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					                         Fairfax West Condominium
December 7, 2010

RE: Basement Storage Bins/ utility closets and thermostats

All storage lockers have been re-numbered with larger numbers for easier visibility.
During this process, an inspection of the storage bins noted that many units are filled with items and
not labeled correctly.

Each locker must have the building number, unit number and a phone number. A card is provided for
you to include this information and insert it into the plastic pocket attached to each locker door.

All storage bins must be cleaned out and relabeled no later than January 15th, 2011. Any bin not
labeled by that date, the board may remove the contents donated to charity or taken to the trash. All
items outside of the bins will be removed and disposed immediately.

We are not asking you to change your locker but to clean it out and identify it for management. In case
of an emergency if we need to contact you, we must have the proper information.

Utility Closets/ Thermostats Please keep in mind that the utility closet is for the Furnace use
only. The area inside the closet must be kept free of all items. If you have an empty unit or go away
for any amount of time, please maintain the heat at no less than 60 degrees F in your unit. This is
to protect against freezing water and water damage to the building. Those who do not comply with
these requests, violate our insurance requirement.

Laundry Rooms We hope that you see improvements made throughout the buildings. New
washers and dryers are to be expected soon. Management was informed that the new equipment will
be installed sometime in January.

Pet Policy Please remember that the association allows only one pet per unit. The documents state
“The maintenance, keeping, boarding and /or raising of animals, livestock, poultry or reptiles of any
kind, regardless of number, is prohibited within any unit or upon the common elements except that the
keeping of orderly domestic pets(e.g., cats, dogs) not to exceed one per unit without the approval of the
Board of Directors.

Tree Removal Due to the overgrown root system and size of the trees, the association is required
by the insurance company to remove all the trees along the front of 10721-10725. This work will be
conducted on December 10, 2010. The board will look into re-landscaping the area after the work is

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