Pope Benedict reminded us in a recent church document that 'the

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					Pope Benedict reminded us in a recent church document that ‘the Church has a responsibility
towards creation and she must assert this responsibility in the public sphere. In so doing, she
must defend not only earth, water and air as gifts of creation that belong to everyone, she must
above all protect humankind from self-destruction.” Pope Benedict XV1, Caritas Inveritate.

At St. Joseph’s, we encourage the children to care for their environment and we provide
different opportunities for the children to participate in various environmental programs, for
example, re-cycling, keeping our school areas clean from rubbish, gardening and planting trees,
solar energy etc. At the end of last year, the Staff and SRC reps discussed an idea which we
would like to introduce at our school to reduce waste. We have many bins in the yard which are
constantly being filled with wrappers from children’s recess food and lunches. We would like to
reduce the amount of rubbish we put into our bins. As of next Wednesday, we are suggesting
a ‘Wrapper Free Day’. We would like the children to avoid bringing to school foods with
wrappers. Instead, please provide recess snacks and lunches such as fruit and vegetables,
sandwiches/crackers in sealed containers, so that the children have no rubbish to dispose of in
our bins. Please support our ‘Wrapper Free Days’ which will be held every Wednesday and help
keep our school environment rubbish free. Another advantage of this initiative will also
encourage children to think ‘healthy’ with their food choices.
Thank you in advance for your co-operation and support of this environmental and healthy
eating initiative.

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