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					DAIS for RDF
         Isao Kojima
         Data Grid Team
 Grid Technology Research Center
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• Who am I?      Isao Kojima          AIST, Japan

• Currently leading following AIST datagrid research topics related with
   – OGSA-DAI-RDF : Extending OGSA-DAI world to the Semantic Web
      • RDF processing OGSA-DAI Activities
      • Query language SPARQL

   – RDFCube: P2P based Distributed RDF Query Processing
      • Construct a special index structure on top of DHT
      • Provides efficient RDF set-oriented operation

   – S-MDS : enhance MDS4 framework to support “S”(semantics)
      • Supports OWL-S ontology for data/computing resources
      • Supports Continual RDF Query for dynamic resource monitoring

   – Target:   Large scale distributed RDF data
   – Approach: Query language based application
      RDF (Resource Description Framework)

 • Common metadata/knowledge description in Semantic Web Applications
 • Number of RDF data is increasing=>Need for database technology/specs
                                                                                                       Trusted SW
“creator of “ is matono”                                         Logic

                                                   creator                                    Rules                                      matono
             subject                          predicate                object     DAIS    RDF Schema
      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="                          RDF
      ns#"                                                                 DAIS
         <rdf:Description about="">
                                                                           NOW        XML           Namespaces
      </rdf:RDF>               XML-based Format                                    URI              Unicode
                                                                                Layer Cake of the Semantic Web
       DAIS for RDF: initial proposal

  RDF (resource description framework) is a standard framework for
  expressing semantic metadata and is widely used in semantic web
  and semantic grid applications. An enormous amount of RDF data has
  been created and stored in various applications and research projects.
  The query language SPARQL is currently under discussion at W3C as
  a standard query language for RDF. DAIS-WG, which aims to provide
  a standard interface for databases, should cover RDF databases
  within the OGSA-based grid framework.

  Setting RDF data access specification (WS-DAI-RDF) based on
  the existing WS-DAI specification, which is discussed within the
               What we want to do
   (Detail of the DAIS specs will be given by DAIS-WG)
                                              Sets general
                             WS-DAI           pattern
                                              for other DAIS

WS-DAIR      WS-DAIX        WS-DAIO    WS-DAI-RDF                Files

                                       Will be defined in DAIS
                                      Looking for more authors

  Currently being defined                            Draft based on Posix.
         In DAIS                                     Looking for a willing author.
                  Aim of the BOF
•   (Formally) Re-chartering of current DAIS-WG
    – to add RDF specialization
    – (we must set goals, milestones and deliverables)

• BOF= 1st Step to Share the Motivation & Information
    –   GGF: DAIS-WG
    –   GGF: Semantic Grid RG
    –   W3C: Data Access Working Group (SPARQL)
    –   Systems and Applications
    –   R&D activities

• Discussion
    – Scope
    – Approach
    – Schedule & Outputs
Introduction & Background
     –    Motivation for the BOF
Related GGF Specs and Research Activities
     –    DAIS WG:                                 Dave Pearson
     –    Semantic Grid RG:                        Carole Goble

R&D Projects (current potential candidates for the reference implementations)
     –    Ontogrid,WS-DAI-Ont :                    Asuncion Gomez Perez
     –    OGSA-DAI-RDF &
     –    Related Issues :                          Isao Kojima

     If anybody want to present something, feel free to present here.

Related Topics
        Isao Kojima
         Data Grid Team
 Grid Technology Research Center
• OGSA-DAI-RDF implementation

  – Add RDF database type to uk e-Science OGSA-DAI database
  – RDF handling Activities including SPARQL QueryStatementActivity
  – Provides GUI for SPARQL
  – Supports OWL/RDFS ontology
  – Supports Jena and Sesame

  DBMS Oriented Research
           (currently focus on the Query language)

  Presented Yesterday at Semantic Grid Workshop
     Presentation is on and
     soon also on our Website.
    Query Language:What is SPARQL?
SQL-like RDF Query Language
  PREFIX rdf: <>
  PREFIX dc: <>
  PREFIX : <http://example/ns#>
  SELECT ?book ?title WHERE { ?t rdf:subject ?book . ?t rdf:predicate dc:title . ?t
  rdf:object ?title . ?t :saidBy " Bob" . }

Will be standard at W3C data access working group (DAWG)
 Current: Last call working draft: comments due 10th Feb.

“SPARQL Query Result XML Format” is also on the same schedule
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <sparql xmlns="">
      <variable name="x"/>
      <variable name="hpage"/>
      <variable name="name"/>
      <variable name="mbox"/>
      <variable name="blurb"/> </head> ...
Distributed SPARQL
using OGSA-DAI Activity
Related Issues
                 DAIS for RDF
• Products:
  – RDF database systems RDF storage is now commonly used
     • Jena                                  and
     • Sesame                the impact of the spec will be large
     • Oracle RDF option

• Specifications :
  – W3C RDF-related standards           Little need to
  – RDF Query Language SPARQL will rely W3C standard
                                    be on unstable specs
     • SPARQL/XML format
     • SPARQL protocol
                                        We already have 2 potential
• Grid-based R&D Projects :           for reference implementations
  – OGSA-DAI-RDF (by AIST)          for coming WS-DAI-RDF/Ontology
  – Ontogrid WS-DAI-Ont & WS-DAI-Ont-RDF (Ontogrid)
  DAIS and SPARQL Protocol
• W3C Data Access Working Group defined
  SPARQL interface protocol
  – WSDL1.1 and HTTP binding are discussed.

  Working Draft is on the same schedule with

• Simple interface
  – No WSRF
  – No GSI(login)
• SPARQL protocol and WS-DAI (and WS-DAI-RDF)
     Must have some interoperability

• Technical problem: must be discussed.

• Liaison with W3C activity : if needed.
  – W3C RDF DAWG (Data Access Working Group)
  – Current Possible Contact Person: Hiroyuki Sato (NTT) will
    help us.
• Scope & Target

• Discussion Format

• Goals

• Milestones/Schedules
•   Deliverables
•   …….
                     Initial proposal was:
•    Goals

    The following will be added to the current DAIS goals/milestones.

    Data Service Specification: RDF Realization (ontology?)

•    Milestones

     Sep     2006:   Initial draft of the WS-DAI-RDF specifications,
                     which is consistent with WS-DAI and the OGSA data architecture.
     March 2007:     Revised draft of the WS-DAI-RDF specifications.
     June 2007:      Final specifications, submitted as a recommendation

•    GGF Document

     GGF Recommendation (Due June 2007) Web Services Data Access and Integration
     – The RDF Realization (WS-DAI-RDF)

                      small scope, short term activity
  Scope & Target

                              Trusted SW

Next?            RDF Schema
            XML            Namespaces
           URI                Unicode
• Scope & Target

• Discussion Format

• Goals

• Milestones/Schedules
• Deliverables
• …….

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