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					Contact Information:
Belinda Beairsto
Phone: 705.672.5798


                            Landfill in New Liskeard
      (now the newly amalgamated City of Temiskaming Shores) only has a life
                        expectancy of five to seven years.

Temiskaming Shores, Ontario, Canada
August 8/2006

Most people have good intentions about the environment and saving landfills, but are too
busy and it’s inconvenient, therefore don't do it. People realize they should and often feel
guilty because they don't. That’s why recycling is a perfect opportunity to teach children
about saving landfills and shows them a commitment to what is being left behind for
future generations.
Picture this: No more driving to the community bins to dump your recyclables, only to
find out the landfill is full, and no more need to sort, clean or deposit items. Sounds like a
dream. It's not. It’s the newest hassle-free recycling service now being offered to homes
and businesses in Temiskaming Shores and area.
This new company, Ego-Logix, will provide weekly collection of your recyclables.
Customers will receive their blue recycling bins, which will be collected weekly and then
replaced with freshly sanitized bins. Not only is it a convenience for customers, but it's
good for the environment as well.
And since this is a “door to door” service, there’s no more worrying about dragging bins
to the curb. Even if a person is unable to carry the bins to the door, Eco-Logix is happy to
come and pick them up. Eco-Logix prides itself in catering to the customer's individual
So what happens if there is a need for more than one bin? Not a problem. An unlimited
supply of bins is provided for a small monthly fee. So if recycling is going to be this easy,
there are no more excuses.
To learn more, call us at 705-672-5798, visit us on the internet at
or e-mail us at Eco-Logix is here to serve you!


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