Life Science Diorama Essay Example by xiaoyounan


									       The topic that I choose to depict in my physical model is of the Sonoran
Desert. The Sonoran Desert is a big desert located in the southwestern part of
North America. I choose this topic because I enjoy learning about animals and
their habitats. I’m always fascinated at how hot the desert can become, but yet
animals are still able to live there. This diorama is an example of a physical model
because you can touch it and the objects are three dimensional.

       My physical model is showing a desert scene. The animals in the scene are
golden eagles, rattlesnakes, and gray wolves. I learned that the Sonoran desert is
sandy and has a lot of cactuses. For example, there are the desert Christmas
cactus and the prickly pear cactus. These cactus collect water from their roots
after it rains. Another thing I learned was that you would never want to be
stranded there. Even though the sunsets are beautiful, you wouldn’t be able to
survive the heat. The last thing I learned was that the Sonoran Desert is
located in two states, Arizona and California, and two countries, Mexico and
United States. I found these facts very interesting.

       I enjoyed making this diorama because it was fun. I was able to use the
computer to research information about the Sonoran Desert and learned some
interesting facts along the way. The first step to completing this diorama was
to get all the supplies. I needed a shoebox, crayons, markers, glue, string, and
cut outs from the internet.

       The Sonoran Desert is located both in the United States and Mexico. It
is a hot place and I wouldn’t recommend living there. I used a physical model
to show you this scene because it is easier to visualize when you look at
something as opposed to staring at a computer image. My diorama is three
dimensional and tangible. I learned a great deal from this project. Maybe one
day, I can visit the Sonoran Desert to experience it for myself.

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