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Using Recycling Bins?

Dear Sir,
  Nowadays, recycling bins is a hot topic in Hong Kong; pop stars introduce it in TV
program every day! In this article, I want to express my opinion on that! After I had
read an article which encouraged people to use recycling bins, my mind appeared
thousands of opinion of the good points of using that! Let me introduce them to you!

   First, I would like to introduce the function of recycling bins! There are three types
of recycling bins, red, brown and yellow! These are usually collect recyclable rubbish
such as paper, plastic and metal! We should put the suitable in each bin!

  Hong Kong is the top 3 of the most expensive land in the world. Usually every
family lives a flat which is 600-800 feats big! If we compare with other country, Hong
Kong’s flat is extremely small! Where can a flat which is 700 feats big can
emplacement three rubbish bins? Fortney, we can find these three types of rubbish
bins everywhere such as shopping center! It can collect more types of recyclable
rubbish! So, recycling bins is necessary!

  “It is inconvenient that I need to through rubbish in a special bin!” grunted a
housewife. Recycling bins is not usable in Hong Kong because, most of the people in
Hong Kong thing that using recycling bins is inconvenient! I also thing that is
inconvenient, but a little inconvenient can create a good and healthy environment for
human and everything which live in the Earth! We should use recycling bins

  The Earth has sick. If we do not care about it, earth will be dying. Our home planet
will disappear in the world! If we do not take action immediately, we cannot save it as
well! So let put all the recyclable in the bins now!

Yours sincerely


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