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					    Thank you for considering Lightfield Less Lethal. We are striving to provide our
Wildlife Management customers with innovative and affordable ammunition for the 12
gauge platform. Our wildlife control line has four loads that should meet almost any
situation a wildlife professional might encounter.

Lightfield patent pending slug designs are available in mid and extended range loads.
These slugs provide superior range and accuracy when compared to competing
products. Lightfield also offers a mid-range Twin Ball load and a high velocity rubber
buckshot load for closer ranges. Our patent pending ‘Star’ loads from Lightfield Law
Enforcement have also been used with great acclaim at very close range as bear are
being released from culvert traps.

Lightfield Wildlife Control ammo has been tested on bear and large ungulates across
the country by wildlife professionals with nothing other than positive responses and
has been adopted for regular use by state wildlife and law enforcement agencies.
Aversive conditioning can now be safely and effectively accomplished at distances
not previously possible.

Lightfield Less Lethal is priced to allow wildlife management agencies to deploy the
cost efficient 12 gauge platform in the field for aversive conditioning programs. We
understand that training and qualifications can be expensive. Lightfield has dramati-
cally reduced the cost for training, qualification and use in the field.

                                     Wildlife Control
      Load          Part #    Velocity   Total Proj. wt   Proj. color   Min. distance   ft/lb ME

HV Rubber Buck     WRBS-12     700 fps    (21) 120 gr.      Black          8 yds.       149 / 21

Twin Ball          WMDB-12     700 fps    (2) 120 gr.      Orange          20 yds.      112 / 2

Mid-Range Slug     WMRS-12     550 fps      130 gr.         Black          20 yds.        103

Ext-Range Slug     WERS-12     650 fps      130 gr.          Blue          40 yds.        141

                             For Technical information
                 email or fax 973-764-5654

                   For orders; call 732-462-9200 or Fax 732-780-2437

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