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Meeting November 30_ 2006


									                            Meeting: November 30, 2006
                     Rutherford Residence Hall 1st Floor Lounge

Meeting Started: 7:30pm
       Dana Patterson
       Danielle Odom
       Doug Lally
       Christina Prunella
       Kelli Chapleski
       Dean Chamberlain
       Tobias Akerlund
       Maya Ribot
       Holly Seguin

I. Introductions
II. Events/ Projects/ Goals
       o Recyclemania
               We are officially registered for this
               Advertise
                       Flyers – We need to have these up before we leave for break.
                       Danielle is working on the flyer.
                       Danielle and Doug will place flyers around Friday, December
               Recycling bins
                       No updates from Facilities on the pilot recycling program
               Drew University
                       Christine Farias- Call Drew and find out the exact week that
                         we are having a contest with Drew.
       o Movie Night & End of the Semester Party (Last Meeting)
               Showing of "An Inconvenient Truth"
               Thursday, Dec 7th, 2006 at 10pm in the Twombly Lounge.
               We need to start advertising and reserve the room with Residence Life
       o Goodwill Bins:
               Set up bins on campus for unwanted clothing collection which will be
               Christina went around with Ted Ambrosiano and picked out spots for
                 the bins.
               Contacted with Julie Mazur; she is hesitant because of the vandalism
                 of the bins. We are waiting for a response from her.
               Once we have a response, Ed Wilson will be contacted and the bins
                 will be placed all over campus!!
       o Campus Clean Up.
               Wednesday December 6, 2006
               10:00 a.m. – 12:00p.m.
               Meet in front of Mansion
               Open to entire student body
               Danielle made flyer and will be placed around campus Friday
      o Green Event on Campus – spring.
               The week we return from break- start planning
               Need to sign up with FPC what date we want during Florham Fest
                 (April 16-20)
               Chris Groff will help with planning
      o Copy Machines:
               Find out from Diana Horan if double-side copying instructions are
                 around copy machines
III. Electronic Art LOGO Contest
               First week when we return from break
               Make a flyer now
               Rules and Regulations
               Get sponsored by ISE (Gerard Farias)
IV. Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

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