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									Recovery Manager Console (RMC) - Overview

The Dashboard on server recoverability !

Our                     Recovery Manager Console (RMC)
                                            is an                        add-on product           to our c

                       recovery processes. However, RMC will make life easier in large-scale SMART
RMC is not a requirement for deploying SMART


                       for all
Central compliance reporting recovery processes, providing a "alerts & attension filter" on top of all bac

                                                                             linked to
                                                       Service Level Agreements (SLA) all recovery proc

                                                       Continuous               Load Balancing           o


Recovery Manager Console (RMC) - Overview

                         RMC and SMART - quick demo
                         Click below to get an introduction on how the SMART platform feeds the Co

Recovery Manager Console (RMC) - Overview


The TSM server backups execute normally.

Recovery Manager Console (RMC) - Overview


The SMART platform initiates server recovery testing from TSM according to set SLA.


Recovery Report Results submit to RMC for Compliance and Alert management.

                           Multiple customers / multiple business units

The RMC is built for mass recovery. In enterprise TSM centers, several internal customers or business u

The RMC combines                            with
                       customer data management Service Level Agreements (SLA) on each mission-

Recovery Manager Console (RMC) - Overview

                      charge-backSLA recoverymanagement a recovery contract reports. The SLA C
                           Central RMC is consolidated into
The fundamental contract element of into contract Get paid for thenumber oftests. Document recovery pro
With RMC you are able to bring
                                                . testing

The Compliance Ratio diagramofRecovery Report top on of recovery Consequently, the SMART operat
                      on top provides instant overview recovery results
Each SMART process feedsCompliance Ratio - onresults to the RMC.processes in-line with SLA as well
                           the compliance     ratios.

                       Dashboard vision - in
                          Tunnel                 success
                       RMC Success Funnelfor conveys access. -
Along with the Compliance Ratio, the Funnel is presenteda quick overview for success. For all conducte
                                                for quick on vision
In RMC, we help TSM operators with an advantageous tunnelthe RMCthe Funnel. The

Recovery Manager Console (RMC) - Overview

Ultimately, each            consolidated SMART Success - the full report
                      fully Compliance Ratio and report include customer identification, servers covered
RMC provides a recovery process is associated .with a compliance ratio defined as the balance between

                          fully Scheduling brings you forcombined,
                          Define SMART Wizard - Sched & of recovery processes according to contract.
For the first time in the market, the a recovery SLAplanningforgetfully automated recoveryserver. AND
                          Associate SMART recovery process has
                                automated schedulemodule:
                                                       a the
Consequently, RMC continously manages (re)scheduling server. for the mission-critical process


Recovery Manager Console (RMC) - Overview

RMC Customer Compliance Report

RMC Recovery Success

RMC Recovery Compliance


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