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Closure Checklist - Environmental Evaluation Unit


									                                                     ECOSENSE: FINAL CLOSURE CHECKLIST AND COMPLIANCE REVIEW
                                                                                                      ESM:                     M. Sasman, on-site work: A. Bussell
DARLING WIND POWER                                                                                    Date:                    5-Mar-08

      Issue                                            Item                                                 Compliance                                                          Comments
                                                                                                        Y      N     Partial
                 Storage of cement/other materials              and generated waste            e.g.
Material storage                                                                                        x                      Cement bags were removed off site daily. Empty 200l drums were provided for general waste.
                 packaging/cement bags secure and controlled against wind dispersal
and handling
                 Material stockpile sites within site and approved by ESM                               x                      Only stockpiling of sand and topsoil. No issues.
                 No paints disposed on site                                                             x                      Limited use of paint (only at the substation), paint was stored in secured stores.
Hazardous        Effluent containing diesel, petrol, oil, paint or any other noxious substance
                                                                                                        x                      Not an issue on this site.
substances       collected in conservancy tanks and removed off site
                 Any chemical spillages observed or reported                                            x                      None observed.
                 Fuels/flammable as per method statement. Store adheres to fire safety
                                                                                                        x                      Limited amount of fuel stored on site. Stored in lockable container.
                 requirements e.g. signage
Fuel Storage     Adequate supply of Enretech #1 on site at all times to be used in case of fuel
                                                                                                        x                      Oilspill kit was on standby, contractor had sufficient supply.
and Handling     spillage
                 All reported/observed fuel spills treated                                              x                      One incident, spill was treated.
                 Refuelling in designated areas only                                                    x                      Refuelled at site camp.
                 Suitable sanitary facilities provided for all staff on site within reasonable
                 walking distance. Chemical toilets not positioned in areas of running/standing                          x     Sufficient amount of toilets on site, difficult to place toilets within walking distance due to size of site.
                 water and secure from wind
                 Toilets kept in hygienic condition and emptied on a regular basis. Spillage
                                                                                                        x                      Toilets were regularly serviced.
                 prevented. Toilet paper provided
                 Adequate scavenger/weatherproof bins provided                                          x                      Bins provided for at site camp and sub-station yard.
                 Camp cleaned/Bins emptied weekly                                                                        x     Bins was emptied as required.
Solid waste
management                                                                                                                     Eating area provided for at site camp, one illegal fire incident reported - no damage to vegetation.
                 Designated eating area used; bin provided; no braai fire without ESM consent                            x
                                                                                                                               Warning was issued and no further incidents reported/observed.
                 No burying of rubble/debris & no dumping on adjacent sites                             x                      No transgressions noted
                 Camp clean and tidy                                                                    x                      Site camp left tidy, fencing to remain on farmers request.
                 Drip trays under machinery when not in use                                             x
Camp site        Mechanical repairs have drip tray for accidental spills                                                 x     Spills were treated with Enretech.
                 Drip trays used in refuelling/servicing activities; emptied regularly                                   x     Spills were treated with Enretech.
                 No leaking equipment on site                                                           x                      Leaking equipment immediately repaired or moved off site.
Noise control    Noise levels kept to acceptable levels                                                 x                      No transgressions noted
                                                                                                                               Due to large area of earthworks and sandy nature of the site, dust was an issue. Minimised/controlled
Dust control     Dust generation minimized on site                                                                       x
                                                                                                                               with use of a watering truck on site.
                                                                                                                               Was well adhered to by all staff. Temporary fencing installed before works in sensitive environments
                 All contractors staff stay out of areas designated as "no-go" areas                    x
Site                                                                                                                           commenced.
Demarcation      Buffer areas/prohibited area boundaries fenced at all times                            x                      Existing farm fence acted as boundary fencing.
                 All construction materials within site boundaries                                      x                      Used existing farm roads.

Construction     Construction vehicles prevent loss of loads due to wind/rain onto public roads         x                      All cut and fill material were used on site.
                 Any spills on public roads to be cleaned immediately by contractor                     x                      No spillages occurred.
                 Traffic warning signs maintained; flagman where necessary                              x                      No issues.
                 No open fires lit anywhere on construction site                                                         x     Only one incident reported, no damaged caused.

Fire control     ESM approved fires only. Supervised at all times; fire extinguisher at hand            x                      Braai facility and fire extinguisher located within site camp.

                 Fire extinguisher serviceable and at hand at site office and for 'hot work'            x                      As above
                 Manholes/excavations demarcated with danger tape                                       x                      Site is not open to the public.
Safety and
                 Safety officer appointed for the site. Report safety matters to s. officer             x
                 Signage for public e.g. 'construction site - no entry' in place                        x                      No entry signs erected on gate and main access point.

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      Issue                                              Item                                               Compliance                                                        Comments
                                                                                                        Y      N     Partial
                    Sign board in place                                                                 x                       Erected along the R315 next to farm entrance.
                    No disruption to neighbours                                                         x                       Nothing reported.
                    Complaints book updated and complaints dealt with timeously                         x                       No complaints received.
Archaeology         Any archaeological / paleontological artefacts reported                             x                       No artefacts found during earthworks.
                    Animals encountered on site not killed or injured                                   x                       No animals rescued from the site, animals found were left undisturbed.
Flora & Fauna
                    Search and rescue undertaken                                                        x                       Rescued plants at holding nursery.
Storage and
maintenance of No mechanical equipment and work vehicles serviced on site unless approved               x                       Servicing occurred at site camp
Erosion             Appropriate stabilization methods employed to prevent large scale erosion           x                       As per method statement and engineers instructions/drawings.
Stormwater          Stormwater run-off minimised                                                        x                       Various methods used as per engineers requirements.
Bitumen             Correct storage/use of bitumen                                                                              N/A
                    Cement affluent from mixer washings and run off from batching areas
                                                                                                                                Limited batching on site, turbine platforms all constructed using pre-mix, washing areas were
                    contained and prevented from contaminating surrounding areas as per Method          x
Concrete                                                                                                                        constructed when required.
                    No concrete mixing on open ground                                                   x                       Hand batching occurred on plastic or boards.
                    Empty cement bags stored in a dry bin                                               x                       Contractor removed bags from site daily.
Earth shaping       Major earthworks restricted to erf boundaries and closely supervised                x                       All earthworks were performed within site boundaries.

Completion requirements:
              1 Need confirmation from DEAT for approval of: retention of permanent meteorological mast and modification of the colour of the wind turbines.
              2 Outstanding rehabilitation requirements need to be met:
                Access Road: Culverts and slopes to be reseeded.
                Detention Pond: to be reseeded insufficient cover along slopes of new pond and where old detention pond was located.
                Cable Line from FL 523 to Radio Hut: whole of cable line still to be seeded
                Cable Trench: seeding still to be completed along sections of trench. Section through natural vegetation to be treated similarly to sub-station yard.
                Sub-station: disturbed areas to be stabilized and rescued plants to be replanted.
              3 All litter to be removed from sub-station yard, suspect litter originate from security staff using the area. Bins with lids to be provided for at the sub-station.

                                                                                                                                General comments: overall implementation of the CEMP on this site was very good. The site was well
Environmental Closure Granted:                                                                                  YES             supervised by the Site Manager (Conco). The Site Manager, Contractor, Engineer and ESM had a good
                                                                                                                                working relationship throughout the project, resulting in good communication.

Distribution:       Hermann Oelsner                                                                  DWP
                    Steen Frederikson                                                                SF Consulting
                    Ruan Kruger                                                                      DBSA
                    Janet Bodenstein                                                                 UCT Environmental Evaluation Unit
                    George Clainos                                                                   Bergstan South Africa

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