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									The DeWalt Wet Tile Saw {delivers|renders} {accurate|precise} and {reliable|dependable}
{performance|operation} to get the job done. The DeWalt Wet Tile Saw is able to rip tiles and can
{handle|manage} diagonal cuts. An {integrated|incorporated} rail system helps {ensure|guarantee} precision
and an integrated miter feature allows for {accurate|dead on target} bevel cuts. A gutsy 1.5-horsepower
motor on the DeWalt tile wet saw {delivers|renders|forks out} the power you need to cut {tough|difficult}
{materials|textiles} on the jobsite.

The DeWalt D24000 Wet Tile Saw has a {versatile|multifaceted}, {powerful|all-powerful} design for quick
cuts and cutting tiles is tough work,but this 15 amp DeWalt 10 wet tile saw is up to the task. The DeWalt
D24000s Wet Tile Saw with its powerful 1.5-horsepower motor allows the 10-inch diamond blade to cut
cleanly and accurately through {hard|difficult} {materials|textiles} like porcelain and stone.

A DeWalt wet tile saw model D24000 saw is an investment, and you rely on all the saw's
{components|component parts} to stay true over time. This DEWALT Wet Tile Saw's sturdy, stainless steel
rail system is integrated right into the saw frame, ensuring the accurate cuts you need while also offering
{excellent|outstanding} durability.

DeWalt Wet Tile Saw

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