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					                K E Y N O T E S
                K E Y N O T E S                               OCTOBER 2010            Volume 27, No. 2
                                  COOPERATIVE EDUCATIONAL SERVICE AGENCY #3
                                                               Visit our Website at www.cesa3.k12.wi.us

RTI: Giving the Classroom                                                          Finding the Right Spark:
Teacher the Necessary Tools                                                        Motivating the Resistant
to Serve as an Intervention                                                        Learner At the Middle and
“First Responder”                                                                  High School Level
November 3, 2010                                                                   November 4, 2010

Classroom teachers are the ‘first responders’ who                                  As middle and high schools institute RTI, poor student
provide intervention assistance to students who are                                motivation is a central concern. This workshop presents
beginning to struggle with academic skills. This                                   four major approaches to increase motivation and
workshop clarifies questions about the use of RTI                                  school participation among struggling learners in
interventions in elementary school classrooms.                                     middle and high school classrooms.
Participants learn an approach that gives general-
education teachers the RTI tools to:                                               The training demonstrates how to: (1) target ‘levers of
                                                                                   influence’ in the instructional environment that can
                                                               Jim Wright
 * Define student academic and behavioral problems                              increase student work engagement; (2) identify evidence-
   in clear, specific terms.                                                    based ideas to motivate students toward active accurate
 * Conduct instructional (‘analytic’) assessments to better profile       academic engagement; (3) empower students to become self-
   academic strengths and limitations of individual students.             advocates with input into their own RTI plans; and (4) provide
 * Select appropriate evidence-based interventions that can               feasible strategies for teachers to forge stronger relationships
   be used in general-education settings and appropriately                with marginal students.
   document the use of those interventions.

This workshop will also highlight free internet resources for              As a result of attending this workshop, participants will be
evidence-based academic and behavioral intervention ideas.                 able to:
 As a result of attending this workshop, participants will be able
to:                                                                         *   Motivate the struggling student through changes in the
                                                                                instructional environment, social interaction, learning
 * Define student problems in specific terms that allow for                     activities, and reinforcement for learning.
   effective problem-solving.                                               *   Select intervention strategies that increase the probability
 * Understand classroom-friendly assessment methods to map                      that an unmotivated student will engage in academic
   a student’s academic skills and deficits.                                    activities.
 * Have confidence in their selection of interventions to match             *   Develop the necessary school supports to encourage
   presenting student classroom concerns and know how to                        students to become self-advocates with a voice in shaping
   document those interventions appropriately.                                  their RTI support.
 * Access websites that offer free, evidence-based intervention             *   Give teachers practical ideas to establish positive
   resources.                                                                   connections with all of their students.

To register go to www.myquickreg.com. New users will need to answer some basic questions. This is one time only and you will then be
                                     given a user name and password for future registrations.

   All online registrations are tentative until a purchase order is received by CESA #3. Please follow your local district procedure to
                                           complete a purchase order for registration completion.

                         Contact Information • Terri Iverson • 608-822-3276 x 237 • tiverson@cesa3.k12.wi.us
CESA #3 Welcomes
New Staff

CESA #3 welcomes
Maggie May as a                                    KEYNOTES is the official newsletter of CESA #3. KEYNOTES is published monthly during
School Psychologist                                the school year by Instructional Technology Support Services (I.T.S.S.) at CESA #3 and is
serving Ithaca and                                 printed by the Print Shop at CESA #3. Items to be included should be information on new
Riverdale School                                   programs and/or major inservices, state or federal information which relates directly to CESA
Districts. Maggie                                  programs, new staff introductions, calendar events, items for sale, and any other information
was born and                                       which would be of value to the teachers and administrators served by CESA #3.
raised in Milwaukee. She received her
Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education             Deadline for submission of articles for the KEYNOTES is the 15th of each month.
from Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH.            Correspondence and articles may be sent to: Terri Iverson, KEYNOTES Editor,
She then acquired a Master’s Degree in             Instructional Technology Support Services, CESA #3, 1300 Industrial Drive,
Educational Psychology from the University         Fennimore, WI 53809, 608-822-3276, ext. 237 or tiverson@cesa3.k12.wi.us.
of Washington in Seattle. Her past                 Production Staff:                                                                                              ext.
employment includes working as a special           Jeni Pink, Assistant Editor/Typeset/Layout ....................................................... 239
education teacher in Cincinnati, OH; School        jpink@cesa3.k12.wi.us
Psychology Internship in Federal Way, PA;          Sue McLimans, Copy Proofreading .................................................................... 254
and most recently, as a School Psychologist        smclimans@cesa3.k12.wi.us
for the Westby School District.                    Kate Hennessy, Copy Proofreading .................................................................... 214
Maggie resides in Richland Center with her         Lisa Delaby, Print Shop....................................................................................... 246
husband and infant daughter. She enjoys            ikon@cesa3.k12.wi.us
spending time with family and pursuing             Administrative Staff:
her favorite hobbies of running, hiking and        Nancy Hendrickson, Agency Administrator ....................................................... 201
kayaking.                                          nhendrickson@cesa3.k12.wi.us
                                                   Dave Allen, PI-34 Coordinator ..........................................................................PHS
                                                   Tara Beau, iTASC Coordinator.......................................................................... 247
                        The CESA #3
                        Special Education
                                                   Darla Burton, School to Work Supervisor .......................................................... 231
                        Department would
                        like to welcome
                                                   Sharon Ennis, Curriculum Instruction Assessment Coordinator ....................... 209
                        Je n n a F i s h e r t o
                        o ur s taf f. Jen n a
                                                   Deb Goold, Teen Parent Coordinator/ATODA Coordinator ........................... 220
                        is a Speech and
                      Language Pathologist
                                                   Terri Iverson, Director of Instructional Technology Support Services .............. 237
serving the Pecatonica and Riverdale
School Districts. She was born and raised in
                                                   Clark Jillson, SRTNC Coordinator..................................................................... 259
Watsontown, Pennsylvania. Jenna received
her Bachelors of Science in Communication
                                                   Mary Johannesen, WIA Coordinator ................................................................. 215
Sciences and Disorders from Pennsylvania
State University. Jenna will complete her
                                                   ReBecca Lewis-Clifton, WSPEI/Early Childhood Support ............................... 278
Masters of Arts in Speech-Language
Pathology from the University of Northern
                                                   Tom Martin, School to Work Project Coordinator............................................. 242
Colorado, Greeley, in the summer of 2012.
Her past employment includes working
                                                   Tami McGrattan, ESEA/GT Coordinator ........................................................ 232
as a Speech and Language teacher for
the Children’s Development Center in
                                                   Jim Nelson, Staff Development Coordinator ..................................................... 211
Williamsport, PA.
                                                   Jerry Redman, Instructional Services Coordinator............................................. 210
Jenna and her husband reside in Hazel
Green. Her interests include traveling,
                                                   Katherine Strong, Special Education Director ................................................... 208
photography, running and spending time
with family and friends.
                                                   Jennifer Tarrell, Assistant Director of Special Education ................................... 202

2         KEYNOTES       October 2010
NWEA-MAP Trainings                               Family and Consumer      Many Changes at the
at CESA #3                                       Science Instructors Kick CESA #3 Alternative
CESA #3 will be hosting three trainings          Off the Year             School
this year related to how districts can use the
data that is received from MAP (Measures of      Mary Wedig began the first networking              Many changes have happened recently at
Academic Progress) Assessments to improve        meeting of the year by introducing two new         the CESA #3 Alternative School.
student learning and monitor student             teachers: Ashlee Schanke, Dodgeville, and
growth. The trainings will be provided by        Ashley Palmer, Ithaca. We welcome both             We said goodbye and best wishes to our
NWEA-MAP trainers.                               ladies to our consortium and to CESA #3.           CESA #3 Alternative School Administrator,
                                                                                                    Gary Baxter. We also said goodbye to our
Level II Training                                Anne McIntyre, Herzing University, spoke           instructor, Janna Boehm, who has taken
Understanding and Using MAP Reports              about the variety of presentations she offers      a position closer to her home in Verona.
Thursday, Oct. 14, 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.         ranging from neurolinguistics, the science         We thank both Janna and Gary for their
CESA #3                                          of nonverbal language, to the A to Zs of           dedication to students and wish them well
Excellent training for districts who are new     Herzing University. Herzing has diversified        in their future endeavors.
to Map Assessments or who are considering        its educational programs to include the
using MAP Assessments.                           fields of business management, electronics,        Please join us in
                                                 healthcare, graphic design and public safety.      welcoming the new
Level III Training                               It has also raised its level of credentials from   CESA #3 Alternative
Building Ladders and Differentiated              diplomas to Bachelor of Science degrees and        School Instructor,
Instruction                                      associate of science degrees in Madison as         Mr. Paul Staufiger.
Thursday, Nov. 11, 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.         well as its other campuses across the U.S.
CESA #3                                          This really got our teachers thinking about        Mr. Staufiger comes
This training is designed for districts          how they could work Anne’s presentation            to us with a varied
that have had at least one year of MAP           into their curriculum.                             background. He has
Assessments.                                                                                        been an Alternative Education Instructor at
                                                 Mary Wedig reviewed the results of the             the Monona Grove School District and most
Level IV Training                                Zoomerang survey she conducted this                recently, in Frazer, Montana.
Goal Setting and Student Growth                  fall, highlights from the WFCE Annual
Tuesday, Jan. 25, 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.          Conference and some exciting new features          Paul not only brings his curriculum expertise
CESA #3                                          on DPI’s Career & Technical Education              as a former Social Studies teacher, but also
This training is designed for districts          website.                                           real world experience as his past includes
that have had at least one year of MAP                                                              Practical Nursing experience.
Assessments.                                     Nancy Merwin spoke of the development
                                                 of new Assistant Child Care Teacher                Paul will be housed at the Alternative School
Please pre-register for these trainings at       Certification as well as the new Employability     in Mineral Point (the former Mineral Point
MyQuickReg.com. Register early so we             Skills Certificate (ESC) programming. Both         High School). He will also serve students in
can determine the level of interest in these     certifications have embedded the 21st              outlying districts via online curriculum.
trainings.                                       Century skills models for assessment.
                                                                                                    If you have a student(s) that you think would
                                                 Ashley Schanke spoke about Wisconsin               benefit from the CESA #3 Alternative
                                                 Educational Communications Board and               School format, either on-site or online,
                                                 the resources available through the website,       please contact Paul at pstaufiger@cesa3.
                                                 http://www.ecb.org/finance/.                       k12.wi.us or Darla Burton at dburton@
                                                 The sharing was just tremendous. All
                                                 interested Family and Consumer Science
                                                 teachers will want to join us, Wednesday,
                                                 November 17, 4:30 - 7:00 when the
                                                 Wisconsin Educational Communication
                                                 Board highlights its Financial Literacy:
                                                 Teach It! Project.

                                                                                                          KEYNOTES        October 2010         3
     Instructional Technology Support Services
      Regional Media Services • Integrated Technology And School Curriculum • Media Production

CESA #3 Instructional Technology Department                                                                  How iPad/iPod Mobility
Awarded Online Learning Project Grant                                                                        Enhances Learning:
In August, the DPI posted the Wisconsin                  This project will be:                               Product Overview
Online Lear ning Competitive grant
a p p l i c at i o n . T h e E l e m e n t a r y a n d    1. Providing training for approximately                                       The iPad and
Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Wisconsin                 ten current and potential online learning                                      the iPod Touch
Enhancing Education through Technology                   teachers in CESA #3 to be certified with                                       a re d r aw i n g
(EETT) program announced the ARRA                        the 30 hours of required instruction to meet                                   attention from
Online Learning Project Competitive                      the standards of the legislative guidelines for                                educators who
Grant Program that all eligible LEAs and                 online asynchronous instruction. Teachers           are enthusiastically integrating the mobile
partnerships could apply for. The CESA                   participating will also be granted two              device into their classes. It is being used
#3 ITSS team submitted a proposal on                     graduate credits for the course.                    to enhance reading fluency, function as
behalf of all 31 CESA #3 districts. They                                                                     a graphing calculator, serve as a source
were notified recently that they had been                 2. Providing training for 25 local education       of reference materials for social studies,
awarded the grant for the full amount                    guides/coaches/mentors for students                 act as an access tool for
($40.000.00) requested and available for                 in these environments (the WVS-Local                curriculum podcasts, be
each consortium                                          Education Guides (LEG) model that we will           the voice of those that
                                                         adapt to fit our local needs.i                      are unable to speak, send
The primary goal of the EETT program is                   3. Developing an area distance education           and receive emails, juggle
to improve student academic achievement                  advisory group with representation from             a busy calendar, access
through the use of educational technology                participating districts that will begin to gather   the internet, and support
in schools. A secondary goal of the EETT                 information on where districts currently            elementary students in their classroom.
program is to encourage the effective                    are in providing online programming, as
integration of educational technology                    well as, provide leadership and vision for          Would you like to learn more?
through teacher professional development                 our districts for ongoing and sustained
and curriculum design of successful research-            opportunities for training and expanding
based educational technology instructional               learning opportunities for our students.
methods and models. The goal of this
project is to improve and expand online                  For more information on this project, contact
learning opportunities in grades 6 - 12 in               Terri Iverson, CESA #3 ITSS Director at
Wisconsin by providing quality professional              tiverson@cesa3.k12.wi.us • 608-822-3276
development to online instructors and local              (ext 237); Tara Beau, iTASC Coordinator at
education guides throughout the state.                   tbeau@cesa3.k12.wi.us • (ext. 247) or Clark         Come on November 23 and experience what
A secondary goal is to develop statewide                 Jillson, SRTNC Coordinator at cjillson@             it takes to deploy iPod Touch and iPads for
expertise to continue to offer this professional         cesa3.k12.wi.us • (ext. 259).                       your school and see exciting new learning
development at a regional and school district                                                                solutions. You'll also get a chance to discuss
level.                                                                                                       with other school districts how mobility is
                                                                                                             increasing learning opportunities.

                                                                                                             Presenters incude: Paul Musegades, Apple;
                                                                                                             Jeremy Egger, Apple; Jan Sinclair, Apple.


4          KEYNOTES          October 2010
               Programs, Services and Other News
                            Administration • Instructional Services • Special Education

Developing a Combined                            Professional                                   Support For Writing
Information and                                  Development Plan                               Your PDP
Technology Plan                                  (PDP) Reviewer                                 Need help with writing your Professional
To Support NCLB’s                                Training                                       Development Plan (PDP)? CESA #3 can
                                                                                                help !
Goals for Student                                Veteran educators who are interested in
Achievement and                                  serving on Professional Development Plan       Whether you are a new first year educator
                                                                                                or a veteran educator of many years you can
                                                 Review Team should note this training.
Technology Literacy                              The Department of Public Instruction           get support and assistance in writing your
                                                 will be conducting a one-day training for      PDP at CESA #3 .
October 19 and 20, 2010                          licensed educators in CESA #3 who would
CESA #3                                          like to serve as a Review Team Member on       Whether you are an administrator, pupil
8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.                            other educator’s PDP Teams. The training       service person, or classroom teacher we will
                                                 will be held at CESA #3 in Fennimore on        help you with your PDP.
The Plan Workshop is designed to allow           Tuesday November 9th from 8:00 a.m. until
districts concentrated time to work on their     4:00 p.m.                                      Register now on the CESA #3 website to
Information & Technology Plan. DPI staff                                                        attend one or more of our PDP Writing
will provide a brief overview of plan contents   There is no cost for training, however, we     Sessions. Sessions run from 1:00 p.m. until
and then highlight areas of concern or areas     are asking you to please pre-register at       3:30 p.m. on each of the following days.
districts need additional help. The majority     MyQuickReg.com. Please register early as       • October 21st
of the time will be spent working on your        we need a qualifying number in order to        • November 18th
plan. DPI staff will be available to assist,     hold the workshop.                             • January 20th
troubleshoot and provide assistance. Areas                                                      • February 15th
highlighted on the workday will be Grade         Contact Dave Allen for more information at     • March 24th
Eight (8) Literacy requirement, policies         allen@platteville.k12.wi.us.                   • April 14th
necessary for the plan and data synthesis.
Other areas will be added as requested by                                                       Contact Dave Allen for more information at
participants.                                                                                   allen@platteville.k12.wi.us.

Please bring all data that you will need in
order to work on your Tech Plan. Districts
may find it more advantageous to bring one        RMC and SEIMC Merge
laptop per team.
                                                  The CESA #3 Regional Media Center (RMC) and the Special Education & Intervention
Member ITSS District Teams (should consist        Media Center (SEIMC) have merged their collections in the web-based online catalog
of 2 or more ~including Administrator, Tech       and booking program. As of 2010 -2011 school year, districts who were members of
Coordinators, Library Media Specialists, and      either the RMC or the SEIMC now have access to both collections and all teachers and
District Technology Committee members).           educators in member districts can log on with one password to browse and check out
Cost will be $25 per person to cover meals        items online. To log on, go to the CESA #3 website - www.cesa3.k12.wi.us - and click
and materials. Non-member district cost will      on Resource Centers link.
be $125 per person.
                                                  If you have questions regarding your user name and
To Register go to MyQuickReg.com.                 password, contact either Sue (ext. 240), Jeni (ext.
                                                  239) or Kate (ext. 228).
Contact Information:
Terri Iverson                                     If any district has questions regarding user accounts or would like a brief demonstration
608-822-3276 x 237                                and walk-through on how to check out items from the collection contact, Terri Iverson
tiverson@cesa3.k12.wi.us                          at tiverson@cesa3.k12.wi.us or call 1-800-261-0000 (ext.) 237.

                                                  CESA #3 Resource Center members are: Benton, Cassville, Darlington, Dodgeville
                                                  Fennimore, Ithaca, Lancaster, Mineral Point, North Crawford, Pecatonica, Platteville,
                                                  Potosi , Richland, River Valley, Seneca, Shullsburg, Southwestern, Wauzeka,
                                                                                                        KEYNOTES     October 2010             5
               Programs, Services and Other News
                             Administration • Instructional Services • Special Education
Instructional Service News                                                                          Regional SIMS User Group Meetings
                                                                                                    Districts trained in the use of SIMS last year,
Title I and ESEA Coordinators met September 30th for                                                along with new teams this year, are invited
the first of two meetings sponsored by CESA #3 and                                                  to attend two User Group meetings. Those
the Statewide Title I Network. Participants viewed the                                              are scheduled for a half day on Dec. 10th
new statewide Title I Coordinator Orientation slideshow in order to give feedback to the            and Apr. 8th.
Statewide Title I Network. A number of DPI consultants attended the meeting to share
information on Title I, ESEA, Parental Involvement and Educational services for the
homeless. The next meeting is scheduled for March 17.                                               Save the dates!

A Title I teacher networking meeting will be held October 25th. While there a few items             REACh Workshops
on the agenda, this meeting will hopefully be the first of yearly meetings of Title I teachers      • Framework appraisal
to meet and discuss upcoming topics such as the role of the Title I teacher and program             - Oct. 18th
in Response to Instruction, instructional strategies and intervention ideas. If you have            • Resource Mapping
something you would like to see discussed at the meeting, feel free to contact either Tami          - Nov. 19th
McGrattan or Sharon Ennis.                                                                          • Progress Monitoring
                                                                                                    - Feb. 14 & 15
Schools of Recognition
State Superintendent Tony Evers announced 153 Wisconsin School of Recognition                       To register visit www.cesa4.k12.wi.us and
awards. Schools in CESA #3 being recognized include: Boscobel Junior High, Kickapoo                 click on the Professional Development tab.
High, Jefferson Elementary in Richland, Riverdale Elementary, Seneca Elementary and                 Scroll to REACh workshops.
Junior High, and Wauzeka-Steuben Elementary and Middle School. Schools will receive
a plaque at an Oct. 18th awards ceremony at the State Capitol and $2,000 for use by the             Questions can be forwarded to: Amy
school. Congratulations on all your hard work on behalf of the children is southwestern             Stoeckly, REACh Center Coordinator for
Wisconsin!!!                                                                                        CESAs #3 & #4 at astoeckly@cesa4.k12.
Being a School of Recognition makes districts and teachers eligible to apply for Schools of
Recognition Grants and Teacher Fellowship Grants. Last year, Pete Senti from Kickapoo
High School was awarded a Teacher Fellowship. He went to the State of Washington to
study Forestry. He plans to integrate his activities there into his environmental science classes
and as part of the school forest team in Kickapoo. For more information, visit DPI’s Schools
of Recognition page http://dpi.wi.gov/rewards/sorgrant_index.html.

                                                                                                                      Tami McGrattan
                                 Response to Instruction is the theme of a number of other
                                 events scheduled this year at CESA #3. We will begin
                                 with a session on Collaborative Practices and Professional
                                 Learning Communities on Oct. 5th. That will be followed
                                                                                                       Jerry Redman                    Sharon Ennis
                                 with Evidence-Based Practices on Dec. 13th and Progress
                                 Monitoring on March 22nd. This series is being offered at no
charge to districts. District teams should include administrators, classroom teachers, special
education teachers and other student services personnel. These sessions have been scheduled
around REACh sessions that compliment these activities and other sessions being offered
in the Professional Development Consortium.

Beginning SIMS Training
The first SIMS session is scheduled for October 12th. Student Intervention Monitoring
System (SIMS) is a software program designed to monitor interventions and help educators
provide additional support for children. SIMS is a systematic way to document and share
information between teachers and to monitor student progress over time. This tool can be
used to promote dialogue around student needs amongst teams of educators. The use of
this program fits nicely into a district’s problem-solving or RtI team, provide a vehicle for
documentation of assessment and service provision for Title I Services, and other educational
initiatives requiring documentation. A district team is encouraged to attend. There are a
number of training opportunities offered throughout the year to gradually build team skills
around this documentation process.
6        KEYNOTES        October 2010
               Programs, Services and Other News
                             Administration • Instructional Services • Special Education

Indicator #14 Improving                           Upcoming Opportunities Kurzweil 3000
Employment                                        Bullying Prevention in Positive Presentation
Outcomes for Students                             Behavior Supports (PBIS)
                                                                                                    In these presentations, participants will learn
with Disabilities                                 Bullying Prevention in Positive Behavior          how Assistive Technology and Reading
                                                  Supports: Giving students the tools to reduce     Intervention may help meet their student
This session will begin with Mary Kampa           bullying behavior through the blending            needs in Special Education and Reading/
discussing what can be learned from post          of school-wide positive behavior support,         Title I.
school outcomes and how the information           explicit instruction, and a redefinition of
may be used to shape programs for youth with      the bullying construct. http://www.pbis.          Wednesday, October 27, 2010
disabilities. Participants will become familiar   org/pbis_resource_detail_page.aspx?PBIS_          CESA #3 • 12:30 - 3:30 p.m., check-in
with the post school outcome requirements         ResourceID=785.                                   begins at noon.
and results for Indicator #14.
                                                  Elementary School version: http://www.pbis.       SESSION A: ATR will share information
Next there will be a panel representing           org/common/pbisresources/publications/            about Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
DPI and adult service agencies - DHS and          bullyprevention_ES.pdf.                           and how UDL needs are met using existing
DVR. This panel will focus on integrated                                                            and new technology tools. Focus will be
employment outcomes and the role each             Middle School version: http://www.pbis.           on the use of Kurzweil 3000 as a testing
agency plays in the transition process.           org/pbis_resource_detail_page.aspx?PBIS_          accommodation to help your district provide
In addition, the new DPI, DHS, DVR                ResourceID=786.                                   accommodations to students needing text to
Interagency Agreement will be discussed.                                                            speech assistance, and we will demonstrate
                                                  This handbook focuses on reducing bullying        several functions found on the new Kurzweil
Dave Nass will share effective practices          behavior through the blending of school-          3000 version 12 release to help ELL/ESL
for interagency collaboration including           wide positive behavior support, explicit          students as well as the new features in the
effective communication, using local and          instruction, and a redefinition of the bullying   web-based license.
regional data, and describing common              construct.
elements to improve outcomes for students                                                           SESSION B: ATR will introduce how
with disabilities transitioning from school to    The 2011 Yes I Can! Awards                        a new research-based software program
integrated employment.                                                                              from MindPlay uses principles of Response
                                                  Council for Exception Children’s (CEC) Yes        to Intervention (RtI) to assess reading
October 22, 2010                                  I Can! Awards honor children and youth            skills, prescribe individual learning paths,
Networking at 8:00 a.m.                           with disabilities who excel in nine categories:   monitor progress of your interventions, and
Presentation from 8:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.          Academics, Arts, Athletics, Community             provide eye tracking analysis to determine
CESA #3                                           Service, Employment, Extracurricular              if possible ocular difficulties exist that keep
                                                  Activities, Independent Living Skills, Self-      students from benefitting from instruction.
Costs for participation are funded through        Advocacy and Technology. All nominees             In addition, we will share details on a new
the CESA #3 Regional Services Network             receive a certificate of accomplishment.          reading intervention that uses the Orton-
(RSN) Grant, but you must register to             Visit this site for more infor mation             Gillingham method to assist struggling
attend.                                           including eligibility guidelines and the          readers at the elementary, middle and high
                                                  nomination form: http://www.cec.sped.org/         school levels.
Register at: www.myquickreg.com.                  Content/NavigationMenu/AboutCEC/
                                                  YesICanFoundation/default.htm.                    For further information contact Jim Nelson,
Contact person:                                                                                     jnelson@cesa3.k12.wi.us or Kate Hennessy,
Jim Nelson                                                                                          khennessy@cesa3.k12.wi.us or 608-822-
jnelson@cesa3.k12.wi.us                                                                             3276 (ext. 214).
1-800-261-0000 (ext. 211)
                                                                                                    For a copy of the brochure and/or to register
                                                                                                    go to http://www.myquickreg.com/event/

                                                                                                           KEYNOTES        October 2010          7
In This Issue:

Welcome New Staff

NWEA-MAP Trainings at CESA #3

Family and Consumer Science Instructors Kick off the Year

CESA #3 ITSS Awarded Online Learning Project Grant

Developing a Combined Information and Technology Plan
To Support NCLB's Goals for Student Achievement

Professional Development Plan Reviewer Training

Support for Writing your PDP

RMC and SEIMC Merge

Instructional Service News and Updates

Indicator #14 Improving Employment Outcomes for Students
with Disabilities

Kurzweil 3000 Presentation

Bullying Prevention in Positive Behavior Supports

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