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                        EAW Reigns Supreme In Vauxhall

PLASA, London—September 12, 2004: The recently opened Club Supreme in Vauxhall, a
veritable Mecca for London’s clubbers, boasts the UK’s very first AVALON installation from
EAW. The EAW Avalon Series is the only complete range of high-output loudspeakers
designed specifically to deliver the extreme level requirements for today’s high-energy
dance clubs.

Club Supreme, owned by London entrepreneur Nick Derry who also runs his own record
label and production company, is a shining example of the modern club. Sweeping angled
architecture defines each space, which has its own separate identity thanks to the use of a
variety of luxurious textures and finishes. The main dance floor area has an industrial feel to
it, combining laser-cut mirrors, polished stainless steel, thick black leather hide and a
graphic dance floor while the chill-out area offers clubbers a tropical respite surrounded by
palms and luxurious cream leather sofas.

According to Nick Derry, clubbers are growing ever more sophisticated and discerning in
their tastes, demanding the highest possible quality from every aspect of the club
experience, and the audio system is no exception. “We had made every effort to provide
nothing but the best in terms of look, feel and décor, so there was no question of not
applying the same principle to the audio system,” he stated. “Over the last eight years I’ve
hired just about every club in London, so I know a little bit about how a club system should,
and shouldn’t, sound. I was determined that Club Supreme should offer clubbers the
ultimate audio experience and so I went looking for it. Our lighting contractors, i-Vision, put
us in touch with EAW who recommended that I listen to their Avalon system. Consequently,
I flew over to Ireland to hear an Avalon system that had been installed in one of Ireland’s
top clubs, Time. Basically, after that I needed no further persuasion. The sheer power and
crystal clear quality of what I heard just blew me away. Ireland already has a number of top
clubs equipped with Avalon, all installed by AVL, and I am absolutely delighted to have the
UK’s very first Avalon installation at Club Supreme. It’s a great coup for us, and makes us
truly unique. And for my money, it’s the best-sounding club in London.”
AVL’s Kevin McCarthy specified two Avalon DC2 mid-hi cabinets, which are flown either side
of the DJ booth over the main dance floor. In fact the cabinets have been recessed into the
mirrored wall that forms the backdrop to the DJ booth in order to appear as inconspicuous
as possible. The three DCS2 bass bins, on the other hand, are rather more obvious as they
are lined up on the ground underneath the DJ booth and also serve as a stage for the club’s
professional dancers. The DCS2 system loads two 12-inch woofers on an advanced bent
bass horn to provide very high levels of sub-bass reinforcement for high-energy dance
clubs. The properly designed bass horn matches path length to cone area and maximizes
driver efficiency to the level required for modern dance clubs. A compact EAW FR129z
serves as a DJ monitor.

As Kevin McCarthy points out, “you don’t need to litter the place with boxes to achieve the
desired effect. These loudspeakers have been meticulously designed with a specific purpose
in mind, and a little goes a very long way. Avalon is the ultimate club system technology.”

AVL has also provided a more discreet system for the chill-out zone comprising a pair of
EAW FR159z compact, full range loudspeaker systems flown either side of the DJ booth,
complemented by a further two FR250 bass bins. As in the main dancefloor area, a compact
FR129z acts as a DJ monitor.

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