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Mobility Summary of Denial Items by gegeshandong


									                     Highlights of AT&T Mobility/CWA Orange Labor Agreement


   Year 1              $500 Lump Sum Payment
                        Increases to bottom and top of wage tables of 1.00%.
   Year 2              Increases to bottom and top of wage tables of 2.50%.
   Year 3              Increases to bottom and top of wage tables of 2.50%.
   Year 4              Increases to bottom and top of wage tables of 2.50%.

This wage offer is worth, on average, approximately $800 more per employee than
the previous offer over the life of the agreement.

Pension/401k Plans
    Current employees will maintain a 5% cash balance pension plan and continue eligibility under
       the existing 401k plan on up to 6% of basic deferrals.
    New hires after 1/1/10 will participate in the BCB2 pension plan and will be eligible to participate
       in the existing 401k plan on up to 6% of basic deferrals.

The Memorandum of Agreement regarding Voluntary Recognition will be renewed.

New Contract Provisions
    A new title, Client Service Specialist, will be created for use in call centers. Employees currently
      in the Office of the President role will be moved into the new title.
    A new title, Workforce Administrator, will be created for use in consumer call centers. Current
      employees in the workforce operations group holding the title of Clerk, CSR I or Administrative
      Assistant will be placed in the new title.
    A new title, Wireless Technician, will be created. Current Wireless Technician I and Wireless
      Technician II titles will be merged into the new title. The current Wireless Technician II wage
      table will be used for this new title
    A new title, Customer Support Specialist, will be created for use in consumer and business call
      centers. Approximately 400 employees will be moved into the new title with a new wage scale.
    Full time retail Sales Consultants will be targeted to earn a minimum pre-chargeback “at-risk”
      commission of $12,000 per year, increasing to $12,500 per year in 2012, upon 100%
      achievement of performance targets.
    Laid off employees will have priority for rehire.
    Three Strategic Alliance Committees will be created to foster cooperation between the CWA and
      the Company. Committees will address issues of interest to both parties on a scheduled basis.
      One committee will be created for each of the following current CWA districts:
           o Districts 1/2/13
           o District 4
           o Districts 7 & 9
    The Company and Union agree to explore the possibility of including all Bargained For Mobility
      employees in The Alliance

Changes to Existing Contract Provisions
    Surplus notifications for large groups will now be made 60 days in advance of a surplus, rather
      than 30 days.
    Severance payments will increase to a maximum of $15,000 based on years of service.
      The relief differential (10%) will include retail key holders. These employees open or close retail
       stores in lieu of management.
      Excused Work Days with Pay (EWP) may now be taken in minimum increments of one hour
       rather than minimum increments of two hours.
      Pay to employees assigned to on-call duty will be increased from $28.00 to $32.00 per day.
      Language regarding employee travel due to a temporary assignment at another work location has
       been improved
      Non-discrimination language in Article 15 has been improved.
      Net Credited Service (NCS) seniority tie breaker language added to determine who is most senior
       when two or more employees share the same NCS date.
      The Company will provide an employee with a written copy of any discipline administered upon
       written request.
      Time off for Union activities will increase to 300 hours per calendar year per Union representative
       which can be combined within a local up to 600 hours. Up to twenty (20) Union representatives
       may each be granted up to 960 hours per calendar year for Union activities.
      Retail Sales monthly sales quotas will be adjusted in 8 hour increments for Vacation, Company
       mandated training and Union absence for disciplinary purposes.
      Should the company reclassify employees from full- time to part-time, it will seek volunteers first
       and then force in reverse order of seniority.

Renewed Contract Provisions
    The Company will consider seniority when assigning employees to a formal training course
    The Company and Union agree to discuss CWA/NETT Academy for possible application within
      ATT Mobility
    The Company will collect COPE deductions for the Union.
    The Company will generally post Holiday schedules by Friday noon, two weeks prior to the
    Information on Union bulletin boards in company buildings will be removed by Union
      representatives only
    One Union representative will continue to participate in New Employee Orientation meetings
    The letter regarding establishing 4 Day Work Week schedules will be renewed
    The Company and the Union will encourage active involvement of Local Union Officers in
      “Innovative Scheduling” implementation efforts
    National Occupational Health and Safety Committee input may be used to develop employee

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