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									    The FAFSA:
Making It User Friendly

 Presented by Campus Planning Inc.
     Apply Using the FAFSA


If you mail the FAFSA to the Federal Student Aid
Program, use the envelope and return notification card
provided in the application packet!
Now let’s look at the
 form more closely
     General tips:
      - Read the instructions
      - Include accurate SSNs
          - Enter whole numbers & capital letters
      - Use a black ink pen
       (#2 pencil use not permitted)
      - One entry per space
      - Parents complete purple sections
      - Students fill in green areas
      - You must answer #35
2001-2002 FAFSA

                     FAFSA Change
      Students are now asked about
       any drug convictions. Students
       convicted of possession or sale
       of a “controlled substance”
       may be ineligible for federal
       student aid unless they have
       participated in an approved
       rehabilitation program. Aid
       will be denied if this question is
       left blank.
2001-2002 FAFSA

          Step One: You (the student)

  All  information pertains to
  If student plans to be
   married before enrolling,
   wait until then to apply
  Entering freshmen will
   answer “NO” to question
   #32 ... do not have a degree
2001-2002 FAFSA

      Step One (continued): your plans
 Some schools offer
  summer aid only if items
  #17 or #21 show attending
  in summer
 Answer 0 (not 4) in #30
  for a high school senior
 Some schools only offer a
  work-study job if #34 is
  “yes.” We encourage you
  to answer “yes” to #34
2001-2002 FAFSA

          Step Three: Student Status
  If all answers are “no,”
   your parents must furnish
   information in Step Four
   (purple areas). You then
   skip Step Five.
  If you answer “yes” to any
   question, you are
   independent-- then fill out   $
   green areas in Step Five
   (skip Step Four)
2001-2002 FAFSA

              Step Four: for Parents
 All dependent   students must
  provide the last name(s) and
  social security number(s) of
  their mother (or stepmother)
  and/or their father (or
  stepfather) #60 through #63.
 Single parents list only
2001-2002 FAFSA

              Step Four: for Parents
 The number  of family
 members attending college
 may no longer include the
 parents, #65. This may be
 appealed, however, through
 “Professional Judgment.”
 We are available to assist
 you with such appeals.
2001-2002 FAFSA

   FAFSA Change (Step Four for parent
        and Step Two for Student)
 Income tax questions in
  #36 & #70 have changed
  from “Have filed” or
  “Will file” to “Have
  completed, and will file”
  or “Will file, but have
  not completed.”
2001-2002 FAFSA

Income, earnings, and benefits (Step Four
for parent; back to Step Two for Student)
   Refer to a completed tax return for
    accurate information. Consult
    instructions for proper line references
   If entry is zero or none, enter 0. Do
    not leave any space blank unless
    instructed to do so.
   Use Worksheet A to determine
    untaxed income (answer #44-#78)
   Use Worksheet B & C to calculate
    items to be excluded in the need
    analysis (#45-#46 and #79-#80)
2001-2002 FAFSA

          Income, earnings, and benefits
        (continued) -- net worth questions
   Net worth questions must be answered by
    all people completing the form.
   These are questions #47-#49 (for students)
    and questions #81-#83 (for parents).
   Net worth is defined as the current value of
    the asset minus the debt against the asset.
   Separate net worth among “investments,”
    “business,” and “farm” to answer the
    three questions. The value of the home is
    not included in net worth.
2001-2002 FAFSA

        Income, earnings, and benefits
      (continued)-- net worth questions

  Do not  include your
   IRAs, 401 (k), 403
   (b) or any other
   retirement benefit
   on questions #47 or
2001-2002 FAFSA

  Income, earnings, and benefits (continued)
       -- “investment farm” question
  Stock options are considered
   assets and must be included in
   #47 and/or #81. Be sure to read
   the “Do not include...”
  Questions #47 through #49 and
   #81 through #83: “Total
   current balance…” has been
   changed to “As of today, what
   is your total balance…”
2001-2002 FAFSA

  Income, earnings, and benefits (continued)
       -- “investment farm” question
     Questions #48 and #83 pertain to an
      investment farm that you may own.
     Do not include the value of a family
      farm that you live on and operate. Only
      include one that is owned solely for
      investment purposes.
     A farm that has been incorporated is not
      a family farm if non-family members
      own shares in the corporation.
2001-2002 FAFSA

           Step Five: Student’s Family
   Only independent students
    answer questions #84 & #85
   Answers regarding household
    size and number in college
    pertain only to the student’s
    family (student, spouse, and
    student’s children). Do not
    include information about
    parent’s family here!
2001-2002 FAFSA

          Step Six: Federal School Code
    Enter school codes (a
     maximum of six) and
     school’s name (for clarity)
    Name, address, and state
     of college may be entered
     if you do not know the
     school’s code
    Check appropriate housing
2001-2002 FAFSA

                  Step Seven: Signatures
   The  Student applying
    must sign the FAFSA in
   Dependent students
    only need one parent to
    sign the form
   Married student spouse
    does not need to sign
2001-2002 FAFSA

    Step Seven (continued) If a paid
 professional person completed the form
  This   section is
   completed if a
   person such as an
   accountant or
   financial planner
   fills out the FAFSA
•You must
reapply every
•Be conscious of
school deadlines
    Both the FAFSA and CSS Profile
       may be filed electronically

 For answers to any questions you may have,
regarding the filing of the your FAFSA or your
      CSS Profile, feel free to contact us.
Questions? Our e-mail address is
               We are   available in
                January, February
                and March, to assist
                you with the filing of
                the FAFSA or the
                Profile, either by
                paper or electronic

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