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									October School Council Feedback

The School Council Communication Group used the opportunity of the October Parents’ Consultation Evening to raise awareness of the role of the School
Council and to consult with parents. This was done in the following ways:

    -   A display was prepared showing the different functions of the school council and letting parents know that new members and feedback are
    -   A comments box and feedback form were available on both nights.
    -   A flipchart board asked parents (and others present) their views on what the school was doing well / what could be done better.
    -   A sign-up sheet for parents wishing to get involved in School Council / PTA activities.

Parents expressing an interest in joining the school council:

1 parent expressing interest in joining – details have been passed on to Norman Brown.

Parent Feedback Form Comments                                                               Contact Details                      Action
How about getting some feedback from new p1 families as regards:
    - What they wish they had known
    - What went well
    - What went less well
and asking about this at this time of year when it is fresh in peoples’ minds. Using the
feedback to improve induction process / information and compiling an informal info
sheet for people.

I would really like the Sciennes Flyer in hard copy – that would mean I could read it and   Parent left contact details.
deal with relevant info. I avoid computers on health grounds (personal!).
I wish we had our class teacher’s emails so in the event of needing to speak to the
teacher I could make an effort to email them and they could reply at a time that suits.
So glad the school does Lagganlea, and the cycle training. Glad for second hand
uniform sale.
I hate that the jelly pots, etc cannot be thrown in bins at lunchtimes. I know it saves
school money and I don’t mind rubbish coming back except gunky stuff like jelly pots,
rice pudding pots. I just had to buy a new lunch bag – all the water from cleaning gunk
out got inside and smelt. Hate it!

Any chance of homework being out on website for each class so that when children
don’t have their words / instructions we can find it for them. Only some nights we can
fit homework in!
Keen to have more space and things to do in playground.                                     Parent left contact details.
Could do with more space in the playground.

Whilst I know it is Edinburgh City Council’s policy to have half days on Fridays it would
be nice if the school had a half day programme on Fridays for children involving a
choice of activities.

There are a good range of after school clubs.

Please could we have more photocopied letters home – email attachments not always
read / noticed / printed out.

I am not sure what the school council does. Perhaps a simple leaflet send home with         Parent left contact details.
each child once a term would help educate us in the arcane mysteries!

Where money goes to support those on income support / benefits, I’d like to see
TOTAL support for trips to Lagganlea, etc.

Have the traffic wardens stand at the ‘yellow zigzags’ to stop parents dropping off
Lots of good work done by the school council – organising events, providing
refreshments, etc. Keep up the good work!
Would be nice to have open days – informal – just to look round. We are quite new
and would be interesting. This is especially important when parents of older children
work as we don’t get the ‘school gate’ interaction. Maybe open evenings / days
arranged by classes to get to know other parents. Particularly important just before
the transition (maybe this happens anyway – we are quite new!!)
Discipline the parents who park on the zigzags.
What do you think the school is doing well?

      Excellent teachers – passion and skill
      Excellent all round.
      Fantastic, dedicated, caring teachers
      The school’s communication with parents is excellent.
      Well organised and always made to feel important.
      The p1 buddy scheme works very well.
      Good to be asked our views.
      It is always a friendly atmosphere and we always feel welcome – thank you!
      Good clubs.
      Being eco.
      Great teachers.
      Golden time.
      Getting tiny bins.
      Fun lessons.
      Fantastic teachers.
      Good teachers.
      Active schools clubs!
      Teaching.
      Swimming and biking.
      Harder spelling words.

What do you think the school could do better?
   Get rid of the tiny bins.
          o 8 comments agreeing with this.
   Reduce number of cars parking outside.
   More space for children’s bikes.
   Not to HAVE to take part in things.
   More after school care and classes on Friday at higher level in activities such as yoga.
   Improve playground – it feels very grey and concrete-y.
   CCTV on road outside.
   Discipline the parents who park on the zigzags – have they no shame?
   Get more toys.
   More golden time activities.
   Stop breaking up the p1 classes – very unprofessional.
   Get big bins.
   Nothing.
   Make school uniform more consistent.
   A big curtain breaker between the playground – 1 side for balls the other side for playing no ball games.

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