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					Mobile content distribution (MCD) is a promising service in vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs), where
multimedia contents are continuously broadcasted from one or more road side access points to vehicles
within a geographical area of interest (AoI). While MCD demands for high end-to-end throughput, the
VANET is well-known for its fast-changing topology and adverse wireless channel environments, making
MCD a particular challenge in VANETs. Although various research have been done in the literature to
improve the throughput of MCD based on network coding (NC), there still lacks a fundamental
understanding of the limits of MCD protocols using NC in VANETs. Especially, what content downloading
rates are achievable given the unique characteristics of the VANETs, and using different NC techniques?
In this work, we endeavor to develop a theoretical model to compute the achievable throughput of
cooperative MCD in VANETs using symbol-level network coding (SLNC), capturing the effects of multiple
practical factors, including vehicle distribution and mobility pattern, channel fading and packet collision.
We believe our analytical framework can provide valuable insights and guidelines for protocol design
and AP deployment in MCD systems.

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