Old Bolsover Town Council Minutes of the Meeting of Old Bolsover by gegeshandong


									Old Bolsover Town Council

Minutes of the Meeting of Old Bolsover Town Council

Held on Tuesday 9th February 2010 at the Town Hall,

Cotton Street, Bolsover, Chesterfield


Coun. R. Bowler

Councillors L. Anderson, T. Bennett, M Bowler, D. Bratt

C.P. Cooper, R. Fulleylove, M Reed, J. Woodhead

In attendance:

No Members of the Public

Derbyshire Times Reporter

CHAD Reporter

Police Inspector G. Lamin - (left the meeting after Police Matters)

PCSO B. Perry - (left the meeting after Police Matters)

D Kee – Town Clerk

Open Forum

No questions or comments were received.

79.        Apologies for absence

 Councillor K. Bowman, J.E. Dixon, T. Rodda
80.        Members’ Interests

 Members were reminded by the Chair of the need to complete and keep up to date the Register in-
keeping with the Town Clerk's letter, verbal instructions and the need for Members to register
interests related to the formal requirement of the Standards Board ‘Code of Conduct’ document.

Members made a formal declaration of interest in respect of the items agended.

81.        Confirmation of Minutes

81.1      The minutes of the meeting held in the open section, pages 72-76, held on 8th
December 2009 be approved as a true record.

82         Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

83.        Police Matters

 Police Inspector G. Lamin, in the company of PCSO Ben Perry introduced themselves. Inspector
Lamin asked Members to introduce themselves and the Wards they represented.

Inspector Lamin gave a brief description of his career to date, commenting that he was pleased to
have risen to his present rank.

The Inspector said that he had a high expectation of his staff and their proactive relationship with
the Community. He observed that there were issues but these could be solved.
Members asked a series of questions as follows:-

(1)         Would the recent announcement regarding a reduction in Derbyshire Police’s budget
result in a consequential reduction in policing in the Bolsover Area?

The Inspector commented that the savings planned were to be at a higher level with the removal of
a whole Command team, which may result in a reinforcing of ‘C’ Division with a lot more staff on the
ground but no differences to Chesterfield.

(2)       There appears to be an increase in purse snatching and there had been one in Bolsover

The Inspector advised that there were purges from visiting criminals over 2 to 3 days but he did not
anticipate this in Bolsover, given the different shop types and therefore the lack of opportunity.

He added that he was not complacent; there was public relationship work to be done to raise the
awareness of the more vulnerable.

(2) (a)       Do the Police issue purse bells?

Yes there are some available to issue if requests are received.

(3)       There appears to have been incidents of distraction burglary, with some related or
unrelated door knocking at night, which was worrying for the elderly.

 The Inspector agreed that there had been some of these incidents but he asked that members of
the public report any activity regardless to allow his staff to investigate.

(4)       Had the perception of crime changed?

The Inspector observed that this depended very much on the sampling exercises undertaken.

Crime statistics had fallen, helped by partnership working but the fear of crime had nevertheless
remained the same.

The Inspector added that Bolsover is a safe place, issues do exist on certain sections and these were
being addressed. In another area the message is getting across. Traditionally however publicity was
not a success.

However for instance with regard to distraction burglary links to other forces and intelligence
gained had lead to a good conviction rate.
(5)        What about house to house calling by collection agents?

The Inspector thought this was okay but at the right time of day, but if anybody was in any doubt,
again let the police know what is happening.

 PCSO Perry provided the recorded crime statistics for January 2010, a total of 32 compared with 35
for the same month last year.

With regard to these, 7 were related to the Council’s garage site and a redeployable camera might
be used at this location.

In addition, thanks to the Council, some shed alarms were still available.

Inspector Lamin referred to the possibility of some street lighting.

 Also on the 27th January 2010 an exercise with a qualified professional had taken place at Welbeck
Road, associated with the school which found only 6 out of 100 seat belts and related chair
restraints, to be correct.

 The PCSO advised that anti social behaviour affecting the library had been addressed with meetings
taking place and rules devised supported by the Police attending during evening opening.

 Further there had been investigations into drug use, with some consideration of introducing a
lighting scheme to land adjacent to the Castle Estate.

Parking remained a priority with Officers provided by the Local Authority complemented by new
powers relevant to dropped kerb enforcement.

It was suggested that the Council write to the Traffic Management Section of Derbyshire County
Council to request more frequent visits.

The Police confirmed that they were aware of certain moving traffic issues for which they were
directly responsible and these matters would be addressed.

The areas Policing Priorities were confirmed with particular reference to the Castle Estate.

Resolved         (1)        The answers provided by the Inspector to the various questions asked be

                (2)        The crime statistics be noted.
              (3)        The priority programme and other matters referred to be noted and the
Police be requested to feedback information as appropriate.

               (4)       The Clerk be instructed to write to the Traffic Management Section of
D.C.C. to request more frequent visits and a visit programme.

84.        Town Clerk’s Report – January 2010 (Document A)

(1)        Town Vision

 The Clerk drew Members’ attention to the proposals contained in the joint document prepared by
the District Council’s Regeneration Team in response to the Town Council’s identified possible

Resolved         The District Council be advised that:-

 (1)        The Council wished to progress the ideas outlined in the Town Vision Plan.

(2)      The Clerk make the necessary arrangements to progress all of the agreed identified
developments directly the responsibility of this Council.

(2)        Freedom of Information Request

The Clerk confirmed that the request had been complied with and that no further correspondence
had been received. In addition that DALC on behalf of all local Councils had alerted the Information
Commissioner to the requesting organisation’s activities.

Resolved         The action taken be approved and the updated position be noted.
(3)        Value Added Tax Appeal

The Clerk advised that the tribunal appeal had been scheduled to be heard in Manchester within the
next 3-4 months, actual date to be confirmed.

Resolved         (1)        The situation be noted and the actions taken to date be approved.

               (2)        The Clerk attend the tribunal and conduct the Council’s appeal case when
the date is known.

(4)        Bolsover Play and Recreation Initiative

The Clerk advised that the externally funded works to Hornscroft Park had been ordered and that a
start had been made on site and these works were due to be complete by mid March.

In addition the Phase 1 scheme at Stanfree Park, funded from the Youth Fund, had also been
ordered and it was anticipated that these works would be completed by the End of March.

Also the Shuttlewood Playbuilder Works funding was anticipated and that these works should be
completed by the end of March.

Further the Clerk commented that the maize scheme was not likely to attract local sponsorship. In
addition the Friends were in the process of preparing their funding bid for the remainder of
Hornscroft Park, the details of which are likely to be shared with the Council at its March Meeting.

Councillor J Woodhead declared a Personal interest in this matter.

Resolved         (1)        The progress of the various initiative funding schemes be noted.

                (2)       The progress of the other related schemes be also noted.
(5)        Limestone Journey

The Clerk advised that the land deed documents had been passed to the Council’s Solicitor to
formally register the land based on the rural valuation assessment.

Once this registration work had been completed Members would be updated as matters were
progressed towards the obtaining of funding.

Resolved         The action be noted and approved.

(6)        Lift – Assembly Hall

The Clerk drew Members’ attention to a proposal made by the lift maintenance company to
undertake an LGI examination. This proposal had subsequently been shared with the Council’s
Insurers for an opinion, who had advised that the works were not necessary.

Resolved         The position be noted and no action taken.

(7)        Grit Bins

The Clerk advised that given further advices received from the Council’s insurers this matter should
be discussed as part of the February agenda items.

Resolved          The matter be discussed as part of the agended February item.

(8)        H M Revenue & Customs – Payments and filing Returns “on line”

The Clerk referred to the conflict with Financial Regulations of the proposed government future
practice(s) expected.


(1)       Further advices be sought from DALC regarding the national position and Financial
Regulations updated accordingly.

 (2)       The Council’s overall statutory obligation be protected by a pragmatic view of future
reporting and accounting needs, Members being advised accordingly.
(9)        Incidents

The Clerk drew Members’ attention to an incident which had taken place in December 2009.

Resolved         The necessary repair works to Bainbridge Hall services be noted.

Town Clerk’s Report – February 2010 – (Document AA)

(1)        Tractors

The Clerk referred to the damage caused to two of the Council’s tractor fleet vehicles by persons
attempting to steal diesel fuel whilst parked in the Depot compound.

The Clerk confirmed that subject to the usual excesses the Council’s Insurance Company had agreed
to pay for the replacement fuel tanks. In addition that notices had been placed stating that no fuel
was kept in the vehicles overnight.


(1)        The insurance position be noted and the necessary repair works be arranged.

 (2)       The Depot compound be strengthened in line with the recommendations provided by
the Council’s nominated repair specialist contractor at an overall cost of £7,800. Such
works to be undertaken against a scheduled 3 year improvement programme, to 2012.

(3)       No action be taken in respect of the offer of external off site garaging, given the
ongoing overall likely cost and the disruption caused to normal workforce operating

(4)        The siting of no fuel signs be noted.

(2)        Allotment Sites

The Clerk referred to the position in respect of tenancy renewals.


(1)        The report be noted.

(2)        Waiting list persons be now invited to take up vacant or unwanted allotment gardens.

 (3)       Members be made aware of the updated individual site positions in the Clerk’s April
(3)        Bainbridge Hall

(3.1)       Main Hall

The Clerk referred to a request received from the Hall’s Management Committee to consider the
naming of the Main Hall as the Doreen Bills Hall.


The request be approved and the Management Committee be invited to submit their sign
design to the Council for approval.

(3.2)       Lift

 The Clerk referred to the Council’s Insurers’ advices that suitable inspection access must be
provided to the lift’s operating gear and platform. Further that given the lack of progress made by
the Council’s lift specialist maintenance company to create such access, statutory notice was soon to
be issued that the work be carried out otherwise the lift would be uninsured and be required to be
withdrawn from service.


(1)        The Clerk organise the necessary specialist works to enable the lift to continue to be
used and serviced in complete compliance with the Council’s Insurance Company’s
instructions and needs.

 (2)       The Council utilise the services of the lift’s current maintenance company to carry out
the works subject to an exercise to establish if any other company is competent to
carry out and guarantee such works.

(3)        The works be ordered, given 2 above, at a cost approximating to £3,000.

(4)        Risk Assessments

(4.1)       Portable Electrical Equipment – Appliance Testing – all buildings

The Clerk advised that all testing works were now completed, notwithstanding that no responsibility
is taken for tenants’ equipment.


(1)        The testing works be approved.

(2)         Tenants be advised of the Council’s position and their own obligations related to use
of Hall accommodation and electrical supply services.
(4.2)       Manual and Caretaking (including cleaning) employees

The Clerk advised Members that employees were actively encouraged to assess risks associated with
the work they were asked to carry out. Further that this exercise was in-keeping with the
Employers’ duty to assess risk under the terms of the Health and Safety obligations placed on the
Council by statute and regulations first enacted in 1998.

Resolved         The position be approved and noted.

(5)        Gritting

The Clerk referred to correspondence received from its insurers regarding the risk assessment of
gritting practices and its specific responsibilities under the terms of the various relevant Acts of


(1)       The Council operate a positive risk assessment to ensure that all of its public buildings
are snow and ice cleared.

 (2)       That given the uncertain insurance position related to the provision of grit bins, the
Council withdraws from Grit Bin and associated grit filling, recognising the
implications of the Highway Act 1980 and the related permission obligations of the
Highway Authority.

(3)       That due notice be given to Derbyshire County Council of the Council’s revised future
position with immediate effect.

(6)        Market

The Clerk drew Members’ attention to the Derbyshire County Council’s Trading Standards invitation
to sign up to the National Charter for Safe and Fair Markets.


The Council sign up to the ‘Real Deal’ agreement(s) and operate all of its markets to the
standards required by the Agreement.

(7)        Incidents
The clerk drew Members’ attention to the sole depot incident previously referred to.

Resolved          The report be noted.

85.        Bolsover Local Strategic Partnership

No representative report.

86.        DALC

Resolved          The reports be received.

87.        Correspondence Received

Document E – January 2010

No matters were brought to Members’ attention.

Document EE – February 2010

The Clerk drew attention to:-

3.9        CCTV “Eye-Time” Project.

Resolved          The position be noted.

 9.       Invitation to attend a Limestone Journey presentation at the Creswell Heritage Trust on
the 25th February 2010.


The Clerk attend and advise Members accordingly in-keeping with the Council’s interest in
attracting funding and progressing the project at its various nominated sites.

13.       Councillor T. Bennett referred to notification of the launch of the free legal advice service
by Chesterfield Law Centre.

Resolved          The associated posters be placed on display at the Council’s Community Halls.

Additional Correspondence

 14.       Letter from John Coulson, ex English Heritage and further correspondence from his son,
regarding his departure from employment with the organisation.
Resolved         The matter be discussed in Committee.

15.        Letter from Carr Vale Football Club requesting Section 137 support to discharge their
allotment garden tenancy charge.

Resolved         The matter be discussed in Committee.

88.         Chair’s Correspondence

No items of Chair’s correspondence were tabled for debate.

89.         Planning

1.         08/00755/OUTEA AND NEDDC 08/01206/OL

Erection of an industrial (Class B1 and B2 of the Use Classes Order) and distribution park (Class B8
of the Use Classes Order) (including details of the means of access and Unit 1) and alterations to
Buttermilk Lane on land formally known as Coalite on North and South Side of
Buttermilk Lane, Bolsover by Goodman and Alvaro Ltd

Resolved         No objections

2.         09/00183/LBC

Retention of satellite dish to rear of 3 Villas Road, Carr Vale by Mrs Clare

Resolved         The matter be left to the District Council to decide.

3.         09/00633/FULMAJ

Demolition of 99 and 101 Moor Lane and the construction of 21 dwellings
with car parking and associated roads and sewers at 99 to 101 Moor Lane,
Bolsover by TTL Developments Ltd

Councillor T. Bennett declared a Personal Interest in this matter.

Resolved         The matter be left to the District Council to decide.
4.         09/00646/FUL

Erection of a new two storey dwelling with access off Blind Lane on land
adjacent to 9 Woodhouse Lane, Bolsover by Mr and Mrs Hand

Resolved         No objections.

5.         09/00648/FUL

Two storey extension to Conduit Road side of dwelling at 1 Eastern Avenue,
Bolsover by Mr B Tew

Resolved         No objections.

6.         09/00654/FUL

 Extensions to side and rear of dwelling, raising of, and alterations to roof to
create a first floor and erection of a lean-to studio building to rear of dwelling
at 16 Langwith Road, Bolsover by Mr John Connolly

Resolved          The matter be left to the District Council to decide.

7.         09/00659/VARMAJ

Variation of condition 21 planning application 02/00272/OUTEA to allow for
a flexibility in the mix of development between General Industrial (B2) and
Warehousing (B8) uses with no change to the overall floorspace to be
developed at 360 Hectares of land in Bolsover, Staveley, Sutton Cum
Duckmanton and the former Markham Colliery around J29a of the M1 and
now known as Markham Vale Consultation Planning Out of
Area by Henry Boot Developments Ltd

Resolved         No objections.

8.         09/00620/RETRO

 Retention of concrete base, timber chicken shed and sheet metal shed for
storage at 3 Manor Close, Stanfree by Brian Clark

Resolved         No objections.
9.         09/00005/FUL

Two storey extension to side of 66 St Lawrence Avenue by Mr Mark Catherall

Resolved         The District Council be advised that the web site interrogation did not reveal the

10.         09/00008/ADV

Replacement of existing signage with externally illuminated pictoral sign,
public house name sign and an amenity signs at The Cavendish Hotel Market
Place, Bolsover by Mr Peter Lester

Resolved         The District Council be advised that the web site interrogation did not reveal the

11.         10/00009/FUL

Construction of first floor balcony on rear elevation of 178 Shuttlewood Road,
Bolsover by Mr Stuart Coakley

Resolved         No objections.

12.         10/00018/FUL

 Change of use to convert existing dwelling into two flats with alterations
including two rooflights at 315 Shuttlewood Road, Bolsover

Resolved         The matter be left to the District Council to decide.

Additional Planning Applications

13.         09/00036/FUL

Single storey rear extension and dormer window extension at 9 Brookfield
Road, Bolsover by Mr Michael Sharman

Resolved         No objections.
89.       Allotment Committee

No items were debated.

90.1        Minutes of the Assembly Hall Trustees Meeting

No minutes were presented.

90.2        Minutes of Bainbridge Hall Management Committee

The minutes were presented, no matters of debate arose.

90.3        Henton Memorial Hall

The minutes were presented, no matters of debate arose.

…………………………………………             CHAIR

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