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					Writing an Essay
 Or How
 to make
    Simplest method of good
     speaking or writing…

1. Tell them what you are
   going to tell them;
2. Tell them;
3. Tell them what you told
       Parts of a Good Essay

A. Introduction          (1 Paragraph)
B. Body                  (1-3 Paragraphs)
C. Summary or Conclusion (1 Paragraph)
                    You do not see me…
                 Mr. Neill will give you extra
                 credit for ID these on your
Seven Writing Steps:
1. Read the Question slowly. STOP, Now read it one
      more time.
2. Underline the TOPIC and the REQUIREMENT
       Words. (i.e. Compare, Contrast, Explain, etc)
3. For the introduction, write the thesis statement and give
       some background information. PURPOSE
4. Develop each supporting paragraph. SUPPPORT.
5. Write clear and simple sentences to express your
6. Keep FOCUSED on the main idea of your essay.
7. Use a dictionary to help you find additional words to
      express your meaning. Available at Bookshelf.
Those ACTION Words…
•   Explain:    •   Make plain or comprehensible
•   Compare:    •   How are things the same?
•   Contrast:   •   How are things different?
•   Analyze:    •   Why they did what they did?
•   Describe:   •   A Word picture (similar to Explain)
           Essay “NO-NO’s”
•No First person unless asked for your opinion…
     (NO: I think that… My feeling are…)
•Do not repeat the same thing over and over again
What is an introduction paragraph?
The introduction paragraph is the first
      paragraph of your essay.
 It should start you essay by telling
what you are trying to prove and some
         basic background.

       Tell them what you are
          going to tell them
           What does it do?

It introduces the main idea of your essay.
 A good opening paragraph captures the
interest of your reader and tells why your
             topic is important.
              How do I write one?

 1. Write the thesis statement. The main idea of the
 essay is stated in a single sentence called the thesis
  statement. You must limit your entire essay to the
 topic you have introduced in your thesis statement.

 2. Provide some background information about your
  topic. You can use interesting facts, quotations, or
definitions of important terms you will use later in the
Example: Describe why the Battle of
  Lexington was important to the
      American Revolution

  “The Battle of Lexington, fought between the British
 Regular Army and Colonial American Minute Man, is
important to the Revolution because it is considered the
  first true battle of of the war. In setting the tone for
 both the American Revolution and for future fights for
democracy, it can indeed be considered „the shot heard
                    around the world‟.”
 Supporting Paragraphs
  What are supporting paragraphs?

Supporting paragraphs make up the main
          body of your essay.

 They should support and compliment
    your opening or introduction
       What do they do?

They develop the main idea of your

They give more details or specific
  examples to make your point
        How do I write them?

1. List the points that develop the main
           idea of your essay.

2. Place each supporting point in its own

 3. Develop each supporting point with
      facts, details, and examples.
To connect your supporting paragraphs,
you should use special transition words.
 Transition words link your paragraphs
 together and make your essay easier to
read. Use them at the beginning and end
           of your paragraphs.
Examples of transition words that can
help you to link your paragraphs

For listing different points
Examples of transition words that can
help you to link your paragraphs
For additional ideas
In addition to
Related to
Examples of transition words that can
help you to link your paragraphs

To show cause and effect
As a result of
Examples of transition words that can
help you to link your paragraphs

For counter examples
Even though
On the other hand
 Like all good paragraphs, each
supporting paragraph should have
   a topic sentence, supporting
    sentences, and a summary

While there had been many small conflicts between
the British and Colonials, including the Boston
Massacre and the Boston Tea Party, these at been
small groups or even mobs of colonials. in the battle
of Lexington, the first major conflict between the
British Army and Army of Colonials. Though still an
outnumbered Militia, this was the first large group of
Colonialist to present a preplanned and organized
image of an army to stand in stark defiance of British
Rule and the Military’s authority.
Example - 2nd Supporting Paragraph:

“As with the image of the American Rattlesnake and
its slogan “Do not tread on Me”, the battle of
Lexington becomes the inspiration and catalyst for
the jump into full War against England. Not longer
simple disagreement or dissention, but a Declaration
of Independence from tyranny. Just as the American
Revolution will become the inspiration and catalyst
for other Fights for Democracy around Europe and
South American in the 18th and 19th Centuries”
   Summary Paragraph
   What is a summary paragraph?

  The summary paragraph comes at the
end of your essay after you have finished
  developing your ideas. The summary
paragraph is often called a "conclusion."
           What does it do?

It summarizes or restates the main idea of
  the essay. You want to leave the reader
 with a sense that your essay is complete.
         How do I write one?

 1. Restate the strongest points of your
   essay that support your main idea.

2. Conclude your essay by restating the
     main idea in different words.

3. If ASKED, give your personal opinion
       or suggest a plan for action.
Summary Example:

The Battle of Lexington, though minor in terms of
the number of men involved and it strategic
significance to ultimate victory or defeat, impact
the Revolutionary War by being both the first
major battle and inspiration for those yet to fight.
The men who lost there lives fighting for what they
believed in, be it the Crown or Freedom, impacted
not only the war, but the rest of the world and all
of History.

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