:            Must have prior computer experience. Use              call them directly. All are
$18 (NR $20) $21/$26 for classes after 7/1.             spreadsheets to maintain an address book, a           area code 248.
                                                        budget, or an investment portfolio, to manage
Act #       Day       Time            Dates                                                                   Rita Knorr: 689-8454
                                                        bowling or golf league scores, or track just about
135969J     T & Th    1-3 pm          Jun 8-10                                                                Chris Sarsfield: 828-5933
                                                        anything. Weeks: 2 - four two-hour lessons.
135969K     T & Th    6:30-8:30 pm    Jun 22-24
                                                        Fee: $36 (NR $41).                                    Tom Sawyer: 647-9099
145969A     T & Th    1-3 pm          Jul 13-15
145969B     M&W       1-3 pm          Jul 26-28         Act. #  Day    Time                  Dates            Charles Smart: 740-7899
145969C     T & Th    1-3 pm          Aug 31-Sep 2      135968C T & Th 1-3 pm                Jun 22-Jul 1     Tom Tellotte: 312-8866
                                                                  - 10 -
  Classes and Activities                                                                                      248-524-3484

                 Anyone Can Paint                                      Tap Lessons
                                                                       Beginners: No experience necessary! Learn basic steps
                 Join award-winning artist and television host
                                                                       and combinations and work on a nifty routine. Bring your
               Steve Wood as he shares his painting tips and
                                                                       old tap shoes, or come to the first class for suggestions on
techniques that will have you painting like an artist in one
                                                                       places to find new or used shoes.
class. He demonstrates and paints right along with the class.
An 11 x 14 completed painting will be accomplished by the              Instructor: Terry Slater Weeks: 6 Fee: $30 ($40 NR)
end of the session. Paint, brushes, canvas boards and all other        Act #   Level          Day     Time    Dates
supplies are included in the fee. Fee: $27.50 (NR $37.50).             138974D Beg.           Tue     2:15 pm Jul 20      Aug 24
Act #       Date           Time       Subject
145933W     Thu, Jun 10    1-3 pm     Wicker Basket of Lilacs
145933X     Thu, Jun 10    7-9 pm     Wicker Basket of Lilacs
                                                                       Line Dance Classes
145932A     Thu, Jul 8     1-3 pm     River Bend of Birch Trees        Mondays, 12:30-2 pm
145932B     Thu, Jul 8     7-9 pm     River Bend of Birch Trees        Wednesdays, 12:30-1:30 pm (Beg. only)
145932C     Thu, Aug 12    1-3 pm     Pacific Coastline                $6 ($7 NR ) at door
145932D     Thu, Aug 12    7-9 pm     Pacific Coastline                Instructor Connie Buss will teach you the basic steps and
                                                                       how to combine them in to a dance. Guys and gals of all
Watercolor Painting Lessons                                            abilities are welcome.
This class is open to all students from beginners through
advanced painters. Noted Bloomfield Hills artist, Karen
                                                                       Drop In Ballroom Dance
Halpern, will guide beginning and experienced students in
                                                                       Wednesdays, 1-2 pm
working effectively with the beautiful nature of watercolor.
                                                                       June: Rumba June 30 and July: Cha Cha
While learning about color, design, shading and painting
techniques, in a supportive environment, you’ll enjoy the
                                                                       Fee: $6 ($7 NR) at door
                                                                       Always wanted to ballroom dance? Now's your chance!
brilliance of the paint, the sparkle of its transparency, and
                                                                       Learn a different Smooth, Latin, or Swing dance style each
the pleasure of color mixing. Add individual attention, solid
                                                                       month. Study the steps and get tips and techniques to take
information about how to paint, and a sense of humor, and
                                                                       your dancing to the next level. Instructor Amy Tranchida
join us. Supply list is available on your receipt. Instructor:
                                                                       brings 30 years of experience, a diverse dance background,
Karen Halpern         No class July 30 Fee: $96 ($106 NR)
                                                                       and a great sense of humor to her classes. Come meet new
Act. #  Day           Time             Dates              Wks          people in a fun environment, burn extra calories, and get
138971A Fri           12:30-3 pm       Jul 9-Aug 27       7            ready for those weddings, cruises, and nights on the town.

Pottery - Ages 13 and older                                           Ballroom Dance Lessons
This class is great for students 13 years and older, beginners        Join the “Dancing with the Stars” craze and sign up for
to intermediate potters. Handmade pottery projects range              ballroom dance lessons with instructor Fred Caducio.
from functional ware to sculpture. Different projects in              Fred is an accomplished dancer and experienced instruc-
each session. Pottery wheel is limited to 1 turn per person.          tor across Metro Detroit. The spring classes will include
Dress for mess! Tools and materials provided by instructor.           instruction in Foxtrot, East Coast Swing, Waltz and Rumba.
Material fee of $22 due to instructor first class. Pottery pick             New this session is the addition of a Level 2 class
up separate. Instructor: Jeannette Pugliese. Fee: $79                        which requires mastery of the basics to attend.
($89 NR) No class July 5.                                             Drop in fee is $8 per class ($10 NR) payable at the door.
Act #        Day      Dates            Times          Wks             Day: Mon. Fee: $31 ($41 NR)
132221A      Mon      Jun 28-Jul 26    7-9:30 pm      4               Act #        Level     Time       Dates               Wks
132221B      Tue      Jun 29-Jul 20    7-9:30 pm      4               138980A      1         1-2 pm     Jul 12-Aug 16       6
132221C      Mon      Aug 2-23         7-9:30 pm      4               138980B      2         2-3 pm     Jul 12-Aug 16       6
132221D      Tue      Aug 3-24         7-9:30 pm      4

  Acrylic and Oil Painting and Piano Keyboarding
              will return in September.                                Beginning with the summer session, we will no
   Square Dance continues on Monday evenings                           longer pro-rate class fees for those signing up
 from 7-9 and will accept new dancers again in the                     late. There are drop-in passes available for the
       fall. Details in the Sept/Oct newsletter.                       fitness classes as an option.

                                                                  - 11 -
 For Your Information

                       The Truth About Carbs                            Help Preventing Type 2 Diabetes
                       Are you confused about                           You don't have to knock yourself out to prevent diabetes.
                       carbohydrates, or "carbs"? Have                  Studies show that people at high risk for type 2 diabetes
                       you heard that carbs are bad for you,            can prevent or delay the disease if they lose as little as 10
                       cause weight gain, or diabetes? If               pounds by walking 30 minutes 5 days a week and making
                       so, you may wonder: What is the                  healthy food choices. Small steps lead to big rewards. For
                       truth about carbs?                               more information and a detailed game plan, visit www.
What is a Carbohydrate?
Carbohydrate is a nutrient found in food. It is the body's
best form of energy. You need to eat some every day.
                                                                        Troy Medi-Go Plus Transportation
Are Carbohydrates Healthy?
                                                                        What is Troy Medi-Go Plus?
Healthy foods with carbohydrates are fruits, vegetables,
                                                                        Troy Medi-Go Plus is a nonprofit community organization
whole grains and fat-free milk. Other foods with
                                                                        dedicated to providing Troy residents age 60+ and Troy
carbohydrate, like regular soda, candy and French fries, are
                                                                        residents with disabilities age 18+ with door-to-door
high in calories and low in nutrition. Make sure you look at
                                                                        transportation to medical appointments and other important
more than just "carbs" when you choose what to eat.
How Does Carbohydrate Affect Blood Glucose Level?
                                                                        Who Pays For Troy Medi-Go Plus?
Most of the carbohydrate you eat is broken down to glucose
                                                                        Troy Medi-Go Plus receives funding from SMART,
(sugar) and absorbed into the blood stream. When blood
                                                                        Michigan Department of Transportation, Beaumont
glucose level goes up your pancreas puts out insulin.
                                                                        Foundation and rider fares and donations.
Insulin helps move glucose into cells and blood glucose
returns to normal.                                                      Where Can I Go with Troy Medi-Go Plus?
                                                                        Medical Appointments - including dentist, pharmacy,
In people with diabetes there is not enough insulin, or the
                                                                        clinics, hospital, therapy. Make your reservation up to two
insulin is not working normally. The underlying problem is
                                                                        weeks in advance. Standing appointments are accepted.
with insulin - not carbohydrate. Your health care provider
                                                                        Boundaries are 11 Mile, Mound, University and Southfield
or dietitian can help you get the right medications and meal
                                                                        Roads and Providence Hospital.
plan to keep your blood glucose in control.
                                                                        Visits to Spouses in Nursing Homes - Call up to one week
If I Have Diabetes, Should I Follow a "Low Carb" Diet?                  in advance. No standing reservations. Same boundaries as
Because carbohydrate is broken down to glucose, many                    medical appointments.
people with diabetes think they should not eat carbohydrate.            Troy Community Center - Monday - Friday. Call up to
This is not true. The body, especially the brain, needs some            one week in advance. Standing reservations accepted.
carbohydrate every day.                                                 Grocery Shopping - Thursdays. Anywhere within the
To feel your best, focus on eating high fiber, healthy                  City of Troy and to Meijer in Rochester Hills, Sterling
carbohydrates like those listed below.                                  Heights and Royal Oak. Reservations accepted two days in
                                                                        advance. No standing reservations.
If you are trying to lose weight, don't be fooled by quick              Oakland Mall - Tuesdays. Reservations accepted the
weight loss diets. Research shows that being active,                    Friday before. No standing reservations.
watching portion size and choosing healthy foods are the                Work and Educational Trips - for persons with
best ways to get to and stay at, a healthy weight.                      disabilities. Monday - Friday. Same boundaries as
Choose Healthy Carbohydrates                                            medical appointments. Standing reservations accepted.
 • Whole grain cereals with 5+ grams of fiber                           Hours of Service
 • Whole grain pasta with 3+ grams of fiber                             Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.
 • Whole fruits and vegetables
 • Bean and barley soups                                                Cost
 • Wild rice and brown rice mixes                                       $1 per one way ride.
 • Vegetarian "burgers" with 3+ grams of fiber                          For More Information or Reservations
 • Low-fat yogurt with less than 20 grams of carbohydrate               Call 248-457-1100 between 9 am and 4 pm Monday
 • Low-fat or fat-free milk.                                            through Friday.
For More Information                                                    SMART Dial-A-Ride same day service is also available
Contact the American Dietetic Association at                            to destinations anywhere within the City of Troy. Call or 1-800-877-1600                                      SMART at 248-362-3436 when you are ready for your ride.

                                                               - 12 -
                                                                  Help Wanted
                                                                  Overnight companion to elderly lady. Experience
                                                                  transferring person with walker from chair to bed to

  Creative Endeavors                                              commode required. One or more nights a week, as
                                                                  available. John R South Blvd. area. Call 248-879-6008.
         Handmade Gifts and More                                  Wanted - Summer Room to Rent
at the Troy Community Center inside the north entrance            Texas grandmother, retired Chamber of Commerce
                                                                  Executive, seeking to rent ground level quiet room or
            Open Monday - Saturday                                studio, with bath, microwave or kitchen privileges,
     from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. and Tuesday and                        preferably furnished, for July and August to visit Michigan
            Thursday from 5-9 p.m.                                grandchildren. References available. Call 903-456-0626 in
                                                                  Texas or 248-885-2744 in Michigan.
       Detroit Tiger Lubies Now Available!

                248-526-5145                                        Want Extra Income?
                                                                    Try senior citizen home care. You can provide:
         Annual Clearance Sale
                                                                        ♦ Light Housekeeping ♦ Meal Preparation
                   June 7-12                                            ♦ Transportation ♦ Laundry ♦ Gardening
                                                                            ♦ Personal Care ♦ Companionship
  Vendors: Drop off a sample of your handmade
                                                                    for Troy senior citizens and gain income for your-
  work at the Community Center and you will be
  contacted by the store committee. Sellers pay a                   self! Pick up an employment referral application
  30% commission. From this, the City pays the 6%                   at the Community Center or call 248-524-3484 to
  sales tax and other operating expenses. For more                  have one mailed to you. Your name will be placed
  information, call Carla Vaughan at 248-524-3492.                  on a referral list and prospective employers will
                                                                    contact you.

                                                                                  $75 off a complete pair of

                           Carl F. Clavenna, M.D.
                         Gregory B. Fitzgerald, M.D.
                   Family Friendly Ophthalmologists
               ~Cataract Surgery & Laser Vision Correction~                     Coupon cannot be used with
                                                                                  optical insurance or for
          Comprehensive Eyecare~ Eye Disease~Cataracts
                                                                                      previous orders.
           Diabetic Eyecare~ Contact Lenses ~ Eyewear
                       Emergency Eyecare
                                                                                 Complete prescription pairs
                                                                                only. Some restrictions apply.

                                                                                      Offer valid through
             600 South Adams, Ste. 200 ~ Birmingham                                      July 1, 2010

                                                         - 13 -
Services                                                                                                       248-524-3484
Assistive Listening Devices                  Hearing Aid Batteries - Sizes 10, 13,           a pre-tuned single-frequency radio.
available for meetings at the Comm-          312 and 675 are available at the Commu-         Borrow a radio at the Community
unity Center. See a senior staff person.     nity Center in cooperation with Deaf and        Center or call DRIS at 313-577-4146
                                             Hearing Impaired Services for a suggested       to get your own.
Captioned Telephone - Available
at the Community Center for hard-of-         donation of $4 per package of four.             Tax Assistance - Provided free by
hearing to try out. Stop in and make an                                                      trained AARP volunteers Feb. - April
                                             Hospital Equipment Loan Closet
actual call to see how it works.             Borrow wheelchairs, walkers, canes,             Video Magnifier available free in
Computer Lab - In addition to                crutches, portable ramps and shower             the senior reading - magnifies print up
computer classes (details elsewhere in       chairs at the Community Center. For             to 45 times. Directions are posted.
this newsletter), drop-in computer lab       wheelchairs, ramps and shower chairs
with Internet access is available Mon.       only: call to confirm availability. Dona-       Video Phone - Those who use
and Wed. from 9:30 am - noon and             tions accepted. Wheelchairs, ramps and          SIGN LANGUAGE can use the FREE
Friday from 9:30 am - 4 pm.                  shower chairs are needed.                       video phone at the Community Center
                                                                                             in the reading room to call the Relay
Craft Supplies may be donated to             Library - A librarian makes house calls
                                                                                             Center or to call others with a video
the Community Center for program use         to homebound persons, and a humanities
or for others to take home. The craft                                                        phone. Check out the remote at the
                                             discussion group meets at the Library on
closet is located in the Arts and Crafts                                                     Community Center front desk with ID.
                                             Wednesdays. Call 248-524-3554.
room and seniors may help themselves.                                                        Voice Recognition Software
                                             Magazine, Book and Puzzle Library
Emergency Cell Phones - Avail-               Several magazine subscriptions are do-          QPointer voice recognition software
able at the Community Center for             nated by local businesses to be read at the     is available in the senior reading
9-1-1 use only and do not receive calls.     Community Center. A paperback book rack         room for individuals with physical
Donate your old phone at the Com-            is maintained by the Library. Puzzles are       restrictions that make it difficult to use
munity Center. Excess phones can be          donated by seniors that you may take home.      a keyboard. Check out the headset at
sold for parts.                                                                              the Community Center front desk with
                                             Nurse On Call - The Oakland County
                                                                                             ID. Voice commands are posted by
Employment Referral - If you                 Health Department provides information
                                                                                             the computer. New users must train
would like to work as a senior compan-       and resources about health concerns. Call
                                                                                             the computer to recognize your voice.
ion, add your name to our employment         1-800-848-5533.
                                                                                             Appointments are available on the
referral list. Fill out an application at    Radio for Visually Impaired - The               second Wednesday at 1:30 and 2:30
the Community Center.                        Detroit Radio Information Service (DRIS)        pm. Call 248-524-3484.
                                             reads over 100 current publications via
  Food Distribution - Focus
 Hope Food is distributed on the 4th
 Tuesday from 1-3 pm. You must be              SHARP Home Repair Program
 60 or older with a household income           SHARP (Senior Home Assistance Repair Program) helps Troy seniors 60 and
 of $1,174 per month or less ($1,579           older and persons with disabilities with home repairs. The work is done by
 or less for a two person household            volunteers and usually involves jobs that take an hour or two. Labor is free.
 – both can receive food). Apply at            Tipping is not allowed. You must pay for supplies, although assistance may be
 the Community Center front desk.              available if a need exists. If you have a repair that you need assistance with, call
 Bring income information and ID.              the Community Center at 248-524-3484. Allow two weeks to hear from SHARP
 Family or friends can pick up the             and call 248-740-7600 if you have questions about the follow-up on your job.
 food for you.                                 Requests for outside work accepted April 1 - October 15 only.
 Surplus Food is distributed on the            Donations Accepted- by the North Woodward Community Foundation
 2nd Tuesday of March, June, Sept,             SHARP Fund. Call the Foundation at 248-740-7600 for more information or
 Dec. -- 1-3 pm for ages 60 and older          checks made out to the Foundation may be turned in at the Community Center.
 with an income of $1,198 per month
 or less for a one-person household                    Transportation - Medi-Go Plus (248-457-1100) transports door-to-door
 (add $419 for each additional house-                  to doctors, grocery stores, Community Center and Oakland Mall by advance
 hold member). Under age 60 are                        reservation. The fee is $1 for a one-way ride.
 included with a lower income level.
                                                       SMART Dial-A-Ride (248-362-3436) provides same day curb-to-curb ser-
 Bring social security card and income
                                                       vice anywhere in Troy and Birmingham. Call 248-524-3484 for a detailed
 verification (tax statement, direct de-
                                                       brochure. The fare is $1 payable in cash on the bus or purchase a monthly
 posit letter, etc.) to each distribution.
                                                       pass. Call 313-223-2185 for information about passes.

                                                         - 14 -
 For Your Information                                                                                       248-524-3484

   Suggestion Box
   Program Suggestions:


   Name:                                                                                    Phone:
   Please mail or drop off at the Troy Community Center, c/o Carla Vaughan or email your suggestion to vaughancs@ Include name and phone for reply.

Registration Information                                         Newsletter Subscriptions: All subscriptions (3rd class
Programs are for persons age 50 and older (unless noted).        mail) begin with the July/Aug issue and expire the following
Register at the Community Center by mail using the form          May/June. The fee is prorated quarterly. Troy residents pay
below, or online at     $4 on or before 8/15, $3 between 8/16 and 11/15, $2 between
(online registration available unless noted). Enter household    11/16 and 2/15 or $1 after 2/15. Ask for Act. #135000G.
number for username (find this number on a previous receipt      Non-residents pay $6 prorated as above. OR: Pick up a
or call 248-524-3484) and last name of head of household         free copy at the Community Center on or after the 27th of
for password. On the next screen, click on SHOP and then         the month OR get it free online by visiting www.troymi.
ACTIVITY ENROLLMENT. Enter the activity number you               gov. Click on Parks and Rec and then Senior Citizens.
wish to enroll in. You can register only your own household      SNOWBIRDS: To change your address, submit the form
online. Registrations are non-transferable.                      below before you leave and again when you return.
                                                                 Low Income Scholarships: Troy residents 50 and
Refund Policy: There is a $10 cancellation fee for all           older with an annual household income of $24,450 or less
patron requested refunds, and no refunds are issued if the       for a one person household or $27,950 or less for two
amount due is less than $10. Refunds take about three weeks      persons can receive a 25% discount on senior citizen classes
to process. Refunds for computer classes and for activities      - maximum one class per person per season (two computer
that meet one time must be requested before the start of         classes per season). No discount for drop-in programs, trips,
the activity. Other refunds must be requested before the         sport leagues, and special events. Apply at the Community
second class meeting. Trip cancellations are subject to a        Center and bring last year's federal or state form 1040 or MI
$10 cancellation fee plus costs incurred. Extended trips are     Homestead form as proof of income.
subject to the refund policy on trip flyer.
                                                                 Americans With Disabilities Act: The Troy Parks
Register Early! Please register early or we may cancel for       and Recreation Department intends to provide persons with
lack of interest. Activities with insufficient enrollment are    disabilities with a positive leisure experience. Please tell us in
usually cancelled at least 3 days prior to the start date.       advance if you need an accommodation.

                                               Mail-In Registration Form
Name: _______________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________
Address ___________________________________City __________________________ Zip _____________
Activity #:__________________Fee:_______________Activity # :_________________Fee:_______________
Check here if this is an address change (we will mail the newsletter to you at your winter address): __________
I hereby voluntarily release and hold harmless the City of Troy and the Troy School District from all liability for all types
of damages or injuries, whether foreseeable or not, sustained by myself while participating, watching and traveling to or
from this activity. Signature Required: __________________________________________ Date: __________
Enclose registration fee and mail to: Troy Parks and Recreation, 3179 Livernois, Troy, MI 48083. Checks payable to:
City of Troy. VISA or MASTERCARD # ______________________________________ Exp. Date: ________________

                                                           - 15 -
Free Document Shredding                                      Elder Abuse Can Be Prevented
Monday, July 19 - 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.                          If you or a senior citizen you know is . . .
Bring up to four grocery bags or banker's boxes of           •     Being hurt
documents and have them shredded by ShredCorp. The           •     Having money taken or used without their permission
truck will be in the north auxiliary parking lot of the      •     Being forced to do things they don't want to do
Community Center during this one-hour time slot only. You    •     Being neglected
do not need to remove any staples or paper clips from your
documents. They will also have 15x12x10 heavy-duty file      . . .then they may be a victim of elder abuse. If you
                                                             suspect elder abuse or neglect, or if you need help, call the
boxes with lids for sale. The price is $2.50 each sold in
                                                             Michigan Vulnerable Adult Helpline at 800-996-6228 or the
bundles of 12 only.
                                                             Oakland county Adult Protective Services at 800-942-4357.

Keeping Your Mind and Muscles Strong                         SHARP Home Repair Program
Aerobic exercise and weight training have both been shown
                                                             SHARP (Senior Home Assistance Repair Program)
to reduce the incidence of dementia and improve mental
                                                             performs free home repairs for Troy seniors age 60+ and
awareness. One possible reason for this is that exercise
                                                             persons with disabilities. There are no income restrictions
improves circulation and reduces blood pressure. This
                                                             for the program. 434 requests were received last year and
improves blood supply to the brain and may slow down the
                                                             volunteers donated 970 hours to SHARP. 94% of recipients
aging process of the brain.
                                                             rated SHARP service as excellent and the remaining 6%
                            -MSU Extension Oakland County
                                                             rated it very good.
                                                             The work is done by volunteers and usually involves jobs
                                                             that take an hour or two. Labor is free and tipping is not
             Register NOW for                                allowed. You must pay for supplies, although assistance
           summer fitness classes.                           may be available if a need exists. If you have a repair that
                                                             you need assistance with, call the Community Center at
           See page 5 for details!                           248-524-3484. Allow two weeks to hear from SHARP and
                                                             call 248-740-7600 if you have questions about the follow-
                                                             up on your job.
      HOT Skills Sudoko - See page 2
   New Zumba Toning for Gold - See page 5                                            Weather Cancellations: Call 248-
                                                                                     689-9756 for weather cancellation
                                                                                     information. Call after 4:30 p.m. for
                                                                                     the status of evening programs.

                                                                 • For details on how to subscribe to this
                                                                   newsletter, see page 15.
                                                                 • Newsletter information must be submitted by the
                                                                   10th of the month prior to publication.
                                                                 • Newsletter sponsorships are available. Contact
                                                                   Carla Vaughan at

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