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What is the foundation of the ongoing call for sustainability around the
World? Well, it all comes down to our personal way of life when it comes to
our environment and planet. As we all know from our daily knowhow that
not everybody comes to the agreement with us and that there are
sometimes suitable reasons why people oppose with “sustainable actions”.

Some kind of force or determination is needed to make our Mumbai City
clean, green and pollution free. Our city governments can start some
schemes like arranging for recycling bins for the residents. Additionally, our
city governments will also need some assistance from residents like you to
discover areas where we need to be green.

Here are some examples:

Change to CFLs
A city can reduce at least 50% of energy cost with properly installed CFL
bulbs and can put a stop to excess of carbon discharges from being
circulated into the atmosphere. Shifting to LED lights is growing into an
even better option, despite the fact that these bulbs are still in their initial

Put Recycling Bins Out
 As a replacement for simple trash cans placed throughout town, change
these to mini recycling centers. Set up waste management sites throughout
the city that will pay for recyclables that come in, and could help
counterbalance any cost of keeping the trash separated.

Upgrade Public Transportation and Vehicle Fleets
A large quantity of carbon discharges for a city comes from their fleet of
vehicles, be it transport buses, cars, dumper trucks. So encouraging public
transports which are clean, well maintained and fuel efficient can reduce
pollution circulating in the atmosphere and even reduce individual
transports which can reduce carbon discharges into the atmosphere.

Sustainable Development
Green areas in the city should be selected where parks and recreational
areas should be developed. Development of these green spaces will reduce
pollution in the environment as planted trees will capture all the harmful
substances in the environment. It will create a balance between oxygen and
carbon dioxide which will make environment sustainable to live in.

Minimize Use of Water
Use proper recycling of water in buildings and malls and in other areas
where water is extensively used so that water is not wasted. Individuals in
the society should see to it that they use proper water fixtures so that
water is not leaked out and wasted.

Improve Air Quality
Buildings and malls should be properly ventilated so that the use of air
conditioners is reduced and daylight should penetrate inside so that the use
of lights in daytime is reduced.

In conclusion, if the above activities are carried out diligently by various for
a and city like Municipality, local management groups, NGO, housing
societies, architects and developers and town planners in a coordinated
way much improvement can be done in the Green Quotient of the city.

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