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									         P.O.               NJCA100124                                2010-01-24

      Location                   Items               Size     Units               Remarks

                              Tables Round                      4
    Gallery Court                Tables             2.5X6       7     Booths
   Heritage Lounge               Chairs                       15+20
                                 Power                          4     Low power
                              Garbage Bins                      1

       Corridor                 Tables                          10
       Booths                   Chairs                          18
                            Hooks for hanging                   1     Hang Sample on outside of Gallery
                                Power                           3     Low power

    Entrance Area                 Tables            2.5X6       6
      Reception,etc               Chairs                        17
                             Jinjya Mock-up                     1     Hang on the outer wall of Hosaki room
                               Table Cover                            Paper Table Cover

    New Kitchen                  Tables             2.5X6       6
    Udon&Mochi                   Chairs                        24
                              Coffee Urns                       2    Coffee Complete Service for 100
                            Green Tea Urns                      2    Green Tea Complete Service for 100
                            Disposable Cups                   200
                             Tissue Paper                     500
                              Kichen Stuff                   Various Please open the door for access
                                                                     to use at New Kitchen

                                 Tables             round       1     Re: Audio Systems,
   Shokokai Court                Tables             2.5X6       16    Micx3, CD Player, Amp & Speakers
       GAME                      Chairs                         38    cover from Shokokai Court all the way to
                              Tatami Mats                       2     old kitchen which was done last year.
    School Booth               Partitions                       4
                                 Power                          2     Low power
                             Audio Systems                      1     See Notes above
   Kakizome Booth         Sound Barrier Screen                  8?    Kakizome Corner
                              Garbage Bins                      1

                                 Tables                        12     Wynford
    Wynford Room                 Chair                         61     Wynford
                              Garbage Bins                      2     Wynford
       Corridor                  Tables                         3     Corridor
                                 Chair                         15     Corridor
     Dining Room              Garbage Bins                      1     Corridor
                                Donburi                        50?    All JCCC has, Hopefully in a similar size

                                Stages                        3X4     Same as Kohaku with 2 stairs on sides
                             Shoji Screens                     3?     2 to cover Stage Sides, 1 mobile
                             Byobu Screen                      2?     Golden Ornament Screen on Stage
                                Tables              1.5x6      5      3 for Kakizome, 1 for Otoso,1 on stage
    Kobayashi Hall      Mic,Amp & Audio System                 1      Control from Control Room by T.Kawakami
    Entertainment               Tables              round      9      Dining
        Booth                   Tables              2.5X6      22     Booth
                                Chairs                       100+40   Dining + Booths + Stage Area

                                Podium                          1     On Stage
                           Power Booster Box                    1     15AX8 Outlets
                              Power Bar                         10    3-4 Output ExtensionsX10
                               Cash Bar                         1
                             Garbage Bins                       4

     New Kitchen                                                1     Whole system+ Room -Udon & Mochi
   Dressing Rooms?                                              2     Mirrorsx2

    Dear Christine,

Please instruct your caretakers to bring out tables, chairs, paper table cover and etc
to the locations spacified on the list and arrange them as shown by NJCA New Year 's Party Arrangement.
We will fine tune them in the morning of Jan.25'09.

Yoshi Nagaishi
                       Kichen Stuffs List
                       1. Hot Water Urn                 3
                       2. Large Pot for boiling water   3

Court all the way to

l Room by T.Kawakami

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