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					Sus Manos Gleaners

Equipment List                                                                                       February 2009

The following equipment list are items we will need.
We will be looking for good!, used equipment to purchase, or donations.
If you can help the Gleaners out with any of this equipment please email us

NOTE: All costs are estimates

               Item List               Item Qty     Total     Details
Vegetable Bins (Plastic)                100-150               used for hauling produce / fruit
Stake or Box Truck - used                                     for picking up produce and supplies
Fork Lift - used                                              for unloading & loading produce and supplies
Pallet Truck                                                  to move bins and pallets around
Bin Tipper                                                    to empty bins of produce onto tables
Produce Washing Equipment                                     for washing produce
Stainless Steel Tables (4ft. x 8ft.)     8 to10               tables on wheels to supply produce
Working Station Tables                  20 - 25               work station tables to trim produce / fruit
Rubber Floor Mats                          20                 for people to stand on
Knives                                     50                 for trimming produce
Garbage Cans                            20 - 25               for compost and regular garbage
Pails                                      50                 for handling produce
Dicing Machine                              1                 used for dicing the produce / fruit into small cubes
Perferated Stainless Steel Table            1                 for draining liquids from diced produce
Trays (depends on dryer cap)           800 - 1000             for drying produce
Teflon Sheets                             300                 necessary to remove some dried varieties of produce
Tray Dollies / Racks                    14 - 20               to stack trays
Dryers                                      3                 used for dehydrating the produce
Rubbermaid Containers                      25                 for handling dried produce and some for multi purpose
Large Stainless Steel Tub                   2                 for soaking & washing trays
Packing Tables                              1                 for mixing soup
Small Pails                                50                 for mixing soup
Heat / Vaccum Sealers                       2                 to seal bags of soup mix or dried fruit
Fibre Drums                              1,000                storage & shipping drums
Various Small Equipment                                       tools, brooms, shuvels, water hoses, etc.
Office Equipment                                              desk, files, chair, telephone, computer equip. etc
First Aid Kit & Fire Extinguishers                            various first aid equipment
Kitchen                                                       appliences & micellaneous articles
Bathroom                                                      bathroom fixtures -
Tables & Chairs
Lawn maintenace                                               lawn mower & garden tools
Micellaneous items

Equipment Total

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