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Minutes of a meeting of Hargrave Parish Council held on Monday 4th


									Minutes of a Meeting of Hargrave Parish Council held on Monday 3rd March 2008 in
Hargrave Village Hall at 8.45 pm, following the Annual Meeting of the Parish

Present: Councillor Mrs J. Brotherton (Chairman)
         Councillors G. Brown, R. Farrington, M. Herd, R. Holmes, N. Sheppard,
          Mrs L. Travill

In attendance:        Mrs R. Sheppard (Clerk) and 4 members of the public

20/08 Apologies none

21/08 Minutes
The Minutes of the Meeting held 7th January 2008, which had previously been circulated, were
taken as read and signed as correct by the Chairman.

22/08 Members’ Declarations of Interest
Cllr Sheppard declared a prejudicial interest in decisions relating to the Clerk’s expenses and
took no part in discussions on this subject.

23/08 Rural Affordable Housing
Natalie Westland of ACRE had advised the Clerk that the proposed housing survey had been
postponed until later in the year.

24/08 Planning Applications
    Mill View Farm – application to Bedford Council to build an agricultural worker’s
       house (07/03349FUL) - refused
    Brook Well, Brook Street - application for replacement of existing garages with new
       single storey swimming pool enclosure and double garage (EN/08/00046/FUL). The
       applicant outlined his plans and it was AGREED that Parish Council had no objection.
    Chelveston – application for construction and use of Biomass Renewable Energy at
       Chelveston Renewable Energy Park (EN/08/00003/WAS) Following discussion on this
       subject, and a vote, it was AGREED to object to this application on the same grounds
       as our response to the previous consultation document about waste management (see
       minutes for 5th November 2007). Cllr Farrington wished it to be recorded that he voted
       against objecting to the application.

25/08 Road Maintenance
Cllr Holmes confirmed that the Clerk would be contacting the new contractors, May Gurney, as
soon as they had taken over in April, to request that outstanding work on the village roads and
verges be carried out as soon as possible.

26/08 Request for additional grit bin on Church Street
AGREED that the existing three grit bins were sufficient for the village, and were in the correct

27/08 Operation Spring Clean
This would take place on 19th and 20th April from 2 to 4 each afternoon with volunteers being
sought through the Grapevine. Mr Robin Sykes offered to provide high visibility jackets and
gloves. ENC would be contacted regarding litter pickers and refuse bags.
28/08 Speeding on Nags Head Lane
Cllr Herd suggested that a sign saying “no footpath for…. yards” with a picture of children
underneath, should be requested for Nags Head Lane

29/08 Community Speedwatch
Cllr Herd reported that Hargrave would be included in the programme between 17th May and
28th June, sharing the equipment with Denford. A training session was to be held on Saturday
10th May and more volunteers were being sought.

30/08 Neighbourhood Watch
Cllr Herd reported that he would be requesting new signs to replace those with worn lettering
and to put up additional ones in Brook Street. He also reported that the Community Safety
Forums were no longer taking place.

31/08 War Memorial records
AGREED to go ahead and put together the stories of the men whose names are recorded on the
war memorial and to purchase 11 individual medal cards at a cost of £38.50 in total (under
Section 137).

32/08 Request from PCC
The Chairman reported that the Parochial Church Council had asked for funding from Parish
Council to help with the cost of tree surgery on the lime trees bordering Church Street. As a
one-off gesture and because the work would make the trees safer for passing vehicles and
pedestrians it was AGREED that a donation of £100, under Section 137, would be given once
the work had been completed

33/08 Parish Council Accounts
Payments approved:- East Northamptonshire Council £1,340.03 – election expenses
Powergen £136.91 – electricity for street lights, ABB Ltd £70.54 – maintenance of street lights
Clerk’s expenses - £74.39

34/08 Next Meeting
The next full meeting will be held on Monday 12th May 2008 The provisional date for a
Planning Meeting, should there be any new applications or developments regarding current
applications, would be on Monday 7th April 2008..

The meeting closed at 22.15

Open Forum

A request was made for the funds held by the Playing Field Group to be on the agenda for the
next meeting.
The Clerk agreed to ask for residents to let her know if there were any “near misses” on the
roads of Hargrave which might be used to support a lowering of the speed limit or other safety

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