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					                                                                                    Atlanta, Georgia
                                                                                    H (770) 926-0751
    Lee Morgan Mabie                                                                M (404) 660-3404
                                                                                    E-Mail: lmmabie@gmail.com
                                                                                    Web: www.leemabie.net

             EXECUTIVE-LEVEL MANAGEMENT: Director, Executive Director, VP
     Leadership / Product Management & Marketing / Technology / Segmentation / Advocacy
    Accomplished technology, marketing product leader with over sixteen years experience. Strategic thinker and
    detailed planner knitting several parts together for a common purpose. Excellent and effective communicator
    ensuring information is clearly shared in a timely manner. Strong management leader overseeing teams executing
    on big and small ideas. Methodical approach to organizing corporate assets into quality programs, products, systems
    and processes. Delivering results with integrity and not compromising character or reputation for shortcuts.

                                                  Top Specialties
 Leading people, strategy, projects and change                 Thinking and planning strategically
 Creating tools that enhance or improve operations             Using an artistic and creative perspective to generate
 Effectively engaging executive leadership                      ideas and solutions
 Disciplined project management approach                       Taking initiative to make things happen
 Designing and directing the implementation of                 Solving problems by getting to the source
  information technology solutions                              Developing and managing products to deliver revenue
 Driving results from people, plans and projects                to the business
 Executing plans on time and sweating the details              Analyzing large amounts of data and information for
 Collaborating with teams and people for results                simple conclusions
                                                                Quickly responding to the competitive environment
                                                                Supporting the brand with quantifiable claims

                                            Professional Experience

    2005-Present - AT&T Mobility, Atlanta, Georgia
    Marketing Director, Segment Marketing/Advocacy & Rate Plan Management
    Drive the adoption of the senior and disability customer segment as growth opportunity for AT&T through thought
    leadership, public relations, advocacy outreach, compliance, product repositioning and launches. Shepherd
    marketing integration of acquired wireless companies. Direct the development and management of rate plan
    platforms for customer acquisition, support and retention.

    Segment Management/Marketing
          Provide thought leadership for AT&T around the mature, disabled and caregiver population which stands
           currently at 132 million persons
          Manage the Chair of the AT&T Advisory Panel on Access and Aging (AAPAA); guiding AT&T on issues
           related to disabilities and age 60+ employees and customers
          Drive internal collaboration and consulting on marketing, employee and public policy initiatives
    Revenue Generation & Cost Savings
          Saved $250M annually in customer roaming costs
          Generated $400M annually in wireless feature sales revenue
          Garnered $200M annually in Universal Service Funds for network build-out and improvements
          Closed a $5M revenue leak through process improvements and process controls
    M&A Integration
          Directed the marketing integration 21 million former AT&T Wireless and 1.7M former Dobson customers
          Executed tactical marketing operations of turning down AT&T Mobility's older TDMA network affecting 5.8M
    Brand Positioning & Product Development/Launch/Management/Marketing
          Launched AT&T’s A-List product in an expedited time frame
          Created mapping and analytical products for AT&T’s advertising network campaign to counter-attack
           Verizon’s “There’s a Map for That” campaign
          Communicated coverage information for all AT&T Mobility customers, and potential AT&T Mobility
           customers via web, print and in-store applications
    Awards & Accolades
         Two-time winner of AT&T’s annual “Key Contributor Award”
         AT&T Advisory Panel on Access and Aging recognized by the United Nations Global Initiative for Inclusive
           ICTs (G3ict) and nominated for the FCC Chairman Award for Advancements in Accessibility
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2002-2005 - AT&T Mobility, Atlanta, Georgia
Sr. Product Manager, National Plans, Rollover & Network Marketing
Created and lifecycle managed AT&T Nation and Rollover Minute products. Coordinated launch of national plans
and Rollover product updates. Worked with executive leadership to develop AT&T Mobility’s wireless network
marketing positioning.

Key Accomplishments
      Preserved $112 of monthly service revenue for AT&T national plans
      Achieved 111% of new customer acquisition after two-year Rollover promotional development project known
       as “Bonus Rollover Minutes”
      Positioned AT&T Mobility as the “Largest voice and data network in America.”
      Created mandatory company-wide training program to educate employees on AT&T’s superior network

2001-2002 - AT&T Mobility, Atlanta, Georgia
Human Resources Manager, Workplace Culture
Drove AT&T Mobility’s corporate culture through organizational analysis and program development. Surveyed
employee base to understand employee engagement and systemic problems that inhibited corporate growth.

Key Accomplishments
      Fully implemented the internal employee brand called “The Employee Promise”
      Developed, implemented, analyzed and communicated an all-employee engagement and mini survey to
       AT&T Mobility's 35,000+ employees
      Developed and executed strategies to improve the employee communication practices
      Conducted speaking engagements and workshops for AT&T Mobility employees and vendors

2000-2001 - AT&T Mobility, Atlanta, Georgia
Information Technology Manager, Employee Portal
Implemented and managed Intranet-based processes for AT&T Mobility's 35,000 employees across the US and
Puerto Rico.

Key Accomplishments
      Integrated intranet applications from 13 legacy wireless companies
      Implemented and maintained Cingular’s (now AT&T Mobility) AT&T Mobility's employee portal called My-
      Crafted Intranet strategies, requirements and business tactics for implementation
      Implemented and integrated AT&T Mobility's benefits, staffing, payroll and learning systems into a company-
       wide Human Resources Intranet site

1994-2000 - Other Professional Experience
Additional experience as Sr. Product Manager for AT&T Mobility in Memphis, Tennessee (1997 – 1999) and
Nashville, Tennessee (1999 – 2000), Data Analyst for Sony/Ericsson in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
(1996 – 1997) and Marketing Assistant for AT&T Mobility in Memphis, Tennessee (1994 – 1996).

                                        Education & Credentials

Christian Brothers University - Memphis, Tennessee
Bachelor of Business Administration - Marketing

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