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									Deduction Explanations

401C        401K catch-up contribution (pretax)
401G        401K General loan
401K        401K - Merrill Lynch (pretax)
401M        401K company match
401R        401K Residential loan
401LNRFD    401K Loan Refund
529         529 Plan
ADDC        Accidental & Death Company Deduc
ADDE        Employee Co Accidental/Death
AHEA        Aetna US Health Care (after tax)
AHEP        Aetna US Health Care (pretax)
APPL        Appliance Repayment
B100        US Savings Bonds $100 denomination
B200        US Savings Bonds $200 denomination
B500        US Savings Bonds $500 denomination
CHL1        Child Support 1
CHL2        Child Support 2
CO1         Company agreement levy (reducing balance)
CO2         Company agreement levy - fixed amount
CRUN        Credit Union
DANA        Direct Access After Tax Nonunion
DANP        Direct Access PreTax Nonunion
DAUA        Direct Access Union After Tax
DAUP        Direct Access PreTax Union
FICA        FICA - social security
FIT         Federal Income Tax
FSAD        FSA Dependent Care (pretax)
FSAF        FSA Administrative Fee (pretax)
FSAM        FSA Medical reimbursement (pretax)
FTL1        Federal Tax Levy (reducing balance)
FTL2        Federal Tax Levy - fixed amount
FUTA        Federal Unemployment - company paid
GAR1        Garnished wage 1 (reducing balance)
GAR2        Garnished wage 2 (reducing balance)
GAR3        Garnished wage 3
GAR4        Garnished wage 4
GRPI        Group Insurance
HHEA        Horizon HMO Point of Service (after tax)
HHEP        Horizon HMO Point of Service (pretax)
HP90        Horizon Point of Service (pre tax)
HTNA        Horizon Traditional Non Union (after tax)
HTNP        Horizon Traditional Non Union (pretax)
HTUA        Horizon Traditional Union (after tax)
HTUP        Horizon Traditional Union (pretax)
INT1        Union Initiation Fee - AC (reducing balance)
INT2        Union Initiation Fee - GL (reducing balance) $200 $40 for 5 cycles
INT3        Union Initiation Fee - Serv Plus (reducing balance)
INT4        Union Initiation Fee - CM $16.50 one time
LIF1        Employee Life Insurance (employee paid)
MED         Medicare
NJIT     NJ State Income Tax
NJ UNE   NJ Unemployment Tax - employee portion
PAC      PAC - political action comm.
PATX     PA State Income Tax
SPOS     Spousal Support
STCK     Stock purchase plan
STDL     Student Loan Levy (reducing balance)
STL1     State Tax Levy (reducing balance)
STL2     State Tax Levy - fixed amount
TUIT     Tuition (reducing balance)
UND1     Union Dues - Local S-95 (AC) $35
UND2     Union Dues - Local S-76 (GL, CU, CC) $26
UND3     Union dues - Service Plus $35
UND4     Union Dues - Local 1293 - IBEW (CM) $16.50
UNIF     Uniforms
UWY1     United Way - Atlantic County
UWY2     United Way - Gloucester County
UWY3     United Way - Cumberland County
UWY4     United Way - Cape May county
VISN     Vision care

XCPY1    history for Co-Pay Medical (pretax)
XCPY2    history for Co-Pay Medical (after tax)
XDEP     history for FSA Dependent Care
XFEE     history for FSA Administrative Fee
XMED     history for FAS Medical Reimbursement
X401C    history for 401C catch-up contribution
X401K    history for 401K - Merrill Lynch
XBOND    history for US Savings Bonds
XDUES    history for Union Dues
XGAR     history for Garnished wages
XGRP     history for Group Insurance
XINT     history for Union Initiation Fee
XUWY     history for United Way
XVSN     history for Vision care

         REVISED 11/10/2006

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