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					                                                      Name _________________ Period _______

Computer Specs that Matter
Directions: Read the article The Specs That Matter at:
and answer the questions below.
Mobile Computing
    1. Times and vendor quotes about battery life tend to be ___________ by being measured under

       __________ conditions.

   2. On average battery life tested by PC World showed lives ranging from ______ to as long as __________

   3. To get an idea of the battery life for the laptop you are interested in you should check _______________


   4. One should beware of process that run at __________________________________________________

   5. If are playing recent 3D games or running high-end graphics programs basic___________ __________

       are not ideal.

   6. To handle 3D games one would have to choose a laptop with _______________or _________________

   7. The catch with those discrete chips is that the laptop tends to be ____________ and ________________

   8. With a laptop you should buy _____________ RAM as you can at the onset.

   9. If you choose a laptop with 2 slots that are holding a total of 2 GBs of RAM when you go to upgrade

       you will have to buy __________________________________________________________________

   10. Some ads omit ______________________________________________________ from the declared


   11. To judge the actual weight PC World suggest doing some reps with _____________________________


   12. Screen sizes tells you nothing about ______________________________________________________

   13. Checking the screens ________________ and seeing it for yourself is the best way to judge.

   14. Screen ________ can help you decide if it hinders viewing in daylight.

   15. ___________________ provide greater brightness but they cost _______________.

                                                                                       Hardware and Software
                                                       Name _________________ Period _______
                                       The Laptop PC Specs that Matter
Ultra Portable                                        Desktop Replacement

   16. Look at the Picture: The processor’s __________ matters as well as knowing its an Intel 2 Duo CPU

   17. Because Vista is power hungry having a ____________ for a laptop is almost mandatory.

Your Next Desktop PC
  1. For a system capable of handling most basic tasks flawlessly, you probably shouldn’t have to spend

       more than _________.

   2. When it comes to GHz any recent _____ can handle the basics since if you pile on power thoughtlessly

       you __________________.

   3. After a certain point performance gain is ______________ unless you are juggling tons of media files.

   4. The catch to RAM is the _____________ your operating system can handle.

   5. Unless you’re using 64-bit Vista ________ or ________ of memory is the right target.

   6. Everyone who downloads digital pictures or TV craves _______________________________________

   7. Unless you are a serious gamer look for a system that has _____________________________________

   8. Premium/high end cards could cost a gamer close to $___________.

   9. If you want to judge the expandability of your desktop note __________________________________

       and _______________________________________________________________________________

   10. Also if looking to expand check easy access of ___________ and __________ ports.

   11. Look at the picture: is the monitor included: Y or N

   12. A bigger hard drive is better but what else do they suggest: ____________________________________

                                                                                      Hardware and Software
                                                       Name _________________ Period _______
   13. Beware of adds the do not identify the included _________ because_____________________________

                                     The Desktop PC Specs that Matter
Basic Home System                                    Multimedia System

Digital Photography
   1. _________ megapixels is enough to create sharp 11 x 14 prints.

   2. Unless you are planning to print ________________ a __________ megapixel camera is overkill.

   3. Ignore __________________ specs and focus on _____________ zoom.

   4. Digital zoom crops ____________________________________________________________________


   5. Optical zoom uses lenses to _____________________________________________________________


   6. The more optical zoom you have the more you are going to need _______________________________

   7. Most point and shoot cameras have optical zoom ____________________________________________

   8. Another option they suggest is _____________________________ which most DSLR’s have.

   9. If you are a casual photographer they suggest getting _________________________ point and shoot

       with _____________ optical zoom and a host of ____________________________________________

   10. If you plan on capturing fast-moving action look for a camera that has __________________________

   11. Big displays on the back of the camera is also a _____________________________________________

   12. To reduce the drain ask if _______________________________________________________________

   13. For stabilization they suggest ____________________________________________________________

   14. They suggest buying a _______________ either way for stabilization.’

                                                                                   Hardware and Software
                                                       Name _________________ Period _______
   15. According to the picture you should ask the following questions about the display:



                                       The Camera Specs that Matter
Point and Shoot                                      Digital SLR

   Networking Equipment:

       1. When setting up a home network you need to consider the __________ of you house.

       2. According to PC World the network speed you are likely to get is ______.

       3. They warn you to beware of vendors promising __________________________________________

       4. Using a WEP _______________ _______________ _____________ password is effective Y or N

       5. To increase data transmission they suggest having _____________ antennas.

       6. According to PC World the most reliable and secure high speed broadband option is _____________

                                      The Network Specs that Matter
                                            Wireless Routers

                                                                                      Hardware and Software

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